Sweet and busty stepmom

I love her and I will love her forever. It isn’t for her infectious beauty and luscious charm, but because of what I am when she’s with me. No one is like her and no one will ever be like her. To the world, she may be one person; but to me she’s the world. When I’m with her, there’s nothing else for me to look at. As I hold her in my arms, she gives herself to me. And I kiss her with utmost passion, knowing that she’s all mine.

My Drunk Stepmom

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and my new StepMom started to drink a lot. I would find her around the house half undressed or completely naked drunk passed out cold sleeping. This is the first time Ive ever seen a grown up woman nude. The first time I tried to wake her up and tell her to go to bed but StepMom never woke up or moved a muscle. I went back to bed but couldnt sleep thinking about how much different her body was from my little sisters. I got back up and went to the living room to see if Mom was awake. She hadnt moved at all and was snoring away. I got my car and took some nude pictures of Mom. I realized that I was sexually excited for the first time in my life and had an erection from looking at her nude body. After I got up the nerve I slowly reached out and touched her boob and was amazed that her nipple got really hard and long while I was feeling it. It was the coolest thing Ive ever seen. I looked between her legs and saw her pubic hair something I didnt have yet so seeing her pubic hair was cool. I touched it and liked how soft and fussy it felt. Thats when I noticed the slit between her legs and how warm it felt there. As I was exploring I was able to put two fingers inside of her vagina. This was so cool she was warm and slippery. I took my fingers out and smelled them and tasted them. I like the taste a lot. I tried some of the things I hear from the older kids in the neighborhood like sucking on her nipples and fingering her. I even tried eating her out. I really hated it when Mom got drunk until I discovered that she wouldnt wake up after she was drunk. Now I loved it when she got drunk Bec I could learn and explore the opposite sex. Back then I couldnt even get to see a Playboy magazine and here I was being able to experience the opposite sex without anyone knowing what I was doing. After about a year of this I was able to experience sex for the first time in my life even if it was with my drunk mother it was the greatest experience in my life. All my first sexual experiences were with my drunk mother. She never woke up or said anything about it to me. This is absolutely the truth about when I was a teenager.

Sassy Granny Nude And Licked

Im a 23 year old guy that is just a pervert. This all started when I moved into a neighborhood that had mostly older people. I have never had sex with a mature women a lot older then me before. Most of my sexual experiences where always with girls around my age, except one. When I was 19 I had sex with this 34 year old lady. Anyway, like I said, mostly older people lived here. I used to go walking around the lake we had, and there would be tons of old ladies that just looked sexually deprived. I dont mean 10-15 years older than me, but like 30 plus years older. I never really thought about sex with ladies that much older than me, but for some reason they turned me on. But, I never did anything about it. I didnt want anyone to see me talking to a lady old enough to be my grandmother. But I still was horny for grannies. So I would go look at mature women and granny porn. One day while doing this I was masturbating and I injured my penis. I wont go into details. but basically I went to a urologists and he told me that I needed to have sex. But because of my injury I lost some sensitivity in my penis. So he suggested to have safe but unprotected sex, without a condom, so that I would feel more.

Asian Sensation

When I first met Angela she came across as a polite young lady. Very pleasant, unlike so many of todays young adults. She came to the door one day and asked to use my computer, sure I told her no problem.

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