Out for a Treat

To some I would suspect our romance is not exciting. We are both fifty. I am a married teacher, the lighter red of the two of us, with long red hair, a muscular frame saved from manishness by rather opulent curves that leave me working out constantly to keep fit from drifting to fat. My Lady is of an age and height, but a B cup to my G, in every way the Lady to my peasant farm girl.

Evening train

As usual the line at the ticket counter was quite long. But today I was not in the bored and jaded mood that had become my normal reaction to this daily event. Reaching the station and getting a ticket for my ride home every day, had soon palled and had become a somewhat blasé ritual.

My Very True Public Toilet Experience

I didnt go looking for sex, i didnt go looking for anything. Well apart from a piss. it was my lunch break from work. The toilets that this happened in are underground down a L Shaped staircase. as you reach the halfway point of the stairs the cold and the smell of the poorly ventilated underground cesspit hits you(im sure you know what i mean).But that was OK i wasnt going to be there long anyway. Once you reach the bottom of the steps to the left, a row of urinals behind them cubicles and to the right you have a couple of sinks and a hand dryer.

My Sisters Family

I whistled with cheerful excitement as I drove down the quiet, suburban road towards the home of my sister. Married with three kids, my sister Melanie had a nice, white-collar existence in a respectable home, though her and her husband were not quite as respectable as they seemed!

Naked at home

Last autumn Jon got a phone call from the police about his sister and her family. I’d never met them because Jon didn’t have much contact with them because his brother-in-law didn’t approve of our lifestyle and stopped Jon’s sister from contacting him. They lived about 100 miles away from us. Anyway, the family (mother, father, 16 year old boy and Kelly who was 14) had been on holiday in Asia. They had been on a small ferry when a bad storm had turned the ferry over and most of the people had drowned. Kelly was the only family survivor. As Jon was the only family that Kelly knew about she had given the local police his name and the English police had traced him. Neither Jon nor I can recall the disaster being in the UK news.

My Future Sister-in-Law

Should I tell you about my future sister-in-law? Well, her name is JoeAnn, Joe for short. She was living with me and my fiancée (her sister) for a while in our 2 bedroom apartment. Anyway, Susan, my future wife, had gone to the mall, and, Joe and I were watching TV. I was 24, she was 18, and had just been divorced. We were watching something, when she took the remote and turned the channel! I looked surprised, but took the remote and turned it back. She grabbed it out of my hands and turned it again, then put the remote behind her back. Well, not wanting to let this teenager get the better of me, I tried to take it from her. We struggled and play fought. Now, I am in the (bad) habit of not always wearing underwear. I like him to hang free sometimes. Well, this happened to be one of those times. As we fought, I got her down on her back on the floor. I hadnt noticed before now, but she, obvious to me now, didnt always wear a bra. I had never noticed her nipples, but they stood out hard and proud now. I looked at her and saw she had been looking at me. She smiled, but then pretended to be smiling about the fact she had the remote.

Sharing Young Wife with Older Men

My wife Lynn and I got married in the late seventies when we were both eighteen. And though my wife had been raised in a very conservative family being a preachers daughter. Once out on her own, she really let loose, and especially after Id taken some nude pictures of her one night and that was the first time shed really considered herself sexy. And she wanted others to see too. It was around that time when VCRs first came out, but there wasnt anywhere in our little town. So I was going to a larger city about 45-miles away to an adult bookstore to buy movies.

Changing Sides at the Glory hole

It was late one night when Lana was driving home from work. She was cruising down the motorway, having drank 3 cups of coffee just to stay awake, when suddenly her bladder felt like it was going to burst. She had to stop off at the next service station she saw. She was driving for another 10 minutes before she came across a service station, and by then she was absolutely bursting.

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