Incest stories, twins and mom

“Come on, Don, baby… the boys won’t see… we’ll go into the garage!” Carolyn anxiously tugged on her future husband’s sleeve and guided him with determination away from the ranch-style house toward the garage.
“I don’t know, Carolyn…” Don Larsen hesitated at the door, looking back toward the house where his two teenage boys could quite easily be watching them. Carolyn was so impatient, he thought to himself, almost too impatient for his tastes, and yet he didn’t really want to disappoint her. He was too much in love with the girl for that! Still and all, you’d think she might be able to wait until some decent time. Or at least until after the wedding on the very next day.
“Come on, Don! Don’t you want me as much as I want you?”
Don followed his young bride-to-be. She was only twenty-one, almost a teenager herself, and Don considered himself lucky at forty-five to have her.
“All right, Carolyn. Of course I do. You know I do!” He was following her into the back seat of the car where the young blonde girl had already arranged herself in the corner. “It’s just that…”
But Carolyn’s arm snaked out and upward, catching the older man around the neck and pulling him close to her invitingly reclining body. While her moist tongue thrust impetuously in between his lips, her hands fumbled downward, reaching for his to place them upon the already palpitating mounds of her naked breasts. It was not difficult to reach the smooth silken skin of Carolyn’s voluptuous breasts, bare beneath the light summer dress she wore. There they were right inside the low-cut top of her dress, set high and full and tantalizingly firm in their beckoning warmth and softness.
“Oh, God, Carolyn! You’re so beautiful… so exciting!”
“And you’re wonderful, lover!” Carolyn replied, already giving herself up to the delightful tingling sensation emanating from Don’s careful manipulation of her naked breasts. “Oh, that’s good! I like it like that!”
How long had it been since Don had felt a woman warm and responsive in his arms? It wasn’t the first time he and his bride-to-be had made love. It was perhaps the fourth or fifth time, and yet the widower still felt like a novice after the long years without a wife, and only an occasional relief during that time from the loneliness he usually felt.
And to think that tomorrow all this would be his! Irrevocably his!
“Oh, Carolyn!” he cried. Already his thickening cock was throbbing in lustful anticipation, knowing that Carolyn wore no panties beneath her dress, already feeling her parted thighs rubbing against him, slowly, sensuously. It was hot in the garage and hotter still in the car. June in northern California was usually not this hot, but there’d been a long dry spell and it was almost as if this were Los Angeles, instead of San Rafael.
But the fresh air and the trees, apple and oak and redwoods, fir and elm that surrounded Don Larsen’s property all spoke of the particular atmosphere in Marin County where he and his twin sons had been living ever since his wife’s death some years before. The house itself was large and sprawling, designed by Don himself, who made his living as an architect of good reputation in the area. There was a great deal of wood in the house and a lot of glass, and it was through the largest pane of glass at the side of the house that the two boys now peered intensely.
“Yep, they went inside!” Bennie said with his usual calm.
“Of course they went inside! I told you they would, didn’t I?” Tim was irritable, as he was frequently wont to be.
Two small freckled faces pressed against the pane of glass and two tousled shocks of blond hair could have been seen from the outside, had anyone been watching. The twins looked almost exactly alike, although a few years before neither one of them had liked it very much, now they were beginning to enjoy it thoroughly. Not only were they each other’s best friend and confidant, but they were able to derive a great deal of pleasure by mystifying friends and relatives with their uncanny resemblance. At thirteen, Bennie and Tim thought themselves to be at the height of their intelligence, and perhaps they were.
“They’re doing it!” announced Tim. “I’m sure of it!”
“Let’s go see!” cried Bennie. The boy’s blue eyes flashed with excitement as he looked at his brother. Both boy’s freckles were arranged in perfectly symmetrical and identical patterns across their noses, only Bennie had a distinguishing extra freckle on his right ear. But because they wore their hair at almost shoulder length, this freckle was rarely visible.
“You bet!” replied Tim, and they were both scrambling out the door of the house across the perfectly kept green lawn and toward the garage.
When they reached the door they paused, however. “This calls for stealth, Bennie!” Tim whispered. “We can’t make a sound or they’ll hear us and stop what they’re doing!”
Tim was the natural leader and they both accepted this, him being a few minutes older than his brother. “Right!” Bennie replied. “Stealth it is!”
With exceeding care Tim pulled the garage door open just enough so the two boys could squeeze through the narrow opening. Dressed in T-shirts, shorts, and sneakers without socks, they looked the picture of wholesome American youth, but within their cunning little minds the boys felt a strong determination to prove themselves to be the very opposite of what they appeared.
“Listen!” Tim cautioned his brother, and they stood stock still there in the dimness of the garage. From the direction of the car came the unmistakable voice of their future stepmother.
“Do it to me, Don. Take me now, honey!” She was completely naked and cramped in the confining back seat of the Buick; before her Don, too, had removed the last article of his clothing, except his shoes and socks, which he felt would take too long to put back on. Carolyn knew that in moments she would be writhing in sensual torment beneath her future husband, enjoying the wanton meeting of bodies that had never failed to excite her beyond anything she’d ever known, since the young girl’s first complete experience at fourteen in her boyfriend’s playroom. She wanted to hasten the moment as she now felt Don’s heavy legs pressing hers outward, and suddenly pulsing near her nakedly trembling belly, the fiery pole of his lustfully swollen cock.
With one sudden movement, the blonde girl’s long legs were parted by the widowered architect’s naked leg, and the smooth rubbery head of his heated cock slid eagerly up between her spread-eagled thighs until it bumped against the narrow cleft of her sparsely hair-lined pussy.
Nearby, Tim and Bennie approached, and when they reached the side of the car, they daringly peered into the back seat. There, before their amazed eyes were the quiveringly hard naked buttocks of their father, and below, the wide-spread silken thighs of their future stepmother, separated by their father’s thrusting body, while Carolyn’s slender calves gripped compulsively around Don’s back.
“CRIPES! THEY ARE DOING IT!” Bennie did not have to speak the words, one look exchanged between the twins was enough to send the shattering message back and forth between them. Wordlessly, the teenagers looked back at the most lascivious sight their young eyes had ever seen.
It certainly was going to make life more interesting, each thought in his own way. Nothing in fact would ever be the same again. And that was all right with them, considering the dullness they usually had to contend with.
Inside the car, Carolyn chanted, “OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!” Her heated cuntal passage ached for the hard length of Don’s advancing penis. She wanted so badly to feel him inside her that she felt she would scream if he didn’t hurry! Once more his excited fingers were working steadily at the soft fullness of her breasts which were swollen and filled with desire. That was all that seemed to exist now of the former student at Berkeley — her stinging breasts and the moistly secreting pussy that accepted the hard blunt tip of Don’s surging cock as it rubbed against her straining young pussy slit. The increasing friction was almost unbearable. Impulsively, the young blonde began pushing her hips up higher and higher off the car seat, trying to get him to enter her. But Don’s sliding teasing cock continued to grace her tortured gyrating pussy until Carolyn began to claw wildly at his back, begging him in a raspy voice.
“Please… Don… please. Oh, God, please take me, take me now!”
Outside the window of the car the twins again exchanged glances and with bated breath returned their gaze to the lewd encounter between their father and the twenty-one year old girl who was soon to be their new mother!
The thick sleek head of Don’s raging cock stopped its incessant rubbing between his fiancee’s fleshy cuntal lips and slid downward, poised at the tiny pink entrance to her widespread vagina. As the older man panted a bit in expectation, his hands slipped underneath Carolyn’s long legs, drawing them upward so that they splayed outward and nestled higher upon his back, her heels digging in for support. He let his thick shaft part the girl’s sparse blonde pubic hair and insinuate itself into the incredible wetness that surrounded her small pussy opening, searching, burrowing, sliding.
Don’s muscles started jerking involuntarily and he had to push, push hard against the moaning twenty-one year old, feeling the softness of her vagina give way, the petal-like lips beginning to open wide to admit his hardness deep, deep up inside her. The little hair-fringed mouth between Carolyn’s open, cream-white thighs yielded willingly, and in one sudden thrust Don rammed halfway up inside the girl’s crazily trembling belly.
“AAAAAAAAAAAH… AHAHAHAHAHAH!” Carolyn moaned, her head tossing from side to side, her fingernails trailing long red lines along Don’s naked back as deep within her contracting cuntal walls she felt his heated hardness, the thick rigid cock of the man who was going to marry her tomorrow.
It was good. It was very good. And the young girl thought that once they were married, she would be able to turn Don into quite a lover. Just the kind of lover she needed. Everything was going to turn out just fine; she would have the security she always wanted, plus the good loving her body craved. As soon as fall came she would arrange to have the pesky twins sent off to school somewhere, and then her life would be absolutely perfect.
But all of this was but a flash in Carolyn’s thoughts as, totally unaware that her new charges were watching every sordid detail of her lustful encounter with their father, the young blonde felt Don moving up still higher within the already filled passage of her pliant cunt. He certainly did have a good size… a very good size! Nice and hard and big and thick. With a little shudder of delight, Carolyn let herself snuggle downward against the upward grinding of Don’s turgid cock, enjoying the pressure of her own tightly clasping vaginal muscles as they rippled wetly and smoothly around the older man’s surging penis.
Don knew that he couldn’t stop now no matter what happened. The tenderness of Carolyn’s inner pussy wrapped itself elastic-like around his upward surging cock, as with a soulful moan, he rammed it up all the way into the depths of her satin-smooth cunt. His dark hair falling forward into his eyes, Larsen rocked the full weight of his loins into the young girl’s pelvis, splitting her legs wide apart and hooking his searching cock deeper upward inside her. He could feel her legs flailing in the air, cramped by the limited space of the back seat of the car, and Carolyn’s fingernails dug harder into his back. But he could only grab onto her cushiony soft buttocks and pull the blonde girl’s excited loins up still higher to meet his engorged cock.
“OH CAROLYN! Honey… I LOVE YOU… GOD I LOVE YOU!” he cried.
The two thirteen year old hearts beat wildly, and each boy knew that he had never been so excited in as many years. Tim and Bennie stood breathlessly watching, unnoticed while their elders continued the lewd fucking right before their eyes. They dared not look away now for fear that they would miss some minute portion of the lurid action. Everything about this lascivious scene was important to the boys. Instinctively, their own young cocks rose high and hard in their shorts, filled with the exciting twinges of lust that they felt might form a small portion of what their father was feeling.
“Gee, Dad sure is digging it!” Bennie whispered finally, and Tim nodded in solemn agreement, noting that Bennie’s hand had gone down to grope tentatively at his desire-hardened young cock, just as his own had.
“Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!” Carolyn wailed continuously, and the boys grasped harder at their own tingling pulsating cocks within the confines of their shorts.
In the car Don was working his hips up, kneeling into his voluptuous bride-to-be and using her long limber legs like a wheelbarrow. He was sweating profusely and big drops streaked down his forehead onto Carolyn’s quivering nakedness.
“Christ, Carolyn, Christ!” the older man gasped. It felt better than any of their previous lovemaking had, and Don could only congratulate himself on his own good fortune. To have such a girl in love with him! It wasn’t every man who could say this! To have such a creature in his bed, in his house, taking care of things, taking care of him! It was almost too much to believe!
Suddenly Don pulled halfway out of Carolyn’s blonde-fringed clinging cunt, and as his back arched upward, the boys got a good glimpse of the glistening pink and gold of their future stepmother’s gaping pussy. Then Don’s rigid cock was moving back in, touching every section of her secret interior, filling up every nook and cranny. It was stretching the young girl’s pussy tight, giving her a pleasure that made her cry out like a wounded animal. He paused a moment and then started pounding against her, steady and hard, until each thrust of his lust-hardened cock into Carolyn’s wet open pussy created an astounding combination of pain and accumulating desire that grew more acute by the second. Wet, sluicing sounds and soft pounding thuds met the boys’ burning ears as they watched the lust-inspiring scene, feeling the hard tingling of their own boyish cocks sending messages of urgent need to their young brains.
Carolyn’s moans seemed to pierce their young bodies as they watched the young girl mold her nakedly gyrating flesh up to their father’s with anxious, frantic motions. Although it was quite warm in the garage the boys shivered as their own fingers played tensely along the outline of their youthfully stiffened cocks, running up and down with swifter and swifter motions that brought greater thrills to their inexperienced systems than any they had ever known. This was no ordinary finger-play. God, they’d done that often enough! No, the keen emotions they were feeling had a reality that no other self-touching ever had!
“Phew!” said Bennie softly to his brother, crouching by the side of the family car.
“Yeah… we’re ready for something,” Tim agreed, reading his brother’s thoughts. “Something else!”
While within the car, their father looked down at Carolyn’s tightly screwed-up features, her normally pretty face distorted by the lustful fire raging within her loins as she responded to each strong blow of his advancing cock. Don felt like a God. He was lying naked between the legs of one of the most beautiful creatures on earth and she was loving it! He thrust into her moistly contracting cuntal passage with a loud grunting noise, kneading the smooth moons of the young girl’s jiggling white breasts in his nervous fingers. She was being skewered hard down into the seat of the car, helplessly impaled by his ramming cock.
“Oooooommmmmph!” The blonde moaned feverishly, “Ohhhh, yeah. YEAHHHHHHHH. YEAAAAAAEEHH!”
The middle-aged architect’s handsome craggy face grew purplish from the effort and the strength of his desire, as now with long even strokes he continued the glorious fucking that he knew his future wife was appreciating. The very forbidden nature of making love in the family car, with the boys somewhere in the nearby house, made the normally cautious architect more and more excited. Tides of desire rose and fell between the aroused couple as they writhed together, grinding in the nakedness of their loins against each other with lewd tremblings and groans that rocked the car and inflamed the observing children.
Tim and Bennie let their fingers increase the magnificent friction each had built up along the lustful length of their slender young cocks. Now their hands reached within the elastic top of their shorts feeling the naked hotness of their genitals while they watched the frantic lovemaking in the Buick.
“OOOOOHHHHH!” Carolyn sang out, feeling her future husband’s naked body pressing heavily down on hers while the tautly stretched cheeks of her quivering buttocks split wide, her legs dangling in mid-air, one striking against the front seat, the other against the back as her cuntal muscles began to vibrate with a new urgency, and then suddenly began to contract wildly. A series of spasms took hold of the former student as the older man’s driving cock sped ever upward into her, pushing the trembling folds of her seeping vagina steadily back, massaging the sensitive flesh internally with each labored withdrawal. Then Don brought his huge lust-swollen shaft all the way out of the young girl’s pussy, leaving just the head at the entrance and once more with all his might rammed back into her steaming passage.
“AAAAAaaaahhhhhhh, DONDONDONDON!” she chanted, bucking up against his savage thrust.
Don crooned above Carolyn with delight, knowing she was starting into her orgasm. Gasping for air himself, he fucked mercilessly deep into the soft confines of the blonde girl’s cunt, while behind him his two sons watched the way his angry-looking cock appeared and disappeared into the hungrily clutching aperture of Carolyn’s straining pussy. His balls ached painfully as his blonde-haired bride-to-be continued to grunt steadily with words of lewd encouragement. He knew that he too was going to cum and the older man only hoped that he could hold out long enough to thoroughly satisfy her! His eagerly throbbing flesh seemed filled with a hundred hot sparks, and he felt a total exhilaration as he dominated the former schoolgirl he was to marry. He had watched her grow more beautiful in the two years she’d worked part-time as a secretary in his office, and now here she was, his — or almost, anyway and Christ, he was going to cum any second! His sperm was crying out to be released into that deep clinging channel of Carolyn’s tightly clasping cunt.
Tim and Bennie stood transfixed at the sight of the lewdly fucking couple before them, their young penises swelling uncomfortably as they squeezed and pulled at the blood-engorged shafts, their eves filmed over with a desire-inspired glaze. Both boys’ youthful cocks had turned a deep red as they slipped the skin hotly back and forth over the rubbery tips of their moist sensitive organs.
Their bright white teeth were bared in a lustful grimace as they saw their future mother expand into the full frenzy of her orgasm. Her entire lusciously curved body nakedly arched beneath their dad’s thrusting hardness, her face sometimes visible to them from their position was almost unrecognizably distorted by passion. A steady wailing moan slipped from her widely separated lips as the young girl clung to their father’s back with both hands and heels, doing an odd sideways dance with her climaxing loins. Her raging hot vagina clung to the slipping, pistoning cock that filled her so entirely, while gushing sparkles of light seemed to seep throughout her system, throbbing wildly through every pore of her being. It was like failing from a tall building and being shattered upon a blissful surface, expanding and flying out into space in a million tiny glittering pieces!
“OOOOOOOHHHHHH EEEEEEEE!” Carolyn wailed pitifully, ending in a soul-rending moan of spasmodic delight. Her long pale legs quivered by themselves for several seconds and then the boys saw their father quicken his pace at the last, ramming into the wet tenderness of Carolyn’s open pussy with short hard strokes that triggered her inner explosion as well as his.
Every sinew of their father’s body was taut, especially those of his arms, neck and thighs as he bellowed out his final cry. Simultaneously, the twins felt the rush of their own young sperm setting forth a zigzag journey that brought with it the acute accumulation of desire and torment of their youth. Two blond heads snapped back with the force of their release as they arched their own cocks back tightly letting the overwhelming waves of pleasure release them from the tension they’d known every since they crept into the garage.
It was probably nearly as good as what their father was feeling, each thought, and yet both boys knew that “nearly as good” was not quite good enough!
As Carolyn lay panting and satiated beneath her future husband, the rushing and pounding in her ears prevented her from hearing any other sound but her fiancee’s harsh breathing over her. Neither of them heard the two boys slip from the garage and exit into the bright California sun; and it was some ten minutes later that Don and Carolyn, respectably dressed but flushed from their illicit experience in the garage, emerged, arms wound around each other. They smiled and clung close to each other as they walked into the house.
“Wonder where the boys have got to?” Don said aloud.
Who cares? thought Carolyn, going to the refrigerator for a snack. She made a mental note to have Don get her a self-defrosting refrigerator as soon as she moved into the house, and then set about making cold iced diet-soda and bologna sandwiches for the two of them.
Carolyn smiled back at her new husband. The hot sand of the beach slipped between her toes as she wriggled them downward. Beyond, the sparkling clear water seemed to dance in the sunlight. Carolyn had to narrow her eyes against the glare as she took her sunglasses off.
“Happy, darling?” Don asked. The wedding had been small but most satisfactory. Immediately afterward, Don and Carolyn had headed for the airport where they boarded the airplane for Acapulco. The twins had been on hand to wave goodbye, and Don was satisfied that they would be all right since the housekeeper would look in on them daily and cook them dinner every evening.
Don was pleased to have this two-week honeymoon all alone with his new bride. He knew that Carolyn had never been out of the country before, and it was gratifying to be able to offer her the expensive trip below the border.
“I’ve never been happier, love,” Carolyn replied, gazing past her husband’s shoulder.
There was a man sunning himself nearby who had been staring at her since the first day she and Don had arrived at the posh resort of El Molino. The young man and his wife were staying in the adjoining cabana and they shared the same swimming pool. All the guests at El Molino stayed in little houses rather than in hotel rooms, and each group of houses had a large pool at the disposal of its guests.
Carolyn had nodded to the man and had had a few short conversations with his wife who was a pretty redhead. But the other couple only used the pool when the Larsens were not in it, so Don and Carolyn refrained from joining them in the warm water. Instead, they had come down to lie on the beach.
Carolyn noted now how handsome the sandy-haired stranger was, and thought it would be nice to get to know him. She knew though that Don had no desire to socialize with any of the other guests. They were, after all, on their honeymoon, and Don wanted her all to himself. The young blonde had gone along with this for the first few days, but now they’d been at El Molino almost a full week, and Carolyn was beginning to feel a little restless.
It was no longer quite enough to know that she was the most beautiful young woman at the resort, and that all of the hotel boys gaped in admiration when she walked by in her bikini.
The drinks at the bar were wonderful, but Carolyn wanted to dance the fast numbers and Don only felt comfortable with the slow ones.
Suddenly feeling a bit daring, the young blonde wife returned the stranger’s gaze boldly, meeting his stare for what seemed a long time, and then breaking the contact. Flushed and excited, she lay back down on the blanket beside her husband who had noticed nothing of the exchange. She could feel her breath coming in quick little gasps as she lay trying to calm herself. How silly, she thought, but nonetheless she shivered a bit with excitement.
“Would you like me to rub a little more lotion on?” Don asked. She could already hear the sound of the tube being undone.
“Yes, darling,” she replied. “Just a bit more!”
Carolyn turned over on her back and gave herself up to Don’s fingers as he rubbed the creamy lotion into her already bronzed skin. His smoothing fingers moved onto her calves and then upward to the shapely firmness of her thighs.
“Mmmmm…” she said. Her eyes were closed and it was easy enough to imagine that it was someone else’s fingers on her skin, touching her intimately like this. Why not imagine the stranger? There’s nothing really wrong in it, and no one will ever know anyway, she thought, a smile of contentment coming to her lips.
“Do my back too, love,” she whispered, reaching back to undo her bathing suit straps. The full firm shapes of her breasts felt heavy as they were freed, and Carolyn let them push softly down into the blanket that covered the sand beneath her. Her nipples stiffened from the contact, and the young blonde sighed as a shiver of desire coursed through her sun-warmed flesh. Don’s fingers were firm on her back now, and she wanted him to move down to touch the sides of her naked breasts, but she knew he wouldn’t do it unless she asked. Don was very self-conscious around other people, whereas Carolyn had a tendency toward exhibitionism. It was nice to be admired and to know that her beauty was appreciated.
She suddenly felt it was too boring to ask Don. If he couldn’t do it on his own, then it was no longer as exciting as it ought to be. Sometimes Don was exasperating, to say the least! She was willing to bet that the sandy-haired man who was perhaps still watching from his spot further down on the beach, was not hesitant about such things. In any case, it was fun to imagine that he wasn’t. That he would boldly begin to massage her breasts right there on the beach where anyone who was looking could see!
He was certainly the type who would make love to his wife on the kitchen floor if he felt like it, and not wait until they were in bed together!
Don was rubbing the suntan lotion over her smooth shoulders now, and the familiar scent of it made her nostrils flare slightly. It reminded her of lovemaking, of sweating bodies and hot sun, of what it was like to lie on the beach right after being completely satisfied by a good thick cock. It reminded her of one of her old boyfriends. She and Don, her new husband, had made love every night since they’d arrived at the resort, and a couple of times in the afternoon during siesta, but even though Carolyn couldn’t complain that she was frustrated, she didn’t feel that sensation that she loved, the feeling of being completely fulfilled by sex, so exhausted that she felt limp and breathless, totally mindless and happy.
Carolyn certainly couldn’t say that she was mindless. She was thinking quite a lot as a matter of fact; a certain sign of her restlessness. The surroundings were so lush and exotic and the heat beat down so steadily, even at night. It was all very dramatic, as if something ought to happen that was out of the ordinary. So far nothing had. Still there was a feeling of strange anticipation in the air, and it created a strange stirring in the twenty-one year old girl’s veins.
“More?” Don asked tenderly.
“No… thanks, that’s enough,” she answered, ready now to take a short nap. Then she would go in the water again, just once more before going back to the cabana. That night she and Don would go to the club again. A new trio was playing and Don wanted to see them. But Carolyn had planned to get him to take her in to a discotheque in the town too, one where the dancing and the music might be a bit wilder. She hoped to see some exciting seedy types, too, not just the rather boring tourists who were all rich enough to afford to stay at El Molino and were consequently dull as paint. All, except the sandy-haired fellow in the neighboring cabana, that is. He was decidedly interesting.
Carolyn lifted her head up for a brief second and looked in the direction where the stranger had been sitting. Gone. The beach was practically deserted. Even though she knew it was silly, the young bride felt a stab of disappointment.
“Looking for someone, darling?” Don looked up from the magazine he’d been reading.
“No… I was just wondering if that man who sells iced drinks was still there.”
“Then you were looking for someone!” Don said lightly.
“Yes, I guess I was,” Carolyn admitted, vexed by the entire conversation.
“No, he’s gone now,” Don said, speaking of the barman who wandered the beach with a small cart during certain hours. “But I’ll run up to the main building and get you one. What do you want, another Rum Collins?”
“Yes, yes, that would be fine,” Carolyn said, trying to smile pleasantly up at her husband.
She was lying there thinking about what she would say if the stranger came by while Don was up getting her a drink. Still she lay with her eyes closed, digging little patterns into the sand with her feet. It was highly unlikely that he would come by, she decided. He’d probably gone back to the cabana several minutes ago. He was probably swimming in the pool with his wife right now, probably making love to her, or at least wanting to. His wife was pretty, no doubt about it, but Carolyn felt pleased with the thought that her own legs were better than the redhead’s. She was just beginning a complete mental comparison, something she often liked to do where other women were concerned, when she felt a presence at her head and a voice spoke down to her.
