Adult stories : Daddys plaything

From the backstage wings of the Lucky Nuggett lounge-stage Victor Redgrave studied Sherry Trent (that was her stage name) as she held the boozed and gambling-weary Las Vegas audience spellbound. Even at sixteen, his daughter Sherry had stage presence that some veteran singers might envy. Guitar in hand, her fringed, white western attire so tight-fitting it had the male members of the audience open-mouthed, Sherry held the entire audience in a near-hypnotic trance. Charisma, some critics called it. Victor knew it was sex-appeal. Whatever it was, Sherry had it — in spades — that and an incredible vocal talent that had raised her Nevada price to four-thousand dollars a week.

S/M stories : Dominating thrills

The fantasies flashed through his brain in little lightning shocks. Lips caressing the backs of upper thighs, licking softly, a white leg rising up an inch or two with each wet kiss… the aroma of untapped moisture from a steaming body, a hot fragrance. His testicles filled to bursting… plunging for the blessed snarl and gulp of the sticky mouth bath… spreading and splitting those thighs apart, burying his face against the drenched and turgid cavity… his tongue wet-sliding, dipping into the naked throb itself, toying there with the fire-hot vulva heart, licking and encircling the clit in a feathery rage… the candy taste and the swallowing of the creamed pussy.

The boyfriends dad fucking me

Tamera West slouched in an easy chair, watching an old Tarzan repeat on the television and eating an apple. Her thoughts werent on the screen, but on her date for that night, Eddie McDonald, a big, handsome boy, with craggy features like James Colburn — only younger, of course, Eddie was going to be a senior when school started again, (but sadly, he was going to be bussed to another district. Still, there was the rest of the summer to see him, and who could tell what would happen by September?) Shed only been out with him once, last Saturday night, on a blind date arranged by her best friend, Nancy Cannon, whose steady boyfriend Jason, had brought Eddie along. And wow!

Claire, and the scout

At first the young girl pretended the noise she heard was nothing but the wind rushing through the tall pines outside the cabin. At the age of fourteen, she considered herself too old to be frightened by a few stray sounds in the dark. But she couldnt keep herself from ducking her head under the cover and burrowing her turned-up nose under the pillow. She pressed her adolescent breasts into the smooth sheet and hugged one arm across her trim midriff for comfort. The light scuffling sound came again, closer this time, and she drew the lengths of her slim thighs up under the covers until her rounded knees were tight against the hardened tips of her small brown nipples. She lay in a ball in the middle of the unfamiliar bed and felt her heart trip faster and faster. She had to admit now that the noise wasnt coming from outside the cabin at all.

Trade in wife

Everyone has heard or read something about the sex clubs. Almost every city in the United States — and possibly abroad — has its intimate club where couples get together and trade mates. It is common to find something about such couples in almost any daily newspaper, or you can buy a good book on the subject at almost any news dealer.


I should start by giving you a little background. My name is Tracy. Trace to my friends. My last name doesnt matter and besides, I couldnt take all the phone calls. Believe it or not, the story you are about to read is true. You could find me in the phone book, and to be perfectly honest, I probably wouldnt mind if a few of you did call, but I couldnt handle you all.

Ed The Pregnant Fucker

My name is Sandra, and my husband Ed and I are 34 years old and live in a nice suburb of Houston with our one year old daughter. Ed is gainfully employed in the banking industry, and although I also had a good job as a systems analyst, I was able to quit when our daughter was born.

Cheating sex story

Scott has been in love with Tabitha, the single mother next door, almost since the first day he moved in. The problem is that Tabitha is in love with someone else a married man who has all the right excuses for why hes still with his wife. And then one snowy Christmas Eve…

My Stepsis my lover

I woke up with Lindseys nursing on my cock. I looked into her twinkling eyes and moaned. I never exchanged sex stories with my ex-brother-in-law as I had with other male members of the family. Clint was a dud who felt talking about anything sexual was somehow disgusting. Well, his loss. I watched my sister enjoying the taste of my juices until I could take no more. I pulled her to my face and kissed her shining lips. The taste of her strawberry lip glow was mixed with my pre-cum. The taste reminded me of how taboo this whole situation was. After several passionate kisses and gropes, Lindsey threw her leg over my midsection. Backing down my body, Lindsey reached behind her back to position my cock at her opening. It wasnt until she pushed me into her that I realized the opening in question was her rectum. The tightness gripping my cock was wondrous. Lindsey bit her bottom lip and pumped herself up and down my cock. I held her sides to steady her as she moaned in time with her thrusts. I watched the red of her sexual blush intensify across her shoulders, her throat, and the tops of her heavy breasts as my beautiful sister neared her sexual release. Tears filled Lindseys eyes as her body shook and her hands pounded my chest. Lindsey relaxed long enough to look down at me and kiss me again. Nuzzling my neck she cooed, Thank you, Mike. You are the best brother.

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