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When I was in high school, my best friend had a mom that every one of my friends drooled over. She was in her late 30s and was very attractive. She had blonde hair blue eyes and a huge set of tits. I had gone through her underwear drawer one time to find out that they were a D-cup. Most moms get heavy at this age but not her. She was never married and had no excuse to lie around and get fat. Being a doctor she kept very busy and ate very healthy. She raised Mike and his younger sister very successfully with the help of her parents.

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As Celia walked down the pathway to the dock, she scanned the boats in the marina for the name of the one she had chartered. She had needed a break from the pace of her corporate marketing job and her friends had suggested chartering a sailboat for a weekend getaway. At the last minute the other women had cancelled due to sick children, lack of childcare etc, but Cece, as her friends called her, had decided to go anyway.

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I was never really the social outcast in high school; I was also never the one to start a conversation. Ive always been a somewhat odd individual, but never felt like I was a deterrent to classmates; I just kinda kept to myself. Turning 18 years old a week ago definitely put the last few months Ill have at Camden County High School in perspective.

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He walked in, dressed to impress in a brand new gray suit, knowing thats what she liked the most. She immediately noticed him from across the crowded room, and they locked eyes. He looked her up and down and took in her gray, skin tight dress, matching while still outshining his suit. She saw him looking, and turned around to give him a better look and what she planned on offering him that night. The dress perfectly accentuated her already incredible ass, so tight that the fact she wasnt wearing any panties underneath it was apparent. His heart dropped to his stomach when he saw her ass, and he felt the blood in his body rush downward.

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It was a normal birthday for me. The weather was wet and horrible, and I came home to an empty house. It was Friday, 5pm, and I knew my Mother would be home in a few minutes. Hopefully with the present I had asked for. A new digital camera. I had gotten interested in photography and cinematography a few months earlier, fascinated with capturing images of beauty in anything and everything.

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Cherry Adams was a wiry attractive redhead who needed a new pair of shoes. She owned over three hundred and fifty pairs, a mere pittance according to her. However, she was missing a pair that matched the color red of the new dress her boyfriend insisted she buy.

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San Mateo, California, was suffocating under a coat of brownish-purple smog. On the Bayshore Freeway, traffic crawled, stopped, then crawled slowly forward another fifty feet before stopping again. Horns honked. Tempers were short.


Sexuality is so much a part of the human condition that it is almost the same as saying to be human is to be sexual. Animals are regulated by seasons and physiological changes which apparently act as stimulus triggers. A bitch in heat, for example, will accept almost any male dog that seeks to confer his favors on her. But let her be out of heat, and that same male dog will get a nip or even a vicious bite for his efforts.

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Kaari Seppa had the body of a professional dancer; she was gorgeous. She also ran a very successful Miami business, a fitness center, where instructors in yoga, Dancercise and other fitness regimes put their clients through their paces.

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She found herself wanting to take things from her. It was a strange obsession, as if taking small things from her life would somehow add up and leave her without any possessions and make her husband not want her anymore. 

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Iris Harrault stepped back and surveyed the summer porch. It was all ready — newly dusted, the plants all green and thriving, the small wicker table intimately laid for two. The whiskey sours were in the refrigerator and the cold supper prepared. She glanced at her watch, and then out the porch screen which looked out over the wooded drive. No sign of him yet. Ill just freshen myself up, she thought, and then he ought to be here.

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Little did Doris know when she took the secretarial job offer from Romily Manor, the nature of the duties she was to perform. She hadnt counted on being a paid playmate for Mildred Wyntons twenty-five-year-old retarded son. Her horror deepened even further at the realization that she had to share her voluptuous body with the degenerate doctor and Mrs. Wyntons lascivious chauffeur. Mrs. Wynton was the mistress of the manor in name, but it was Doris lush young body that held the title!

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