“Some weather, isn’t it. Not a bad day since we came!”
Carolyn looked up with a start. It was him!
The stranger’s gray-green eyes gazed curiously down at her while Carolyn struggled to turn over and sit up. She felt at a vague disadvantage having him looking down at her like that while she was lying out flat.
“Oh… you startled me!” she exclaimed, searching for her sunglasses. Sunglasses always made her feel secure, people couldn’t tell so well what you were thinking when you wore them. Fitting the glasses over her eyes, she looked up at the tall, good-looking man. “Yes, it is beautiful here, isn’t it?”
“On your honeymoon?”
Carolyn did not want to admit that she was, for some reason. But obviously it was not the kind of thing you lied about. “Yes,” she replied, “as a matter of fact, I am… that is, we are!”
“Me, too,” the man replied. “By the way, my name is Jack Williams.”
“Mine is Carolyn Bak… I mean Larsen.”
Jack laughed. “Having a hard time getting used to your new name?” he asked.
Carolyn laughed too. She liked him. He made her feel comfortable right away, unlike some men she’d known. “Yes; you men have it easy. You don’t have to change your names!”
“Touche. But think of it this way. This is the third time I’ve given my name away!” Jack was squatting down beside her now, balancing easily on his haunches, his strong muscular body deeply tanned and healthy looking.
“You mean this is the third time you’ve been married?” Carolyn was astonished.
“Give the little lady a silver dollar!”
Carolyn blushed. Imagine being someone’s third wife! But then she thought about it and she realized that she was Don’s second wife, after all. Of course his first wife had died, and she assumed that Jack had had two divorces. She wanted to ask, but decided not to. “I’ll bet this is your first time out,” Jack continued in the same vein.
Carolyn thought that the words were a little fresh, but decided to ignore that. He was just being friendly and, well, nice.
“Yes,” she replied. “I’ve never been married before.” She noticed that he was looking at her strangely as though he were thinking things about her that he would not tell her. She felt suddenly uncomfortable and decided to parry his question. After all, he’d asked her something intimate. He could do some answering too!
“What about your wife?” she asked. “Has she been married before?”
“Peggy? Oh yes, we’re old hands, both of us. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still fun, though. Don’t get me wrong!”
Carolyn felt more comfortable now. She reached into her bag for her nail polish and began to give her fingernails a second coat of “Blushing Pink”. “She’s pretty, your wife,” Carolyn said.
“A real beauty,” Jack agreed, rocking back and forth as he clasped his bent knees. “But then, so are you,” he added, boldly letting his eyes roam over the soft exposed surfaces of the new bride’s scantily clad body.
“Well, thank you,” Carolyn replied, thinking of her superior legs with pleasure.
“Let’s have a drink together one night, shall we?” Jack asked, getting to his feet.
“Yes,” Carolyn replied, “That would be nice. I’ll mention it to Don.”
“And I’ll mention it to Peggy,” Jack said as he waved and began to walk off down the beach. Carolyn waved back and then applied the last coat of polish to her little finger. She felt flushed and excited. As she was wriggling her fingers to dry them more quickly, she noticed that Don was returning to their blanket. She wondered if he had seen Jack Williams talking to her, and she decided that she would say nothing about it if Don didn’t mention it.
The Club St. Louis was jammed full of young people doing frantic dances back to back, side to side and sometimes front to front. Often it wasn’t possible to tell just who was dancing with whom. Carolyn tried to explain to Don that it really didn’t matter, but still she felt that he didn’t quite understand the ambiance of the place.
They sat in a small corner booth from which the dance floor was entirely visible. On the table before them were the accumulated glasses of several Rum Collinses which the couple could not seem to get their waiter to take away. He would bring the new drinks when asked, but seemed to be saying in Spanish that someone else would come for the dirty glasses. But no one ever did. It hardly mattered now, though, as they would be leaving shortly.
Don had been ready to go some time ago, and could hardly stifle a yawn he felt coming. It was far too hot in the nightclub and the music — or was it all that rum? — was giving him a splitting headache.
Across from him, Carolyn sat, or rather bounced, on her seat, keeping a beat with the frantic music. It made Don nervous every time his pretty blonde wife jiggled up and down, for it looked as if her barely covered breasts might leap from the top of her dress at any moment. He could see several Mexican men standing nearby, doing nothing but watching his wife with a curious fixed expression that Don found irritating. He was glad that his twenty-one year old bride had agreed to go back home with him as soon as she finished her drink. She hadn’t seemed too disappointed either when he’d told her he couldn’t possibly dance another of those dances after the first one. The music had gone on and on for about twenty minutes without stopping, and he had vainly tried to keep on going, since everyone else seemed to be holding up! But at the end he was reduced to just swaying back and forth and smiling as though he had invented some new dance step. Meanwhile, Carolyn was gyrating and contorting her lithe body all around him, not really seeming to notice the difficulty Don was having in keeping up.
Don finally managed to attract the waiter’s attention to pay the bill, and while he was counting out the pesos Carolyn was still bouncing. Don noticed with some annoyance that the waiter didn’t even bother looking at the money, but stared licentiously at Carolyn’s jiggling breasts, taking in their lush near-nakedness as though somehow just by looking he could make them his.
“Let’s get out of here!” Don said gruffly. It’s hard not to be jealous when you have a wife who looks like Carolyn, he thought to himself. Especially when you’re newly married and in a foreign country.
“Some of those Mexicans are cute!” Carolyn proclaimed as they were getting into their rented car. She was obviously a little tipsy, and her speech was slightly slurred.
“Cute!” Don said indignantly. “I was just thinking the opposite.”
“Don’t you like those pretty little girls who sell flowers on the street?” Carolyn asked.
“Well, yes, but…”
“They’re cute, aren’t they?” Carolyn said.
“I suppose so,” Don replied. There was no use arguing with Carolyn about the smallest point. She always likes to be right. Besides, his lovely young bride was in no more danger from those “cute” Mexicans now that they were on their way home from that place.
Don headed back toward El Molino, and as the car began the mounting climb up the steep grade he knew that he would be glad to get to bed. He’d had far too much to drink and the outing had exhausted him. Carolyn had turned on the car radio and the mellifluous tones of Mexican guitars filled the night air. That was more like his kind of music, Don thought, wishing that they could have spent the evening at the resort club where a more sedate group was playing. But after one drink there, Carolyn had asked him to take her into town. And how could he refuse, after all? It wasn’t really that much, as long as Carolyn was happy.
They pulled up beside the cabana, the tires crunching in the gravel as their car came to a halt. Carolyn waited until Don came around and opened the door for her, then she danced and swayed all the way up the steps to the little house that was theirs for the duration of their stay at the resort. Next door Carolyn could see that the lights were on. The adjoining house was identical to Carolyn’s and Don’s down to the last detail. Carolyn looked curiously at the bedroom window, and noticed that she could see shadows moving behind the window shade.
Then Don guided her up the short flight of steps and into their cabana. She turned on the lights and went toward the small refrigerator that was furnished by the hotel. Turning back toward Don, she said, “Let’s have a drink. There’s rum in the ‘frig!” The hotel had supplied several bottles and mixers as well as fresh fruit.
To her surprise, Carolyn saw that her husband was already in bed. He’d undressed in a flash, was wearing his pajamas and had slipped under the covers of the bed. She’d never seen anyone move so quickly!
“Are you going to sleep?” she asked accusingly.
“Well, I… uh…”
“The evening’s just beginning!” Carolyn’s voice reflected her incredulity at the fact that Don was passing out on her.
“I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, darling,” Don said. “Just forgive me this once. I’m absolutely exhausted!”
“Oh Christ, what a bore,” Carolyn said under her breath, as she turned back to the small refrigerator. Well, she’d just make herself a drink first, and then go to bed. But she was in no mood for sleep. The drinks she’d already had had stimulated her to a point where she felt like either talking or dancing, or at least making love! It looked as if she was going to get none of these things, not tonight, anyway! The disappointed blonde carefully prepared an elaborate drink for herself, complete with slices of fresh orange and pineapple, and then sipped it.
“Mmm… perfect!” she declared.
She looked toward the bed where her new husband was lying dead to the world, and sucked her teeth in annoyance. Carrying her drink, she moved toward the front door, opened the screen and went out. She wandered down toward the swimming pool and thought of going for a swim. It seemed a wonderful idea. All she had to do was put on her bathing suit and then she could enjoy the smooth warm water. But it seemed too much effort to go inside again, so Carolyn decided to swim in her panties and brassiere. They were just like a bathing suit anyway, she reasoned, except that they were pretty transparent. Besides no one would see her anyway, she decided. She looked up toward the other cabana as she slipped off her brief dress. They were obviously busy in the bedroom up there. They wouldn’t be coming out for a swim. Anyway, she wouldn’t stay long. Just a short dip to refresh herself.
The new bride put her drink down on the side of the pool and dove in. Down beneath the water, she turned and twisted with delight at her own idea. If anyone could have seen her, they would have noted the gently rounded shape of her pubic mound, clearly delineated by the taut silken fabric of her panties, and behind, the smoothly shaped round buttocks that were cupped tightly by the same transparent fabric. Her brassiere fit over her full breasts, allowing their expansive shapes to explode over the top of the narrow band of cloth that supported them underneath. She splashed and dove, feeling like a dolphin, or perhaps a mermaid in the clear aquamarine water. Around her the night was black as pitch and the pool shone like a gem in the center of the thick foliage that surrounded all of the cabanas.
She felt very special, swimming all alone like that, knowing that her husband was asleep up there, and that Jack and his new wife Peggy were probably having sex in their room. She was beginning to imagine what they would look like together, the things they would do. It was fun to visualize their coupling naked bodies. To imagine the sounds they would make! She giggled and sank down, down into the clear warmth of the pool, and when she was all the way down, she opened her eyes… just in time to see Jack swimming toward her!
For some reason she wasn’t surprised at all, and she felt extremely pleased. She pushed with her toes against the hard concrete bottom of the pool and, holding her breath all the way, went soaring up to the surface. Bursting through to the air, she gulped the delicious oxygen, and looked around for Jack. He came up beneath her and wrapped his arms around her thighs, pulling her down again. Over and over they tumbled in the shining water, rising again and again to the surface, only to plunge once more to the liquid depths.
It was innocent fun, Carolyn felt, and she was completely relaxed as they once more rose to the surface. She shook the water from her eyes, her wet blonde hair flying backward behind her.
“Where’s Peggy?” she asked. “Is she coming out?” Her fingers tried to pull up on the brassiere which kept slipping down to expose her nipples completely. But she figured Jack couldn’t see that much of her in the dark anyway.
“Not just yet,” Jack replied. “She’s busy right now. What about your spouse?”
“Oh, he’s sound asleep. There won’t be a peep from him until morning!” Carolyn swam to the edge where her drink was waiting. She decided she’d better not get out of the water just yet with her soaked underwear, so she trod water as she took some more of the potent liquid.
“Funny meeting you like this,” Jack said. He was directly behind her, and Carolyn turned, but not quickly enough, to see just how close he was getting. His strong hard body was pressing against hers, and there was nothing else to do but accept the forbidden kiss that he offered her. All thoughts of twisting away from the handsome stranger were lost in the violent thrill that Carolyn felt racing through her entire body, and she thought that she would melt from the heat of the excitement that rose inside her. The contact of Jack’s long lean body against hers in the water caused something like an electrical current to race through her from the tips of her toes to her newly painted finger tips.
Jack could feel that there would be little resistance in the little blonde bitch as he started to explore her wet mouth with his tongue, and he took them both down beneath the surface of the water again. Halfway down, he undid the top of the new bride’s brassiere so that her highly toned breasts swelled free in the water. Gently he massaged the pointed little tips, stiff and erect from the water and the excitement of his touch.
His large hands kneaded and molded at the twenty-one year old’s naked flesh, feeling it slide beneath his fingers, as the two newlyweds performed a dream-like underwater ballet, illicitly locked together in each other’s arms in the solitude of the blue water.
Despite the fact that her husband was sleeping not more than fifty feet away, Carolyn felt an almost irresistible longing rising within her liquor-sensitized loins. This was the kind of excitement she craved. This was the unexpected happening she’d been yearning for. But what about Don? Well, wasn’t it his fault for falling asleep on her? What husband would fall asleep on his bride of a few days, no matter how tired he was? It was easy to work up a degree of anger against her sleeping spouse, and to explain away the desire that she could not resist. She could feel the hard ridge of Jack’s cock pressing against her bare stomach, creating a tingling sensation that flowed along the length of her spine.
After a moment’s hesitation, her tongue began to eagerly explore the inside of her neighbor’s mouth, rubbing and pressing as he sucked gently on it. It felt unreal to her… she began to pretend she was another person… she was no longer a wife with a sleeping husband; she was in a living dream and there would be no consequences to her actions whatever they were.
And when Jack floated them both over to the edge of the pool, the blonde bride felt as limp as a rag doll, overcome by an overwhelming desire for the stranger.
By the side of the pool, rolling on the soft green grass, she lay her head back against Jack’s shoulder. They were sheltered by the thick undergrowth, and could not be seen from the cabanas. Carolyn felt relaxed and contented. Any feelings of guilt that she had fleetingly harbored magically submerged as Jack’s hands began a gentle stroking motion along the surface of her wetly glistening belly. He brushed his fingers lightly over her midriff, creating imaginary lines upon the softness of her flesh.
Carolyn moaned softly as she felt his hands pulling at the thin elastic waistband of her panties. Her breasts trembled ever so slightly as she took a deep breath, and making a decision, she lifted her buttocks up from the ground so that the soaking material could be more easily removed. Jack pulled slowly, and the blonde bride could feel her flimsy bikini panties being peeled off bit by bit, first rolling down her shapely thighs over her calves and then off her feet. Freedom. She lay completely naked, fully exposed to her neighbor’s adulterous gaze.
“Oh baby, you do look nice!” he said, speaking for the first time since he had begun to make love to her. Carolyn, opening her eyes wide, saw the steely glint of passion in his gray-green eyes, his wet hair curled in sandy ringlets on his head. There was no turning back now. Besides, no one would ever know. She knew she was going to go through with it. The whole thing! Her sensuous body seemed to be demanding that she indulge in it, as a shudder of desire passed through her. Jack was removing his swimming trunks. He lay beside her without ever removing his eyes from the sight of her cock-stirring nakedness. They lay there side by side scarcely moving for a long moment, anticipation rising between them, creating a heaviness, a weight between them as though they were somehow attached to each other. Then Jack reached out and gently turned the twenty-one year old blonde girl over on her side away from him. He assuaged her questioning gesture with a kiss, leaning way over her so that his virile nakedness pressed warmly against her from the back. She could feel the lust-swollen breadth of his penis pulsing against her cool buttocks while he kissed her, his mouth seemingly glued to her lips. And then the hardness of his penis was sliding downward, parting the natural slit between her soft buttocks until it finally arrived at the pulsating spot between her curvaceous thighs. The tip of his thick shaft throbbed heatedly against the hair-rimmed entrance of her moist warm pussy.
Jack’s tongue began an in-and-out motion between her parted lips as he started an almost imperceptible thrusting of his hips, letting the full length of his torso press against her back. Instinctively, Carolyn parted her legs slightly and began an answering motion, making small but insistent jerking movements while she began to suck furiously on Jack’s tongue, pulling it still deeper into her throat as she strained her head back to meet him.
Jack’s rock-hard penis strained at the entrance to her tight cuntal passage, the sensitive opening giving a little more with each movement the illicit lovers made.
Then Jack pushed against her and, holding onto Carolyn’s waist, he pulled himself up while pulling her beneath him. The upraised cheeks of her buttocks trembled above his cock as Carolyn was forced to assume a kneeling position in front of him.
“Oh!” she cried out softly, startled by this odd position. Then Jack gave a grunt behind her and she could no longer think about that, because the tip of his lust-driven cock forced the pliant circle of her pussy wide open, and his long thick shaft entered her, pushing back the soft moist flesh in its forceful wake. Slowly he sunk the long rigid shaft into her high-held cunt, until it was in to the hilt.
“Yeahhhh!” he whispered to her ear, shuffling lewdly forward while he pulled back on her hips, so that his pulsing cock was imbedded all the more deeply within the hot slippery tightness of the young wife’s yearning cunt. She felt even better than he’d imagined. Nice and tight and wet and warm. His excited penis jerked inside of her, wanting to release a flood of semen into her quivering depths at that very second. But he would wait a while before that happened, he thought.
Beneath him Carolyn let out a soft gasp of ecstasy as her neighbor’s cock filled her with its thick bulk. She felt wild and began to wriggle her hips, screwing herself back toward him so that he would enter her still further. The young girl acted as though she wanted to devour him, as though she had not been made love to in weeks. Indeed, she felt as though she had not been touched in a long, long while, certainly not like this!
Jack’s hard-driving cock sped ever upward into the young wife’s straining wet pussy, pushing back the trembling folds of her vaginal walls, massaging them internally with each steady thrust. He brought the glistening hardness of his penis all the way out of her clenching pussy, leaving just the tip of it within the elastic entrance of her nakedly quivering softness. And then with all his might he rammed back into her streaming passage, his naked loins grinding harshly against her upturned buttocks.
On her hands and knees in front of the neighboring honeymooner, Carolyn crooned with delight, unabashedly enjoying the thorough fucking she was getting from behind. Soft wet noises emanated from the young bride’s drenched pussy each time Jack fucked into her. They began to move in perfect time together, both gasping for breath as Jack thrust his throbbing hardness deep into the soft confines of her willingly widespread cunt, his nakedly dangling testicles slapping up against the undersides of her thighs.
Jack began to grunt steady words of encouragement to her now, sensing that the excited wife was nearing orgasm. Beneath him he felt her moaning submissively, and reveled in the fact that he could make a perfect stranger give in to him. But he knew her type. He’d known girls like Carolyn before, and now he prided himself on his knowledge of women. She was the type who would frantically deny any thought of wrongdoing, but when it got down to the nitty gritty, she would be unable to resist the sensual delights of forbidden sex.
While Peggy was busy inside, he’d stepped out on the terrace of the cabana for a smoke, and it was then that he’d seen Carolyn swimming in the pool. Somehow he knew that her late night swim was something of an open invitation for sex. She was ready for something, he figured, and it might as well be him! Hot little number, this one! he thought as he felt his sperm begging for release into the steaming pit of Carolyn’s smoldering pussy. Every sinew of his muscular body tensed as he felt something snap inside him.
“This is it, baby!” he called urgently, his voice soft and gravelly with lust. He could not hold it back another second. His sperm exploded from his wildly tingling cock as a jolt of pleasure pierced through him, knife-like in its intensity. He could feel Carolyn’s hotly raging pussy walls clinging desperately to his spewing penis as she arched backwards into his thrusting loins. As she tried to support herself with her hands and arms, the young wife did an odd jiggling motion against the forward thrust of her neighbor’s pistoning penis. The wet waves of white semen that spurted fiercely against the tip of her womb filled the narrow chasm of her clasping pussy with steaming liquid as the twenty-one year old felt her own climax starting. The mounting excitement drove all thoughts from Carolyn’s mind as a low-toned hum came from between her tightly clenched teeth. The desire-moistened folds of her sensitive pussy sent messages of extreme pleasure throughout her nakedly gyrating body. She was being shattered, torn apart by this man who had known just how to conquer her body in such a short time.
“OH… Oooooo, God!” she moaned, her quivering cunt hungrily engulfing Jack’s spending cock as he continued to make deep in-thrusts into the wetness of her hair-surrounded vagina. Beneath him Carolyn’s face was twisted into a lewd expression of joy as she let herself fall to the ground, letting Jack’s strong fingers spread her naked ass-cheeks as he continued to draw her back to him. The cool of the grass caressed the young woman’s tingling breasts as they were mashed downward by her weight.
“Ohhhhh! Don’t stop… don’t stop!” she called. It was so good that she could hardly stand it, his blunt-ended cock embedded high up within her climaxing cunt walls.
“Hot bitch! Hot pussy! Give it to me… give it to meeee!” Jack crooned behind her, fucking into her climax as his own rose to its highest peak of delirium and then abruptly fell. He collapsed heavily upon the young blonde wife, hearing her cry out beneath him as his full weight pressed down on her delicately built body. His deflating penis slid uncomfortably out of the compact tightness of her pliant cunt, and he groaned and rolled over on the grass.
Long moments later, Carolyn stirred. She felt less inebriated than before, and she felt regret now for what she had done. What had made her give in to him like that? She’d only been married a few days and yet she had not been able to resist the good-looking neighbor. It didn’t seem right. But of course there was nothing she could do to undo what she’d done. She couldn’t change the fact that she’d known such mindless delights with the sandy-haired man while her husband was nearby sleeping!
“I… I’d better be going now,” she said sheepishly.
“So soon?” Jack lay quietly on his back, staring up at the stars. “The night is still young. Tell you what… I left my cigarettes up there on the terrace. Want to come up for a minute?”
“But… but your wife!” Carolyn replied.
“It’s all right. Besides, I want to show you something interesting.”
He took Carolyn by the hand and pulled her up. As if to persuade the young woman further he kissed her softly on the lips, creating a new arousal within her that sent shudders down her back.
“Come on,” he urged.
Carolyn followed, glancing guiltily up at her cabana where her new husband was sleeping. Well, she’d just go and have a cigarette with Jack and then she’d go home to bed, she thought.
She’d picked up her panties and now she had Jack wait as she saw her brassiere floating at the side of the pool.
Chuckling softly, Jack reached in and retrieved the sheer garment. “You’re not going to put it back on?” he asked.
“No… I’ll just put my dress on, though,” Carolyn said, feeling relieved that she’d remembered her brassiere and panties and that they would not be found respectively floating in the pool and crumpled by the bushes. She slipped on the short revealing dress and pulled the straps over her shoulders. Beneath, her nakedness made her feel all the more daring as she walked up to Jack’s terrace with him.
Her head still swam a little from the rum as well as from the ardent lovemaking, and Carolyn walked quietly, breathing in the clean night air and trying to clear her muddled head.
The terrace contained the same furniture as her cabana next door, and Carolyn started to sit in one of the plastic lounge chairs when she paused. Jack was not looking for his cigarettes, but was going toward the window in which Carolyn had earlier seen a light. There was still a light inside and the shade was halfway up now as though someone had gone to bed and lifted it for nighttime ventilation. But Carolyn could see Jack’s whole body alert and tensed. He was listening.
Carolyn listened too. She could hear voices. Jack turned toward her and motioned for her to come closer. Confused and concerned, the new bride approached the window. There was a nylon screen on it and the light inside was quite dim. She looked up at Jack as if for some explanation of what was going on, but Jack was peering intently inside, a fixed expression that she could not fathom on his handsome features.
Carolyn moved still closer and looked in too. Before she really saw anything she heard a man’s voice say, “Madre de dios que cono!”
The answer was a feminine gasp and an exclamation. “Yes, Carlos, like that. Oh, do me like that some more!”
Carolyn’s eyes adjusted to the dim light inside the room and the distortion of the screen at the window and she felt her breath catch in her throat. There inside the room on the bed she could distinguish two naked embracing bodies, locked in the act of lovemaking. She blinked her eyes and opened them once more in disbelief. The woman was Peggy, Jack’s wife, and she was in there with a Mexican! Carolyn recognized the man as one of the waiters at the resort. The new bride couldn’t have been more shocked if she had seen a wild man-eating animal in there! As it was, she had to be supported by Jack’s strong arm as she felt her knees weaken. She looked up at him, wide-eyed with incomprehension and a vague fear of something she didn’t understand. Jack smiled at her and placed his finger to his lips.
“Shhh,” he cautioned, his eyes twinkling with mirth. Then he silently pointed back inside the room, and Carolyn found herself turning back to the incredible scene.
Peggy was lying on her back on the bed with her long legs raised high in the air and the dark-haired man had begun to slide down along her body until his head was between her open thighs.
Then she heard Jack’s wife begin to murmur words of garbled passion, words that Carolyn found herself listening to as though they were somehow important to her understanding of the situation.
“Eat me out, lover. Yes, lick my clit! Oooooh, niceee!”
Carolyn couldn’t believe it. Here she was standing with Peggy’s husband, and he didn’t even seem to care that his wife was in there making obscene love with one of the waiters at the hotel! A tightening sensation caught at the pit of her belly as Carolyn looked again to make sure she was seeing correctly. Perhaps her eyes weren’t focusing. Perhaps she’d definitely had too much to drink. Her mind was playing tricks on her. But it was still the redheaded woman whom she knew to be Jack’s new bride. Loud sucking noises began to come from the bed as Carolyn saw the Mexican’s dark head begin a lewd wagging motion between Peggy’s widespread thighs. It sounded just awful to Carolyn and she made a motion to step back from the window. There was something terribly… she searched for the word… immoral about the entire thing. She couldn’t take any more of it. But Jack’s arm around her waist was firm, and it held her back, even pulling her in toward him a bit.
