Everyone loves enema

Asuka had gone to school, just a while ago. Misato picked up a phone and began to dial the number to NERV headquarters.
“Hey Ritsuko!! How are you?” she laughed.
You could hear the blonde scientist groan across the other line “What is it major Katsuragi? I am extremely busy.”
“Yeah about that big boobs, remember the times when we were young and experimented stuff…. Like scat and such?” Misato giggled in to the phone.
There was a long moment of silence.
“… You called me in just to talk about stuff like that?” Ritsuko finally asked.
Misato laughed and tapped her finger against her cheek “Yeah, but for a reason… I did it with Asuka…. And she ate it all up…. And her face…. You could tell she nearly came, she loved it so much…” Misato spoke to the phone. “And I was wondering… If you could come up with some sort of an excuse to have her let go earlier to Nerv… We could try some stuff we never did when we were young Ritsuko.”
Another long moment of silence.
“All right, you bring the enemas. We’ll meet in Nerv conference room.
Meanwhile, Asuka wasn’t doing very well in school. Shinji noticed this and walked closer to the girl.
“Is something troubling you Asuka? You seem like your mind is somewhere totally elsewhere today…” he spoke.
Asuka blushed like a mad and stood up from her stool “What the hell do you care?!? Stupid Shinji, I can’t even get into…..” she screamed when she realized she almost admitted to what she had done earlier. She blushed even more as she sunk back in the chair.
“I’m sorry…” was Shinji’s response and Asuka wasn’t the least surprised when he said that.
Just then, something she had not expected did happen. The principal walked up to Asuka and said, “You’re free to go. I heard you need to go…. You know where…”
Asuka was confused at first but quickly realized she was being called to Nerv. She was glad that she could probably kill an angel or something to get her mind off the morning….
Asuka arrived to Nerv, where Ritsuko was waiting for her already.
”Ah, Asuka. Come with me, so we can prepare the tests…” she spoke while she began to lead the way along the halls.
Asuka looked somewhat surprised but followed nevertheless “Tests? What kind of tests?”
“Oh, just some tests that’ll help us follow your synch ratio more easily. You’re the best one after all, aren’t you Asuka?” Ritsuko cooed, knowing the brunette’s love for praise.
Indeed almost immediately Asuka held her chin high and smiled “Yeah, I am! I am glad you finally realized that I am better than that stupid Shinji.”
Ritsuko did not say a word and instead kept walking towards a room where read ‘conference room’ on its tag.
”I have not been here ever before… What’s this room used for?” Asuka asked as Ritsuko opened the door.
Ritsuko shrugged “The old use was long before Evangelion or Seele, these were used to hold all sorts of meetings and such, the old fashioned way. It hasn’t been used in ages, so it’s our best place to be in private….”
“Why do we need to be in private?” Asuka asked while she walked into the dark room.
Just then, Ritsuko closed the door and the lights suddenly got turned on. Before her stood completely naked Misato, holding a bag, which seemed like full of enemas. Under her was a small outside pool that she was peeing on, slowly filling the bottom with her yellow urine.
“W… What’s going on?” Asuka asked while Ritsuko moved behind her and began to undress the girl.
Misato laughed and walked closer “Ritsuko and I talked… And we’d like to do something we weren’t able to do together…. You’ll soon see what….”
As Asuka was about to protest she realized Ritsuko had already moved at insanely fast pace and was already lowering her panties. Ritsuko then pushed Asuka to Asuka who took hold of the girl, forcing her to bend over against the pool.
Misato takes the first enema and begins to empty it into Asuka’s ass. She then takes another and empties it as well. Third one. Fourth one. Fifth….. “I want to see you fill the pool for us this way…” she cooed while pushing Asuka down to the empty pool.
Asuka groaned as the enema bags were being emptied into her body, filling up her ass and intestines, and belly until she was a bloated, blown up thing.
Ritsuko laughed while she moved over towards Misato, while giving her an enema as well… And a second to go immediately. “Mm….. It’ll be very messy soon honey…”
“I don’t know how much longer I can hold all these enemas in me…” Asuka groaned, as she squirmed and trembled.
At that moment, both Misato and Ritsuko pinned Asuka down, so she was lying face first in there, while Misato bended over her head. “Let it go… Let’s fill the pool and you can drink the ‘water’ first…”
Asuka licked up a bit of the urine, while at the same time letting go. The enemas began to jet out of her tight hole, arcing in the air before falling into the pool, slowly accumulating. “Ooh, it feels so good to finally release it all!” she murmured.
Misato also began to release herself as well, shooting her enema shit all over the back of Asuka’s head, covering her hair and back with it. “Mmm yeah….. Shit for me baby…. Shit the pool full.”
