Sweet payback

The drunken young blonde gyrated in front of the hotel mirror, squeezing her breasts together with one hand as she gulped the tequila-laden drink. Eddie sat at the edge of the bed, whiskey glass in-hand, his hungry eyes, stalking her every move like a tiger ready to pounce. His plan was going as scheduled and he couldnt wait to fill the sex kitten with his hot cum.

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A couple of days after my mind blowing experience with the hot lady from Wal-Mart, my wrist was getting sore from jerking off. I hadnt been able to hook up with my regular sex partners and the friends at Xhamster had been posting some hot vids so I was running out of tissue to wipe up the cum I was shooting. Everything from exciting rim job movies with gorgeous BBWs to deep penetrating strap-ons were being uploaded. I wasnt complaining, but I needed some real live action. The dry spell had to end and i figured that the best way to end it was to check out the local roller-derby league action. Those rough and tumble ladies were the kind that needed to blow off steam after a close game, and I was feeling a bit ready for some on my knees action. Being in charge is great, but sometimes I need to switch things up. So thats how I found myself in the stands right next to the action as thick women in shorts, legs pumping and voices screaming circled round and round. I watched their big, muscular asses, go round and round and breathed in their exotic sweat. I caught the eye of one tall redhead with big tits. I knew that if she unleashed those twin balloons from beneath her jersey that Id better watch out or Id have bruises on my face. I made a mental note to include hand signals in my safety regimen because if I were smothered by those breasts I would not be able to voice it. She caught my eye and we connected. As she rounded a turn I read the name on the back of her shirt — …

Farmed and chained

Meghan felt a mixture of disgust and excitement as she gazed at the scenery alongside the highway. The disgust was for being here in the first place, practically in the middle of nowhere. The excitement was what she couldnt help feeling at such change, at moving to a new state, new house, new school.

Mother’s Nature xxx

My 17-year-old son Jacob and I hadn’t been getting along that well. I tried to explain to him that it was tough enough being a single mother without having a child who had dedicated his every waking moment to making her life a misery. The summer months were especially challenging because he did nothing but fart around the house (figuratively and literally), eat everything in sight and play video games. We were going through a particularly brutal stretch in our increasingly grumpy relationship when I decided that we both needed a change of scenery.

Fuck trip on the bus

The bus wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had a whole row to myself. I always thought a bus was louder but there was just a soothing rumble coming from the engine. The seats were large and comfortable. I was very happy about the whole experience seeing that I had a 31-hour ride ahead of me. I was going home for Thanksgiving. The Army had taken me so far away from my family and I was trying to keep some normalcy in my life by making it back for the holidays.

The ugly duckling becomes a sexy goose

Everyone at Hoover High called her Ikky Nikki and it was Garrett Smiths misfortune that he had drawn her name as his partner in Senior Biology for the semester ends project that would provide them with a third of their grade for graduation. Because Garrett was a star player on the football team, he thought he could get his partner exchanged, but had no such luck.

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Doing something you know is just dead wrong but did because, at the time, in that mood, it felt so right. A story about ignoring the existence of consequences entirely and embrace the moment completely.

Tempted bride

San Mateo, California, was suffocating under a coat of brownish-purple smog. On the Bayshore Freeway, traffic crawled, stopped, then crawled slowly forward another fifty feet before stopping again. Horns honked. Tempers were short.

Thank you, Son

It was August. We spent the morning packing the car. Our son, Mike was leaving for college. It was morning but already it was 90 degrees outside. Mike and husband, and I were getting pretty sweaty loading up the car. The trunk was already full and the back seat wouldnt fit much more. Mike went back in the house to get the last of his things.

A young exchange student

Now you read this story and it is 100% true! It is a real story of my life! When this occurred, I was a 36 year old female, my boyfriend Benito was 20. I still had a nice body and I have always been a very sexy woman. We lived together, to be honest; he lived in my apartment, since he hadn’t a place to stay in, so I offered him my accommodation. He was a nice exchange student from Italy, from Verona, you know, the city being familiar due to Shakespeare’s great novel “Romeo & Juliet”. So, he was a tall attractive, I would say a handsome easy going charming guy with blue eyes and fucking hot smile. He was well built and when he talked to me in Italian, I would lose my mind. He was a bit shy, he was not innocent, neither pervert, nor much experienced, whereas I had much of my experience to share with him, and when I slapped on his ass, his beautiful strong muscular ass, he would usually flash like a girl and retreat as well.

The cub scout mother

The late afternoon sun was low and sinking fast behind the shopping center, leaving a spray of glowing color in streaks across the luminous sky. Bette Jean lagged behind the hurrying bag boy and turned to look at the coral streaks. Brilliant wavy flags billowing across the sky like gossamer silk. She stood for a moment, warmed by the color despite the nip in the air. At last she turned and followed obediently to the rear of the pale blue station wagon where the boy was loading her groceries.

Science-Fiction porn

Dr. Vivian McLeod was carefully retrieving a bug from the container. There were still a few specimens alive since she brought them back from Mirandas apartment. The doctor could still remember the night she received the call. “You have to come over and see this!” her boss said over the phone. Since then, five blocks around Mirandas building still remained in quarantine. The former leading scientist had been fired after the incident and they had reinforced security in the research facility.

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