“Softer, love. Suck a little softer!” Carolyn heard Peggy exclaim. The redheaded woman sounded as though she were out of her mind with pure unadulterated lust, and Carolyn felt a violent urge to run in there and stop them. But she tried to calm herself, to think clearly, if that was possible at a moment like this. After all, it wasn’t her business. It was Jack’s wife, and he didn’t seem to mind a bit that his wife was indulging in the salacious activities with the waiter. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying it!
The young wife had never seen two people making love before, and even though she had often imagined such things, there was a big difference between imagining and actually seeing with her own eyes!
But her mind was slowly adjusting to the idea of it, and replacing the disquieting sensations she’d felt earlier, she now sensed an odd flickering quivering deep down between her legs.
Inside, the Mexican’s head was moving fervently between Peggy’s writhing legs and the wet sucking noises increased and seemed to reverberate inside her head. Perhaps one day someone would do that to her and she too would enjoy the bliss that Jack’s wife was experiencing! The secret forbidden thought flitted through Carolyn’s mind, and then she immediately submerged it.
“Mmmmmmmm!” the aroused redhead moaned, and at the sound Carolyn felt her nipples hardening against the soft material of her dress. She was very conscious now of her nakedness underneath the dress, and of the loving she had just received from Peggy’s husband. Inside, the Mexican was working like an animal, slobbering over the widespread willingness of Peggy’s cunt, and Carolyn stared, hypnotized by the lewd sight. The hard feel of Jack’s hand at her waist and the touch of the small window pane beneath her fingers were the only things that kept her in contact with some kind of reality.
“Stick you finger in my ass, Carlos. I like that. Make it hurt. Yes, like that. Hard…! Oh yes, honey, nnnnnnnnngh!”
The very idea was distasteful and disturbing to Carolyn, and she felt her mouth hot and dry as though she had no more saliva. Never before in her existence had she experienced such a repulsive scene, and yet there was something fascinating and exciting about it, too. Something that made her want to touch herself down there between her legs. Her breasts had begun to tingle with desire, too, as inside the room Peggy began to croon.
“Shit… I’m cuuuuuuuummmmminggg! Cuummmmingg!”
Carolyn squirmed a little, and felt Jack’s hand drop down to her buttocks. He began to knead and pinch at the soft flesh there, bunching up her dress with his fingers as he did so. Suddenly an electricity-like jolt coursed through Carolyn as she felt Jack moving around behind her, his arms circling her waist now as he pressed his hard body against her. Even though she knew he had put his bathing trunks back on earlier, the hard outline of his penis was so defined against her ass-cheeks that she thought for a moment he was naked again.
She was momentarily distracted from her vigil at the window, and she started to speak, but Jack’s voice began to whisper in her ear.
“There, there,” he cried softly, and the wetness of his tongue swirled within the confines of her ear, creating a blinding flash of desire behind her tightly pressed eyelids. “My wife’s got an insatiable little pussy,” he explained. “I’ll bet yours is too. Bet you can’t get enough from your old man to make it through the week!”
The strange, insulting words made Carolyn bristle with anger and resentment. How dare he talk to her like that! He thought he could say anything just because she had given in to him like that. Why had she allowed herself to do such a thing?
“Don’t get all huffy now,” he whispered again. “We all know that fucking is fun, now don’t we? You liked it enough a few minutes ago.”
Carolyn could feel the hard knob of the tip of Jack’s penis throb heatedly against the crevice of her buttocks.
“Look,” Jack said, “They’re really getting down to it now!”
Carolyn looked inside again. Wild thoughts were running through her mind. She wanted to get away from him, from the whole dirty scene, but something was holding her frozen there.
Inside the room, she could see in the dim light that the Mexican waiter was raised up and kneeling in front of Peggy’s smoldering nakedness. Everything about the man was a picture of anticipation of what was to come as he gazed down at the beautiful naked woman’s body.
“Peggy’s about to get a good fuck! Almost as good as the one you just got!” Jack muttered into Carolyn’s ear.
Tears came to the young wife’s eyes as she realized that she had no one but herself to blame for being in this lewd position. But Jack’s hands were slipping upward now, and then down inside the top of her dress to cup her nakedly throbbing breasts as she stared in at the two passionately intertwined people. Jack gave a quick little tweak to one nipple that sent a flash of pain through her that was quickly followed by a pleasurable sensation of relief. In spite of herself, the blonde twenty-one year old squirmed back against his hard virile penis.
Inside the room Peggy’s long white legs were wrapping themselves up and around the bronzed back of the Mexican waiter. The couple seemed still for an unusual amount of time, so long that Carolyn wondered what could be happening between them. Then Jack’s red-haired wife wrapped her hands into the waiter’s thick black hair, and Carolyn could see the muscles in the woman’s arms standing out tight and strained as she pulled his handsome face forward with a sharp motion. Her hips began a slow hard grinding up against the waiter’s loins as his long thin penis sank into the deep tightness of her clasping pussy.
Carolyn could see the man’s buttocks nakedly flexing as he moved with slow deliberate thrusts into the widespread feminine flesh beneath him.
“Oh God,” Carolyn gasped softly.
Behind her Jack was making obscene thrusting motions of his own, rubbing the hardness of his penis against her trembling buttocks. His own eyes were glued to the lascivious sight of his wife inside the room. He smiled a little knowing smile as he watched his wife begin a familiar rocking motion, and he knew that she wanted the Mexican to change positions.
“Watch this!” he whispered as he lewdly massaged the new bride’s soft warm breasts beneath her dress.
He felt the girl tremble and quiver back against him as inside the room his new wife got her message across to the Mexican, and the two of them rolled to the side of the bed. Then Peggy scrambled up on top of Carlos and straddled him, the round whiteness of her creamy buttocks poised directly over the hardness of the waiter’s pulsing cock. She reached back underneath and between her spread legs to guide him into her, moving the bulbous tip of his penis against the moisture of her pussy for a moment and then with a groan, grinding herself down upon its upright shaft.
Jack’s eyes were filled with admiration for his wife as he saw the large throbbing cock slide slowly up into her wetly clasping cunt lips, making a wet sluicing sound as it entered. Carolyn whimpered at the sight and he held onto her breasts even tighter, considering cumming up against her buttocks like this with a few good strokes of his excited penis. But he thought better of it and decided to wait until later. Later it would be much more fun. Right now he didn’t want to miss a second of his wife’s performance. She’s really in top form, he thought as he saw Peggy beginning a slow up and down motion with her smooth buttocks rising in the air above the waiter until just the tip of his rock-hard cock was left just inside the warmth of her sleekly enclosing pussy. Then with a low rutting sound each time she started downward, she let herself drop heavily back down onto the Mexican’s upthrust loins, impaling herself with one complete smooth motion.
Carolyn shuddered, feeling a series of conflicting emotions running through her as Jack spoke once more in her ear.
“Want to go inside and join them?” he asked in a silken whisper. “That Mexican looks pretty good. Wouldn’t you like to feel that prick up inside your tight little cunt? We could both fuck you, first him and then me. And maybe both of us together! Peggy digs blondes too, you know. You girls could have yourselves a ball!”
An electrifying shock rippled along the naked flesh of her breasts and belly at the thought. She had heard of such things, but never expected that she would ever meet any people like this. Sure, she had had plenty of boyfriends but none of them had ever suggested anything like this.
“Oh no… I couldn’t possibly… I…”
But in spite of the shock that she felt, the pretty young wife couldn’t help wondering what it would be like. An orgy! That was what they called it. The excited young woman realized that whenever she had heard the word before, she had been filled with a sense of hidden, forbidden excitement.
Jack’s lips sought hers as he pulled her still closer to his hardness. Her neck straining back unnaturally, she gave herself up to the kiss which she felt was another form of the question or rather the suggestion that Jack had just made to her.
“See how well he fucks my wife?” he breathed into her open mouth.
“Y… yes,” she mumbled back. Yes, she saw.
His tongue flicked moistly into her mouth, causing Carolyn’s body to squirm against him in an irresistible wriggle of passion.
The idea was shocking, but exciting. Yet she felt she could never, never do it!
“Come on. Let’s surprise them. Peggy’ll love it!” Jack urged.
“Nnno, we can’t. No!” she whimpered into the wetness of his mouth, trying to whisper in as low a voice as possible. She tried to break the kiss, but he held her mouth with his until she was lost in a helpless whirl of desire. She didn’t dare struggle too much for fear of the other couple hearing, and then she felt she might involuntarily be drawn into the obscene activities. Still, the thought of Don peacefully sleeping nearby in the adjoining cabana made her feel resentful of her new husband. She wouldn’t have gotten into any of this if he hadn’t gone to sleep! The very idea of Don so nearby while she peered in at Jack’s wife making lewd love with a Mexican waiter was too much for her tortured mind. She tried to gasp for breath, her eyes tightly shut as though to block everything out, to make it go away. But Jack’s fingers playing insistently with her breasts and the hardness of his lust-swollen cock thrusting up between the mounds of her buttocks brought soft moans of excitement from her throat.
“You’ll love it. You’re just the type for it!” Jack muttered, and Carolyn was filled with a loathing for the man. To suggest that she was anything but a normal young American girl… a woman now, for she was already married, was extremely distasteful to Carolyn. Even though she realized that she was in a compromising situation, it still seemed that she could somehow justify it to the invisible Gods that be.
“I wouldn’t! Don’t say such things!” she protested. But the lewd delicious feelings still rippled across the surfaces of her breasts.
“Peggy will just love bringing you out, too!” Jack continued, and he chuckled softly as his hand moved from her breast to slide down the front of her dress. Then she felt him beginning to bunch up the material so that his fingers came into hot searing contact with the softness of her naked flesh beneath the dress.
“Bet you’ll never be happy with doing it with just one person again!” Jack’s low voice seemed to burn itself into her consciousness.
Then a thrill of desire spread across the flesh of her loins as she felt his finger slowly slipping upward to find the narrow sensitive slit of her seeping pussy. Gently he thrust into it, parting the soft hairs that covered it and making sudden exciting contact with the pulsating tip of her clitoris. She was wet and slippery down there from the fucking he’d given her before, and her new excitation had only created a veritable flood of warm moisture between her thighs. The twenty-one year old bride sucked in her breath tightly and held back the groan of pleasure that she wanted to emit. She found that her hips began to squirm in involuntary rhythm to his finger slipping within the heated folds of her hair-rimmed pussy.
“Open up a little wider. Let me get in,” Jack commanded.
It was then that Carolyn felt something like a dam bursting inside her. She could no longer fight the raging desire that Jack’s finger was creating in her palpitating cunt, and that coupled with the thoroughly obscene sight of his wife and the waiter combined to set her entire being afire with a lustful rage.
Lewdly, the young blonde spread her legs wide for his rummaging fingers, executing an indecent motion with her hips that signaled impatiently to him that she wanted more. Obligingly, she felt her neighbor’s fingers increasing their wet slippery tempo within the folds of her seething cunt, and then two fingers wormed their way into the tight ring of her vagina, rising upward into the clasping channel to torment her still further. Then something happened that created an intense alarm within her, but which finally only served to add to her already considerable arousal. Jack got down on his knees in front of her between her parted legs, and while she continued to watch the sensual activities between his wife and another man, he wormed and thrust two and then three fingers into the widening orifice of her streaming pussy!
Never had she felt anything like it. He was down there on the floor of the terrace, under her skirt, his lips nibbling at the insides of her thighs while his fingers writhed upward against her clinging cuntal walls. The blonde girl felt overwhelmed by sheer, raw lust as she stood with her long legs spread as wide apart as possible, her own fingers grasping the edge of the window as she peered in and Jack’s fingers plundered her secret sex. The fact that he was down in front of her, invisible to her, made it all the more disturbing, for it was as if an anonymous hand were touching her there, making her feel like she was melting inside!
The disturbed wife opened her eyes once more and saw that inside the room Peggy was riding the waiter’s glistening cock with a mad fervor. Her hollowing buttocks lifted several inches above the prone Mexican and then she would plunge herself downward trying to absorb the entirety of his upward thrusting penis. Her beautiful flexing buttocks began a frenzied attack that made it seem as though the Mexican couldn’t possibly last much longer.
But still he held out, and Carolyn couldn’t help thinking about how nice it would be to feel that rising staff of flesh high up inside her. She couldn’t stop a fleeting feeling of jealousy toward Jack’s wife who was driving the Mexican waiter wild. After all, couldn’t she make him respond even more? Carolyn listened as the redheaded woman inside the room began to mouth obscenities at the waiter while she squirmed lewdly in the throes of passion above him. The dirty words made her feel that exciting tingle again; God, it was exciting!
The blonde wife began to watch with complete absorption as the waiter’s hand curled beneath the redhead’s pumping buttocks and the tip of his index finger circled teasingly the puckered opening of her anus. Carolyn remembered that Jack’s wife had said she liked to be touched there, and evidently the Mexican remembered it too, for he played there for a long while, titillating the entire area between Peggy’s ass-cheeks, until suddenly his middle finger slipped through the protective fleshy ring and disappeared inside. Peggy ground down upon it and the Mexican’s hand disappeared as the excited redhead sat on it, wriggling back and forth, her legs kicking out, toes curling with pleasure as she felt it rising into her clenching rectum while the waiter’s sturdy cock throbbed high against her womb.
“Oh God, oh God!” Peggy cried, shaking her head wildly in counter tempo to the writhing of her hips. “Oh Christ, you fucker!”
Now, suddenly, Jack’s wife and the waiter started rolling over again, and for several jerking strokes they were gyrating against each other as they lay upon their sides. Then the bronze-skinned Mexican let the long length of his cock slip from the redhead’s flaring pussy and he scrambled on top of her, reaching up and thrusting her legs high over her head so that the entire surface of her spread pussy and ass-cheeks was presented to him. Then he lunged forward with a Spanish curse and began to hammer into the soft giving cunt before him.
“Oh, oh, oh, oh! You Mexican cocksucker! You sure can fuck!” Peggy cried, spurring him on.
Carolyn through her own haze of desire saw the Mexican, Carlos, quicken his thrusts, hot and pulsating and deep, as Peggy thrashed her body beneath him. She was ready to cum, and he grunted and groaned, grinding hard and deep so that his frenzied penis bored far up into the hidden untouched recesses of the red-haired wife’s womb. He was watching as the woman’s breasts heaved and quivered below him and then suddenly he shuddered against her.
“AAAaaaaaaaaah!” he gasped, pulling back and then surging hurriedly further forward. Peggy shivered beneath him.
“Cream into me. Cream into my cum!” she grunted lewdly.
Then the Mexican felt the woman’s burning hot pussy flowering open around his climaxing cock and warm gushes of increased wetness met the spurting jets of his pistoning cock. He thrust faster, wanting the “gringa” to remember this moment for the rest of her life. He felt her jerk up toward him as the lips of her working cunt sucked at his straining penis until he felt milked completely dry. Below him her breath came in short desperate gasps as he thrust in deep again and then fell forward onto her nakedly vibrating body.
“Oooh lover… You’re good! Verrrry goood!” Peggy purred, contentedly.
Outside the bedroom at the window, Carolyn’s thighs began to spasmodically open and close against the sides of Jack’s head. His tongue had slipped out to lick at her throbbing clitoris while his fingers continued their up-thrusting motions into her defenselessly aroused pussy. She knew she was on the brink and she wanted to stop it, knowing she would make far too much noise. But her climax came anyway as Jack gave an extra flick of his tongue and moved his fingers sideways within the tightly clasping channel of the new bride’s twitching cunt. Her blonde head snapped backward as the cords in her neck stood out. Carolyn’s face contorted as a low guttural scream rumbled deep in her throat, choked off at the last moment by a long soulful gasp of fulfillment.
She couldn’t help herself. “AAaaaaaaah… Ooooooo…!” The young blonde felt that she had come close to fainting as the overpowering climax took hold of her, and as she felt Jack’s fingers leaving her moist spasming pussy, she wanted to cry out to him, “More! More!” but as she opened her eyes halfway she saw that the people in the room, Jack’s wife and the Mexican, were looking curiously toward the window. They had heard!
Jack stood next to her, holding her around the waist, his face wet from the moisture of her hungry pussy, a brilliant smile illuminating his features.
“Let’s go in,” he said. And somehow Carolyn knew that she was going to do it. That she wanted to do it. A glance into the room told her that Peggy was heading toward the door while the Mexican waited on the bed.
It was then that Don’s voice startled her.
“Carolyn… are you out there? Are you all right?”
A look of abject fear on her face, Carolyn jumped away from Jack and started toward her cabana, running down the steps and heading for the short flight of her own house. Jack looked after her and shrugged. Looking down, he picked up the wet panties and brassiere that had long since been forgotten, and handed them to his wife just as she opened the door to see what was going on.
“Here,” he said, “This is for our collection!”
Peggy handled the flimsy undergarments and beckoned with her head. “Come on in and tell us all about it. You’ll like Carlos; he’s our kind of people!” she said, smiling contentedly.
“Does your toe still hurt, darling?” It was morning and Don looked over at his wife with concern. He never should have gone to sleep on her like that. She’d looked all upset when she came in from her walk outside. He should have known Carolyn wanted him to stay awake at least a little longer after their night on the town.
As Carolyn muttered sleepily beside him, Don was glad that he had awakened when he heard her cry. She had stubbed her toe, walking out there in the dark all by herself, and Don felt that it was somehow all his fault.
He looked at his wife’s sleeping features with a mixture of pride and concern. What a lucky man he was, he thought once more.
By the time Carolyn awoke it was long past noon, and Don had been up and about for some time.
“Guess what, darling?” he said as she brushed her long golden hair before the mirror.
“What?” she asked, cautiously.
“We’re going to have the pool all to ourselves for a while. Our neighbors checked out this morning.”
“They never used it when we did anyway,” Carolyn replied softly, reflectively.
“Yes, I know, but it makes me feel more alone with you with them gone. I hope nobody else checks in!”
“You’re right, love,” Carolyn said, suddenly smiling. The best thing to do, she decided, was simply to forget about the whole thing. Nothing like that would certainly ever happen again!
Carolyn waved as the Buick rolled down the driveway, turned into the road and sped off toward the city. Stifling an irrepressible yawn the sultry blonde turned to go back into the house. Her soft negligee hid very little of her curvaceous figure as she moved lazily through the living room. The remnants of the breakfast that her husband had fixed for himself remained in the kitchen, but Carolyn didn’t feel she could face straightening up. It was much too early. All she really wanted to do was to go back to bed, and this was exactly what she intended. Besides that afternoon the first of a series of interviews with prospective maids was to begin. No sense cleaning anything now! the new Mrs. Larsen thought to herself as she swept into the master bedroom.
It was a beautifully decorated room. Carolyn had requested that Don have the whole room done by an interior decorator from Saks, and she could be sure that everything was in the best possible taste. The matching lamps, the landscape over the bed, the soft chiffon curtains. All were just perfect, Carolyn thought once more as she sank into the soft mattress and pulled the silk sheets over her equally soft-skinned nakedness. She hated wearing anything at all to sleep after having read that most movie stars slept without the benefit of nightgowns or pajamas. Gone were the dormitory days when all the girls wore shorty nightshirts. Carolyn was a married woman now, a woman who would never have to worry again about anything.
The low hum of the FM radio added to the feeling of absolute peace and luxury that the new bride felt now as she snuggled nakedly beneath the covers, feeling sleep returning to her with its soft hazy touch. Contrary to her mother’s opinion, Carolyn had made it. She could truly say that she had succeeded. It was still fun to recall her mother’s words, and they came to her now as she prepared for her first dream. “You’ll never amount to anything Carolyn Peters! You’re much too selfish! Lord knows you didn’t get it from my side of the family!”
“Ha!” Carolyn mused, sleepily. “Wait until she sees me drive up in the new car Don is getting me next week!”
The two week honeymoon in Acapulco had been the most sumptuous experience of her young life, sunning by the private pool of the hotel, swimming after dark in the scented heated water, drinking exotic drinks out of pineapple and coconut shells; not to mention that brief, disturbing affair with Jack. She’d wanted it to go on forever, but of course it had to end, and now the young bride had been in her new home for a week; during which time she had already made many changes.
As their stepmother was dropping off to blissful sleep two other members of the household were discussing some of these very changes.
“Cripes!” said Tim, “Who does she think she is anyway, Princess Anne?”
They were sitting in the living room onto which all the bedrooms gave, the master-bedroom, their own shared room, and the empty guest room. As they watched their stepmother’s door carefully they continued speaking to each other in the annoyed tones they had come to use when talking about their father’s new wife.
“Princess Anne’s a pretty neat chick,” said Bennie. “She rides horses at least, old Carolyn wouldn’t know which side was which if she saw one!”
Tim doubled over with laughter at his brother’s words and then stopped abruptly. “Hey, you don’t think anything’s gone wrong, do you?”
“Naw! You put it in yourself. You never slip up on things like that!”
“But Freddy could have crawled out before she got back in!” Tim said, a worried expression creasing his boyish features.
“Have you ever known Freddy to hurry out of a nice warm bed? Warmed by none other than our luscious stepmother’s body?”
“You’re right!” Tim admitted. “Nothing could have possibly gone wrong!”
Still it was another few moments of unbearable tension before the boys were relieved and thrilled to hear a piercing shriek coming from their stepmother’s room.
On cue, Tim and Bennie jumped up from the sofa and dashed into their new mother’s room, where they were overjoyed to find her stark naked, frantically flailing at the bed with a pillow. When she saw the boys the young blonde tried to cover herself with a sheet, for the boys were standing in absolute awe of the magnificence of her bouncing quivering breasts, as well as the other creamy parts of her uncovered nakedness.
There beneath the uncovered sheets lay Freddy. Tim rushed forward to rescue the turtle from his stepmother’s pillow, and together the two boys backed out of the room, followed by the new Mrs. Larsen’s shrieks of rage.
Once safely out of the room Tim called back in. “It’s not our fault if Freddy likes warm beds. We didn’t do anything, Carolyn!”
There was continued sputtering and screaming from the bedroom as the boys ran outside, doubled over with laughter, and very much impressed with the amount of alarm they had managed to inspire in their stepmother.
“At least it got her out of bed!” Bennie said, as Tim released Freddy into the garden. “Did you see how dirty he got those silk sheets?” Bennie asked. “Yeah, but did you see her tits?” Tim replied.
“Yeah…” Bennie said reflectively, “Yeah, I sure did!”
It made them both feel a little bit the way they had when they’d spied on their father and Carolyn the day before the wedding. That same unsettling tingling feeling all over which nevertheless centered itself in the area of the twins’ young loins. By mutual agreement, both boys headed for the wooded area behind the garden, and there they plunged into the thick undergrowth until they found the special place they’d cleared out for themselves. It was a place where no one could ever find them, and where the 13 year olds could be sure of being absolutely hidden. Tim fished in his pocket and brought out a small book. “Look what I got!” he said holding it up for Bennie to see. “Found it in her night table drawer this morning when I put Freddy in the bed… way back behind her birth-control pills and underneath some creepy love magazine!”
“Whew!” Bennie whistled appreciatively, for obviously the little book was important, very important indeed. The cover itself was interesting enough, for it portrayed a naked man and woman in a torrid embrace and behind them an unmade bed, seemingly waiting for them to fall into it. Excitedly the boys sat down on the soft pine-covered ground and turned the first pages of the book.
Sally clasped her red tipped fingers lovingly around Anderson’s hard pulsating cock. Anderson could feel the tension in the unknown woman’s fingers as she began to slide them slowly up and down the heated length of his desire-hardened penis.
“You can have as much of this big cock as you want, baby,” he said, gritting his teeth as the pleasure swelled within him.
“CRIPES!” Bennie exclaimed, and taking the lead from his brother he hurriedly released his already stiff young cock from his shorts, exposing it to the soft summer breeze around them.
“SHIT!” said Tim, “Carolyn reads this stuff! She must be some kind of nympho or something!”
“She’s something, all right!”
The trees and bushes rustled softly around them as the two brothers continued to read aloud from the boldly descriptive novel they’d discovered in their stepmother’s night table. It was not difficult to imagine their beautiful young stepmother in the part of Sally in the novel, and doing so added considerably to the not quite solitary pleasures that their nimble fingers brought to the aching shafts of their inexperienced young cocks. The morning passed pleasurably for the twins and by the time they were ready to leave their secret place they had devised yet another way to torment their father’s new bride.
This one, they were certain, would be even more pleasurable than the last.
At long last, Carolyn felt less jittery than she had all day long. It was nearing four p.m. and soon Don would be home and she wouldn’t be alone in the house. It got rather boring just being there without any real company and the presence of the twins only made her a nervous wreck. Today’s little joke with the turtle was not the first thing they’d done to her, and she was certain it wouldn’t be the last. The golden-haired blonde was smart enough to know however that the boys would be able to convince their father that once more it was just an unfortunate accident.
