I thought it was my husband

I woke up refreshed and checked the clock on my bedside table. 6 AM its red display informed me. Next week’s schedule was going to be hectic, so I slid naked out of bed, determined to get as much done before another Sunday ticked by.
I tiptoed across the bedroom, glancing over at my husband Peter who was still in a deep asleep. Last night had been his turn to host “card night” with the guys, so I knew it would be unlikely to see him stir much before nine. I hoped he wasn’t too hung over. He had been working away from home for the past week and I wanted a good hard fuck.
From the chest of drawers I took out a sports bra, socks and running shorts and without putting them on, went down the hallway. I set the coffee for a one hour time delay start, put on my running gear, turned on the TV and then selected a program on the treadmill.
Running always makes me horny for some reason; I guess it is the “feel good” from burning energy. Today was no exception and I skipped the last couple of minutes of the slow-down section of the treadmill program, looking forward to a scolding hot shower.
Peeling off my damp clothes I decided to use the guest room bathroom to shower. I didn’t want to disturb Peter, I wanted him fully rested. I lingered in the shower running my soapy hands over my tanned, firm body, until the need for a coffee overpowered my growing sexual urge.
I dried off and went into the laundry room, dropping off the towel and my sweaty clothes into the basket for washing later. It was then I realized that I had taken the clean clothes into the bedroom yesterday. All that remained was one of Peter’s white dress shirts waiting for a couple of buttons to be sown on.
“Who needs buttons?” I murmured and slipped it on.
The coffee maker had finished its cycle, so I poured myself a nice big mug. I sat at the breakfast bar, flipped open my laptop and logged onto the SSP website to see what had been posted last night.
I found a particularly juicy slut wife story and it wasn’t long before my right hand slipped inside of my shirt to squeeze my left breast. As my fingers circled my nipple I vaguely heard the shower running. “Soap that cock rock hard Peter and get your ass into the kitchen” I muttered.
I took my nipple between my thumb and index finger and teased it until it was stiff, rubbing it against the white cotton shirt. Needing more relief, I shifted off the bar stool, putting one bare foot on the floor and the other on the foot rest of the stool.
I moved my fingers down my flat tummy until they were between my legs. I involuntarily gasped as I made contact with my clit before sliding my middle finger between my pussy lips. I was so intent on my self pleasure, the first I knew I wasn’t alone was when a pair of hands grasped my ass, lifting up the shirt to my waist. I felt the hardness of a cock against my back.
“Umm, perfect timing. I’m soaking wet, put that big cock in me.”
I shuddered as he moistened his shaft between my legs. He reached down and pulled apart my sex lips searching for the entrance of my vagina. I couldn’t wait any longer and guided him inside of me.
As the hard, hot flesh pushed in, that delectable feeling spread upwards. I pulled apart the shirt so I could rest my breasts on the cool countertop while supporting my body on my elbows.
“Fuck me harder, abuse my pussy.” I urged. “Treat me like the slut I am.”
He responded and every slap of our bodies drove my budding orgasm higher in intensity.
“God you’re in so deep.” I hissed biting my bottom lip, pushing against him with my hips. “That’s it, oh yes, oh yes.”
I gripped the countertop until my fingers went white.
“Yes, yeess, ahhhggg.” I started to climax and lay face down, the pressure on my breasts with every powerful thrust almost painful.
I let out a muffled scream, my muscles pulsing and I heard him cry out, his cock stiffening and swelling before shooting jets of hot cum deep inside of me.
I slowly relaxed as he finished, enjoying the last spasms of the orgasm.
“You don’t know how much I wanted that.” I mumbled.
“I wanted it more Bev, I can tell you.” He gasped.
I stiffened, that was not the voice of my husband!
I looked over my shoulder to see my husband’s friend Gary. His face split in a big grin as he pulled out of me.
“Gary!“ I cried out. “I thought you were Peter. That was very naughty of you.” I gave him a big open mouthed kiss.
I hold a special attachment for Gary; it was with him and Peter that I had my first threesome. We have had sex several times over the past year; I just love the fact that he can cum so many times in one day.
“I was working in Tucson with Peter last week, we played cards with the guys last night, was over the limit to drive, so I crashed out in the spare bedroom.”
“So I woke you up this morning?”
“Yes, but watching you showering was worth it. You didn’t notice the door to the bedroom was open? I was tempted to join you in the shower, but you seemed to be enjoying yourself.”
“Well today was another first, I usually know who is fucking me.” I laughed, kissed him again and gave him a hug.
“I was going to stay here and watch the game this afternoon if that is okay?”
“Sure thing baby.” I reached down and squeezed his softening cock. “Let me know when you want to play again.”
I heard the toilet flush in the bedroom and then the shower run.
“Ohh, another early riser, I’d better take him a coffee. Help yourself to breakfast.”
I poured a coffee and went through to our bedroom. Peter was still in the shower, so I slipped off the shirt and joined him, grabbing a bar of soap on the way.
“Morning hun, you going to wash my back?”
“Ummm, that and anything else I can find.” I slipped my hands down to his groin to find he was as stiff as a pole. “You fancy anything special?”
Peter turned around to face me. “I’d love a blow job, but I know you must be horny as well. Hey you know Gary is here?”
I knelt down in the shower and gave him a quick suck. “I was down in the kitchen pleasuring myself and he came in. I thought it was you, I didn’t know it was Gary until after we finished fucking.”
