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My name is Steve and I am of 19 years. I stand 511 above the ground and have a good built, however not of a footballer. Most people enjoy my company and I get around well with both, boys and girls. My parents broke up when I was 12 and my father sent me to a hostel. I studied there for 4 years after which I again started living with my father. Our relationship developed into a mature one and I started looking forward to him not only as a father but also as a friend and a guide.

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Since I was young, I was involved in gymnastics, so I spent many many hours in the gym working out. Most of my friends were other guys from the gym. Luckily, we also had a girl’s program, so I was friends with a lot of the girls from the gym too. During the summer, we would have gym time in the mornings, and then again in the evenings, letting us get out of the gym in the mid days when it was the hottest. Usually, groups of us would go to the mall, or to someone’s house to have lunch, then lounge by the pool and tan or swim for a few hours before getting back to working out. Since I had a fairly big pool and deck, we spent a lot of time at my house, both the guys and the girls.

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Almost finished, Zack, Judith asked, while the eighteen year old stock boy hefted a roll of roofing paper onto the shelf!?! Just about, he answered, Ive still have some paint to restock, but other than that Im pretty much through!!! Good, she replied, when youre all done, stop in my office for a minute, will you please!?! Sure thing, Miss J, he replied, Ill be there in ten minutes!!! Zack had been working after school at the hardware store for about two years now, and while it wasnt the greatest part time job in the world, it did provided him with a steady income! He placed the last gallon of paint neatly onto the shelf and said to himself, All done, while heading off to his bosss office at the rear of the store! He gave a rap on the door frame of the open door, stuck his head inside, and asked, You wanted to see me, maam!?! Yes, she replied, come in and have a seat!!! He sat down in a chair across from her desk and waited for her to come to the point! How long have you been working for me, Zack, she asked?!? About two years or so, he replied quickly, not sure at all what she was leading up to! And in that two years havent I given you more and more responsibility as well as several generous raises, she pressed on!?! Uh, sure, he answered slowly, and I really appreciate it!!! Is that so, she then said icily, then how come I found this filthy magazine hidden behind some cartons in the store room!?! His face instantly flushed red as he stammered, Well, you see, its like this, I was just looking at the pictures, I dont know, it just happened I guess!!! While shaking her head from side to side she added, Its bad enough that you have this pornography in my store, but theres more, a lot more, just look at this and explain it to me, please, as she reached behind her and turned on a VCR machine!!! The picture on the screen came into focus, and incredibly, it was a video tape of him masturbating while reading the same magazine his boss had found!!! That does appear to be you masturbating in the corner behind the plumbing supplies does it not, she said coldly!?! He was so stunned he couldnt even speak as he watched in horror as he blew his load on the video tape!!!

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It was summer, although in Connemara, Galway, Ireland that only meant slightly less drizzle than other times of the year. The wind buffeted the the small collection of houses affectionately referred to by my family as The Village. I lived in a large house in the middle of the cluster with my mum dad and my 18 year old sister Ciara. the other smaller bungalows were all occupied by my extended family. Five of them were occupied my My Dads brothers and sisters, Bree, Erin, Finlay, Bran, and Dara along with their families. Bree and Erin were young newly wed couples that were both trying to start a family, Finlay and Dara both had 2 young children each with ages ranging from 2 to 9. Bran had a son Kevin who was my age, 19. there were two further cottages that my dads cousin Liam and Kelly lived in. Liam and his wive didnt have children and showed no interest in wanting them, although they were happy to help take care of all the other children around. Kelly had two twin boys Sean and Aidan who were the same age as Ciara.

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Iris Harrault stepped back and surveyed the summer porch. It was all ready — newly dusted, the plants all green and thriving, the small wicker table intimately laid for two. The whiskey sours were in the refrigerator and the cold supper prepared. She glanced at her watch, and then out the porch screen which looked out over the wooded drive. No sign of him yet. Ill just freshen myself up, she thought, and then he ought to be here.