As she poured just a tiny bit more bubble bath into the filling tub, Carolyn reminded herself that she had only the summer to contend with as far as the children were concerned, and then she’d make sure they’d be going off to school. The very thought was comforting, and Carolyn sighed as she listened to the soothing sound of the water which created foaming mountains of bubbles. In a few moments she would sink luxuriously into them and think about all the reasons she had for being happy.
She would be fresh and shining, perfumed and glamorous for Don when he returned and she wouldn’t be adverse to a little lovemaking before dinner either! In fact, Carolyn decided as the foam rose over her nakedly gleaming body and the warm water caressed her secret feminine parts, that was exactly what she needed. Something kinky and exciting, she mused lazily, as the young bride ran the soft sponge over her silken surfaces. Soft tendrils of blonde hair curled at the nape of her neck and the bulk of her golden curls was piled on top of her head, away from the water. A smile played about her lips as Carolyn thought about lovemaking. Don was not as good as her old boyfriend, not by a long shot, but he was coming along. He’d be okay. Just thinking about Johnny though made Carolyn want to put her fingers down to the moist split between her well-shaped thighs. The things that boy could do to drive her wild! The hot water seeped into the tiny crevices of the beautiful blonde’s hair-fringed pussy, making her shiver with delight as her finger plied within the temptingly spread folds.
“Mmmmmm…” she moaned, slipping down just a little more so that her long legs spread outward and her thighs parted beneath the water in the large sunken tub. She began to think of all sorts of erotic things, images from the books of which she was so fond formed in her mind as her finger moved rapidly and persistently between the heated folds of her tender open-mouthed cunt. She remembered the time her mother’s roomer had invited her into his room, how old had she been 12 — 13 maybe? And she had gone willingly, and loved every exciting minute of it. Every detail of the darkened room was clear in the new wife’s memory as her finger moved in slippery, sliding motions beneath the water.
The darkened room had seemed an exciting and adventurous place to the much younger Carolyn; and now, her nakedly quivering body almost covered by the warm tub water, the new bride seemed to still be able to feel the roomer’s hands all over her in the darkness, slipping under her dress and sliding down inside her panties, touching the precious tight softness of her young virgin pussy, while the large swollen mass of his excited cock pressed urgently against her belly.
“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, recalling how she had called out his name, “Mr. Johnson!” but his sturdy finger had already begun worming its way slowly up into the sticky moisture of her warmly seeping cunt, feeling the minuscule opening throbbing and quivering around it even as he looked her square in the face.
“You like it, don’t you?” he’d asked, panting. “You like it!”
She had pressed her quivering lips willingly against the roomer’s as she felt the marvelous mushrooming sensation of pleasure build within her young inexperienced body.
“God!” Mr. Johnson had moaned. But that was the last thing he said for his finger had begun to move again, ever so slightly tickling and slipping into the tiny pink opening of her adolescent pussy, and she found herself eagerly spreading her lithe young legs, wanting to feel the excitedly searching tip of it higher and higher in her sparsely hair-covered cunt.
Carolyn could still feel the way she’d melted all around the strange man’s middle finger, her mouth clinging wetly and heatedly to his, her legs trembling with the unprecedented excitement she was feeling. An erotic bliss was spreading inside her tenderly budding young body and she was eagerly rushing to meet it, wanting it to take hold of her, wanting her mother’s roomer to continue giving her this marvelous feeling.
His finger created a chilling sensation there up in the moistly trembling wetness between her legs and the young girl shuddered, frightened and yet too overwhelmed to stop what was happening. The fact that she had been in her own house, with her mother bustling about downstairs busy with the housework, both scared and thrilled her. Then, when breathing heavily, they both slipped to the floor, little mewls of involuntary delight escaped Carolyn’s lips as the cool hardwood floor touched her naked legs and the forbidden nature of what she was experiencing brought more and more pleasure to the unexpected meeting in the roomer’s bedroom.
How masterfully he had held her lips tightly with his own, and she had smelled tobacco and whiskey as his tongue pressed forward into her mouth, his loins beginning an urgent back and forth motion against hers. They were lying on their sides, the roomer and the young girl of the house, and Carolyn could hardly catch her breath as she felt Mr. Johnson’s insistent mouth covering hers, forcing her to accept the tip of his hungrily searching tongue deep into the hidden recesses of her mouth and throat. But it felt good… It made her unable to think of anything else but the wondrous mounting tension in the heretofore unexplored wetness of her sensitively pulsing little vagina. The roomer’s finger made more and more headway, forcing little ripples of softly yielding vaginal flesh ahead of it as it entered the young girl’s willingly receiving cunt. Carolyn’s pleasure tormented young body was beginning to writhe and squirm around his lewdly impaling finger with an unfamiliar longing, a desire that made her want something more to happen, something she dared not imagine!
Gone were all thoughts of her mother’s rages, of the English test at school, of the new dress for the party that she could not buy. She was immediately removed from the petty pace of her surroundings, and even then, Carolyn knew that she would not be able to continue living without the miraculous feelings, feelings to which she had willingly succumbed.
The aroused older man ground his finger higher and higher into the sweet virginal young flesh up between Carolyn’s open thighs.
“Oh, baby!” he groaned into her mouth. “OH GOOD GOD, you feel good down there. I can’t stop… I just can’t stop!” His hardened virile cock was growing larger and larger, expanding with each further thrust of his finger up into the little girl’s tightly clenching vagina. He wanted to release it from the tightness of his pants, wanted to feel it plunging deep inside the sweet, untried pussy of the landlady’s daughter, the landlady’s little girl.
She wanted it, he knew that much. But would it fit? Or would she scream and make too much noise? His throbbing cock was just about to go… he was going to explode any second. OH! GOD! HE HAD TO CUM SOON OR DIE!
Carolyn’s tight little cunt was driving him wild and the raspberry taste of her mouth was incredible! Reaching down between them, hurriedly and nervously, Johnson unzipped his pants, releasing the swollen mass of his desire-hardened cock.
With a gasp, the older man quickly rolled the landlady’s daughter over, lying full on top of her slight form, but breaking most of his weight with one hand while the other continued its damp plunder, moving ever upward into the now well-lubricated virgin passage of Carolyn’s nakedly yielding young cunt.
“OOOOOOH!” Carolyn cried, throwing her head back as she felt the naked hotness of the older man’s excitedly pulsating cock pressing up against her flat belly. Her panties had long since been relegated to a strip of torn and flimsy material that left her young loins exposed to the roomer’s lust.
Carolyn raised her arms up and was about to try to push him away when the wonderful sensation suddenly became more acute in her tiny, tightly clasping pussy. Above her the roomer began to move with a quick, hard jerking motion against her stomach with the hardness of his stiffened penis, and Carolyn had a feeling as if she were drowning as the mounting desire coursed through her nymph-like body. She groaned softly and squirmed helplessly beneath the man’s heavy weight. “OOOOoooooh!”
Heat was rising from her limply spread thighs as her baby-like clitoris, a tiny little hardened bud of flesh was now constantly pressured by the friction of the older man’s sensuously writhing body on top of hers.
And then a sudden unknown feeling of ecstasy invaded her, as wild, incoherent thoughts went flashing through the young girl’s brain and a fantastically rising feeling increased moment by moment.
“OH SHIT, KID! I’M CUMMING TOO… I’M CUMMING TOO!!!” the roomer replied. The white, hot sperm was racing along inside his swollen cock, welling up, ready to spurt out and now here it was slipping from his lustfully throbbing penis, flooding the softness of the young girl’s smooth belly with the force of a firehose, and he could feel her wetly exploding little cunt clasping and unclasping all around his middle finger with a frantic rhythm that told him that she was cumming too! If he could just get up the rent for another week, by Christ he’d fuck the shit out of her next time! What a feeling!
Carolyn lay sprawled in the deep, sunken bathtub. Her legs spread wide in the lewd posture of intercourse. Between her thighs her fingers moved swiftly and certainly. She had to assuage the fire that seemed suddenly about to overwhelm her… coming from her own loins as she relived that strange and exciting day. It was a meeting that had never had a sequel, for the roomer had been forced to move on by her mother when his rent was due and he was unable to pay it. But she had never forgotten her first experience, and her mind often returned to it in moments of stress.
Higher and higher Carolyn pressed her fingers up into her nakedly exposed pussy as with tightly closed eyes she pursued her solitary pleasure, feeling the bittersweet burning sensation up inside her already desire-drenched passageway, filling her with a longing for completion. The young blonde wife could distinctly remember that first desperately wanted orgasm, and mindlessly she sought to recreate it now. It felt undeniably wicked to be doing this to herself in the tub, almost as wicked as that first time so many years ago, almost as wicked as subsequent encounters with boys, and later on with men. It felt so delicious, and soon it would be over and she would feel so much better. Carolyn couldn’t tell now if it was the memory of that first experience or her own furiously rotating fingers that was driving her crazy as the excited twenty-one year old began a steadily rhythmic fucking motion up into the warmly accepting walls of her now feverish throbbing pussy. The water splashed up and over the edge of the tub with each thrust the blonde girl made. “OH!” Carolyn sighed, “OOOOOOHHHHH, it’s goooood!”
A bubbling sensation was building hotly within her nakedly exposed belly beneath the warm tub water. It was spreading quickly and sending thrilling shivers of delight coursing through every vein in her lithe, young body. Carolyn moaned sensually as she bit down hard on her lower lip, enjoying the self-violation of her own soft slippery pussy’s tightly swollen orifice as she let the joy mount freely.
It felt so wet and warm and like the roomer’s fingers, so hot and real! With shattering certainty she had given up a depth of emotion to a perfect stranger, a transient roomer, and now, her face was flushed and crimson with desire, a full-grown beautiful new wife, Carolyn sobbed as her orgasm swept through her nakedly quivering flesh.
“OOOOOOHHHHHH… YEEESSSSS!” she cried, flinging her blonde head back against the rubber tub pillow as her hair escaped its hair pins and cascaded in golden curls to her shoulders.
“OOOOOH MR. JOHNSON… MR. JOHNSON!!” Over and over, she wailed out the roomer’s name, shamelessly reliving her first wildly arousing sexual experience. A curious elation rolled from her widespread pussy to the button-hard tips of her nipples as her quivering legs grew taut and wave after wave of warm rushing water carrying a crazily careening orgasm suddenly washed over her. The new wife rode the crest of each wave, fearlessly, thankfully.
“OH YES, YES,” she echoed. “OOOOH MR. JOHNSON!”
It was already supper time and their father had been home for some time when the boys reeled back the long wire and pulled the small microphone out of the bathroom through the air-duct which led outside. When in the sanctuary of their room after dinner they played the tape back on their cassette recorder, they were both pleasantly surprised, elated in fact, to learn that it did not contain the embarrassing sounds of their new stepmother that they had expected. The sounds they were getting were of quite a different nature from those they’d expected, but they knew that hearing them would prove far more embarrassing to their father’s new wife than any others their microphone might have picked up!
It was almost two weeks later when Carolyn lay in bed and sleepily watched as Don blew her a kiss and closed the bedroom door behind him. He was leaving for work. She never bothered to get up anymore, since when she’d complained, her understanding husband told her that he could perfectly well fix his breakfast himself as he had for so many years. He was concerned about the effect that his sons were having on Carolyn’s nerves, and encouraged her in her own desire to rest as much as possible.
The housekeeper came in every morning and took care of whatever cleaning had to be done, so Carolyn felt completely justified in staying in bed until almost noon every day.
Life should have been beautiful for the attractive blonde, but in fact it wasn’t. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but Don just wasn’t satisfying her. She thought about it now as she lay with her eyes closed in the softly darkened room. It wasn’t that Don wasn’t willing, but sometimes he was so tired that he came right away, and certainly at his best he usually failed to continue the strenuous lovemaking that Carolyn wanted. Five minutes, maybe ten and it was all over, and what was more, she’d been unsuccessful in her attempts to add spicy little things to her new husband’s repertoire. Kooky things like her old boyfriends used to do to send her up the wall.
“I miss that!” she whispered softly to herself, moving her sensuously naked legs slowly back and forth beneath the covers. “I could even put up with those two brats, I bet, if I had the right kind of loving!”
Even though she had promised herself not to think about it, Carolyn’s thoughts returned to the cute magazine salesman who’d stopped by the day before. He’d had a cup of coffee, and from the way he looked at her and the things he said, the young wife knew that he wanted more than to sell her a subscription. She’d told him to return later in the week after she’d asked her husband. As a matter of fact Carolyn had mentioned it to Don, and even though he’d gagged at the price, he’d told her that of course she could subscribe to any of the magazines she liked.
As she turned over in bed, Carolyn realized that she wanted the salesman to return. Anything to break the monotony of the day, to talk a little, flirt a little. What was the harm? If the young man did in fact return that afternoon, it would be perfect, for Carolyn knew that her stepsons were due to go on a scouting picnic in the woods. She’d have the house to herself, free from their spying and prying.
Lazily, Carolyn reached out, letting her hand slip into the bottom of the dresser drawer. There she pulled out a new book she’d picked up in San Francisco the other day. It looked very, very interesting; and the young bride was in the mood for something that would take her mind off her own problems. She flicked the light switch on and began to turn the pages slowly, so that she would miss nothing of the lewd contents of the book.
“Max felt his own organ swollen to a near-aching hardness as he watched Jennifer O’Hara’s licentious performance before the hotly flushed greedy faces of her half-drunk, lust-aroused audience that seemed to be shifting nervously with overwhelming excitement. Hell, he wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to wait until the beautiful brunette finished her last show! He’d have to find something else and fast!”
Carolyn snuggled down to continue reading and the time passed faster than she thought. She’d heard the vague, indistinct noise of the twins as they made their breakfast, and then a car had pulled up and she’d heard them shouting something and slamming the door as they ran out. With a sigh of relief she’d gone back to her thrilling story. Now, suddenly there was the ring of the front doorbell, and a quick glance at the clock told her that it was already 2:00 p.m. The housekeeper would have come and gone, the boys were off. The person at the door was more than likely her magazine salesman!
Hurriedly, Carolyn jumped out of the messed bed and tossed a light-weight jersey peignoir over her flushed naked body. It covered her curvaceous form completely, but as she could see in the mirror before she ran out of the bedroom, it outlined her body to such perfection that it might as well be transparent.
Carolyn shrugged. “Can I help it if I have a good figure?” she asked herself, rhetorically, for she was already opening the door eagerly, while giving her hair a last pat in place.
“Mrs. Larsen! My, you’re looking lovely this afternoon!”
“Why… why thank you.” Carolyn blushed convincingly. It was nice to be told nice things.
“May I come in? I’m here to offer you the tremendous deal I offered you the other day. You can’t go wrong… and I’m sure if you discussed it with your husband he agreed…”
“Yes, yes… come in.” Carolyn led the way, aware of the salesman’s eyes on her moving, swaying hips as they entered the living room.
“In this deal there are hunting magazines and True Mechanics for him, the latest in ladies’ magazines for you, and if you have children… I saw two boys playing outside the other day… well we’ve got some great magazines for them, too!”
“Oh, they’re not mine! I mean those are my husband’s boys. Listen you don’t have to convince me anymore.” She was still sitting down across from the young dark-haired man on the sofa, while he poised on the edge of a chair.
“I like all those magazines, even the hunting and fishing kind.” The new Mrs. Larsen smiled winningly. “Would you like coffee, a drink?”
“I’ll take whatever you’re having,” the young man replied.
Carolyn went into the kitchen, it was spotless, except for a note which the boys had left her, which Carolyn threw into the trash.
“Dear Mom… gone to the picnic. We know you’ll miss us, but we’ll be sure to be home for another of your delicious meals! Love, Tim and Bennie.”
Burning the frozen TV dinners could happen to anyone, Carolyn reminded herself and then put the whole thing out of her mind. She’d make them drinks. There was some Whiskey Sour mix in the bottle in the cupboard. Humming a little to herself she added the whiskey and in a short while returned to the living room where the salesman was now standing and admiring a painting on the wall. He turned to take the drink from her, and Carolyn realized that he was even cuter than she’d remembered.
Was it an accident that his hand brushed the tip of her breast as he removed the glass from the tray? A delicious shiver of excitement coursed through the bored housewife as she returned to the sofa and placed her glass on the cocktail table.
“You must get around quite a bit with a job like this,” she began, picking up her glass again to sip daintily from it.
“I guess you could say so, Mrs. Larsen. May I sit here?”
Carolyn moved slightly making room on the sofa for the young man to sit beside her. The Whiskey Sour tasted really good considering she’d had no breakfast at all, and the scent of the salesman’s cologne was a pleasant limy one which she found quite agreeable.
The second tray came equipped with a pitcher and this time, as they sat down, Carolyn knew that it was no accident that Bart, that was his name, let his fingers linger a long while over her hand before he let go.
“Are you a model?” he asked. “You’re so beautiful!”
“No… no…” Carolyn laughed. “Once a friend was going to get me started but I decided against it.” She did not move her hand now when he began to examine her rings.
“Lucky guy, your husband. Married long?”
“He’s real sweet,” she replied. “No, not too!”
Just how far do I want to go, the young wife of a few weeks was asking herself. It doesn’t seem right, but it’s so nice, and he is a doll. Who would know? No, no, I couldn’t. But maybe a kiss or two and then I’ll throw him out!
His face was nearing hers. All through her the raging fire was burning, wanting, wanting to let him kiss her. She moved her hand just the slightest bit. Enough to let him know it was all right to kiss her. But when he did she giggled and pulled away.
“Hey, doll, come on,” he said softly. “Who’s going to know? Nobody’s home is there?”
“No… no, it’s not that. It’s just that I can’t. Why I hardly know you.” Nervously, Carolyn sipped her drink, finishing off the glass once more.
“It’ll give you a chance to get to know me. I guarantee you’ll like me just as much as I like you!” His voice was soothing, convincing. His words were almost her thoughts exactly. Yet she couldn’t give into him just like that, and she wasn’t sure that she would give in at all.
“I think you’d better leave,” she said, suddenly, decisively. Tossing her blonde hair back, the young twenty-one year old wife stood up. “I’ll just take these things into the kitchen,” she announced in a matter of fact, no nonsense tone.
Carolyn started toward the kitchen without turning around and once there at the sink she began to rinse the Whiskey Sour glasses. Something that she wouldn’t ordinarily think to do, but which now would give her time to think. But before she could think of anything he was behind her, tall and strong, his arms enfolding her from behind, circling her waist as the hard column of his penis insinuated itself between the soft mounds of her buttocks through her jersey peignoir.
“OH!” she said, but the magical thrills were too much for her as the bold salesman’s fingers searched the opening of her gown and moved inside touching the smooth, white flesh of her slender waist. Carolyn felt her knees momentarily buckle. She whirled to face him and to her surprise, he kept her close to him, his hands once more within her gown, touching her hotly, insistently. The new housewife hadn’t anticipated the shock of his hot flesh upon her near naked body, and a giddiness overcame her as with an odd gentleness he passed his fingertips over her silken, ivory skin, upward along her arms and across her shoulders as the peignoir fell away to reveal her perfect nakedness.
“Christ!” the young salesman gasped. “You’re more beautiful than I thought. Hell, yes, beautiful!” He let the ends of his fingers trace the small bone contours of Carolyn’s facial features while she stood immobile, hardly able to breathe beneath the grazing feel of his surprisingly stimulating hands.
“A stranger…” she thought. “An absolute stranger!” Memories of the roomer in the upstairs room when she was a little girl returned to her, making her begin to tremble with excitement.
“You’re like velvet, so smooth, so soft,” he hissed, and Carolyn could see from his expression that the young man was almost mesmerized by the sight of her creamy nakedness.
“Oh God!” she thought, “What am I doing? I’m nothing but a sluttish whore… letting him do these things to me… even wanting him to! But his hands… they’re as gentle as a child’s. I… I can’t help it!”
There in the well-equipped and spacious kitchen with the California sun streaming through the curtained windows Carolyn’s breath caught in her throat as the salesman began to massage and knead, stroke and caress her nakedly palpitating breasts, pinching at the tiny, hard, cherry-like nipples and rolling them between his fingers, causing new, wild sensations to jolt excitedly through the young blonde’s entire body. Then he was kissing her breasts and his tongue was tracing a wet line of excitation along her trembling flesh. Leaning back against the sink, cold and steely at her back, Carolyn closed her eyes in the intoxicating delight that the magazine salesman was giving her. It was enveloping her, until at last as she stood there, her brain swirling in the erotic madness that was rapidly gaining control of her love-starved body, she felt him pulling her along, moving her over to the kitchen seats, two long wide benches which framed a wooden table.
Carolyn didn’t resist; she’d gone this far. Why fight it now? Yet she couldn’t deny the unbelievable immoral quality of her actions either, not fighting the brash young man’s lustful attentions, but rather, accepting them with growing desire.
She found herself dropping to the bench obediently and lying back along the length of it as he was slithering down her body, rolling his tongue once more along her exposed flesh. The leather of the cushion beneath her back was warm and pliant as she stared up at him, watching the powerful ripple of his arm muscles beneath his casual sport shirt; then he half-lifted himself and spread her thighs, moving her up so that he could crawl between them, his handsome face hovering just above her moist and excited loins.
Outdoors, it was turning to late afternoon, and Carolyn felt her mind glazed with rapture as the salesman’s large, flat palms pressed against the incredible softness of her inner thighs moving them wide apart, and her breath bubbled in her chest as she waited with mounting desire for what she hoped would happen next.
“OOOOOoohhhhh!” the blonde housewife lurched and groaned as Bart’s hot, moist lips closed over the little golden triangle at the base of her belly. Then she felt the wet, taunting kisses being lavished upon the hair-rimmed slit of her quivering cunt… delightful, tantalizing kisses on the closed, tingling lips of her feverish pussy, kisses that suddenly she realized she would willingly sell her soul for! And his tongue gently parted the soft clinging tendrils of blonde hair and began to flick snake-like at the delicate quivering opening.
Every single muscle of Carolyn’s prostrate body seemed to react to the heavenly pleasurable licking of her petal-like vaginal lips, while uncontrollable moans of ecstasy tumbled from her lovely mouth.
Dear God… don’t stop… don’t stop, you wonderful lover! All of my life I’ve waited for this… not really knowing it… and now you’ve got to fulfill me with it. Oh, please don’t stop! Please, please, please!
The excited blonde groaned throatily… sounds that were originating deep in her chest, while the hot, probing tip of the salesman’s tongue worked its way up and down the delectable length of her narrow, damp pussy, starting at the creamy, quivering of her lower belly and slithering its way down, down over the elastic-like opening of her now gently clasping vagina, and into the crevice of her involuntarily flexing buttocks.
Carolyn gasped as she felt his hands move down to the backs of her knees that were splayed out obscenely wide on either side of him, then he raised her knees and pressed them up and over her body so that the kneecaps touched her desire-wracked breasts, exposing the whole steaming area of her magnificently displayed loins to his eager mouth.
“Oh, wonderful, wonderful!” the adulterous bride whimpered at the lewd depravity the stranger was subjecting her to, and at her own overpowering animalism as he flicked his tongue into the tight little puckered hole of her anus, reveling in the erotic sensations it brought her. Truly, dear God, truly, he had aroused all of the latent, wanton bitch within her! If there had been any shame or guilt before it had long since been overcome with the licentious excitement flooding through her entire being! She was in heaven… or was it hell?
Bart could hardly believe it. This good-looking chick had gone smack-assed to pieces, moaning and writhing beneath his slaving tongue in uncontrollable ecstasy. It was fantastic! And the way she was giving herself to him without any real struggle at all! He’d been right to make sure to come back to Mrs. Larsen’s house today! He wasn’t sure about her signals the other day, but now, by God, he knew he’d been correct about the hidden hot streak he’d suspected she had! She was out of her mind with sexual lust and she was driving him even further out of his. Hell, there was no question, he’d come back again and again in the afternoons to get some of this good pussy! His cock ached like someone had been beating it with a hammer, he thought as he feelingly released it from his pants, and felt it grinding nakedly into the kitchen cushion, feeling her soft, damp pubic hair and wet cuntal lips brushing tantalizingly against his cheeks.
He’d never had any doubts that he was going to fuck her, not after the Whiskey Sours came out, and now, as his tongue slashed up and down within her slippery pussy, he told himself that she was special, something really special. He’d never seen a bitch let down the barriers so quickly, and he knew it wasn’t all the whiskey’s fault that she had. No, she just needed it bad, and now she was getting it, and this was just the beginning!
Hell, she was already too far gone to resist anything he decided to do to her, and as he licked and sucked at her quivering, responsive pussy, the magazine salesman began to visualize obscene, erotic things he could perform at will with Carolyn’s captured body. Just as he used his steady girl, and any other woman he could get to sate his lust.