“I’ll take a blow job then.” He laughed.
I flicked my tongue around the tip of his penis before sucking his entire length in to my mouth. I heard him gasp and he put his hands either side of my head. I let him take command and fondled his balls while he face fucked me.
“Oh God, you are so good at this Bev. I’m not going to last long.”
With that he picked up speed, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I reached between his legs and stuck one of my fingers up his ass. The unexpectedness of that move drove him over the edge and with a cry he filled my mouth with his cum.
I didn’t swallow, but tilted my head upwards letting it ooze between my lips and down my chin as I gently pumped the last of his seed from him. He lifted me up and kissed me.
“Ohh Bev, that was awesome.”
We dressed and went down to the kitchen. Gary is a pretty good cook and had rustled up some eggs and bacon. The rest of the morning went by pretty quickly and we made some sandwiches for the afternoon as the game started at three.
Just before noon I got a call from a friend of mine called Josie. Josie is a sweet little thing, the emphasis on little. She is only 4’ 11” tall but has a great body and her 34B bust looks bigger on her than it really is. I also know from personal experience she is completely bisexual.
“Hey sweet pea, what’s up?” I greeted her.
“Nothing much, what are you doing?”
“The boys are going to watch the game this…”
“Boys?” She interrupted. “Who do you have over?”
“The bunny.”
“THE bunny? The bunny with the batteries in backwards, just keeps cumming and cumming?”
I laughed, I once described Gary’s capabilities and since then she has always made fun of the well known battery advert and nick-named him “the bunny”.
“The bunny.”
“I’m coming over.” With that she hung up.
20 minutes later the door opened and in came Josie. She was dressed in a loose fitting blue sundress, one that really brought out the color of her eyes. As she gave me a hug and a kiss, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I wouldn’t have put it past her to have no panties on.
“Fancy you coming over Josie?” I stated loudly as we walked towards the family room where the boys were.
“Yes I needed to borrow a cup of sugar, or was it a cell phone charger?”
“Have you met Gary, Josie?”
Josie leaned over the couch to shake Gary’s hand exposing a serious amount of tanned freckled cleavage.
“Pleased to meet you Gary.”
“Errr likewise.” Poor Gary struggled to keep eye contact as her breasts swung tantalizingly close to popping out.
I heard Peter mutter “This is trouble.”
“Hey Peter.” Josie came over, sat in his lap, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. She didn’t make any attempt to move, but stayed sitting on his lap.
As I sat down next to Gary, Peter’s cell phone rang. He spoke briefly on it for a couple of minutes, glanced at his watch and hung up.
“Shit. I shouldn’t have chosen plumbing as a career. Mother’s yard faucet will not stop running. I’m going to drive over and quickly fix it; don’t worry I’ll be back in time for the game.”
He picked up Josie and put her down in my lap, her feet resting on Gary.
“Here, have your plaything back.”
He kissed me and left through the front door. I heard his truck start up and roar up the road.
“Gary’s promoted me to plaything Bev.” She put one arm around my neck and slipped the other under my T-shirt rubbing my tummy. She ran her foot up and down Gary’s chest.
“Do you have a plaything Gary? If not, I am sure Bev will share.” Her hand moved further upwards under my shirt and cupped my left breast, her teeth nibbling on my ear lobe.
I turned to face her and she kissed me on the mouth, her tongue searching out mine in a passionate embrace. In response I unzipped the back of her sundress and pulled it down exposing those lovely breasts.
Jose stood up and her dress slipped to the floor. I was right, no panties, just a lovely strip of black pubic hair.
“Lie back on the sofa.” She told me as she pulled off my shorts and pink panties. Kneeling on the chair she buried her head between my legs. I gasped as she pulled apart my pussy lips and ran her tongue around my clit. She then licked repeated from all the way down to the entrance of my vagina.
I felt one finger penetrate me, then two, then a third stretching me wide. I gripped the sofa as an explosion of pleasure started to build deep inside of me
Presented by a wonderful view of Josie’s pussy, Gary stripped of his clothes and moved in between her thighs. His fingers slipped easily inside of her wet cunt and with a circular motion started to finger fuck her.
“Fuck me now.” She ordered after a few minutes. “Bury yourself all the way inside of me.”
Needing no further encouragement, Gary grasped her hips and in three pushes was in as far as he could go. Josie moaned in satisfaction and the vibration sent my clit into overload as she sucked on my little pink ball.
Gary rhythmically pounded her pussy, and with every slap of flesh pushed her harder against me. I pulled on my nipples and arched my back as my orgasm hit a peak.
“I’m cumming, oh jeez Josie.” I screamed and bucked against her face.
My shouts excited Gary and he started to build up to his climax. Sensing me relax as I came down from my high, Josie moved further up my body so I could suck her nipples.
“Fuck me harder, come on, that’s it, that’s it, ooooohhhh.” She threw her head back, closed her eyes and her pleasure built to that delicious mixture of delight and pain.
Gary groaned and came; his body convulsing with three last powerful thrusts, Josie’s body milking his cock as she squeezed her muscles tightly together. He slumped on top of us and we lay there for 10 minutes basking in a post orgasmic bliss.
By the time Peter arrived back we were all fully clothed and looking innocent (well, Josie was making an effort to do so anyway).
“You girls not going to watch the game?” Peter asked as I took Josie’s hand and pulled her up from the sofa.
“No, I’m going to take my plaything to the hot tub, you can join us later…”

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