My Girlfriends Adventures at the Porn Theater

It was about 7pm and I told her it was time to get ready. She went and got a shower and shaved everything. She came back in the room and I already had an outfit laid out for her. It was a sexy black lace body stocking and a pink bra, nothing else. She snapped the bra on and slid the body stocking over her body. There was no crotch in the stocking so her pussy was very accessible. She is a very slender blonde with 32c tits and long sexy legs. She asked me what she should wear over it. I told her to just put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt so it was easy to take off. She complied.

Fucking with a young barista

When this story all started, I had been visiting this particular Starbucks many times. However on one visit, I noticed an attractive young girl was behind the counter. It was immediately obvious that she had just starting, because the manager was there training her. I knew the manager because of all the times I had visited and as she stepped up, he directed the young lady to see if she could help me. As I started to place my order, the manager step forward and quickly joked with me and then introduced me. Being a regular at this location, we smiled at one another and I reached across the counter to shake her hand. Her name was Kaitlin; very attractive and I knew I would be visiting more often.

This is the beginning

Since I was young, I was involved in gymnastics, so I spent many many hours in the gym working out. Most of my friends were other guys from the gym. Luckily, we also had a girl’s program, so I was friends with a lot of the girls from the gym too. During the summer, we would have gym time in the mornings, and then again in the evenings, letting us get out of the gym in the mid days when it was the hottest. Usually, groups of us would go to the mall, or to someone’s house to have lunch, then lounge by the pool and tan or swim for a few hours before getting back to working out. Since I had a fairly big pool and deck, we spent a lot of time at my house, both the guys and the girls.

My Very True Public Toilet Experience

I didnt go looking for sex, i didnt go looking for anything. Well apart from a piss. it was my lunch break from work. The toilets that this happened in are underground down a L Shaped staircase. as you reach the halfway point of the stairs the cold and the smell of the poorly ventilated underground cesspit hits you(im sure you know what i mean).But that was OK i wasnt going to be there long anyway. Once you reach the bottom of the steps to the left, a row of urinals behind them cubicles and to the right you have a couple of sinks and a hand dryer.

Seduction of the new teacher

I had just graduated college with a teaching degree in English and I was burdened with debt that would be with me for decades. I decided to accept a position at a title one inner city high school in hopes of making a difference in my soon to be students’ lives, plus the bonus was a nice incentive too. I prepared my classroom for the coming school year and looked forward, not without some anxiety and hesitation, to meeting my new students. I was in for a really rude awakening that first day when the classes began to fill up. I had four classes, two freshman, one sophomore and one senior English class. I immediately found out that compared to the senior class, the other three were going to be a walk in the park.

Muslim Widow Aunts Wild Train Ride

I belong to a strict Muslim family and live in one of the larger cities in central India. My family is highly conservative yet we are quite rich. In the sense, that my father and his 7 brothers are able to live comfortably with their families in a huge, walled compound. It has three 3-storied buildings with large, comfortable apartments for each family. Normally, our family is very restrictive, but there are a few members of my family who have rebelled secretly and given in to the temptation of lust.

Long Distance Ladyboy Romance

Several weeks ago, I met a girl online. It was through a paid web-cam site and she was more than just a girl; she was a transsexual; a very attractive and passable girl with a great body, and she went by the name of Nicole. Eventually, we became very attracted to one another; talking online, sharing photos, and watching each other cam-to-cam, and we were really having a good time.

First time swinging

All this happened a long time ago when we were young, dumb and thought we were indestructible. It started like many another Saturday night. Donna and I were kicked back on the couch drinking wine and watching tv when Gary stopped by. His wife, Ann, did not approve of drug use and he was ready for a few lines before his evening out and about. I didn’t mind Gary stopping by because he always brought coke and Crown Royal and between the coke and the alcohol, Donna would be in the mood to fuck. I would have a good time tonight. Donna loved coke and handed Gary the mirror and razor blade.