“Just let us out here, Mr. Jenkins!” Tim and Bennie jumped out at the corner and waved good-bye as the rest of the boys in the station wagon were driven homeward by the scoutmaster. They’d had a good time, but now they were looking forward to returning home, just a bit earlier than expected. They hadn’t planned it — far from it. One of the other boys had sprained an ankle and had been taken to the hospital and since most of the fun was over anyway, the picnic was terminated early.
“Don’t make any noise going in. Maybe we can catch her doing something!”
“Like jerking herself off in the living room while she’s reading one of those dirty books of hers!” Bennie was delighted with the image.
Their sneakers padded along toward their house as the boys’ shining faces reflected their anticipation.
Inside the kitchen the salesman rammed his worming tongue up into the soft-rimmed flesh that was so fully presented to him and listened for Carolyn’s groans of delight. Ovalling his lips and pressing tightly to her pulsing pussy he began to suck, alternating with deep tongue thrusts that raised choking moans from the depths of Carolyn’s being. He felt the sleek flesh slip moistly around his long extended tongue as the walls of the housewife’s fully aroused cunt contracted in a rhythmic sucking cadence trying to pull the invading tongue deeper and deeper into it.
Carolyn whimpered beneath the unbelievable enchantment of the salesman’s voracious sucking and licking. She sensed the imminent loss of all body and mind control. Her brain reeled numbly in its mesmerized state of ecstatic sensual bliss.
Then suddenly the salesman was drawing her throbbing clitoris up to its full erect state, using lips and teeth and a liquid tongue. The sensuously aroused area of her quivering hair-rimmed pussy was a whirling pool of rapture.
And then he was moving up over her and Carolyn felt his tongue trail upward until it found the lust-stiffened nipple of the housewife’s left breast, then the right, sucking and bringing salacious gasps of additional pleasure from Carolyn’s parched lips. He kissed her wetly on the mouth and simultaneously forced her smooth white legs and thighs wider and wider apart upon the cushions of the kitchen bench.
“MY GOD, MY GOD!” Carolyn gasped and clung tightly to the stranger she’d admitted to her house. She kissed and sucked at the tongue that had brought her so much delight, tasting her own cuntal nectar there and gasping with the forbidden delectation and the lewd, animal thought of it. Abruptly, she felt the brushing of the magazine salesman’s long, rigid cock against her naked thighs, its contact like a searing rod of fire prodding her into a violent realization of her wanton carnality, but instead of resisting, she hungrily reached down to grasp the throbbing shaft, blotting all else from her sex-famished brain.
As Bart raised up above her to allow her access, and she clutched at the heavy, solid thickness of him, he could hear the quickening of her breath and feel the heat of her fingers encircling his throbbing hard cock, her long, slim fingers barely going around it.
“How bad do you want it, baby?” he hissed down at her.
“Oh… oh, I do. I want it… need it so bad!” Carolyn choked almost tearfully.
Bart bent down and kissed the beautiful blonde once again; then she felt the bulbous tip of him moving up and down, parting the soft, golden pubic hair between the palpitating lips of her seeping cunt, pressing the small mouth of her tingling vagina open. Carolyn held her breath as the lust-engorged head of the salesman’s cock pressed into her with a harshness she had not expected. She choked suddenly with the pain from the hard cruel pressure.
“AAAAAGH!” she grunted, automatically resisting the unexpected pain.
Above her Bart felt a wave of sadistic pleasure wash through him at her soulful grunt, and he was unable to conceal the evil grin that immediately twisted his handsome mouth as he shoved a little further into the pain, knowing that in a minute it would feel good to both of them. But he never did reach that point because of an event totally beyond his control.
“Gee Mom… you should have told us you were going to have company and we would have brought home some ice-cream!”
Bennie and Tim stood gaping in the doorway, each with a fixed expression of angelic innocence frozen upon his boyish face. The boys only retreated after having the satisfaction of seeing the magazine salesman’s frightened face as he scrambled off of their stepmother, leaving his own naked genitals as well as Carolyn’s exposed to their interested eyes.
“Get OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!” Carolyn was screaming, hysterically and almost apoplectic with rage and frustration not to mention fear at being found in such a dubious position by her new husband’s sons.
What followed was humiliating and horrid, as the salesman rapidly recovered, grabbed his attache case and slammed out the front door without so much as a good-bye. Carolyn shakily drew on her negligee, and with a trembling hand, poured what was left of the pitcher of Whiskey Sours into a tall glass and drank it down in one desperate gulp.
“What the hell am I going to do now?” she wondered, dazedly.
“Well, what kind of day did you all have?” Don poked at the overdone hamburger on his plate while eyeing the lifeless and limp frozen string beans. A lukewarm dish of instant mashed potatoes was his only solace. He wondered if Carolyn would be insulted if he suggested hiring a cook, maybe just someone who’d come in to do the dinner. He hadn’t had a decent meal in weeks!
Carolyn fiddled nervously with her wine glass. She’d insisted upon serving the cool white wine despite the decidedly plebeian aspects of the dinner. While she bit her lip, trying to decide what to answer, the boys helped her out.
“Oh, we had a really great afternoon. All of us, Dad!”
“Yes?” Don looked questioningly at Carolyn, who choked on her wine and began to hurriedly wipe at the spilled drops on her hostess gown.
Tim continued, smiling broadly, “The picnic was wonderful, Dad, and Johnny Gordon twisted his ankle! It was just great. Mom had fun, too!” he added gratuitously.
Don was pleased that the boys had decided on their own to call his new wife Mom and he smiled. “But Carolyn, you didn’t go along on the picnic, did you?”
“I… uh… no… I…”
“Mom had company!” Bennie said, moving on from the remains of his dinner to a more satisfying glass of milk.
“Oh?” Don turned once more to his new wife for confirmation.
“Yes…” Carolyn replied, desperate for an end to the conversation. “Yes, a friend… an old friend from school stopped by.” The disturbed blonde glared fixedly at Tim and Bennie as she spoke.
I’ll kill them, she thought, I’ll just break their little necks!
“Mom’s such a good hostess, Dad,” Tim said.
“The best!” Bennie added.
“Yes, I’m sure she is. I’m glad to hear that you had company, my dear. A young girl like you… you need to have fun and friends. As soon as I get the Edson Building over and done with we’ll be going out a good deal more, too. I promise you that!”
Carolyn gulped and stared fixedly at her plate. She wasn’t hungry. Not at all.
Carolyn was out at the hairdressers, and the boys felt duty bound to continue their investigation of her private world. Bennie was still chuckling about the way their new stepmother had run out of the house after they’d confronted her in the living room with the lewd tape of her intimate bath of several days before.
The stunned young blonde stood stock still, her face a mask of terror as the sounds of her own lewd and obscene moaning came over the living room speakers. Even the sound of the water splashing in the tub had been caught by the boys’ indiscreet microphone. The memory of her frenzied self-touching was brought back acutely as she heard the wanton tones of her frantic orgasm.
“But don’t worry, Mom! We won’t tell Dad. Not yet anyway. We’ll give you another chance to get to be a good wife!”
Carolyn’s recorded sighs turned to whimpers of lust over the expensive speaker system, and the young blonde could feel her knees trembling as she stood there, staring with disbelief into the young boys’ innocent-looking faces.
“YOU CAN’T DO THIS… YOU… YOU MONSTERS… YOU’RE NOTHING BUT LITTLE MONSTERS!! I WON’T STAND FOR IT! DO YOU HEAR? I WON’T STAND FOR IT!” Bennie and Tim laughed and laughed as Carolyn whirled and went running out the door. They played the tape one more time before they went into their father’s and stepmother’s bedroom to see what they could see.
“Hey, Tim, look!” Bennie held up a brown packet that he’d found in the bottom of the dresser drawer. Inside there were several pamphlets, all of them new.
“Looks like we hit the jackpot!” Tim cried.
They carefully closed the drawers and tried to leave things much as they’d found them, but the twins carried the packet of thin books to their own room with them.
There, they went through them with considerable interest, until finally they found one that particularly stirred their imagination.
Ancient Love Potions, A Survey of Aphrodisiacs Through the Ages.
“Wow is right!”
They settled down to investigate the book, and it was dusk by the time they’d finished reading and studying it. Their stepmother hadn’t returned yet, and neither had their father. A short while later a phone call confirmed what they’d suspected. Carolyn had stopped by Dad’s office and asked him to take her to dinner.
“Sure, Dad, we’ll be just fine. You know we like to cook anyway. We’d just as soon cook for ourselves all the time!”
Tim hung up the phone and went into the kitchen. But instead of making themselves dinner the boys were getting ready to try a recipe they’d never done. An authentic ancient love potion which called for a variety of ingredients that could be found in their own kitchen.
“Sure,” Tim said, as they were busy mixing and stirring. “It’s only fair. It’s her book, isn’t it? She should be the first to get the benefits of our first concoction!”
“A little more cinnamon. I’ll get the clam juice from the top shelf!”
“Listen, why don’t we just call the herb store in town and see if they’ll deliver the wormwood and ginseng?”
“Great idea, but I’d better get a whole bunch of other stuff, too, so they don’t get suspicious!”
“Good thinking,” agreed Bennie, “And you’d better tell them to charge it to Dad’s account.”
“I don’t think he has one.”
“No matter, that old bat that runs the place would be more than happy to open up an account for Dad. You ever see the way she looks at him when we’re just passing by?”
“Yeah… guess you’re right. You know Dad sure does deserve someone better than old Carolyn!”
“Don’t worry, we’ll be rid of Miss Hot Pants soon enough!”
The potion bubbled ominously on the stove, and was beginning to thicken. The color was an unappetizing gray, so the twins added food coloring. Finally it turned a pretty raspberry color, but it still smelled God-awful. Afraid to taste it themselves, the boys decided to add honey and vanilla to help the taste and smell, and they let it go at that.
The mixture was cooling on the outside of their bedroom window, and the boys were sleeping peacefully, each dreaming of the morrow when they would try out the new concoction by the time Don and Carolyn returned home.
“I guess the boys have gone to bed,” Don said, looking at his watch.
“Thank God!” Carolyn muttered under her breath.
“What did you say, darling?” Don guided his pretty bride toward the bedroom. What a large dinner they’d had down at Trader Vic’s, and all those Mai Tai’s. His head was spinning.
“Oh, I said, ‘Thank God, they’re getting some rest.’ They’re so very active. They need their sleep.”
“Why Carolyn, you’re beginning to sound like a real little mother!” Don was touched by his wife’s concern for the boys. He was going away to Los Angeles on business the next day and he was glad that the boys would be in good hands with Carolyn while he was gone.
Their bedroom was cool and quiet, and Carolyn sank down into the bed without taking off her dress. Her head was throbbing from all the drinks they’d had and from the terrible problems she’d been weighing. She would never be able to continue living with those kids in the same house. NEVER!
“I was thinking, honey,” the twenty-one year old said sweetly, as she watched her husband undressing for bed.
“Uh… isn’t there some summer camp the boys could go to. I mean before they go to school in the fall. Maybe they should have more exposure to kids their own age.”
“I don’t know, Carolyn. It’s too late to get them into a camp now. And besides they have their scouting. They seem to get a lot out of that.”
“Oh, never mind!” Carol was annoyed. Obviously she wouldn’t get rid of them until the fall. Almost two whole months to go. “I was thinking something else!” she said, her tone slightly belligerent.
Don was climbing into bed now, his pajamas on, while she lay fully clothed, her head spinning, on the top of the covers.
“What is it, love?”
“Would you fuck me, Don? Would you fuck me right now!”
In the morning, Tim went to the back door and whistled. After a few moments the happy sound of barking came from the woods in back of the house.
“Here Shep, good boy, Shep! Come on, boy!”
Shep was an outdoor dog. He very rarely, if ever, came into the house, preferring to spend most of his time out playing or sleeping in his spacious dog house behind the Larsen’s home.
But now the boys wanted to bring Shep into the house. Into their room, in fact.
The German Shepherd padded happily into their room and the boys just had time to close the door behind him when their father came rushing out of his bedroom. He was carrying his suitcase and wearing his dark gray suit. The boys knew from past experience that this meant that he was going out of town on business.
“Hey, where you going, Dad?” Bennie asked.
“Going to L.A., got to inspect the site again for the Edson Building. Wish to hell this thing were all over, boys. I’ll be back in a couple of days. Three at the most. You take good care of Carolyn for me, now!”
“We sure will, Dad. We’ll take good care of her. Don’t you worry!”
“I’m late already. I’ll grab something out at the airport. Got to get the helicopter in Sausalito to the San Francisco airport. See you soon, boys. Tell Carolyn I’ll be calling tonight!”
By the time the twins returned to their bedroom, they found to their amazement that Shep had already discovered the potion they’d prepared the night before. They’d placed it on Tim’s desk with the intention of giving the big dog just a tiny bit, but he himself had found it and they now observed him standing up on the chair, his front paws on the desk while he consumed a goodly portion of what they’d made.
“CRIPES, SHEP! THAT’S ENOUGH!” The boys rushed forward and rescued what was left of the mixture from the hairy family dog.
They then settled down on their beds to watch.
“I hope Shep will be all right!” Bennie said, confiding his fears to his brother.
“Looks okay, so far,” Tim replied.
The dog was lying on the circular braided rug that lay between their twin beds. He seemed to be falling asleep, and the boys were distinctly disappointed as time passed and still nothing happened. Carefully they read the recipe again to make sure that they hadn’t left anything out.
This particular recipe was supposed to have been one used by Madame de Pompadour as a sauce for venison. The thirteen year olds realized that they had allowed their own “sauce” to thicken quite a bit, but they didn’t see why this might have a detrimental effect upon its potency.
They had already heard the slow-moving sleepy sounds that their stepmother made just after getting up, when Shep began to stir. At first the dog turned around three or four times as if trying to settle more comfortably on the rug. Then his eyes sprang wide open and he began to pant a little bit at first, and then more and more heavily.
It was almost noon then. By the time 2:00 had rolled around it was clear to the boys by Shep’s erratic behavior that their famous “sauce” was a success. In fact, they had to leave the room, locking it carefully behind them so as to keep the thoroughly aroused dog inside.
“What the hell is all that racket?” Carolyn asked. She was sitting in the living room, still wearing her negligee as she had a late breakfast of toast and coffee.
“Oh, nothing, Mom!” Tim said breezily. “Nothing for you to worry about!”
Carolyn looked suspiciously at the boys. “Now you two listen to me. You father has gone away on business and I want you to know I won’t take any nonsense from you while he’s away!”
“Look who’s talking about nonsense! ‘Oh, I want it… need it so baaaaaaaad!'”
“‘OH, MR. JOHNSON, MR. JOHNSON,'” Tim and Bennie had to run fast to escape the projectiles that their father’s new wife sent crashing after them, but they made the kitchen in time.
“Boy, is she going to get hers!” Tim said, panting as they rested in the kitchen.
“Yeah,” Bennie echoed, sitting on the kitchen bench. “In more ways than one!”
The boys looked at each other, each knowing just what that meant! Each understanding the secret unspoken dreams and lusts that had developed within their young bodies and minds since their new stepmother’s arrival in the house.
Then the intimate moment was gone and the twins got down to the business at hand.
“What should we put it in?” asked Tim.
“Well, she’s eating now. Just toast and coffee, but I’ll bet she has some more.”
“Let’s put some in that jam she’s so piggy about!”
“Yeah… that cherry stuff. She’s already gone through six jars of the stuff since she’s been here. If she keeps up like that she’ll be as big as a house!”
“Good deal, you get the jar and I’ll stir some in right on top.”
“No, fill the whole jar with it!”
“Good deal!”
Carolyn grumbled to herself in the living room, and then when she heard the twins slam the kitchen door, she rose and went into the kitchen to get some more coffee. What a hangover! And to make matters worse, she still felt a dull sensation of longing in her loins, left over from her unsatisfactory lovemaking with Don the night before. Not that she hadn’t enjoyed it, what there was of it, it was just that there wasn’t enough! One little orgasm hadn’t even put a dent in the built-up lusts within the young blonde wife. And now here she was stuck alone in the house with those rotten spying kids. If she wanted to have any fun, she’d have to go out and get it for chrissakes!
Angrily, Carolyn dipped into the jar of her favorite jam. She took a finger full of the sticky liquid while placing two more slices of toast in the toaster. Her blonde curls hung in a disheveled mass about her head as she absentmindedly waited for the toast to come back up.
At the kitchen window, the one where the cheery curtains were parted, Tim and Bennie’s heads popped up from time to time to check on the progress of the jam.
By this time Carolyn was buttering the slices of golden toast and then spreading them thickly with the jam.
“This batch tastes different,” the young woman had noted with the first dip of her jammy finger into her mouth. But the different taste was not unpleasant, and Carolyn decided to enjoy it.
Munching on her toast, she headed back to her room. Five minutes later she came out and made some more toast and jam. Tim and Bennie saw that their stepmother was yawning as she took the new plate of toast back to her room, and they looked at each other with knowing blue eyes.
“It’s working!” they said in unison.
It was afternoon and each check-up they’d made upon their stepmother proved to them that she was still sound asleep. Disappointed, they nonetheless hoped that Carolyn would soon be coming to. It was getting harder and harder to contain Shep in their room, and in fact they were a little frightened of opening the door at all. They could hear the excited animal inside bumping about against the furniture, whining and barking as he tried to get out.
“Gee, we don’t know how long the stuff lasts, I hope old Carolyn gets started before it’s too late!”
To while away the time they read more of Carolyn’s lasciviously slanted books, one of which detailed exactly the scene they hoped would ensue from their little experiment. It was amazing to find that their imagination had been so closely paralleled by someone else who had gone so far as to describe the whole scene vividly in a book.
“Maybe we should become writers!” Bennie suggested.
“Yeah, we could, you know!” But this little idea was rapidly tossed aside when they heard the unmistakable sounds of stirring inside their stepmother’s room.
Inside the darkened bedroom, Carolyn woke up feeling frightened. Something was wrong, but she wasn’t sure just what it was. She nervously ran her fingers through the weight of her long blonde hair, feeling suddenly warm all over, so warm in fact that she had to remove the shawl from her shoulders and indeed she felt like removing her gown. The frightened young wife jumped up and hurriedly ran into the bathroom, where she removed her negligee and drew herself a large glass of water. Drinking it down, she noted hopefully that it did make her cooler. She reached up and adjusted the dial for the air-conditioning system in the bedroom and bathroom, turning it on for the first time that summer.
“A shower!” she thought, “That’s what I need!” She stepped into the deep tub and reached up to turn on a jet of cold water. The feel of the water on Carolyn Larsen’s deep peach-toned naked body began to inflame her, however, rather than cooling her down. Each drop was like an obscene caress that stimulated the young blonde beyond belief, making her cry out in an acute agony of desire.
“WHAT’S HAPPENING… WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?” she wondered aloud, hurrying from the shower and going to the medicine cabinet where she withdrew a small tin of salve. The disturbed young woman dipped her finger into the salve and then spread it onto her tingling and engorged nipples. Then she put a little bit down between her legs, rubbing upward into the cleft of her swollen and oddly stimulated pussy folds. Instead of soothing her as Carolyn had expected the calming salve to do, it had exactly the opposite effect, and she was startled to find herself rubbing against the velvet of her inner membranes with a pressure that became more and more furious.
Carolyn had known lust and desire before, but never anything like this!
“OH MY GOD!” she whimpered. “OH MY GOD!”
Everything seemed to be coming apart. At first she felt light as a feather and then she felt heavy and lethargic. When she tried to focus on something, it appeared to move and shift until she was forced to close her eyes tightly. Little shivers began to traverse her half-clad body and Carolyn finally fell to the floor of the spacious bathroom. She just had to get something inside her… something that would satisfy her!
Panic-stricken by the intensity of her desire, the thought entered Carolyn’s mind that she might die if she did not have surcease from the waves of shuddering lust that spread throughout her system. She rolled nakedly over the deep pile rug, rubbing herself against the grain of the fiber until she reached the bedroom.
“OH HELP, HELP!” she moaned, “Help!”
Without waiting for a second call, the boys came running into the room and finally spotted their father’s new bride nakedly writhing on the floor at the doorway between the bedroom and the adjoining bath.
“What’s wrong, Mom?” they asked, their eyes gleaming with excitement. But Carolyn didn’t seem to be able to answer them. A tiny bit of spittle had formed at one corner of her lips and she was panting heavily. Her eyes rolled fearfully at them as she pointed to an object on her night-table.
“This, Mom?” Tim asked, picking up an ornamental candle. Tim took the long phallus-shaped object which had never been burned and which was black and purple in color over to Carolyn, and was surprised at her strength as she snatched it from him.
The thirteen year olds stood by with interested expressions as their twenty-one year old stepmother desperately tried to fit the thick instrument up into the raging pit of her vaginal passage. The golden-haired blonde twisted her entire body upwards from the rug, turning it a little to the side, her long legs widespread as the pointed end of the candle appeared to be stuck just inside her widely yawning hair-fringed pussy.
“UUUuuuuuugggggggghhhh!” Carolyn’s terror-filled eyes turned to the boys who stood nearby. She seemed to be imploring them with her eyes to come and help her get the large candle inside her.
Tim looked at Bennie and Bennie looked at Tim. Then the slightly older twin stepped forward, his mind made up, and grabbing hold of the candle — thus removing it from Carolyn’s frantic fingers — he made a sudden thrusting motion, twirling it in the flooded pit of his new mother’s golden-blonde-fringed cunt, pushing it steadily until it began to slide with a lewd slippery noise into the young girl’s rampaging pussy.
Carolyn felt the cold hard-edged object entering her, filling her with alarm as she realized that it was making her cum. Making her cum in an entirely different way from any that she knew. Her heavy, well-formed breasts jiggled upon her chest, sprouting tiny orgasms of their own that spread and electrified Carolyn’s entire body. Tim was pushing and pulling now, kneeling beside his climaxing stepmother, a pained, contorted expression upon his face that was mirrored by Bennie who stood nearby watching.
“MOREMORE MOREMOREMOREMORE!” Carolyn commanded. It was not enough. No, the twisting and thrusting candle was not enough and the orgasm that was enveloping her at the very moment was not enough. “IT’S NOT ENOUGH… NONONONO… NOT ENOUGH!” she shouted in desperation.
“Go get him, Bennie!” Tim called, and Bennie went flying from the room. Moments later the sound of Shep’s heavy panting came from the livingroom, and then the dog entered the bedroom.
Carolyn lay upon the floor, twisting and turning as she cried in desperation trying to satisfy herself now that her husband’s young son had stepped away from her.
Tim saw Shep bounding into the room, with Bennie fast behind him and he spoke. “Here, Mom… here’s something that will help you out!”
Carolyn, confused and upset, could not believe her eyes when the big dog came into her line of vision. His furry black and brown head neared hers, and his panting tongue touched her face.
“NO!” she cried, cringing away. “I HATE DOGS… I HATE DOGS… LET ME OUT OF HERE!”
But Tim and Bennie were adamant. “Come on, Mom. You’re not in any position to quibble. See Shep sure does like you!”
Already the big dog had smelled the sensuous scent of Carolyn’s flagrantly aroused pussy. Already the dog knew what it was that he had to do.
Carolyn seemed to realize the full seriousness of the situation and to understand exactly what it was that the boys had in mind.
“NEVER!” she cried, despite the bursting, building lust within her. “NEVER, I TELL YOU!”
Carolyn tried to get up but Shep, excited by her shouting, pounced upon his master’s new wife, his heavy paws pushing against the soft nakedness of her shoulders, pressing her down once more onto the shag-rugged floor.
Tim and Bennie watched their stepmother’s fear-contorted face. They were sure that she couldn’t fight her own rising desires not to mention the German Shepherd’s superior strength. The lusty hot smell from between the female’s legs incited the big animal, and the boys could see that he was ready as they bent forward to see the rigid animal shaft pointing forward from the beast’s hairy belly, hanging like a giant spear, twitching and throbbing with lust as it poised seemingly waiting for a command to sink its massive head into the golden trimmed pit of Carolyn’s seeping pussy.
“Ready Shep… Yeah, you’re ready big boy!”
“Get her now, fuck her, boy, fuck her ’til she screams for mercy!”
Tim and Bennie grinned at each other, and marveled at their evil command. Bennie could see that Tim’s hardened throbbing cock was pushing against his summer shorts exactly as his own was. It twitched spasmodically as he, too, waited in lewd anticipation. Our time will come, he thought as he watched the huge animal lift itself; the huge redness of its lustfully hard cock hovering over Carolyn’s trembling thighs, getting a firm grip now on the rug just on either side of her shoulders so that he could ram his aching cock into her fiery pussy.