Asuka groaned as the pressure from the shit kept her head down, not only covering her hair and back, but pooling all over her face as well. As her liquid shit continued to pour into the pool, a nice layer begins to form, slowly rising. “Nnh… Ooh, yes, cover me with it! I love it…”
“See Ritsuko, I told you that Asuka was a natural…” the purple haired woman giggled, as Ritsuko suddenly began to rub her pussy, making Misato again excited while she was shitting even more fast, the smelly shit drenching the girl bellow her. “Mmm yeah…. Oooh… Ritsuko…”
Asuka slowly had to lift herself up above the pool of shit, although her whole body and her hair were now already covered in the stuff. So she turned around and wrapped her shit stained lips around Misato’s cunt and began to eat her out, while still shitting a little into the pool.
Misato moaned as she licked her lips and let small amounts of shit still left into the girl’s mouth… “Ohhh yeah, honey…. Oooh you’re so good with your tongue…” she murmurs while she observes the huge amounts of shit the red haired beauty had given and it turned her on even more.
Asuka loved the taste of shit and the female’s cunt in her mouth as she continued to lick all over her pussy, occasionally nibbling at her clit. Slowly, the stream of shit pouring out of her asshole began to die down, the pool almost full from the two women’s contents of their bellies. Misato noticed this and pulled herself away from the girl and then playfully pushed her, making Asuka fall into the pool of her own shit before she climbed in too. She brought her now shit coated hand over to Asuka’s face and gently caressed it. “I’m so horny honey…. I want to fuck so bad…”
“I’ll be happy to help…” Ritsuko murmured as she began to put on a huge purple 13-inch strap-on. “I’ll fuck you just like the old times Misato…” she cooed as she spat over her hand and rubbed it all over the dildo.
Misato smiled as she looked over her shoulder, as she spread her pussy a little for better view. “Mmm, give it to me…..”
Ritsuko rubbed the dildo against the entrance of Misato’s cunt before inserting the huge head inside, making the woman gasp from pleasure. Ritsuko didn’t waste no time as she pushed even more inside, which caused Misato to bring her face down and begin to passionately kiss Asuka all over her face and on her lips.
The shit covered girl was more than happy to return the kisses as her hands moved over to her pussy that was wet from her pussy juice and her own shit. She began to rub it, inserting two of her fingers inside. She was jealous of how Ritsuko was fucking Misato and not her; she wanted the huge thing inside of her… Even though she was still a virgin.
Ritsuko laughed a bit as she took hold of Misato from her sides, before beginning to thrust into the woman’s pussy faster and harder “Oh Ritsuko, you’re going to make me cum… Ohhh, I’m cumming….” the woman moaned before giving a passionate cry as she came from the huge pounding.
“Mmm you must have been really horny Misato, you’ve never come this fast before….” Ritsuko laughed a bit, as she pulled the dildo out of the warm pussy. “But now for you my dear Asuka… “ she cooed as she rubbed the dildo against her pussy.
Asuka nodded her head, while biting her lower lip. “Please be gentle… I’ve never done it before…”
Ritsuko just smirked as she began to insert the length of the dildo in, making Asuka scream a bit as the pain got over to her. But her cries were soon muffled out as Misato sat on her face, presenting her ass to the girl “Lick.” she told her, and Asuka did so, probing her tongue into Misato’s tight asshole.
Meanwhile the blonde woman was beginning to push even deeper of Asuka’s cunt, making some blood stream from the sides as her hymen broke. “Oooh Misato… Asuka’s such a hot slut… I am beginning to fall in love with her….” she murred as she began to pump the dildo in and out of the pussy.
“You should try her tongue Ritsuko, she’s better at eating ass out than you….” Misato giggled before a small moan escaped from her lips as Asuka buried her tongue even deeper into the warm ass of Misato, licking off the filth remaining inside.
Ritsuko raised Asuka’s left leg over her shoulder, so she could better move in and out of the girl’s pussy. She pushed all the way in, and pulled it all the way out. In, out, in out… Her thrusts were slow, yet hard.
Misato moaned as she rose herself a bit away from Asuka, letting out a huge fart against the girl’s face before she lowered herself back on the teen’s face. Asuka couldn’t say anything because of the ass covering her mouth but she would have moaned out that she was going to come.
Ritsuko could tell this though from the way Asuka’s pussy was beginning to squeeze against the dildo, so she gave several extra hard thrusts, making the girl moan and orgasm against the huge dildo.
Misato stood up from the girl’s face; whose eyes were only half open and her expression was dreamy, almost as if her mind was totally elsewhere. “Mmm, looks like you made her come real good Ritsuko…. I was thinking maybe we should get some more sluts like Asuka…..” she cooed as she got closer to her friend, licking on Ritsuko’s cheek.
“And who do you propose we’ll get? Rei? Maya? Hikari?” Ritsuko laughed as Misato’s tongue danced all along her face and soon finding her lips.
Misato smiled as she licked Ritsuko’s lips gently, while looking at her into the eyes “All of them… I want them all to be ours….”

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