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I’ll get my name out of the way first. You’ll see the irony straight away. Abby Zimmermann, yeah always last on the role, last in line, last for a school photograph, you name it, always last, always waiting and always made worse by being separated from my bestie; Zoe Alcott.

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Today, what with the continuing rise of the divorce rate, many people seem more surprised when a marriage holds together than when it breaks up. Yet despite many dire predictions about the gradual death of matrimony, the trend seems to be toward changing the internal structure and workings of that institution, rather than abandoning it.

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My name is Steve and I am of 19 years. I stand 511 above the ground and have a good built, however not of a footballer. Most people enjoy my company and I get around well with both, boys and girls. My parents broke up when I was 12 and my father sent me to a hostel. I studied there for 4 years after which I again started living with my father. Our relationship developed into a mature one and I started looking forward to him not only as a father but also as a friend and a guide.

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It was a normal birthday for me. The weather was wet and horrible, and I came home to an empty house. It was Friday, 5pm, and I knew my Mother would be home in a few minutes. Hopefully with the present I had asked for. A new digital camera. I had gotten interested in photography and cinematography a few months earlier, fascinated with capturing images of beauty in anything and everything.


Sexuality is so much a part of the human condition that it is almost the same as saying to be human is to be sexual. Animals are regulated by seasons and physiological changes which apparently act as stimulus triggers. A bitch in heat, for example, will accept almost any male dog that seeks to confer his favors on her. But let her be out of heat, and that same male dog will get a nip or even a vicious bite for his efforts.

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It had been a hot day, and I was very tired from working out in the backyard all day. I was 18, and my dad had busted me smoking weed in my car so he took the keys away. In order for you to get it back, he said, you have to get that backyard looking like they do on the goddamn TV. Just like most things my dad wanted, it was done. I had gotten up at 6 a.m. and got right to work, I started the day with black shorts and a tank top, by the end I was shirtless and sweaty.

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Hope youre doing well, I dont post very much, but I am a fan of erotic fiction especially when it is ahem a certain subject matter (corny joke done). This is COMPLETELY FICTION, all characters are of legal age and older.

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Mandy Davidson was basically a happily married woman. She had a nice house, a beautiful garden with manicured lawns and a dog named Bambi that she adored. Even her sex life was good, in spite of being almost 45, but there was a little hitch in that regard, her husband Matt was not adventurous – it was the same thing every time they made love.

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My wife Ann and I had been friends with Tom and Lynn for about ten years now. I had known Tom from a previous job back several years ago and the two of us had been close friends ever since. Ann just loves Toms wife Lynn, and the two of them stay in touch on a routine basis. Ann and Lynn are in their mid-fifties and they do a number of things together outside the home. When Ann heard that Lynn and her husband Tom had planned a cruise to the Caribbean it left Ann a bit jealous that she couldnt go.

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A couple of weeks ago my wife and I settled down to a quiet night in with a couple of videos and some wine. The rain had been lashing at the windows all day and had just turned to snow. Every so often, I would get up and have a look though the curtains to see how bad the weather was.

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I worked for a bank as a financial advisor. I got to know Kelly pretty well as she was a manager of my home branch. I spent much of my time talking with her and light flirting. She would occasionally take the conversation over the HR edge. One time she mentioning that she and one of the other female managers had gone out and gotten their drink on and both of them ended up going home with guys who were room mates. Another time she gave me more details saying that she and Amanda had actually switched guys and both had sex with the others original partner. Other times she gave a few details of other time when she had gotten a little wild. She invited me out a couple of times with the group but nothing that wild ever took place.

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Me, my friend and his sister were watching a movie in their living room. Their family is very rich and their house is enormous. They had a real home theater there and three sofas. My friend’s sofa was in the middle, her sister’s on left wall and mine on the right wall. We all had a shower earlier that night, separately, though. My friend had bathrobe, I had T-shirt and loosen pants and she had only a nightgown.

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Life was hard. I was 18 and out in the world by myself. My home life was not a pleasant situation. My Dad beat my Mom and if I happened to get in the way, he’d pound me to a pulp. I left home when I was 14. I wanted to stay and help my mom but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I love my mother dearly, but I just couldn’t handle it.

A Baffling Shower

I shouldnt have been there and undeniably I shouldnt have stayed, but I simply got caught up in it all and simply froze. Although I was pretty drunk, I make no excuses, I was wrong and am completely embarrassed that things worked out as well as they did.

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The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. So wrote American poet and essayist Henry David Thoreau in the Nineteenth Century. This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today, considering the pressures and frequent monotony of modem society.

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Patrick Leary was very unhappy about his current situation. He had just moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. Hed lost all his friends and he didnt like it at all. He didnt have anyone to talk to or anyone to play with. He didnt know where anything was and he was a little afraid of getting lost. It seemed that the only thing left for him was stay home and watch television. The television stations were different, he couldnt even find the programs he wanted to watch.

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Well. Today was the day. Id find out if it really worked. If the little old Asian man at the spice shop was right, my life was about to change forever. And he had better be right; I paid a ridiculous sum for this particular item. Put in food or drink…you see action quick, yes! he had said. Watch out not too much! Now the only question other than does it work was when to try it…

Family circle

I was taking languorous and lascivious licks along the thick veiny shaft of my husband’s waning penis, like it was French Vanilla ice cream on a stick. After a long and spirited cock-suck, his cork had been gloriously popped and I was now slurping up the last remaining vestiges of recently spent dribbly spunk from his pendulous nuts to that bulbous bit on the end that’s looks like a puking mushroom. I gave his rapidly deflating rosy head a big soggy smooch and looked up to my beloved with a big impish grin.

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