“OH NO NONONONONONO nononononoooooooooooo!” Carolyn moaned, fear gripping every portion of her lovely, defenseless body. Yet, the building force of the potion within her was working against her. Struggle as she would there was no way for her to escape the enormous animal whose teeth loomed so near to her face, whose pawing dug convulsively into the rug beside her delicate exposed flesh.
Clumsily the drugged dog probed for the tenderness of Carolyn’s aching pussy, pushing the swollen red tip of his dripping cock into the soft smoothness of her widespread thighs again and again in a vain effort to find the pulsating wet opening. But just the touching and the fur that tickled over her nakedness was enough to start the flashes of climax within the drugged young wife. By now she was aware of only a huge hot form hovering over her perspiration glistening body. The dog didn’t exist, the twins were mere shadows in the distance, there was only the sensation of the pulsing animal member near her desire-drenched vagina.
Carolyn’s orgasm was building again and she had no control over it now as it grew like a huge ocean wave coming down fast over a California beach. The tormented young blonde housewife groaned softly as the dog poked at her and the electric shocks began shooting through every pore of her tortured skin. Impulsively, the excited young wife pushed her shapely hips upward in an effort to impale herself with the thrusting penis, but she failed, and began clutching her buttocks in one final effort to reach orgasm. She had to cum! Had to release the terrible aching want in her soft, quivering pussy.
Tim and Bennie’s eyes were glued to their stepmother’s sleek, undulating loins as they strained up desperately for the big dog’s raging cock. They wanted to see the dog get inside her before she came this time, and of one mind, the boys reached forward and grabbed the German Shepherd’s fur sheathed penis, pushing it forward as the dog jerked against their fingers. Easily they guided the throbbing dog-cock toward their stepmother’s burning cunt and pushed it inward to the background of Carolyn’s whimpers.
“Good Shep. Good old boy!” they crooned to the faithful animal. “Do it now… do it… she deserves it!”
The lust-filled dog had never known such excitement. Below him the human female’s clasping pussy nearly sucked him in of its own volition before he suddenly took control and drove his massive swollen penis deep into her gyrating flesh, filling her with what seemed like all 150 pounds of his animal muscle.
“Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!” Carolyn wailed as shocks of pain ricocheted within her tender vaginal walls. But it wasn’t only pain, it was pleasure, luxurious pleasure that filled her nakedly longing body and made the wet yearning walls of her desire-maddened cunt palpitate with ecstasy. There was no stopping now, it was too late. Suddenly every muscle in the lithe housewife’s drugged body contracted as wild ripples of electricity flashed through engulfing her and a tumultuous rising of climax flooded through her trembling white belly until it reached the madly, pulsing walls of her simmering pussy.
“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHCUMMMMMMMMINGGGGGG I’MMMMMMMMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGG!” she wailed like an uncontrolled animal herself, her nakedly gyrating body twisting and writhing in the last untamed throes of her orgasm.
Then with the sudden release, she relaxed momentarily, completely exhausted. It was only then that the shivering young blonde realized that something still was thrusting in and out of her ravaged pussy. She felt it thrusting and pulling in and out as she lay prostrate upon the floor of her bedroom, her eyes closed as the massive instrument of lust kept moving within her indecently exposed pussy.
“Who is it? Who is it?” she thought, dazedly. Her mind had protected her from the harsh reality of the situation by blanking out, and now she felt too tired, and perhaps too frightened to look. But then she heard the voices of the twins.
“Good boy, Shep… Good boy… She really dug it, Shep!”
“Great going, old dog!”
THE DOG! Carolyn’s eyes flashed open in horror and stared at the lust-crazed form of the panting dog that continued humping her with all its animal fury.
“OHHHHHHH GOD NOOOOOOO!” she clawed and screamed, trying to pull away from the sexually aroused animal. It was too much for her. It wasn’t just a person who had aroused and started the tingling of her loins and who had subsided it with his driving cock, it was a dog!
A giant German Shepherd was fucking her like a bitch in heat he had found on a street corner! This was the final defeat. The final degradation! Her mother’s voice came back to taunt her. “You’ll never amount to anything much Carolyn. You haven’t got what it takes!”
Yes, that same mother she had tried to prove wrong all this time. The same woman she’d been planning to invite to her new home within a few days. How could she gloat now about her success, how could she even face herself in the mirror ever again. The proud, new Mrs. Larsen, wife of a successful architect, no longer the nowhere student and part-time secretary. No, now she was supposed to be somebody! All her dreams had been dashed in this one terrible moment! She had struggled and connived to become Mrs. Don Larsen, and now she was a perverted creature, destroyed by the horrible ravishment of an animal!
Carolyn’s eyes began to roll in their sockets as with horror and shock, she watched the animal above her, continuing in his last gasps of orgasm.
“Get him off me… Get him off!” she wailed pitifully, turning toward the boys. It was too much watching the animal, but when she turned for help to her husband’s sons she saw that they had exposed their boyish cocks and were letting their fingers move with determination along the hot rigid flesh as they watched their father’s wife being mounted by a dog.
“Oh my God… my God! You’ve done this… you’ve done this to me!” she cried out to them. The distraught young twenty-one year old knew that if she didn’t stop the dog now she might succumb once more to the lustfully throbbing penis that rammed again and again into her hair-covered pussy.
Already Carolyn could feel the moisture starting to seep from her aching pussy and she knew that she must stop him or she would become aroused again by the devilish fire that lurked in her system. She couldn’t stand it! She had to stop him!
Tim and Bennie laughed heartily, but their laughter stopped abruptly as they saw their stepmother succumb once more to the lewd dog-fucking she was getting. Their own desire had crept up on them, and the tingling of their youthful loins became stronger and stronger as their heated palms increased their friction against two hard, desire-filled cocks.
“Make him stop!” she continued to cry, but Tim and Bennie could see that her lovely even-featured face was once more taking on that blank expression that signaled the continued potency of their ‘sauce’!
For Carolyn, the ripples of excitement were growing again, trembling through her entire body as the obscene animal passion grew and grew. There was nothing else again but the red-hot throbbing that filled her with rigid muscle, spreading the clinging gold hairs of her streaming cunt wide as it penetrated to the fullest, the dog’s lower belly pressing against her nakedly trembling flesh, his open, panting jaws dripping trails of saliva. But now she didn’t care. It was all a dream, a bad dream that wouldn’t stop until she had brought the excited animal to the end of his strength. There was nothing to do but accept the pummeling cock, the surging hardness within her delicately formed pussy. She had to give in!
The trapped housewife’s passion had won the lascivious battle as she raised her shapely hips to meet the out-and-in thrusting of the great dog, fighting to defeat him, and to defeat herself in the making, to cum again and again until it was all over.
“Oooooooh! Ooooooooooh! Oooooooooooh!” Carolyn moaned now, deliriously responding to each lewd thrust. “Now doggie, now doggie, further… now doggie! MORE… MORE… MORE!”
The struggling blonde’s muscles seemed to be exploding as she let still another crashing climax invade her impossibly tensed body. Finally the big German Shepherd had come to the end of his endurance and began squealing like a puppy as he, too, climaxed in a rage of snarling desire, his animal ears hearing the female beneath him as she cried out in pain and pleasure.
“Aaaaaarrrrrr AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” she wailed from deep within the tense throat as the final whiplash of potent orgasm reached her flaring hair-rimmed cunt and set it a tingling with a final culmination of excitation. It seemed to snap like a whip within the young stepmother’s tormented loins, releasing her as well as the dog from their obscene fucking.
The boys couldn’t wait a moment longer. Impulsively they shed their clothing and moved forward to remove the exhausted German Shepherd from their stepmother’s trembling form. Bennie hurriedly dragged the stunned satiated dog out of the room, not knowing how much longer Shep would be manageable. Shep allowed himself to be led, and as Bennie let him out the back door he saw that the big dog was showing signs of being sleepy again, heading directly for his dog house several feet away.
Bennie’s boyish face and body were flushed with excitement as he rushed back to his waiting brother and stepmother.
Inside, Carolyn lay in a semi-swoon upon the floor, anguished thoughts and feelings mingling with the strange sensations that the boys’ special potion had aroused within her. Just as she was about to sink further into the much wanted oblivion that reached up for her, Carolyn felt two small, hot palms slowly pushing her knees apart. She jerked and tried to stop them, but behind her other hands caught hers and held them out on either side of her unprotected body. THE TWINS!
Tim’s hands were sliding hotly up the inner softness of her nakedly quivering thighs, and their new stepmother moaned and twitched as they reached the softest, uppermost portion of her creamy flesh and began to toy with the smoothly sensitive skin there. She heard Bennie’s heavy breathing behind her, and Tim’s in front of her, and groaned from the awful humiliation of being touched by the hateful little boys. But she felt weak and helpless, a pawn caught in their lewd little game. She could only hope that it would all be over soon, that somehow she would be able to continue a normal life after such perverse treatment! She was still but dimly aware of what was real and what wasn’t, and the tremors that traversed the fragile surfaces of the young bride’s nakedly exposed skin were of a confused and indefinite nature at this point. Through half-closed blue eyes, the blonde housewife could see Tim’s golden head of hair below her, as he peered intently at her secret genitals; and above her, Bennie looked fixedly down at her face as though studying her reactions!
Tim peered greedily at his father’s new wife, a beautiful luscious blonde creature whom he had already watched in the most intimate of postures, the lewdest of acts. The thirteen year old feasted lustfully upon the tight hair-rimmed opening between his stepmother’s legs until he saw tiny tears of humiliation streaming down her cheeks.
Carolyn moaned as she felt the boy’s middle finger slip suddenly upward to flick at the moisture of her exposed cuntal lips where they pulsed involuntarily before him. She felt so open and vulnerable down there between her legs, prey to whatever horrible things her husband’s sons might think of to do to her!
Tim was surprised at how still the older woman lay now, almost as though she had resigned herself to what was happening. A new shaft of excitement pierced his heart at the thought of his own audacity. AFTER ALL, HE WAS ACTUALLY TOUCHING HER CUNT! He felt his brother’s bright eyes on him as he observed everything that happened, knowing that his turn would come and that both boys’ wildest dreams would soon be realized.
Then Bennie whispered to him, “HURRY!” and Tim knew that that was what he wanted too. They had waited long for this moment, and now that it was here they would act! Clearly the longer they waited, the more danger there was of their special ‘sauce’ wearing off. The young blond boy bent over the helplessly spread loins of his father’s wife, and first deeply inhaled the fragrance of her womanhood. The perfume of her body, strong and heady after her excitement, exhilarated him and Tim felt he was no longer a thirteen year old boy, but an ageless man, a man born for this very moment. Hesitantly, beneath Bennie’s approving gaze, Tim flicked out his tongue and wetly teased the trembling hair-surrounded slit of Carolyn’s quivering cunt. His tongue ran over the tiny bits of smooth flesh as well as the golden curly pubic hairs that protected them. Carolyn jumped against Bennie’s restricting hands and might have escaped but for the fact that her movement made the young boy’s tongue probe deeper into the moistly trembling split of her hair-lined pussy. She fell back with a grunt, feeling the untoward desire rising once more as though there were no end to it. But how could she allow this? Allow two young children to do such a thing to her!
Tim knelt up between the long spread legs so that they would remain apart, feeling his mind bursting with lust at the sensations his tongue was relaying. Greedily, he continued the lascivious stroking with his deftly worming tongue moving slowly up and down within his stepmother’s secret pussy, pausing at what he soon came to recognize as the most sensitive areas by Carolyn’s increasing squeals of delight to rotate his tongue about in small titillating circles against the bare, moist flesh.
“Oooooooooh God!” Carolyn knew now that she was going out of her mind. Never had she felt more horrible and degraded and yet, the ghastly fact was that she wanted this incestuous sucking to continue. She couldn’t even cry out to her precocious stepson to stop. But inwardly she screamed, I can’t stand it, but I want it, I want it!
Low guttural moans rose in the drugged housewife’s throat but nothing stopped the onslaught against her nakedly exposed body. The white plane of her belly danced before the children’s eyes as Tim continued his hungry lapping at Carolyn’s helplessly aroused pussy.
His eyes bulging up from his enjoyable task, Tim looked beyond the golden curled mounds of his stepmother’s writhing cunt toward his brother. He nodded for Tim to continue. “She’s just getting hot again now!” he mumbled excitedly, his hands moving irresistibly down to fondle the taut, swollen breasts that bobbed so temptingly near his face as Carolyn began to buck up and down, to arch her back with the pleasure she was receiving.
His two hands smoothed and manipulated the big, firm mounds of flesh, toying and exploring the fascinating nipples that had grown so stiff and hard while he watched.
“OUR FIRST WOMAN!” he called down to Tim, and saw Tim nod his head imperceptibly as he brought wicked tingles of pleasure to his stepmother with the lewd motions of his tongue.
Carolyn felt control slipping farther and farther from her as the tender caresses to which she was being subjected continued. What if her husband were to return and find them like that? Find her enjoying immensely this depraved licking down between her legs by his own child?
But her flaring vagina was throbbing unmercifully, and the hands upon her breasts only served to make the pleasure greater still. Her quivering pussy was like a hot, glowing coal being fanned to greater and greater heights of lust.
“Hurry! Put it in her now… NOW!” Bennie cried breathing over the soft breasts that were warm and moist in his hands. Bennie could take no more. His own boyish cock was so stiff that he knew he could cum at any moment. Only sheer willpower kept him from doing so.
Tim raised his glistening wet face and knew immediately that the moment had come. He and his brother had been virgins long enough, but after this night they would have graduated to a different status. No one would know it yet, but they would be men! To his tentatively touching fingers, his own penis felt hard as granite in his hands, and it seemed to swell bigger by the moment, bigger than it had ever been before. Before him he saw the small pink opening of Carolyn’s straining pussy, just waiting and ready for his cock! HE WAS GOING TO DO IT. YES, HE WAS REALLY GOING TO FUCK A WOMAN, AND THAT WOMAN WAS GOING TO BE HIS NEW MOTHER!
Carolyn cried out at the sudden loss of delicious contact at her yearning genitals. “God,” both boys thought simultaneously, “She really wants it. She really digs it!”
As the young thirteen year old hesitated Carolyn called to him, “Please! Please! Oh God, do it to me. DO IT TO ME NOW!”
The drugged housewife had to quench the horrible desire that had risen in her loins, had to know physical peace before she could even think straight again. Then it would be over, she hoped. It would be all over!
Tim kneeled up into her legs, holding his breath and trembling a bit himself. His still virgin penis was going to know the soft insides of a woman’s willing cunt for the first time in his life! And that woman was his father’s wife! The boy took another look at the shapely, wildly opened legs and bent forward to ease them still wider. The luscious coral-hued vagina seemed looser and moister than ever before and despite his doubtful feelings for Carolyn herself, he thought her shivering cunt was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen in his life. The excited twin pushed his rampant young cock forward then and made the first exquisite contact with Carolyn’s velvety cuntal flesh, worming the smooth rubbery head of his slender penis further and further upward as he advanced.
“Ooooooohhhh…!” Carolyn responded, the boyish cock tantalizing her tormented cunt until the young blonde’s helpless whimpers filled the entire bedroom. And then finally, Tim thrust the thickened tip of his surging penis into the flowering entrance of his stepmother’s vaginal passage, pushing upward, further and further, continuing the slow, constant act of penetration until his boyish young cock was finally and triumphantly buried completely up inside the hot depths of the older woman’s quivering white belly.
Tim gritted his teeth at the almost unbearably pleasurable sensation and refrained from crying out, listening as his father’s wife began to chant with desire.
The young boy inclined his body backward from the excited twenty-one year old, arching his raging penis upward, attempting to reach the farthest height of the tightly clinging feminine channel, and although it did not seem to go to the very end, it went sinking in completely out of sight, buried deep inside Carolyn’s snugly hugging cunt so that his tender young testicles hung flush against the mewling woman’s smooth, naked buttocks.
From his position above his stepmother, Tim’s twin, Bennie, could see that the older woman was completely enraptured. Her mouth opened and closed gaping fish-like as sounds of ecstasy poured forth in a steady stream.
Carolyn began to rotate her hips up to meet the boy so that Tim had to hold onto his stepmother’s thighs to keep from being thrown backwards. His rigidly penetrating shaft felt fabulously pressured by the stimulating ripples of Carolyn’s cuntal sheath. Again and again now, he shuffled forward in toward her on his knees, forcing his fiercely aroused penis deep up into his father’s wife’s hungrily contracting channel. It was like sliding into the ripeness of a peach or a mellow apricot as her hotly accepting pussy swallowed his virginal young cock, pumping it lewdly, clutching at it as surely as a hand might have.
Bennie watched, entranced, his fingers still kneading his stepmother’s wondrously soft breasts. He was fascinated by the sight of his brother’s obscenely thrusting, perspiring young body. It was like watching himself, looking at his identical twin, and even without the full experience, Bennie could feel much of what his brother was feeling. His upward thrusting cock was still and hard, throbbing with each inward thrust his brother made, and Bennie gave a slight moan with each of his brother’s, while letting his agile fingers play freely with the woman’s flesh beneath them.
Tim watched his own powerfully driving cock appear and disappear like a well oiled piston into their stepmother’s straining and welcoming pussy. The skin of his slender young cock was reddish and swollen, and each time Tim wormed upward into the spread blonde pussy, Carolyn gave an excited grunt and her breasts pulsed heavily beneath Bennie’s manipulating fingers.
Carolyn’s thighs spread even wider and she tried to lift her legs up higher so that the boyish cock could enter her still deeper. Even though it was not very large, the lunging boy’s penis was arousing her inner flesh with tantalizing hot blows, and the perversity of the position of being fucked against her will, but wanting it desperately, of being taken by her own husband’s sons, was beginning to appeal to her drugged senses. She had the sudden and overwhelming desire to cum.
But the boys didn’t want that at this time, not yet. “Come on, it’s your turn, Ben!” Tim cried suddenly, just when he felt Carolyn beginning to go to pieces beneath him. Bennie did not have to be asked twice. In a flash he bounded into position, and Tim moved reluctantly but swiftly. Almost without losing a stroke, Bennie had slipped his own virgin cock high into the receptive womb of their stepmother.
“OH TIM IT’S SO DAMNED GOOD!” he cried out, his head snapping back with the pleasure of it all.
Tim stood by, hesitant at first, and then he acted. “I think there’s a way we can both do it at the same time, Bennie!” he cried, slipping behind Carolyn and turning both the older woman and his brother so that they were on their sides. Bennie continued his tremulous, rhythmic fucking, enjoying now what his brother had enjoyed so well before.
“Ooooh God, good, good, good!” he chanted, half out of his mind with the bliss of his surging cock.
But within moments he felt something happening, and knew that Tim was thrusting his own cock from behind the writhing nakedness of their stepmother. She was so much bigger than the two of them that it was like making love to a big, beautiful soft mountain of flesh, and Tim easily thrust his anxiously throbbing cock between the two large mounds of Carolyn’s buttocks, sliding down the moist wet crevice of her anus, and finding the slippery hair-ringed opening which was now occupied by his brother.
He pushed at first against his brother’s ardently fucking penis, and then, getting the knack of the direction, adjusted himself, clasping Carolyn’s big, swollen breasts from behind and pulling backward with all his might. It happened! His own cock slid in right beside his brother’s, snugly, and now both of them were rising high inside the clinging orifice of their stepmother’s gyrating pussy!
The two boys’ cocks rising high within her were larger together than one enormous man’s cock, in addition to the fact that one was arched slightly forward, while the other was arching slightly backward within her tight vaginal passage. Her orgasm, on the verge of exploding, was suddenly thrust away by the vicious, hot pain of this cruel dual-entry. Yet, the two straining and thrusting cocks moved smoothly once the boys got their rhythm going together.
The harassed blonde housewife, lying on her side in her own bedroom, sandwiched in between her twin stepsons, flexed her cuntal muscles tightly together in an automatic attempt at resistance, and was immediately sorry, for the sensual throb of her internal sinews seemed to incite the boys more, and abruptly they were lunging against her, rocking her nakedly quivering body back and forth between them, their cocks speeding higher and higher inside her defenseless pussy. She tried to relax, growing limp between the two thirteen year olds until they began to fuck in and out of her in an established rhythm that she forced herself to adjust to, the pain lessening slowly, while her cuntal walls stretched desperately in their attempt to achieve a dual ravishment. She could feel Bennie’s tongue searching for her lips and automatically she returned the boy’s kiss, while Tim’s hands kneaded feverishly upon her sore and tender breasts.
They returned then, those first sensations of passion… galvanic tingles of lewd desire coursing through every vein she had, arousing licentious chills that crept along the base of her spine as she felt the lewd, evenly measured cadence of the twin boys who were fucking her simultaneously.
“TIM! BENNIE!” the tormented blonde sputtered out, and then her mouth sucked in hard taking Bennie’s tongue back within the warm, moist depths of her mouth, and spontaneously it seemed, the new bride’s body began once more to twitch and writhe of its own volition between the teenagers. She could hear small mewling noises escaping her lips, an incessant sound that hummed up into the moistness of Bennie’s mouth as they kissed. Unconsciously, the overwrought twenty-one year old let her passionately aroused cunt contract with wanton abandon as the delightfully lewd and lascivious inner sensations increased with every stroke.
Both Tim and Bennie could feel their father’s wife responding to their ardent fucking. They could feel the urgent answering throbs of her surrendering pussy around the lengths of their buried cocks. Her smooth cunt-flesh began a spasmodic opening and closing around their pulsating members creating an experience which neither one of them was likely ever to forget.
Carolyn’s pleasurable mewling and purring sounds were once more filling the room, and her tousled blonde head lolled from side to side on the rug while her hips began a slow rotation between the two naked boys. The thoroughly aroused stepmother’s quaking buttocks ground backward into Tim’s loins while her smooth silken belly and breasts moved voluptuously against Bennie; meanwhile the two hotly skewering cocks rose higher and higher within her seething pussy.
Carolyn didn’t even try to understand the new wave of entrancement that was saturating her whole being. She was only aware that all the pain had left her, and given way to a maddening electric-like tingle that began deep within her womb and spread relentlessly over the raw nerve-ending of her velvety flesh. The drugged young wife was a mass of exquisite moisture between her full creamy thighs as her hips and buttocks undulated and rotated around the two impaling thirteen year old cocks.
First Bennie, and then Tim moved his hands down between them to better conjure up the image of their stepmother’s moist grasping cunt as it slid up and down their thickened shafts, picturing the thin pink ridges of coral-hued flesh, pulling out and clinging to both cocks as the wildly aroused young woman screwed backward and forward between them. They seemed to be able to see the silken pussy lips between her legs absorbing the delicate folds back into her as they swallowed the slippery glistening length of their vital cocks on each slow tantalizing upstroke.
The twins listened to their father’s wife as her whimpers of uncontrolled delight continued while she labored with utter abandon, her sweat-filmed face contorted into a half-smile of sheer joy. She was gone now, completely lost, completely conquered by their superior knowledge, by their vindictive fucking!
Wetly sluicing noises rose from their combined loins as Carolyn’s secreting cuntal channel received the thirteen year old boys’ lustful fucking. Her hungry gyrations were making them mad with desire, and they knew they could not go on much longer. Then of a common accord they each pulled their deeply buried cocks from their stepmother, until only the two tips were still penetrating the flushed and swollen lips. Then they plunged forward with every ounce of strength between them, ramming the adulterous housewife with the full aching lengths of their penises, thrusting them high up into Carolyn’s helplessly exposed vagina.
“UUUUUUuuuuunnnnnnnggggghhhhhHHH!” Carolyn groaned as they thrust against her, and she heard and felt the wet smack of the twins’ excited loins, the one in front of her, the other behind. The lust-hardened cocks rampaged into her receptive pussy like twin jackhammers pushing the unresisting folds of flesh again and again in rippling waves before their smooth rubbery heads.
There were long hard plunging strokes into the golden-haired wife’s seething vaginal passage now, and the quivering lubricated walls clasped feverishly around the fleshy forms of the twin cocks as they slithered up moistly to defeat her. Carolyn groaned loudly at the complete filling of her stretched passage as the powerful dual thrusting into her grinding cunt continued. Her head rolled wildly now from side to side, her mouth gasping in abandoned ecstasy to the unbelievable delight that was lifting her to the very heavens.
Carolyn realized suddenly that this was it. She was going to… yes, it was going to happen, with such unprecedented force that it was agonizing, it was enormous! The sweet build-up inside her mushroomed, spreading to become an immense and overpowering force.
Carolyn pleaded in a voice shrill with passion, her hands clawing at Bennie’s tensed driving buttocks, pulling him in a near demented frenzy deeper and deeper within her widespread legs, while Tim pulled against her breasts from behind her, forcing himself upward into the seething pit of her climaxing vagina.
