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After the newly converted-to-sex daughter Peggy left for home, it was back to just me and horny ole Helen romping in her boudoir every day or so. Peggy stayed around long enough to have my baby-making sperm fill up her still fertile, egg producing womb. She wanted to have another child, and Grandma Helen wanted another grandchild. Helens other child, a son a few years older than Peggy, was as gay as Hollywood hairdresser and was not about to populate the earth anytime soon. So, I was the sperm donor designate, as well as the hunky guy to sex-up Peggy as her mother Helen taught her a bit more of how to attract other cocks to meet her needy pussys desires. We spent a lot of time together in bed for two weeks under Helens watchful whorehouse madam-like supervision. When Peggy had to get back home to work, and figure out her new life with impending child, Helen and I just went back to our senior love nest life on the beach. I was beginning to think I might just like to quit work up North and stay here, but I wasnt sure how to make the finances work. Helen was generous, but not real wealthy.

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Andrew Wittier was thirty, single and struggling to make it as a writer. His commissions so far had been writing technical material but he was anxious to make it into the world of fiction. That’s how he meant Zara Crofts.

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Hi, piggy here. Uncle informed me he was going to pierce my cunt today. He was to use items he had laying around the farm. Sounded good! He attached a small board to a wooden chair on the front of the seat. Next, he hammered eight nails thru my cunt lips. Pulling the fat nails out he placed large heavy rings into the holes. They looked great. Uncle attached heavy five-pound weights to each ring, He wanted it to heal with the weights in to begin stretching things. I was sore but very happy. I asked for more branding and nipple damage. Uncle had a stiff cock working me over. He had time to abuse me more. He lit his pipe and cooked my nipples worse. Then he emptied hot ashes on my clit. Big time hurt but he only did it twice with more promised.

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My wife Daytona & I met at a mutual friends singles New Years Eve party. I really didnt wanna go, but my friend (the host) wanted me to come. I arrived about 10pm. The host had valet parking, a Rose for all of the ladies & even a door man. He was skinny kinda nurdy looking with tape holding he eye glasses together.

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I just lost my job, 2 month ago. My friends were little help in finding me another one. It had been close to 4 years since I had to fill out a resume and go on interviews. First I was living week to week. Now Im living day to day. Eating noodles and bumming day old pizza from my friends. I even had to use the bathroom at a local gas station, because my water got shut off in my small apartment. I was dreading having to see my landlord at the end of the week. I had never been 3 months behind on the rent. I did how ever still have a computer. I decided to take my lap top down to a local coffee shop, near my apartment. To look for a job


Alright mom! Im coming! And Carly Simpson wasnt kidding. She was coming, hard. As she spoke to her mother, she had three fingers of one hand jammed up her tight teenage cunt, and she was using the other hand to rub her swollen clit. She stood in front of the full-length dressing mirror on the back of her closet door, and watched herself as she orgasmed. The nipples on her perky tits stood out like bullets, her curly blonde hair bounced on her shoulders, and her lithe back arched while her knees buckled with the force of her climax.

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Sheila was a fat girl, a Big Beautiful woman; with an emphasis on both the big and the beautiful. But she wasnt scared of using the f word, in fact it annoyed her when other overweight women described themselves as Big or used some other pseudonym.

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As Salam Alaikum, dear readers. How are you today? My name is Fatima Mehdi, and Im a young Arab woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Im in the police foundations program at Algonquin College, and hope to work in law enforcement someday. You dont see a lot of Middle-Eastern women in that field, especially Hijab-wearing ones, but I am a determined sort and refuse to let these obstacles obstruct my path to success. That being said, I have a story to share with you.

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Help your Grandma with shopping, okay hun? My Mom said as we were driving to Grandmas. My Mom was nice, I hated my Dad so much. Like whats wrong with a 16 year old getting drunk on a Friday night? I returned home before midnight, I didnt have work or school today, and whats wrong with a little fun?

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She slapped for that and went inside. I was afraid she might tell to my parents/uncle I ran behind her and showed the bikini photo of her she is in anger asked me how you got this idiot? You only sent it to me if you try to tell anyone about it I ll disclose this one to everyone ok by saying this I spanked her ass softly I can see her face turn real red which is gorgeous. Get ready for adventure dear its you and me, i cant wait to make Ur love holes dripping wet by saying this

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It was Saturday, alone. There was nothing going on but the sickening sight of Big Brother torturing 8 house mates over a glass of water or so it seemed. This intellectual exercise was going way over my head and I was in desperate need of something a little more down to earth. But what is more down to earth than a pizza and a porno flick? Ah, yes! But what… but what do I want on the pizza? Pineapple? Mushroom? Sweetcorn? HA! HA! Ill get all three – Pineapple! Mushroom! & Sweetcorn! Better yet, Ill get everything – the works!

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Fat. Fatty. Fat. Fat. Fatso. Fat. Fatima. Why had her parents christened her that? Surely they knew that in an English Language culture it was a name that could always be used to mock her. Especially as they knew from their own corpulent frames that their daughter was unlikely to be svelte, slim or slender. And as second-generation immigrants themselves, not even especially religious ones, they understood enough English to know just how her name could always be used as a stick to beat her with.

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After High School I needed a job, I could not decide in what field I wanted to work, I tried the military but didnt like the feeling I got when I talked to the recruiters. So I went to work for circle K as assistant manager

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ou know how as a young boy growing up you usually learned about sex through the internet, porn, etc…. I was not so fortunate growing up. My only way of releasing was with my hand and to my own thoughts. My parents were strictly religious and polygamists at that so as you could imagine I had an interesting childhood. My father was about 57 at this time when I was 18. I was the oldest boy with two older sisters, and I had 4 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers.

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Belinda was a wonderful person, great personality, bubbly; jocular and always full of fun; she’d a list of friends as long as your arm. However, she had one large problem and she herself would be the first to admit it; she was built like a brick shithouse. At 275lbs, she had to be huge, but her friends, girlfriends that is, loved her to bits. She was no problem to take out with them, if fact they jumped at the chance, knowing full well that any male’s attention would be attracted to them.

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I had a paper route until I was almost 17. It was only about 30 houses. Id deliver in the morning and collect money once a week. It was pretty easy and the money wasnt bad at that time. Usually I hated collecting payments and tried to get everyone to pay by the month. There were a few houses, however, that I didnt mind visiting as often as possible. One was the Daniels. They were old to me but I would guess they were a relatively young couple. Maybe in the Thirties. They had one son who was 4. I loved collecting because I loved looking at Monique, the wife. She was short, Maybe 51 and kind of plump which I liked. She had huge tits and a wide ass with thick legs. What I liked even more was the show I always got. All of her clothes were a little tight and a lot of times she was in very short shorts or a tank top of just a bathrobe. I didnt realize it at the time but she must have liked showing me. Her husband Vic was a nice guy but I didnt really like it when he was around because he always paid me when he was and I didnt get to see Monique. Somehow I figured out that he was never around on Saturday mornings and Monique always seemed to be in her pjs still and I kind of settled into a routine of collecting from them at that time.

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I had just gotten home from school and was making a sandwich when mom called from work and asked me to go to Aunt Carols house and help her. She was doing something or other and needed some help and mom volunteered me. I hopped in my car and headed 2 miles to Carols small Cape Cod. Carol opened the door and ushered me into the kitchen. There on the floor was a rolling kitchen island type piece of furniture and Carol was flummoxed at trying to do all the gluing and clamping. She had all the right stuff for the job, except of course the mechanical knowledge or patience for the task.

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