Trailer Trash Treats

A couple years ago I had an accident that left me semi disabled and prime to receive a check for the rest of my life, just not one that would allow me to live comfortably. The looming threat of residence loss fueled my searching frenzy for affordable housing. In time, I found a place on a street named after me, Dallas, but sadly it was a seedy trailer park.

Fun in the Sky

(Thank god, looks like Im going to get a quiet flight this time) Dean Mercer said to himself as he sighed with relief having just flown to LA from New York a couple of days prior to attend a business conference. Now he was boarding a flight to Sydney, Australia to attend another conference, his third in a week. Dean didn’t mind the travel, it gave him much needed time away from his wife, the couple was experiencing marital problems regarding his lack of motivation to settle down and start a family. Dean was 42, still in decent shape for a man his age even if he was sporting a bit of dad bod without actually being a dad, he had slightly graying, short, dark hair and towered over most people with his 6’5 height and large frame. His wife Katy was in her early 30’s, they had gotten married 5 years prior and worked as a cooperate lawyer until she decided she wanted a change and thats when the problems in their marriage really started. She wanted the couple to move from the hustle and bustle of the city to start a family closer to her childhood home in Maryland, something Dean wasn’t very keen on doing, he was still a bachelor at heart and enjoyed his carefree lifestyle, traveling around the world and of course meeting new woman which he kept a close secret from his wife.

Diana my Workmate

Diana and I work at a Private school in the city as teachers, to be honest, the job is boring with all the teaching and staff meetings and to keep ourselves entertained we have to keep ourselves with odd conversations. I’m 28 years old, fairly good looking and I have worked with Diana for about a month.

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It was a dark and stormy night when there was a small fire in the apartment above mine. Unfortunately by the time it was put out my place sustained significant water damage which made it temporarily unlivable until repaired. The landlord hemmed and hawed about paying for relocating me because until the insurance check came in he said he couldn’t afford it. He informed me he was going to use all of his available funds to quickly repair the damage but he had nothing left for relocation until he received the settlement.

Pornstar Audition

The summer had just started and I just turned 19. I began thinking to get into a porn industry. I applied online to an agency. I received response for an audition. The day of my interview arrived and I bathed, painted my nails and toes cherry red and shaved my pussy. I was as smooth as glass. I wore extra makeup, glitter lip gloss, diamond earrings and curled my hair. Wearing a cute skirt, closed toe heels and a tight white blouse to show off my toned body, I was off to my audition.

My slutty secretary

It happened again, I woke up naked in my bed my leg draped over my husbands leg, my juices running down my leg and onto his. This was the second night in a row I had awoken from a dream with me being tied up, and him drilling his swollen cock into another female, making her scream. What a slut she was. But if she was a slut, what was I for being on the brink of an orgasm as I watched? I kissed my husband gingerly on the cheek as I slid out of bed, making my way to the shower.

My Future Sister-in-Law

Should I tell you about my future sister-in-law? Well, her name is JoeAnn, Joe for short. She was living with me and my fiancée (her sister) for a while in our 2 bedroom apartment. Anyway, Susan, my future wife, had gone to the mall, and, Joe and I were watching TV. I was 24, she was 18, and had just been divorced. We were watching something, when she took the remote and turned the channel! I looked surprised, but took the remote and turned it back. She grabbed it out of my hands and turned it again, then put the remote behind her back. Well, not wanting to let this teenager get the better of me, I tried to take it from her. We struggled and play fought. Now, I am in the (bad) habit of not always wearing underwear. I like him to hang free sometimes. Well, this happened to be one of those times. As we fought, I got her down on her back on the floor. I hadnt noticed before now, but she, obvious to me now, didnt always wear a bra. I had never noticed her nipples, but they stood out hard and proud now. I looked at her and saw she had been looking at me. She smiled, but then pretended to be smiling about the fact she had the remote.

Mother and Son

Kirsten was a forty-four-year-old housewife who spent all of her time at her home, tending to the various chores. She was a part of a small happy family of three. There was she, her husband and her teenage son. Outwards, the family might seem happy and Kirsten a dutiful wife, but the truth was that the marriage had lost all flavor for her. When she had married her high school sweetheart, they had not touched each other at all by that point. Needless to say, it was a very disappointing first night that awaited her. But that was understandable, they were both young and inexperienced. The real problem started afterward. She tried her best to understand her husband’s desires and how to please him but he returned no such favor. Within a year, she had grown frustrated with the boring sex life. If it wasn’t for her son that was born, she might have left the man that she once loved.

Consensual Sex

Before I was married, I got an offer to buy my friends uncles farm after he passed away. It was a small farm, and had a nice little lake/marsh on it. The uncle knew I liked the place, and told his wife that he would offer to sell it to me for a good price. His widow made me the offer at the funeral, and I couldnt pass it up.

Married sales rep gets sexual relief on a business trip

Four days on the road and I am going stir-crazy stuck in dismal Cleveland, Ohio on a Thursday evening in late February. It has been overcast every day this week, and it is getting colder by the minute with a 30 mile/hour wind blowing off Lake Erie. Snow is predicted tomorrow. Thankfully, I live in Southern Florida where it is sunny and warm most days, Kate thought as she gazed at a seminar attendee who was putting on his winter coat.

Repairing a Friendship

Growing up, Tim and I were inseparable. We met in school early on, and were best friends through college. As far as I was concerned we were family, but as we grew older, Tim began to change as he branched out, met new people, and started hating his home life due to his overbearing and fragmented family. I began to see him less and less, until he got into a major fight with his family and moved out to live with his girlfriend. Months passed, and we kept in contact. He got married, and moved around, we barely spoke, but when we did, things seemed okay.

Kinky fun fantasies

I had a girlfriend a few years back that was big on helping people. Obviously it was a good trait for a person to have and it often lead to having extra house mates from time to time. One particular girl stands out from the rest her name Phoenix. She was old enough when I met her and she came to stay with us 2 years later after fighting with her mum.

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