The crazed stepmother’s obscenely spread cuntal walls opened into a myriad of seeping cells, inundating the sliding pistons within and making their way easier. She grew wild inside with the orgasmic climax that shook her, and her brain swam in a colorful kaleidoscope of ecstasy as it continued, sparkling fireworks of pleasure within her. And then she felt the twins tense and jerk and her head reeled as two hot and powerful jets of boyish sperm burst, filling her entirely with warm wetness, making her streaming vagina clasp and unclasp desperately, milking at the twin cocks like a sucking starving mouth.
For a long, long moment there was nothing but their breathing filling the room and then the boys fell away from her, releasing their grip upon their father’s wife. Stunned by their first true orgasm, they lay limply on the floor beside Carolyn’s soft and still trembling nakedness.
Moments later the boys stood up and looked down at the woman their father had married.
“Gee, Mom… you were great!”
“Thanks, Mom! It was the nuts!”
Carolyn blinked as she heard the twins words. The potion was at last wearing off, and the first acute waves of shame and anger engulfed her. She turned her head in time to see two pairs of naked young buttocks disappearing from the room. The door was closed softly behind them. The full memory of all she had done since the odd feeling had come over her earlier in the bathroom rushed over her, and a giant sob wracked her chilled body.
Suddenly the phone was ringing shrilly in the darkened room, and tearfully, hysterically, she was stumbling toward it.
“Hello, Carolyn, my love, this is Don! How are you? And how are the boys?”
“Fine… oh fine… We’re all just fine!” Carolyn said, holding back bitter tears of terror.
It was another bright sunshiny day in Northern California, and the boys looked forward to it with their usual enthusiasm. They had made several decisions since the day before, and one of them included modifying the formula for their special sauce. They planned to make it a liquid for one thing, and for another, they wanted it to last for a shorter length of time. That way they could be free to use it almost any time, not just during the times when their father was out of town.
All day long they worked in the kitchen, and never once did they see Carolyn. Her door had been closed the entire day when they finally hit upon what they decided would be a proper mixture for their aims.
“I didn’t get straight A’s in chemistry for nothing,” bragged Tim to his brother.
“Well, I only got one ‘B’ myself, and let’s just test it out to make sure it’s right before we get carried away!”
The boys squabbled as they usually did, but there was an even greater bond between them than before. They had really managed to take themselves over the brink from childhood into manhood, and each felt a special glow about that fact, and self-congratulations were certainly in order. They smiled a lot during their ‘work’ and seemed to still feel the delightful tingle in their youthful loins that their stepmother had so agilely inspired.
Although neither had mentioned it really, they both knew that they had further things in store for their adulterous stepmother, and already a final plan, more drastic than any yet devised, was a promising speck on the horizon.
“Okay… go get the cat!” Tim said at last. “We’ll try it out!”
“What’s the matter, lover, are you shy? Don’t you like my looks?”
“No, no, it’s not that!” Don protested. As a matter of fact he liked the exciting brunette’s looks quite a bit. What’s more they were alone in his hotel room. A present from the contractor. It seemed terrible to think of a human being in this manner, but that was most certainly what Gloria Morrison was.
He thought about Carolyn, his new, young wife, wanting to be back in San Rafael with her, not stuck in L.A. on business. Before his recent marriage it hadn’t seemed hard to travel, but now that he had something special to go back to, it was only annoying to have to spend time away from home.
“Your wife! I bet you’re thinking about her, aren’t you?” Gloria had noticed the new wedding band on Don Larsen’s ring finger.
Don blushed. “Yes,” he admitted, “Yes, I guess I was.”
Gloria took in the craggy good looks of the middle-aged architect. She’d been paid, and it looked like she wasn’t going to have to do anything for it! But she liked Don’s looks and thought him a considerable change from her usual clientele. The least she could do was talk to him!
“I know lots of guys think about their wives,” she said confidentially, toying with the little pieces of lace that stuck directly between the large shapes of her breasts, breasts that were barely covered by her low-cut dress.
“But most of the time, you know, they think it’s not taking away from their wives, it’s really adding to the relationship!”
Don was really missing Carolyn now, he wanted to call her again. Yesterday’s call had been strange, oddly unsatisfying. Even though his new wife had told him she’d been napping and so was a little groggy, she’d sounded odd.
Gloria was continuing, and Don was wishing she would leave soon so that he could call Carolyn.
“Yeah, you know some wives are, how do you say it, a little cold. A real hot-blooded guy now, he wants more action than that. Suppose he was to get involved with some other chick, well that’s no good. This way, you got no hang-ups, and you get a little fun, too!”
“I’m afraid I’ve got to make a phone call,” Don said.
“Gonna’ call her huh? Well, that’s okay… listen I won’t even listen. Who knows, you ever think she might be having a little fun, too?” Gloria chuckled. Her pride was hurt. If this guy thought he was just going to throw her out, he was crazy. She’d leave when she was ready. She had a heavy date later on, but that could wait if necessary.
Don felt embarrassed and slightly confused. He didn’t want to be downright rude to the girl who’d suddenly appeared at his hotel room. He hated unpleasant scenes.
“Fine,” he said in an exasperated tone.
He picked up the phone and asked the hotel operator for his home number. The phone rang several times before it was answered.
“Bennie? Tim? This is Dad. How’s everything?”
“Tim, Dad. Everything’s just fine.”
“What’s all that squealing I hear in the background?”
“It’s the cat, Dad. Bennie gave her some catnip and she’s freaking out!”
“Oh, well, put Carolyn on, will you?”
“Mom? Oh, I don’t think she’s here, Dad. She went out a little while ago.”
“Oh, I don’t know… some friends of hers.”
“I see, well tell her I called. She can call me later on when she gets in.”
“Swell, Dad, I’ll be sure to tell her. We’ll see you tomorrow, right?”
“Yes, around 7:30, I guess.”
“So long, Dad!”
Don hung up the phone. He felt vaguely uneasy, and somehow depressed and seeing Gloria’s svelte figure across the hotel room did not reassure him at all.
For the first time in their short marriage, Don was really worried, even though he knew he had no good reason to be. Carolyn certainly had a right to go out with a friend. But the fact that she had made him think about the difference in their ages. Perhaps marrying a girl so much younger than he would have its problems after all. Even if the problems were only in his head, they were still problems.
Gloria turned and came back with two full glasses.
“Bourbon and soda,” she announced, “Out, huh?”
“I thought you weren’t going to listen,” Don replied, taking a glass.
“Oh, you didn’t believe that, did you?” Gloria asked sitting down beside him and laughing close to his ear. It was a soft, sensuous sound that caused a chill to run up and down Don’s spine.
“No… I guess I didn’t,” he replied pleasantly.
The orange cat streaked past Carolyn and out the front door, bumping into her legs and just narrowly avoided running into Shirley’s. The two women entered the living room and nervously Carolyn turned on the lights. She’d persuaded her old girlfriend, Shirley, to return home with her after meeting her for a drink in a tavern in town. It was clear to Shirley that her old school chum was in some kind of trouble, but she had never quite gotten out of her exactly what it was. Something to do with her husband’s twin boys, but Shirley couldn’t imagine that the boys would cause Carolyn that much trouble. But then she knew very little about children, so she was willing to go along with Carolyn’s request to sleep over with her one night until her husband returned from Los Angeles.
“Gee, Carolyn!” the pert redhead exclaimed, “What a swell house! You sure are lucky!”
Carolyn was too upset to secretly gloat over her friend’s envious statement. Somehow what once might have been a moment of triumph left the disturbed blonde bride cold.
“What would you like Shirl, a drink, coffee… anything…”
“I could go for another drink. Hey, I’ll bet that TV’s color… right?”
“Yes… turn it on if you want to!” Carolyn disappeared into the kitchen. It was spotless. No sign of the extensive hours the children had put in there.
“How about a daiquiri?” she called back from the kitchen.
It was the first bottle that Carolyn spotted, and it seemed easiest just to grab for it. She didn’t realize, of course, that any of the bottles in the liquor cabinet would have created the same effect for her.
“Say, where are those two little monsters anyway?” Shirley asked as Carolyn returned to the room with the drinks.
“I… I guess they’re in their room. Asleep, I hope!”
“Gee, it’s terrible that you don’t get along! I mean everything could be so perfect! Say, this drink is great!” Shirley settled into the deep sofa, her short skirt revealed almost the entire length of her sleek, tanned thighs. She could have gone out with Harry tonight, but this was proving more fun. Just hanging out in such a beautiful place, Shirley couldn’t help but hope that some of the elegance would rub off on her. The daiquiri tasted really good and the prospect that before the evening was out she might hear some interesting tidbits of gossip from her friend was decidedly titillating.
“So tell me more about your husband. What’s his name again, Don?”
Carolyn was distracted. Her head had been fuzzy all day long and now it was beginning to throb again the way it had when she’d first awakened around 2:00 that afternoon. The same doubts about her sanity were returning even though her friend was there. Had she imagined everything? she wondered for the umpteenth time that day. But the soreness between her legs and the scratches on her smooth creamy body were evidence enough to tell her that everything that she remembered was real. But what had come over her? What strange lapse had made her succumb to such horrible desires? She knew that she’d been feeling frustrated, but certainly not to that extent? Or had she suddenly turned into some kind of nymphomaniac?
“Hey, Carolyn, I’m talking to you!” Shirley suspected that there was really something wrong between Carolyn and her new husband, but that the pretty blonde was shy about coming right out and saying it. The television set droned on in the background as the two women sipped their drinks and Carolyn tried to assure Shirley that there was nothing wrong between Don and herself.
“Say, Carolyn, how’d it be if I brought my boyfriend over here to meet you one night. You and Don I mean. It would be nice, huh?” Shirley was beginning to wish that she had gone out with Harry. She could feel a mellow warmth in the pit of her belly that signaled the start of desire for the ardent caresses she’d come to expect from Harry. He picked her up every night after work usually, and they’d go to her apartment and make passionate love until it was time to go out and get something to eat. Sometimes Shirley would make them spaghetti or something like that and they’d stay in, and on nights when Harry didn’t have the early shift at his job he might stay over.
The small redhead had a compulsive urge to talk about Harry now since she couldn’t be with him.
“And he’s real cute, Carolyn,” she said.
“That would be nice,” Carolyn said running her fingers through her blonde curls. “You two could come to dinner. Maybe next week, Shirley.” That funny pulsing deep in her well-used pussy was starting again, and Carolyn’s throat felt dry, and as she drank more of the daiquiri she found that she was salivating too much. Shirley was going on and on about her boyfriend and Carolyn hardly listened. She was having trouble focusing again, and she felt she ought to go into her bedroom, but she didn’t feel she had the strength to stand. Suddenly snatches of Shirley’s conversation were reaching her, and the young girl’s words struck her with the impact of tiny arrows which stimulated and teased wherever they hit.
“And he’s got the biggest thing, Carolyn. You’d have to see it to believe it! And you know, he knows just how to stick it up inside me. Not too fast, you know… nice and slow, and by the time he’s all the way in, for crissakes, I’m nearly out of my skull! And he can go on for hours… really, I’m not just making it up.”
“Boy, what a workout! Whenever I see him… just see him, Carolyn, you know? He makes me get all sticky down there just wanting him, and all I can think of is spreading my legs wide and saying, Harry baby, come and get me!”
To Carolyn’s distorted vision it seemed as if the young redhead were writhing about on the sofa next to her. The girl’s words seemed to be exciting her and her fingers had begun to move up and down the trim outline of her tightly encased body. Shirley’s dress left little to the imagination, and Carolyn could see the outline of the other woman’s breasts, the hard, little nipples, and the full round forms that surrounded them. Her soft little belly seemed to quiver as she spoke, and between her long, exposed legs, Carolyn could imagine a tight redheaded little cunt, not unlike her own.
“Jeez, Carolyn, I feel so… so funny! All horny-like, you know?”
Although she did not answer, Carolyn knew what her guest meant, for she herself was having a hard time keeping her hands from an intimate self-caress not unlike what she had attempted the day before.
Carolyn spoke then. Her voice was hazy, low and smoky. “Why call him. We don’t need him, do we? We’ve got each other!”
Carolyn’s fingers moved slowly to the other woman’s breasts, two hands that were soft and feminine cupping the twin mounds of flesh eagerly and holding their warmth as the blonde housewife stared into her friend’s grey-green eyes.
“Oooooooh!” Shirley cooed, her hands covering Carolyn’s, moving them as she squirmed beneath the other woman’s touch. “That feels nice, Carolyn. I never thought I would like a woman before… but you… you’re so… so pretty…” Shirley’s words were slurred and jumbled together, but Carolyn wasn’t paying any attention anyway. She was undoing the back zipper of the other woman’s dress, and finding that Shirley was just as eager to help her as she was to get the restricting dress off.
As the dress came off, the creamy, brown-tanned flesh of Shirley’s breasts became fully visible, and then the thin, indented waist that gave onto full shapely hips, a soft curving stomach with its deeply indented belly-button, and below the curl fringed red hair, the same color as that on her head that formed the triumphant triangle of the young girl’s quivering pussy.
Carolyn’s head dipped low as she compulsively took one cherry tipped nipple into her mouth, beginning to suck ferociously upon it as she slowly squeezed and massaged the other with her fingers. It felt so good to be with a woman! It was something that Carolyn had never even considered before, but now, it seemed the most natural thing in the world! And what was more, the desire she felt had an extra bittersweet aura about it that Carolyn could not resist.
“Ooooooh… ohhhhhh!” Shirley’s fingers were moving, reciprocating as she pulled against her friend’s sweater, and finally lifted it up over her head. Carolyn shook her blonde curls out as the pink cashmere sweater came off. She reached back herself to undo her brassiere clasp and as the lacy white cups fell away her tingling naked breasts were exposed to the other girl’s sight.
“Oh, lovely!” Shirley cried, leaning over to kiss Carolyn’s full, soft mounds of flesh. Carolyn felt the heat rising in great gusts inside her, and even as Shirley was kissing her, she wriggled impatiently out of her skirt and pants, and with one tormented lunge, found herself sprawled over the redhead’s petite body upon the wide sofa. Breast to breast, belly to belly, Carolyn squirmed and smoothed her nakedness over the other woman’s. It felt like heaven. Nothing she had ever experienced with a man could so compare with the soft roundness of another woman’s curves against hers.
“Ohhh, baby, baby, baby!” Shirley was cooing, as the softly quivering flesh over hers made her grow more and more excited. Carolyn’s pink lips parted to meet hers, and the redheaded girl opened her mouth wide in acceptance, her tongue sweeping out to encompass Carolyn’s in a delicious mingling of wetness.
Slowly Carolyn began to grind her loins against Shirley’s as the rising excitement between them told her that satisfaction was on its way for both of them. Her golden-curled cunt spread and closed with each ardent rub against Shirley’s redheaded mound, and the sheer pressure created a friction against the steadily blossoming little clitoris that each woman owned. Tender inner flesh spread against tender inner flesh, coral and pink hued, the women close as twins, mated their glistening and undulating pussies with a rhythmic joy that grew more and more voluptuous as the moments passed.
Neither one of them noticed the two young boys who had silently taken their places across from the sofa, each sitting in an easy chair, naked as the day they were born some thirteen years before. The twins’ hot burning eyes took in the sensuous scene between the two women, and silently, but excitedly, they stored the knowledge they were gaining for future reference.
Their already stimulated penises gave a jump as they saw their stepmother under the influence of their newly modified drug slide down along the little redhead’s trembling form to look down between her parted legs. Judging from the cat’s reaction to the new mixture, this ‘sauce’ ought to be a softer experience, and ought to not last as long. Time would tell.
Shirley was moaning soft words of encouragement to her married friend, and the boys could see the vulnerably displayed vaginal slit that seemed to glow between her legs beneath the reddish gold of her pubic hair. Obediently, Shirley kept her shapely legs apart, looking up starry-eyed at the slightly older woman. Carolyn was twenty-one and Shirley had just turned twenty. The young redhead felt a strong outpouring of love for Carolyn, a love she’d never thought herself capable of for anyone, much less another woman. She cried out with delight now as Carolyn’s fingers tentatively touched her keenly aroused vaginal lips. Then the young housewife’s fingers began to explore the moistly seeping pit of Shirley’s warm, soft cunt, making hotly searing contact with every little cranny of the young sensitive organ so used to Harry’s huge raging cock. With a tickling touch, Carolyn’s thumb smoothed over and around Shirley’s tiny sensation-filled clitoris, as her other fingers began to slip tantalizingly up into the nakedly exposed tightness of the redhead’s curl-trimmed pussy.
The boys could see their beautiful stepmother’s passion-distorted features, those gently swaying breasts with tips like tiny strawberries, that brightly curling ‘vee’ of her vitally moved pussy. God, she was magnificent, they had to admit, despite the lack of affection they felt for their father’s new wife.
Carolyn was warming to her task, her shamefully probing and worming fingers were now moving all the way inside Shirley’s acquiescing young cunt… sliding higher and higher up between the younger girl’s nakedly quivering thighs. Eventually she wedged her entire naked body in between Shirley’s shapely legs, pressing her big, firm breasts up against Shirley’s moistening genitals as she did so!
“IT’S WONDERFUL!” Carolyn murmured to herself surprised that she could think of the sensuous feel of another woman as so pleasurable. So soft… and so wet! she thought, twisting and teasing her fingers within the tightly contracted hair-surrounded pussy of her school friend.
And then a spark ignited between the two women, stronger than what had gone before. Shirley began to cry out with delight feeling her aching pussy feverishly responding to the gently twirling fingers high up inside it. There was something subtle and yet strong about the feeling and it awakened inside the aroused redheaded girl incredibly thrilling spasms of lust that soared and climbed up and down the length of her body. With a small shiver of surrender, Shirley’s legs suddenly relaxed even more and voluntarily stretched wider apart. As she gazed into Carolyn’s face, she read upon it an unmistakably lewd expression. Yes, Carolyn was enjoying it as much as she was!
The feelings were growing more and more intense and Shirley only wanted to feel more and more of her old chum’s fingers high in her softly tingling cunt.
Helplessly she writhed, wantonly enjoying the erotic attention of the other woman.
“Look at them go!” Tim whispered to Bennie, an excited gleam in his eyes.
“They’re really getting at it!” Bennie replied, huskily. Glancing sideways the thirteen year old saw that his twin had the same enormously rigid erection he had. But he quickly turned back to the sensually stimulating play they had instigated between the two women. It had been pure chance that Carolyn had brought a friend back with her, but they had counted on her having a drink of something that evening. The fact was that they’d both downed a goodly portion of the ‘sauce’ in the daiquiri bottle.
The sight of their adulterous stepmother and her friend, two luscious women with passionate expressions upon their faces, writhing obscenely upon the sofa started incredible aches in the boys’ testicles as their heavily swollen cocks pulsed licentiously. They felt as though they couldn’t breathe, their sweet boyish faces bathed in perspiration as they gazed mesmerized at the incredibly exciting scene before them. They heard Shirley moan softly and deliriously as Carolyn continued her ardent finger-fucking, probing the warm, moist recesses of the younger girl’s willingly splayed cunt! Strangled gasps came from Shirley’s lips as the tormented young body twisted and flailed helplessly on the sofa, and her passion-flooded red-haired pussy began to quiver with a stormy release of steaming orgasmic moisture.
Unconsciously the boys began to let their clasping fingers move up and down the blood engorged shafts of their wildly aching cocks.
“AAAAAAHHHHHH… OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!” Shirley cried. She gave herself up with shattering certainty to Carolyn’s wildly slaving fingers, at last at the breaking point. On and on it went and the obscenely exciting fingering of her nakedly climaxing pussy pushed deeper and deeper, pounding repeatedly against the redhead’s crazily sucking cuntal walls. She was cumming! Cumming as she never had before, overflooding and overflowing. Her mind and her soul and her body were swallowed in swirling hot flashes and drowning in a blissful pool of ecstasy.
Long moments later as the two women lay sweetly entwined and Shirley came to groggily, she whispered up into Carolyn’s shell-like ear, “Now me… let me do you now!”
“Please!” Carolyn replied, “Please!”
Gloria sensed Don Larsen’s throbbing reactions and began to suck at the older man’s hardening cock a little harder, the tip of her small teeth digging gently into the hard resisting flesh, leaving tiny white trails where they scraped the skin. God, she thought, I practically had to force him into it, and I’m really getting a charge out of it.
It was unusual for the young call girl to feel anything when she was out on a job, contrary to the excitement she felt when she was with her own boyfriend, or even a girlfriend. But tonight something was different. She guessed it was just her pride, but still and all, she was getting an inordinate amount of pleasure from Don’s thrusting cock. The ecstasy of the moment rose within her as she sucked and she could feel the tension mounting in her loins as she longed for completion down there.
Don looked down at the girl’s lust-twisted face, and at her dark hair curling against pale cheeks. His fingers lightly touched her mouth and his shaft, and he saw his own hard spear of flesh completely absorbed between her ovalled lips, increasing his sensation a hundred times. It was wrong to be doing this, to have let her persuade him, and yet he wouldn’t stop what was happening for the world. He felt her massaging the soft, velvety skin of his balls tantalizingly and expertly with one hand while her thumb and forefinger of the other stroked its husky base and she sucked rhythmically up and down. CHRIST! He could feel the softness of her tongue twirling maddeningly around it at the apex of her withdrawal, the tip flicking magically across the tiny split at its tip. Sitting there on the edge of the hotel-room couch, Don Larsen, flexed his buttocks and watched the dark brown of the call girl’s head moving and bobbing up and down below, seeing that she was simultaneously working her nakedly trembling buttocks in little gyrating circles as though she wanted to be taken from behind.
She was completely unclothed save for the black garter-belt and stockings and high heeled pumps she’d left on after an impromptu striptease a short while before. For a moment Don wondered if Carolyn would do such a thing to him. He’d never dared ask her, but just the thought that his wife might be persuaded to do such a thing sent additional sensations of excitement whirling through his loins.
He, too, had stripped, when it was clear that Gloria would not leave until something happened, and when she’d noted his hesitancy to touch her, the bold brunette had pushed him down on the sofa and started it, kneeling between his legs, sucking his half-aroused cock until it was ablaze with desire. Now she slipped her hands beneath Don’s tense buttocks, cupping them in her palms, pulling his loins tighter to her face as her tongue slipped around and around the swollen tip furiously. Don felt it pushing near the bursting point while Gloria took nearly all of his rigidly throbbing cock as far back in her throat as was humanly possible. It had occurred to him before that by doing this he was not exactly unfaithful to his wife, but now this strange dream was to be shattered as Gloria suddenly gave a wild cry and let his bobbing cock slip from between her lips. With a swift and graceful movement the young dark-haired girl had positioned herself upon his lap, and with one well placed thrust, the full blunt-tipped shaft of his cock sank high up into her receptively clenching pussy. Gloria’s arms wound tight about him, her lips pressed intensely against his, her tongue moving rapidly as again and again she slammed herself up and down upon his rising penis, hard, long strokes, letting Don’s ever expanding cock caress the smooth inner walls of her cuntal channel.
The bluntly pounding tip found its mark as she thrust herself down upon it, forcing the rock-hard penis deeper and deeper up into her with increasing bliss for both the call girl and the newly married architect.
The room had begun to swirl in a maze of delicious blinding, flashing colors, blending with the galvanic shocks that were jolting through the young girl’s soft, white body to the core of her very innermost being.
Don began to grunt and groan along with his visitor as he pumped harder up into her downward spiraling pussy, a wild tingling beginning to gnaw at his testicles. Don could hear his own strangling noises forcing their way from his throat. Christ, she was making him cum! He writhed his hips furiously. NOW! NOW!
He felt the needle-thin stream of white hot sperm rush from his balls along the length of his fiercely fucking shaft and squirt in never-ending streams into the girl’s greedily accepting hair-fringed cunt.
Gloria thrust her buttocks down onto the beautifully expanded cock within her inflamed passage. Every muscle in her trembling body contracted when her orgasm hit, and she rose up and nearly fell to the side in an almost epileptic attack of contraction. A squeal came from deep inside her chest and the unleashed pressure inside her exploded in torrents of bliss as she convulsively clutched at Don. Together they ground out the final spasm of desire until at last there was no more left.
“Well, I guess I’ll be going now,” Gloria said at last when several minutes had passed.
Carolyn awoke with the vivid memory of the evening before imprinted upon her brain. She blushed once more as she thought of the passion her old school friend had brought out in her. It was so strange, and so upsetting. Still, Carolyn could not deny that the experience had been something completely out of the ordinary… something completely special that would haunt her for a long while to come. She was thankful that only she and not Shirley had seen the twins tiptoeing from the living room, returning to their own rooms after having watched their fill. Her hatred for their meddling seemed to have grown a hundredfold and it was with difficulty that she even thought about them. How she had ever allowed the perverted little bastards to touch her, let alone force her into a lewd act of submissive intercourse was beyond her, and once more the doubts about her sanity, the confusion of wondering what on earth she ought to do, besieged the twenty-one year old bride.
