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As Celia walked down the pathway to the dock, she scanned the boats in the marina for the name of the one she had chartered. She had needed a break from the pace of her corporate marketing job and her friends had suggested chartering a sailboat for a weekend getaway. At the last minute the other women had cancelled due to sick children, lack of childcare etc, but Cece, as her friends called her, had decided to go anyway.

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We use fantasies a lot. My husband and I talked a lot about me screwing a friend of his. I did turn me on but we only talked about it for a long time. Then one day when that friend stopped by to see my husband, I mentioned that I was going to paint a bedroom the next day. He said he would be happy to help me while my husband was at work. I agreed and he showed up as we agreed and it took us about four hours to paint the room. We talked the entire time and I told him I had no idea how to repay him. He said he had a couple of ideas. I smiled and said ok. Whatever you want.

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Hey, guys, this is my first story posting here. Hope u all might like it. To tell about myself, Iĺm Shiva, 23 yrs old, fair, 5 foot 10 inch, and a straight guy. This story is about fucking my friend during my college days. Her name is Veena, fair complexion, 5 foot 5 inch, same age, a perfect girl with nice ass and nice tits.

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.It was Sunday. Dad was up and thinking about the hot sounds her heard from his wife’s bedroom last night. He grinned to himself. Sunday night is when he usually went and snuck into Missy room and they fucked good, but now since mom had her own room, she could come to his room and have the big bed to play on. Missy was up next, she came in and hugged her dad, and kissed his chest. She felt his dick and smiled. She whispered: (“….daddy, I’m gonna get you tonight, I wanna be licked”…) Dad smiled and said back: (“you do?…well I think I have just the tongue to do that for you, little girl.”) She hugged him and squeezed his dick and said she was off to Jen’s house. Dad left to go golfing for the day. Josh finally woke up and smiled to himself about the thrill of last night. Fucking his mom was the best, hottest thing he’s ever done. God!…. she fucked awesome! Her pussy was like a glove around his dick. Her hands so warm on his butt cheeks, as she squirmed and pulled on them to bring him in tight to her deep pussy. He shook his head to snap himself out of it. He got dressed and went in and peeked at mom. She lay naked all sprawled out with a content smile on her face. He looked at her hot smooth body and just had to tip toe in and kiss her pussy. Mom smiled and put her hands on his head and moaned a long moan. She pulled him on top of her and squirmed, feeling his rising dick laying across her pussy. She whispered: (“where’s dad”) Josh said he’s gone golfing for the day, and …

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A descriptive paragraph she had typed onto final draft the day before from her husbands current masterpiece raced sensually through Beth Ann Durkes young mind as she watched her handsome neighbor leave his expensive home across Tasman Drive and walk with a smooth, athletic grace toward his three-car garage. Mmmm, he did! He literally radiated virility! What had Jay entitled the book? HER LUSTY NEIGHBOR? Yes, that was it… and very fitting, or so it would seem. She remembered the exact passage:

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Hi, my name is Timothy Drake and I WAS a nobody. Id done just ok in school. I had failed 12th grade, which made me a year older than everyone else in that grade. I sucked at sports. Im scrawny by definition at 510 and only 155 lbs. I have dirty brown hair with bland brown eyes. I looked like your typical non-existent teenager. Put me in a crowd, and Id practically be invisible.

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My 17-year-old son Jacob and I hadn’t been getting along that well. I tried to explain to him that it was tough enough being a single mother without having a child who had dedicated his every waking moment to making her life a misery. The summer months were especially challenging because he did nothing but fart around the house (figuratively and literally), eat everything in sight and play video games. We were going through a particularly brutal stretch in our increasingly grumpy relationship when I decided that we both needed a change of scenery.

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Jamie and Iris were out cold when Jason and Brian finally gathered their wits and their pants and left the girl’s room. Retiring to the living room with their camera, a few beers and a damn good story for their friends. Jason sat on the couch and began going through the pictures on his digital camera. There were about thirty total, a lot of them skewed or off center due to the drunkenness and the events that were taking place when they were shot.

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My wife and I are very normal people for the most part. Two kids, we both work, pets, little league, etc. But in the bedroom, we’re both very sexual and like to spice things up. Neither of us are specifically into any particular fetish, but that’s not to say we don’t enjoy dabbling in them. One of her interests (and mine as well after we tried it) is being dominated and spanked. So we instituted semi-regular spankings, usually on a Tuesday since that day is boring anyway. Lucky for us, the kids were gone with the grandparents for the week.

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A growing-up period. A time when each member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

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In a town I used to live in was a large, undeveloped area. This area was full of big fir trees and lots of heavy underbrush. I enjoyed exploring this area, following the many meandering paths that weaved through the brush. There was a long cyclone fence that marked the border between the forest and the back of the local elementary school. About six to eight feet on the inside of the fence, towards the school, were several large bushes that blocked the view between the school playground and the woods. This created sort of a no mans land where the children would often go to avoid the watchful eye of there teachers. Because of the thick brush, I could hide within a few feet of the fence and observe the children without being seen.

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Let me tell you a little bit about my friend Elly. I’ll start the story at age seventeen. Elly really was, in every way, the average teenage girl. She had interests in fashion, music and writing. When the weekend would come however, she went from a fairly quiet student to a full on slut. Drugs and alcohol fuelled late nights out with her friends, often in public parks, where she would fuck anyone she liked the look of, boy or girl. Her friendship group consisted of about ten people who were also abusers of drugs and alcohol, and the group of teens had all fucked each other.

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