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My mother and I had been living alone in our small house in the country side for as long as I can remember. We only had each other (although our recent addition was a little kitten called princess) and always got along perfectly with little to no fighting, we hugged alot and spoke about everything. She would always demand a kiss on her cheek before I left for school in the mornings and another before going to sleep. I was 15 at the time with average looks, my mother was in her late 50s. She had long blonde hair down to her shoulders and a curvy figure, a little bit chubby. Back then there was not much sexuality in the air among the other kids at my school, some of us would still giggle at words such as penis and vagina, others had a partner but would only ever go as far as kissing and holding hands. We didnt have playboy mags or the internet for porn. Summer holidays came and I decided to stay at home with my mother to just sit back and relax with some television and soda, most of my friends all went to camps or trips; I honestly couldnt wait to just stay at home and do nothing. I didnt have to worry about homework, I didnt have to worry about getting up early to get ready for school, I didnt have to worry about anything.

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The bright morning sun streaming through the window shone straight into my eyes, waking me but preventing me from seeing anything. I cupped a hand against my forehead to shade the glare, and looked around to get my bearings. My bed was twin-sized, the mattress not too comfortable, the sheets clean-smelling but threadbare. There was one chair and a sink and toilet in the corner. The grid pattern of the sun on my bed clearly represented bars, but I could tell that this room was too fancy, if you can imagine that, too fancy to be a jail cell; certainly, it didnt look as sparse and forbidding as the cell I had occupied one night not too long ago. My nightgown did not look familiar; it looked more like a hospital gown.

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Steve stood, his muscular posture erect in the white, terry-cloth robe that draped over his solid frame. He strode in large steps from his dressing ensemble over to a tier of electronic controls. The controls were inset in a panel at the head of a ottoman settee upon which he reclined. He picked up a remote control from an end table and pressed an audio feed and said, Hi you guys, hows everything going in there?

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A growing-up period. A time when each member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

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Im home, as always. Masturbating to my next door neighbors daughter. Shes got nice tits and booty. Shes white. I dont know or care how old she is, since Ill never meet her. But this one day shes locked out. Forgot her keys. Family out of the house. Other neighbors gone. She sees me on my porch. I pull my hand out of the hole in my sweat pocket.

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I was visiting my baby sister Amber and her boyfriend, Roger, who hosted a pool party. Hot women, string bikinis, and men with loaded cocks are a combination that is wound to result in someone getting fucked. In high school, Amber, I used to tag-team when it came to sex, share each other’s boyfriends. When there wasn’t enough sex to satisfy our daily needs, we spent a lot of time between each other’s legs, feasting one another. I decided to try out my new all-white macro string bikini. As you can imagine, there was nothing left to the imagination. A small white patch of fabric covered the entry to my pussy, two pieces covered my nipples, and one thin string rode up the crack of my ass. Amber was a little irritated with me, it was obvious to her, I was on the hunt look for cock. Amber is not someone to be ignored. Gorgeous, with a body to die for, my sister is a bombshell! She pranced around in a leopard style string bikini that revealed her dark tan skin, leaving men salivating. We are both sluts, and a bit competitive. Amber knew my choice of swimwear was no accident. I was purposely exposing myself wearing my macro bikini, teasing the male guest, and she knew it. She saw that several men were trying to hide their obvious erections that were protruding through their wet swim trunks.

New Best Friends

Sarah is a high school girl whos having a rough year. She comes from a very wealthy family – making most their money from oil – but at the moment its just her and her dad in a big house, though, her father is rarely home either constantly going on business trips. Although generally considered attractive, she doesnt have many friends and as a result feels very lonely. One bright August morning, one in which her father is home temporarily, she begs him to let her have a dog, only then can she find a little solace and connection. It doesnt take much to get him to agree, saying no was never a problem over the phone, but in person, be it guilt or annoyance, he couldnt say no to her. It was a little more expensive but they were able to find the exact dog that she wanted – a 5 year old male Blue Heeler named Charlie.

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