BBC gangbang

It was a normal Friday morning at work, not a lot going on, so I and a friend took off, we went for coffee, and talked, the chat turned to sex, I told her that I had not had any in a few weeks, we laughed and giggled like school girls, the decided to go shopping for underwear, we took her car and hit a few places, found a few good deals, jo-jo kept getting text messages, as we shopped, I must admit when she would try on something and ask me how she looked it was hard not to feel excited, the soft silk of the panties on her chocolate skin along with her sexy ass, wow it was hot, now I am not the best looking woman in the world, 5’6’’ a bit overweight, 55 years old my boobs sagged no more hard body for me, just a soft grandma, at the last store I found a nice set in red, I tried the bra and matching panties on , jo-jo stepped in to the changing room with me, and looked she could see the bra was a bit to small for my 38D boobs, and you could see my pubic hair sticking out of the panties, jo-jo ran her hand over my back down to my big white butt and cupped it the other hand slipped down my tummy to my pussy, I was hot and wet, she put her head close to my ear and kissed it saying ‘’you are a sexy white woman’’ and ‘’I know just what you need’’, her fingers slipped into my panties and rubbed my clit, I wanted more…. She kissed me deep, and whispered I know a motel we can go to, it’s a rundown seedy place just right for a nasty white cunt like you, she told me to get dressed, I striped off the bra and panties and stood naked in front of her as she took a couple photos of me with her cell phone.

My friend hot Mom

So early Friday evening I drove over to Russell’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the weekend that was close to a small country bumpkin college town inundated with plenty of hot co-eds. Granted Russell and I were still in High School, but both of us being of larger stature, we could pass for college kids. Even though Russell was just a young pup of 17.

Repairing a Friendship

Growing up, Tim and I were inseparable. We met in school early on, and were best friends through college. As far as I was concerned we were family, but as we grew older, Tim began to change as he branched out, met new people, and started hating his home life due to his overbearing and fragmented family. I began to see him less and less, until he got into a major fight with his family and moved out to live with his girlfriend. Months passed, and we kept in contact. He got married, and moved around, we barely spoke, but when we did, things seemed okay.

Hot blonde babe

It was late on a Tuesday when I logged onto my Plentyoffish account for the last time. I started dating online for many reasons, but mostly because I had tired of the girls in this college town and I longed to meet a woman with whom I could really connect with. After a few unsuccessful dates over a couple months, and with my coming deployment fast approaching, I decided to delete my account and forget dating for awhile.

My First Hooker

Ive decided Id like to chronicle some of the sexual experiences throughout my life. I figured this would be a good one to start. Ive been reading stories on here for so long, I figured it was my turn to start writing some and see how much the readers here like them. I hope you enjoy it. There will be more to come if the reviews are positive.

Veronicas Fantasy

The three of us sat together one night, as the best of friends do, drinking, smoking, discussing our lives and eventually turning to my favorite subject, sex. More drinks arrived and Bill told us how he has lived in a sexless marriage for a lot of years and that he envied Carlos’ and my sexually satisfying relationship. It was too early to break up the party, so the three of us decided to keep things going and drove to our house.

Exhibitionist slut

It all began quite innocently. My wife, Anna, and I have been married for 3 years. She is 26, and a petite 52 with a very cute ass and nice round 36C tits with nipples that point to the sky. Anna is from Indonesia, and all the time Ive known her until recently she has always been shy and quiet, dressing in a very conservative manner so as to hide her incredible body. She has beautiful mocha skin and long black hair. Our sex life has always been good, but consisted of pretty much straight sex in our bedroom, with some occasional anal thrown in for good measure. Anytime I suggested something more adventurous she would blush and turn away.

All Inclusive Waitress

I’m sure there’s a lot of us that have been on an all inclusive vacation or a cruise to some exotic destination and seen an attractive young man or woman the we thought about being with, even if it was only for a night. However, because we’re with some friends or maybe even that special someone that we’re also very attracted to, we never pursue it, but then later we wish we had.

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