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My brother and his girlfriend have been in an official relationship for about 2 years now. However behind closed doors we have really been in a 3 way relationship, although my part is purely sexual. We have regular threeways and I have also been known to fuck both my brother and his girlfriend individually (of course they both know this).

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Scott Nelson felt a tightening in his groin as he watched Brenda casually undress. When she pulled her sweater over her shoulders, her young tits bobbed freely on her chest. Shed been braless, and that in itself was exciting to the forty-eight-year-old man. Her tits were like ripe pears perched on her slender chest, firm and a luscious pink.

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My hand quietly rapped on the wooden door as I entered her bedroom. I could see her little body curled into the giant teddy bear her dad got her for christmas. Her chest, covered in the thin cotton

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I came from the City College extremely exhausted. After all, there are four two-hour classes and three of them are in the specialty, and one is in oral sex. For an hour and a half on the last lesson, my lips and tongue were so tired that I could hardly feel them. But Tanya, my partner, was completely satisfied and twitched in convulsions of ecstasy for two minutes after I finished caressing her for the last, third time. But the young teacher was still greedy A and put only B+. I was very upset, but there was a lot of comfort waiting for me at home.

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I pulled up at my parents house a little bit down. After 4 years of college, I was finally done with school and had my degree in hand, but hadnt landed that first job yet. Id finally resolved myself to waiting it out for a bit at home; maybe working a few part time gigs, and keep my ear to ground for the right opportunity. It would come, but it just wasnt there yet.

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Fields Pedigrees wasnt what Stella Burnside expected. The forty year old divorcee had picked the dog breeders name out of the phone book, and she expected to find a pet shop, or at least a kennel, at the address listed in the yellow pages. Instead, she found a sparkling white, old-fashioned wood-frame house, nestled calmly in the center of a residential block, looking no different from any of the other houses. The voluptuous black-haired woman checked the envelope on which she had jotted down the address, and she reviewed the directions that the young man had given her over the phone. Then she squinted carefully at the address over the green wood door to the white house. It all checked out — this pleasantly homey looking house must be Fields Pedigrees, even though there wasnt so much as a sign outside.

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Sensitive nose snuffing and eyes and ears attuned to everything that made a sound or moved in her natural habitat, the great burly bear moved gracefully through her territory on silent padded feet. She was not hungry, her nearly insatiable appetite for once satisfied. Food was abundant; brambles drooped with sweet berries; lightning-blazed hollow trees dripped with honey, and the numerous streams boiled with darting trout. The furry mother-to-be was content.

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The knowing, wise, old eyes of the school nurse regarded the lovely, auburn-tressed girl who sat across the desk from her. The complaint was a common one; the girl was suffering some faintness with her menstrual period. Ordinarily, Ernestine would have sent the afflicted girl home with instructions for bed rest for the remainder of the day, but she was stopped in mid-reach for the special form excuse she would have to fill out. The girl had just said that she didnt want to go home, asking instead, that she be allowed to stay in the Health Office until the close of school.

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She slapped for that and went inside. I was afraid she might tell to my parents/uncle I ran behind her and showed the bikini photo of her she is in anger asked me how you got this idiot? You only sent it to me if you try to tell anyone about it I ll disclose this one to everyone ok by saying this I spanked her ass softly I can see her face turn real red which is gorgeous. Get ready for adventure dear its you and me, i cant wait to make Ur love holes dripping wet by saying this

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When the Whittier annual gathering was drawing to a close Mary asked Drew if he would run her back to her Miami apartment as her parents wanted to stay on in Jacksonville to visit with a few friends. It meant driving thirty or so miles out of his way but it seemed a reasonable request from a girl he’d been fucking regular over the Christmas break. Or perhaps it would be better to say she was fucking him.

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Wally Fitzhugh had been brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth, he’d wanted for nothing. He went to the best schools, went on frequent expensive vacations and had never done a stroke of work until his father died. Suddenly he was in charge of a vast estate with tenanted farms and cottages spread over miles of picturesque hills in Northern England.

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“Crap” I thought to myself. Any chance I had to make love to my sister just fluttered away on the gale that the little bundle of energy brought along with her. She was the youngest of the three, and also the most trouble. She was always in motion, all smiles and blond pigtails. We had went camping earlier that summer at Sunrise Bridge state park. I had spent a bit of time swimming with the girls, I got singled out to watch them play on the rope swing that flung you out into the river. I thought back, the two older girls had worn a 1 piece suit. Michelle was a stocky chubby little thing. Even at this young age, the baby fat gave her curves in the right places. The bikini that she wore cupped her budding breasts, her belly pouched over her bottoms ever so slightly, highlighting the gentle lump of her chubby girl pussy mound, the tightness of the panties betrayed the shadow of her hairless vertical slit when she turned just so.

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Dawn was a very pretty young woman. She didnt mind staying with her uncle Donnie from time to time…it was his girlfriend Tammy she couldnt stand. She was always saying and doing nasty things in front of Dawn, and trying to draw her into her perverted little world. Dawn figured she was bi-sexual, but some of the things she did were outright filthy. She would always watch hard porn in the living room while Dawn was there, and usually she sat naked and masturbating shamelessly in front of her. Often times she would walk around wearing only an open blouse and heels, sometimes just a t-shirt, or nothing at all.

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