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In his pioneer work Psychopathia Sexualis, the German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing remarked on the subject of incest, The preservation of the moral purity of family life is a product of civilization; and feelings of intense displeasure arise in an ethically intact man at the thought of lustful feelings towards a member of the same family. Only great sensuality and defective ideas of laws and morals can lead to incest.

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With the rise of the nuclear family, the advent of jobholding for both the mother and father in the home, and the permissive rearing of children, have come profound changes in moral traditions and the social roles of young people. In the not-too-distant past, the presence of grandparents and even of great-grandparents in single families provided a focus of behavioral example that all in a larger family could share in such an unquestioning fashion that ideas about role fulfillment and sexual conduct remained restrictive and changed slowly.

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I sat bored outside on the steps of the house with my mum and dad inside arguing about money again. Since the local car factory shut, both were out of work and money was tight. I had been to countless interviews myself but why would anyone hire a 19 year-old fresh out of school when there were so many more experienced and qualified applicants.

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I was 18, and had just graduated from high school. This was my last summer of freedom before going off to college. I had never really had a serious girlfriend in high school, so I was looking forward to going off to college and losing my virginity finally. I was going to be going to one of the biggest party schools in the state, so I was counting the days until college started. The summer had just begun, graduation had only occurred a couple weeks ago, and there was quite a bit of time to do nothing.

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My marriage wasnt much of one. It felt more like a partnership than a marriage. I was on the road a lot to make ends meet and my wife was working part time, being homemaker and raising our daughter. Needless to say, we both were pretty miserable without being able to spend much time together.

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When the Whittier annual gathering was drawing to a close Mary asked Drew if he would run her back to her Miami apartment as her parents wanted to stay on in Jacksonville to visit with a few friends. It meant driving thirty or so miles out of his way but it seemed a reasonable request from a girl he’d been fucking regular over the Christmas break. Or perhaps it would be better to say she was fucking him.

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I hate summer. I dont like the heat, I hate the beach because of the sand and the overcrowding, and just in general everything is too bright. Plus, summer means swim suit shopping and I hate that pretty much more than anything. However, my parents are firm believers in the Summer Family Beach Vacation cliché so here I am, on my way to the store with my older brother to buy a swimsuit.

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I whistled with cheerful excitement as I drove down the quiet, suburban road towards the home of my sister. Married with three kids, my sister Melanie had a nice, white-collar existence in a respectable home, though her and her husband were not quite as respectable as they seemed!

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The Sisters Savoy they were known as, when they had their nightclub act. They sang and danced and told funny stories about growing up triplets. They were each as beautiful as the other, even though they were never that famous. I broke up the act you see, when mom became pregnant with me. That bulging belly broke the symmetry of the three and they never got back into show biz after that. Susan, my mother, married my dad, a local hardware store owner. Shortly after, Aunt Sylvia wed a rich man, who died when his private plane went down, a few years back. Aunt Sally hitched her wagon to a long distance truck driver, who was seldom in town.

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From the backstage wings of the Lucky Nuggett lounge-stage Victor Redgrave studied Sherry Trent (that was her stage name) as she held the boozed and gambling-weary Las Vegas audience spellbound. Even at sixteen, his daughter Sherry had stage presence that some veteran singers might envy. Guitar in hand, her fringed, white western attire so tight-fitting it had the male members of the audience open-mouthed, Sherry held the entire audience in a near-hypnotic trance. Charisma, some critics called it. Victor knew it was sex-appeal. Whatever it was, Sherry had it — in spades — that and an incredible vocal talent that had raised her Nevada price to four-thousand dollars a week.

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Nancy Goodman softened in her boyfriends embrace and held her mouth up for a kiss, shivering as she felt his right hand slip from her waist toward her bulging blouse. Henry Walton was rather good looking and smooth, she liked to date him, he was the right age for her, twenty-one to her seventeen, but somehow the sparks did not really fly when they were together.

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It started out as a quiet, normal Friday evening, Id come home from work to find my dinner in the oven and Janice, my wife, out at the bingo, Id eaten my dried out meal quickly, grabbed a bottle of whiskey and put a mucky video in the player, which was the nearest I came to sex these days. Upstairs I could hear Saras, my eighteen year old daughter, stereo playing though not loudly enough to be disturbing as I settled back to enjoy the tape.

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Dawn was a very pretty young woman. She didnt mind staying with her uncle Donnie from time to time…it was his girlfriend Tammy she couldnt stand. She was always saying and doing nasty things in front of Dawn, and trying to draw her into her perverted little world. Dawn figured she was bi-sexual, but some of the things she did were outright filthy. She would always watch hard porn in the living room while Dawn was there, and usually she sat naked and masturbating shamelessly in front of her. Often times she would walk around wearing only an open blouse and heels, sometimes just a t-shirt, or nothing at all.

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After college I worked for a company that moved me around the country for a few years. Eventually I was brought back home and moved in with my buddy Jim who had his own house. Another one of our buddies was living with Jim, but he was moving out to buy his own place so the timing was perfect. Jim’s Master Bedroom was on the first floor and my guest bedroom was on the second floor. Jim was dating a girl named Gina who was real nice, had long, dark hair, was about 5′ 6″ and weighed about 140 lbs. She was by no means fat, but she was curvy. She had a nice pair of 36DD tits. I know because when she would spend weekends at our place she would leave her overnight bag in Jim’s room and when they weren’t around I would go through the bag to see what my buddy was working with.

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Joanna was a beautiful African-American woman in her mid-forties with two beautiful children: a 19-year-old son Markus and a 21-year-old daughter Alison. She was recently divorced from her husband Bill whom she had been married to since she was eighteen who left her without an explanation why. She was left alone… and extremely horny. She honestly felt like the only two people in the world who cared at all about her were her two beloved children who stuck by her through her messy divorce from their father Bill. And she intended to repay them in a big way for their love and devotion!

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