She’d known many friends who were in analysis, and now she thought of calling one of them to get the number of a psychiatrist who might be able to help her. Still, this morning she didn’t feel nearly as groggy as the day before, and Carolyn hoped it meant she would not have any more of the disturbing spells! She rose around noon, her usual time, and took a cold shower. Beneath the jets of cool water, she could not help remembering Shirley’s fingers at her breasts, and she wondered what the other woman was doing that day.
Carolyn didn’t have to wait long to find out, for when she got out of the shower the telephone rang and it was Shirley. Would she want to come over for lunch at her place? Carolyn accepted, unable to shake the pleasurable memory of the other woman’s body close to hers. Perhaps it would happen again, only this time she would be away from the house, away from the dreadful twins!
A short while later she was dressed in a becoming summer pants-suit and a straw hat for the sun. Instead of going into the kitchen to make coffee she decided she would have some at Shirley’s. She would stay out late, and that way Don would be home by the time she got back. But before she got out the front door she heard a small voice behind her.
“Going to get some more pussy, Mom?”
Carolyn whirled. Both Tim and Bennie were standing in the doorway to their room, grinning ear to ear like Cheshire cats.
“I’ll get even with you spying bastards!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, her normally pretty face distorted by an ugly grimace. “I’ll get your father to send you away. You’ll be lucky if you get back even on holidays when I’ve finished. God, how I hate you little runts!”
But the boys’ laughter echoed in her ears even after she had slammed out the door, and her threatening words seemed hollow and meaningless.
Nevertheless she rushed toward the waiting car and her friend’s house and warm welcoming arms.
Inside the house the boys lounged around for some time before Bennie finally spoke. “You hear what she said about sending us away?”
“Sure I heard it. I’m not deaf,” replied Tim, he was cleaning a pair of his old tennis shoes.
“Well, we gotta do something, right?”
“Right!” Tim agreed.
Together they slowly developed what seemed like a good idea to them, and then they set off for the local swimming pool to cool off.
“We’ll see who sends who away!” Tim giggled as the two boys bicycled down the road.
At 7:00 p.m. the helicopter landed at Sausalito airport and the tired architect got off. His car was waiting in the nearby parking lot and he headed wearily toward it. He felt oddly old and defeated, even though the building plans were going well. The encounter with Gloria had profoundly depressed him, and after the aggressive girl had left his hotel room, the middle-aged husband had felt used, and one question had burned hotly in his mind. What was Carolyn doing that night? He still thought about that as he drove home on the freeway, and Don was glad that soon he would be home seeing Carolyn and that soon all his fears would be allayed, and his new wife would be close to him again. He scolded himself for being so apprehensive. Surely everything would turn out just fine, despite the growing awareness that his new bride’s sexual drives were somewhat stronger than his. He felt that tonight he would certainly be ready for her when he got home. A sense of anxiety and guilt encouraged his desire for Carolyn as he made the turn for San Rafael and headed for his home.
It was a considerable disappointment to him to find when he arrived at 7:30 that his wife’s temporary car was not in the driveway. His heart pounding anxiously, Don let himself into the house.
The boys had dinner waiting.
“Hi Dad… welcome home!”
“Where’s Carolyn?” he asked. The last thing he felt like doing was eating, but after washing his hands, he sat down at the table anyway.
“Oh, Mom’s out with a friend. She ought to be back soon!” Bennie replied.
“What friend is this that she’s seeing so much of?”
“Oh, I think she has lots of different ones!” Tim replied ambiguously.
Don tried some of his lamb chop, cooked to perfection by the twins, but he still wasn’t hungry. There was an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach, as if there were a hole there.
“Have you seen any of these… uh… friends?” he asked, fearful as to what the answer might be.
“Well, last night she brought one of them home with her. He was kinda weird, named Cyril I think,” Tim mumbled while chewing his chop.
“Uh…” Don choked and stood up. “Listen boys, I’m not much in the mood for eating. I think I’ll just go in and lie down until Carolyn comes back. Thanks for fixing dinner though. It’s pretty good!”
“Well, Dad, we were hoping to get a chance to talk to you about Mom. She’s been acting strange lately, and we thought you ought to know.”
“Strange… how strange?” Don asked, halfway toward the living room.
“Uh, well, it’s hard to describe, Dad!”
“Well, perhaps I’d better wait then and discuss it when Carolyn returns.”
Don just couldn’t bear discussing his pretty new wife with the boys. All he wanted was for her to return and to tell him that everything was all right, that there was no reason for this terrible feeling of impending doom that he had.
The door closed behind him and Tim and Bennie looked at each other. Now that Dad had gotten back before Carolyn it was going to be a little harder, but somehow they would manage anyway.
A short while later Bennie knocked on his dad’s door and entered the room. Don was lying on the bed, but was not asleep.
“Forgot to replace the toothpaste for Mom, Dad. I’ll just put it over her sink.”
“Fine, Son.” It was touching how devoted the boys were to Carolyn. Don closed his eyes once more and sighed. Why didn’t she come home?
The toothpaste securely in place, Bennie exited and said good night to his father.
Don was suddenly very tired… the plane trip, the helicopter, the bustle of Los Angeles, all had conspired to make his return home a let down, especially since his wife hadn’t even been there to greet him. It wasn’t that he’d been that far away or away all that long… it was just the principle of the thing.
He drifted into a half-sleep, and just as he was on the brink of a profound sleep, the door opened and Carolyn came into the room. For some reason he lay still as though he were sound asleep, watching her as she moved.
Carolyn paused over the bed and thinking her husband to be asleep yawned and went into the bathroom. Christ, that girl could go on forever! Not that Carolyn was complaining about Shirley, she had thoroughly enjoyed her lunch, and had stayed on until now, renewing the intimate contact the two women had known the night before. Thinking about Shirley, Carolyn began to undress, taking off her pants-suit and revealing the total lack of any underwear underneath to her husband on the bed. Never suspecting that she was being watched, Carolyn rubbed her palm appreciatively against the golden mound of her pussy, and then turned to go into the bathroom. The light flicked on, and she stepped into the shower, rubbing away the traces of her female companion’s perfume as quickly as she could.
Then stepping out of the warm water, Carolyn opened up the new tube of toothpaste she found over her sink and began to brush her teeth.
The taste of the toothpaste was oddly familiar, but pleasant, and Carolyn brushed lengthily, knowing that there would be alcohol on her breath as well as the familiar scent of another woman’s excitement.
Refreshed and ready for bed, Carolyn padded barefoot back into the bedroom, and slipped between the sheets on the other side of her husband.
“Aren’t you even going to say hello?” Don asked.
Carolyn jumped. “Oh, Don, are you awake? You seemed to be sleeping so well that I didn’t want to disturb you… How are you darling, welcome back!”
Carolyn’s voice sounded false on Don’s sensitive ears, and as Carolyn leaned forward to kiss him, he roughly pulled her to him.
“What the hell have you been doing? Why weren’t you here when I got back?”
“Don, you’re hurting my hair. Let go!” Carolyn felt frightened. She’d never heard Don use this tone of voice with her and a new side of his personality was making itself known to her.
“Answer me! Who is it you’ve been out with?”
“Shirley… my old friend Shirley, you’ve heard me talk about her. I was lonesome… cooped up here with those… kids. I needed someone to talk to!”
The tingling began in the lower pit of Carolyn’s belly and she knew she was having another attack. Desperately, she tried to persuade Don that he had nothing to be upset about. She apologized profusely for having been late in getting home, and when her husband let go of her hair she could not help beginning to rub her naked body licentiously against his clothed form.
Before much time had passed, she was begging and pleading with her husband, “Oh, Don, fuck me… fuck me, quick… please, please, do something!”
In spite of the many doubts he had about Carolyn, Don was aroused by the beautiful young woman’s agitated motions upon his prone body, and he began to fondle and kiss her, feeling the sleek, white nakedness of her flesh responding to his touches and hearing her urging him to do more.
Hastily, Carolyn helped Don out of his clothing, and while he lay back she moved swiftly and surely over him, letting his hard cock penetrate the widespread lips of her besieged cunt, rising rapidly up and down over and over again, squealing and gurgling as her lust was satisfied again and still again, and still Don managed to remain hard and to refrain from cumming.
“Oh, baby, oh honey, oh Don, oh sweetheart! Oh, it’s good, it’s so good… oh can you do it more and more and more… I’ve got to cum one more time… just one more time!”
Don continued to give his young wife the hard up-thrusting that she demanded, as she crazily spun and flung herself down upon him over and over again. And then finally, exhaustion overtook him, and the strain of withholding his orgasm had drained all desire and excitement from him. Still, he climaxed with an unsatisfactory feeling, knowing for sure that something was wrong now. His ejaculation over, the tired architect fell into the relief of a deep and dark sleep.
“Oh no, lover! No… no… not yet… not yet!” Carolyn cooed. But she saw that it was too late. Don’s limp penis slid from the seething orifice of her flooded pussy, leaving the drugged wife with a horrible need still untouched within her straining loins.
Hurriedly, she climbed from Don’s still body and stood in the middle of the room. She knew what she had to do, no matter how distasteful it might have seemed to her under ordinary circumstances.
Slipping from the room, she padded out into the living room. Her naked body glistening with perspiration, her breathing coming in jagged, uneven bursts as she tried to deal with the mounting desire within her drugged system. Knowing that within the house there was only one answer to her immediate problem, Carolyn headed for the twins’ room. Utterly ignoring the dark interior of the room, which she had never even really seen before due to a complete lack of interest in the thirteen year olds, Carolyn headed directly toward the two still forms that lay in the twin beds on the opposite side of the room.
“What are you doing, Mom?”
“Oh, Mom, we couldn’t possibly do anything like that!”
“Stop it, Mom, stop it!”
“Stop, Mom! Stop!”
Even through the deep sleep that had overcome him in the next room, Don could hear the loud noises. They seemed, in fact, to be right in the room with him. Almost as if there were a speaker system there leading from one room to the next. Don woke up in a cold sweat, hearing his sons’ strident calls for help, and his wife’s words becoming more and more lewd. At first it seemed a terrible nightmare, and it was clear that there was no one in his bedroom, Don ran outside into the living room. The door to the boys’ room was open, and he dashed inside.
Tim and Bennie in varying states of undress were clearly attempting to defend themselves against their new mother’s attack, as they scampered to the opposite ends of the room to try to escape Carolyn’s clutching hands. With one excited lunge, however, Carolyn reached forward and grabbed hold of young Tim’s leg, pulling him over and down onto the mattress of his bed, and hurriedly reaching inside his pajamas to find his youthful penis. Her head darted down, her parched lips widened to accept her stepson’s swelling cock in her mouth, her seeking, hungry, sucking mouth. While Bennie leaped upon her back in an attempt to pull her away from his brother.
“Help! Help!” Bennie cried, as Carolyn turned on him and managed with her superior strength to get him down on his back. The excited twenty-one year old blonde then pushed her nakedness forward and began to writhe lewdly upon the twins on the bed. While her husband watched in an abject state of shock, Carolyn cried out to the boys, “Oh fuck me, oh suck me, oh do anything to me! Just do it! God, I think I’m going to die! Don’t just lie there! Do something!”
Incensed by the obscene sight before him, Don’s face grew redder and redder. The lewdly writhing twin surfaces of his wife’s totally exposed buttocks before him enraged him still further. He had to take some sort of action, and the first action that came to him was brutal and hideous, but fitting for a woman who was trying to debauch his young sons, he thought.
“I’ll do something!” he cried, advancing upon them. “Tim and Bennie, you get out of here! I’ll take care of her!”
“Gee, Dad!” Tim and Bennie declared innocently, in unison, slipping out from under their momentarily distracted stepmother’s bobbing breasts.
They scuttled away easily, themselves frightened by the look upon their father’s face. In all the time they’d known him they’d never quite seen him like this!
Tim and Bennie went to the door, but instead of leaving as they’d been told, they remained, too curious to miss what would happen next.
Carolyn saw the awful look her new husband’s face bore and she knew despite the terrific lust brewing in her veins that she had erred hopelessly. Somehow everything had gone wrong, and this was the moment of truth!
Everything she’d worked so hard to attain was now really down the drain, and what was more she felt that she was in great danger of being physically harmed by the normally gentle, understanding middle-aged man she’d married.
“Oh, God. Oh God… let me explain… Don, please let me explain!” she wailed.
“I’ve had all the explanation I need,” Don replied, tight-lipped, his face now ashen white. Carolyn tried to be sweet, charming, alluring. “Oh, Don… darling… please…” Her fingers went up to Don’s face, but her touch enraged him so that Don twisted her arm around, until she was forced to turn her entire body about, until she was lying on her breasts and belly on one of the boys’ beds.
“NO, DON, NONONONO!” she cried. “Oh, let me go… please let me go… I PROMISE YOU IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!”
“Get up on your knees and I’ll give you something that you’ll never — God, no, never forget!” Don cried out.
Cringing helplessly forward, Carolyn obeyed slowly, her knees quavering as she raised her creamy mounds high on the bed. She looked back at her husband with an expression of sheer terror, feeling that she was about to receive the thrashing of her life. But Don had other things in mind. Beating was too good for Carolyn, he felt, and only something particularly suited to her crime would suffice.
“You thought you had a good thing going, didn’t you?” Don asked, his voice bitter and his eyes filled with loathing for the beautiful young creature who knelt lewdly upon the bed in his sons’ room.
From her uncomfortable position on the bed, terror struck deep in Carolyn’s heart. “Oh, Don, please don’t say things like that to me… Oh, Don!” she whimpered.
Everything was muddled in her mind. It didn’t seem possible that she could be finding herself in this situation. And yet didn’t her wanton actions indicate that something was wrong? Still, even before the strange spells, Carolyn had to admit to herself that she had been restless enough to accept the magazine salesman’s intimate embraces, and if she had not been caught by the twins, it would have been fun having him back, time and time again. Don was right to be furious with her, but God, what was she going to do now? How could she ever start her life over again? Without Don’s benevolent protection, without anything?
Don peered down at Carolyn’s white, widespread buttocks deciding that he would punish the lovely young girl he’d been so in love with in a manner which she would never ever forget. How many times had she betrayed him in the short weeks of their marriage. Don hesitated to even wager a guess. He’d been so anxious to keep her happy, so hopeful that she would return the deep love he felt for her. But she had been insatiable, so insatiable that she had gone into his sons’ room to attack them when he had fallen asleep! It was unspeakable! Unthinkable! Perhaps she’d even been in their room before! The boys had said something about their new mother acting strange, and he’d paid no attention to that!
“YOU SPREAD THOSE LEGS WIDER!” he commanded. He was naked behind his adulterous new bride, his once dormant penis now bulging thick with big veins that stood out on the sides of the hardened shaft. Leaning over, he slowly and deliberately parted the cheeks of the twenty-one year old’s full rounded buttocks wider than they would normally go. He heard her moan and then with a perverse smile on his lips, he bent forward and licked the small brown opening of her tiny, puckered anus.
“NNNNNNNNNN…!” Carolyn shuddered at the hideous wet feeling back there. It seemed so obscene that Don should be doing such a thing to her, and yet, deep inside the little thrills created by the ‘sauce’ she’d consumed in her toothpaste began to sprout once more. How could she protest when she knew that she deserved this from Don. He was her husband, and she could not deny that she had been unfaithful… more than that, she had committed an unforgivable act of bestiality, fornicating with a dog! And the family dog at that! More than that she had known mindless delights with her husband’s children, accepting their slender boyish cocks high up within the moist, willing confines of her womb, and had made passionate love with another woman, not once, but twice.
Now her husband’s tongue flicking teasingly in the crack of her defenselessly spread ass-cheeks sent chills running through her.
“Wider!” he ordered gruffly, beginning to really enjoy himself. Don withdrew his tongue and peered hungrily at the little brown opening. Carolyn’s long, beautiful legs were spread far apart, so far that she could feel the pull on the tendons where her thighs joined at her loins. Then suddenly the new bride felt a sharp, stabbing pain in her rectum and she realized with alarm that Don was working his finger into her back there. His finger was thick and with a sudden surge of fear Carolyn realized that he was going to push it all the way into her. She tried to wiggle away from him as his middle finger began to turn in the deep channel of her tightly clenched rectum, sliding steadily inward and then pulling out and pushing back in with abrupt jerking motions.
“NNNNNNnnnnghhhh!” Carolyn groaned. The pain in her unused passage was indeed horrid and even worse was the very idea of what Don was doing!
But Don pulled her buttocks back up in the air, when she tried to scramble away, or lean forward to escape his touch. He made his guilty young wife remain in the humiliating position that made her rear passage so wide open to his lewd fondling.
“What’s the matter? Don’t you like it? You were begging for something… for anything… well this is something!”
The watching twins cowered by the door, wondering if perhaps they had gone too far in their little trap. To their amazement their father had turned into a cool, appraising madman. They had not quite expected that. But they decided to watch it all to the very end, in case they might be able to be of some assistance in one way or another.
“NnnnnnnNNNNNNGHHHHHH!” Carolyn grunted, more softly now, and the boys could see that their father had removed his finger from their stepmother’s back passage, and that he had replaced it with the hard knob of his thrusting cock. They could see that his penis was beet red from the effort of trying to slip into the tight cringing little hole that nestled between their new mother’s pale and trembling buttocks.
“Jeez!” said Bennie.
“Cripes!” Tim whispered under his breath.
Carolyn’s face reddened. She seemed so very exposed, so vulnerable. Tears ran down her cheeks and her long, blonde hair fell in her eyes. She was trying to support herself on her elbows but every now and then she would pitch forward, propelled by Don’s thrusting penis. It was only in about a quarter of an inch, but the pain in her virginal back passage was more than she could bear.
“I’m going to fuck you within an inch of your life… fuck you in that tight little ass of yours… the one you sit on all day long except when you’re shaking it for someone else!” Don whispered, huskily.
Don’s words stung and echoed in Carolyn’s ears and her pink, flushed body trembled uncontrollably from the pain in her rectum.
Don let his fingers roam teasingly all over Carolyn’s beautiful legs, her hips and her belly, and both of them sensed that it was for the sake of memory… that it was perhaps the last time he would be touching her. Carolyn felt her skin crawling everywhere Don touched. She whimpered softly now, wondering if he would ever be finished with her, and yet not wanting it to end, for at the end, she felt was an abyss of darkness in which Don would not care what happened to her.
Then his hands slipped into the warm, hair-fringed lips beneath Carolyn’s pale white belly, the obscenely wriggling fingers sliding wetly into the defensively moistened slit of her blonde-haired cunt.
Simultaneously, Don began to rock and to push, rock and push, worming forward all the time, pulling Carolyn’s helplessly exposed body back to him so that within moments the hot tip of his penetrating penis surged forward all the way up into the depths of the young girl’s tightly resisting anus.
“AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!” Carolyn twisted desperately, trying her best to get away from the red-hot searing pain in her rectum, but Don’s thick cock was angrily sinking further and further into the tight, dark virginity of her back passage and the shameful pain flared up to include every portion of her being.
The young woman felt weak and debilitated as though she would never be able to hold up under this lewd back-fucking. Behind her she could feel Don beginning to warm to his task, moaning out lustfully behind her in a voice she’d never heard him use before.
“UUUUuuuuuughhhhhh! Fuck back… fuck back!” he growled out.
Weakly at first, and then with more and more assurance, Carolyn did as she was told, while nearby the twins watched with increasing interest.
With each vicious stab from behind, the young wife tried to screw her quivering buttocks back into the pain. Perhaps, soon, it would be all over. Perhaps then this one would be the last, horrid stroke!
But it was not over, and Carolyn’s cries of distress began to trail off as the odd pain, without the slightest warning, began to ignite a masochistic spark deep within her. The drugged wife’s belly quivered with a definite pleasure at what was happening and something about even this ghastly punishment released that hidden torrent of lust that had lain buried inside her. She could visualize herself almost as though she were someone watching herself lewdly kneeling, her full firmly-rounded ass-cheeks quivering high in the air while her angered husband thrust mercilessly, over and over again, into her once-virgin passage.
“Mmmmmmmnnnnnn! OOOOOooooohhhhhh!” Carolyn began to cry and the sounds were quite different now. At the door to their room, watching the entire scene the boys were relieved to hear their stepmother’s cries and to know that she was enjoying the brutal act that their father was committing. The disheveled blonde’s arousal was most apparent, even to Don, who was himself mesmerized by the sight of his thickly swollen penis as it entered and exited from the tightly stretched nether ring of his wife’s anal passage. Carolyn’s straining mounds had begun to twist and bounce beneath him, offering him encouragement as the haunted woman wagged herself back at her husband in open invitation to ravishment. Don was slithering deep inside her, deeper than he had ever thought that he could go. And it felt damned good and tight!
“Don’t stop, Don! Don’t ever stop. I love it… I love it!” Carolyn suddenly blurted out in helpless surrender. It felt incredible. Like no pleasure she’d ever known… different from regular lovemaking and satisfying in every way.
“OH MY GOD DON… OH DON DARLING WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? WHAT…” Carolyn’s wild entreaty was interrupted. For the first time in her life she was experiencing something very rare, an anal orgasm. But that was what it was. It spread most definitely from the filled nether passage of her rectum to the tingling inner passage of her vagina, and then began to spiral and grow as Carolyn moaned and danced obscenely back toward her husband’s wetly skewering cock, her knees quaking, and her heart palpitating as the frenzied delight spread to every portion of her nakedly gyrating body.
“Oh my God, yes… oh yes…” Carolyn hissed softly, and Don’s fingers dropped down around the keening, blonde wife’s thighs to manipulate the passion moistened prissy, toying teasingly, increasing her orgasm with his fingers.
At the door, the boys watched as their father thrust one more time, then again, and then another time into their mewling stepmother’s spreading anal channel and then his groans mingled with hers as his heavy cock grew stiff with desire for release. And then Don pumped his heated sperm high up into Carolyn’s wildly contracting anal passage. Together they felt the acute thrill of mutual climax overtaking them and moaning and gasping for pleasure they both collapsed heavily on the bed. As they lay there stunned, the adulterous young wife could still feel her husband’s spending penis emitting its last few drops of semen high up with the compressed mounds of her flushed and heated ass-cheeks.
“Wow!” cried Tim.
“You said it,” Bennie agreed, and both boys left the room. They were hungry and a midnight snack was just what they needed.
Don greeted the mailman, and noted with pleasure that he had received a letter from the twins. He was lonely in the big house all by himself, and now most of his pleasure came from the weekly letters the boys sent from their boarding school farther north up near Sacramento.
He sat back down in his reclining chair and opened up the envelope to read the letter:
Dear Dad,
We were sorry to hear about the divorce, but glad to know that “Mom” is okay and living with her friend Shirley now.
As you will see from the enclosed report-card we are making good grades here. We have a neat chemistry teacher, Mr. Boyse, who allows us to do our own special experiments whenever the lab is free.
All in all the school is pretty nice and we like it so far.
Love from,
Tim and Bennie
P.S. Sure hope you get married again Dad, and if you do, we’ll be ready to love and accept anyone you choose!
Don smiled to himself. What a miracle that the boys were not scarred for life by the terrible things they’d experienced. God, he felt himself to be a very lucky man, indeed!
At Scotsdale School for Boys, Tim and Bennie hurried to the lab. Mr. Boyse had told them it was available, and they had a very important experiment in action. When they entered the room, Bennie went over to their private locker. Inside was the cage with the guinea pigs.
Tim took out his stopwatch and they settled down to observe and make notes. By the time two hours had passed, it was clear that the new timing action they’d created for their special ‘sauce’… the ‘formula’, they called it now… was working splendidly. They would have to return periodically to observe the guinea pigs, but so far it seemed as though the formula would work over a twenty-four period, going on and off approximately every two hours. In a few days it would be ready for testing on a human being.
When Tim and Bennie left the lab, carefully cleaning up and turning out the lights before hand, they were elated by their own brilliance. Flushed and excited they walked briskly down the hall toward their dorm room. Several students and teachers passed them, for it was the end of the class day, and one of them stopped to congratulate the twins on their last English composition.
Pretty Miss Appleton was enthusiastic, and the boys liked the way her perfume smelled, and the pretty dark brunette hair that was always coming undone from its prim chignon at the back of her lithe, long neck.
“I’m very proud of you boys,” Miss Appleton said, her blue eyes sparkling, for she took her work very seriously. “Both of you. I’m hoping you will read your compositions in class tomorrow morning!”
“Sure, Miss Appleton!”
“Right on, Miss Appleton!”
They stood to watch the young teacher clicking away on her high heels down the hall. The soft curve of her hips and buttocks was definitely exciting, they both agreed, and by the time they reached their own room, each twin knew just who would be the first recipient of their new ‘formula’.
“Imagine doing it to Miss Appleton.” Tim mused later on after lights out.
“That’s just what I’m imagining!” Bennie replied.
To be continued…

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