Real sex story, My bro and his gf

My brother and his girlfriend have been in an official relationship for about 2 years now. However behind closed doors we have really been in a 3 way relationship, although my part is purely sexual. We have regular threeways and I have also been known to fuck both my brother and his girlfriend individually (of course they both know this).
I’m Matt, I’m 21, 6’1 tall, I have curly brown hair, and I’m quite thin. I go to the gym occasionally to keep fit but I’m not one to do much on weights so I’m not overly muscular.
My brother, Tom, is 19, 5’8 and has short, straight blondish brown hair. He is also quite thin but he works out more than I do.
Jess, Tom’s girlfriend, is also 19. She is very short at just 5’1 tall. She has long straight dyed blonde hair. She’s got a very pretty face, big perky breasts, a thin waist and a magnificent round ass. She also has a pair of smooth legs that were amazing to look at.
Jess and I had organised to visit Tom in London where he was at university. So we got on our respective trains and headed off. I arrived first and was greeted by Tom at the platform. We hugged and then he grabbed my arse and we made out until Jess arrived. When she eventually got to the station she passionately kissed us both before we went to Tom’s flat.
We didn’t have time for anything interesting because we had booked to see a West End show so we only had time to get changed. I put on a short sleeved white shirt with some black skinny jeans and my black boots. Tom wore a long sleeved pink shirt, blue jeans and a pair of smart brown shoes. Jess wore a little black dress (a very little black dress) which showed off her ample cleavage and barely covered her bum, leaving her sexy legs bare. She wore bright red heels and carried a matching bag. Tom and I couldn’t help but gawk at the stunningly sexy girl stood in front of us.
At the theatre we were right at the back due to poor planning on my part. I sat in the middle with Jess to my left and Tom to my right. I was stroking Jess’ bare outer thigh throughout the entire first act, which really turned me on, and I’m sure she didn’t mind either. In the second act I moved to the inner thigh. I was getting really hard now. I reached over with my right hand and stroked the growing buldge on Tom’s crotch. I undid his jeans and started wanking him in the theatre. Meanwhile, Jess had undone my jeans and was now sucking my cock. I put my left hand on the back of her head to guide her. Tom then grabbed my head and shoved his tongue down my throat. We made out passionately while I tossed him off while Jess sucked my hard cock. Unfortunately neither Tom or I came before the second act was over.
We rushed back to the flat as we were all feeling very horny. Tom and I stripped each other naked and made out as Jess watched. We then took turns feeling her whole body (still dressed), groping her big tits, stroking her thighs, grabbing her amazing ass and feeling her flat stomach and smooth back.
I kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth as I held her tiny waist. Tom came up behind her and dry humped her ass while he squeezed her tits. She then turned around and Tom kissed her and I humped and squeezed her. We sat on that bed as she stripped off her dress. She had on a black and red lacy bra and a matching pair of thongs. I unclasped her bra as Tom tore off her thongs. I then sucked on my little brothers big dick as Jess sucked on mine as Tom ate out Jess’ wet pussy.
The room was filled with the sounds of all three of us moaning in pleasure. I couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m cumminnnggggg!” I managed to say between moans.
“Cum on my face baby” Jess replied.
This sent me over the edge as Jess jacked off my cock until I came. Ropes and ropes of hot sticky cum streamed onto Jess’ pretty face, coating her in my sperm. Just then Tom pulled out of my mouth and without warning squirted an enormous amount of cum all over my own face. I then helped Tom with eating out Jess. She screamed in pleasure as she now had two tongues working on her wet cunt simultaneously.
Tom and I loved doing this because not only did we get to eat out an incredibly hot girl but we also got to taste each others tongues.
Jess came hard. She shuddered and screamed in pleasure for at least a minute. We all collapsed on the bed and fell asleep spooning together, Tom being the biggest spoon, Jess being the smallest and me being in the middle. Tom slept with his dick buried between my ass cheeks and his hand wrapped around my cock which in turn was buried between Jess’ big sexy ass cheeks. I fell asleep with my hands on her big sexy naked breasts, feeling her nipples between my fingers.

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