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Yes, Miss Johnson, this cage of guinea pigs seems to be doing much better than the others. Ahem, that is, group B is doing better than group A! Betty Johnson peered into the cage to see what it was that Dr. Randolph was looking at. To her surprise the pretty young assistant saw that the four guinea pigs who had been recipients of Dr. Adam Randolphs special combination of glandular extractions were furiously fornicating in the most incredible combinations.

Dogging for Dogs

Miles Stendahl was very proud of his dog Caesar. He was a pedigree Boxer and had won quite a few ribbons at local shows. Their closest rival was Sheba, another dog of the same breed, owned by the beautiful and sophisticated Zarah Parkes.

Sisters plan

I woke up with my head pounding, my own fault I might add, drinking was not something I was very good at and by the feeling that even the dim light of the room I was in was giving me, Id do my usual vow of never drinking again after about 10 aspirin and 2 gallons of water. I opened my eyes a little more and the confusion set in, I was not on the couch I was sleeping on for the week, I was in my sisters bed! I looked over and she was fast asleep with her back to me, I looked to see where my pants and shirt were and found them on the floor along with my boxers. I went to try and sit up and the room started spinning so I flopped back down on the bed again.

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For those attracted to the title, heres what you missed in the first two chapters. I spent one summer in college working at an adult store with a backroom playing porn in sixteen little booths. Customers paid seven dollars to go back, and no one ever bothered about what they did with each other. I had been propositioned a few times as an attractive 20-year-old kid working as a clerk. Once Id even gone to an older mans house as a sexy maid and been introduced to watersports, but thats the other story.

Skipping School

She looked towards the the front of the class absently and rested her head on her hand. She strained to focus on the boring words of the teacher, droning on about some type of rock and its properties. When all of the sudden, Turia, why dont you read the next paragraph?, she scrambled for her book but couldnt find it, she had left all of her stuff in her locker since it was the last class of the day and her best friend had said she didnt need anything. Mr.Lurn I dont have my book with me, She squeaked. Dismayed the professor looked at her and motioned for her to go get it. With an hour left of school and nothing in class being taught that she didnt already know she decided to skip, she had never, ever, skipped, but today was the first time it had ever even crossed her mind. Thinking it all the way through, she thought about what if her parents found out, well Mr.Lurn owed her this because of a little incident last year of him taking a few pictures that he would rather not have everyone know he took. Turia was actually flattered by the fact that he would think she was hot enough to take a creepshot of. In her grade she was a little shorter than average, but all the girls were shorter than the guys so nobody noticed. She had had A cup breasts, wore shirts that only covered just over the belly button, which showed off a set of abs that she had worked really hard to tone. Her hips were not as wide as some girls but were definitely not narrow, she also had a nice bubble but that she had worked fairly hard on too which she showed off in the summer heat in sportswear booty shorts making her hourglass figure more prevalent. Her hair was a very dark shade of red and framed her round face with beautiful bright blue eyes, freckles and a big smile she wore most days. She went over herself like this for a little while and then walked out the back door in one of the long deserted hallways at her school. Behind her school was a large forested area that only the school had access to but never used, this allowed for students to do whatever they wanted, Turia though had only ever heard stories of what happened in the forest. Her curiosity carried her down a long winding path, behind her, her butt bounced as an older boy came from a separate fork in the path. Turia had yet to notice and kept walking hoping to find something of interest. Stepping quietly the older boy strode up behind Turia, he placed her hand on her shoulder which was uncovered because she was only wearing a loose tank top, jean shorts with nothing underneath either, and sneakers without socks. His warm hand startled her and she spun around, to see a tall brown haired, brown eyed boy behind her. Him being tall was a matter of complete perspective though, he looked about 6 ft but that could be considered tall for her. He spoke kindly, What are you doing out here, all alone, during school hours?, in his voice though kind she could sense a small amount of lust, but she may have just been hearing things that werent there. She thought of an excuse but drew a blank and could only make the mumbling, Ummm, well, I which she trailed off into a giggle and she broke into a smile. The boy smiled too, clearly a bit amused by making her so nervous decided to start a conversation. He spoke a slowly at first, So whats your name?, Turia answered truthfully, Turia, can I ask yours?, the boy took a seat on some near by rocks and acted as if he was mauling it over and spoke, Sure you can ask but I wont tell you. Turias face dropped into a pout which she then moved closer to the boy with her hands behind her back, once in front of him she crossed her legs and stood. She was still a bit shorter than him even while he was sitting, so she looked up at him, Well how come? If I told you mine then why dont you tell me yours?, grinning the boy replied, Its Cario, but I wouldnt have told you unless you pleaded a bit, I wanted to see what you looked like when youre begging, he laughed. She didnt mind the bit of teasing and decided to carry on the conversation, so she asked him, What are you doing out here, if you tell me, Ill tell you what Im doing out here. Nodding in agreement to this little deal he nonchalantly said, Skipping school. I always skip on Friday, this path were on is one of the paths that no one else takes because it is to easy to get lost on, but Ive memorised it by heart, he said proudly. Turia ready with a reply said, Well this is my first time skipping, I didnt pay attention to where I was going so I guess Ive gotten lost then. Cario helpfully submitted that, I could be your guide… but I have no reason too, since I dont really know who you are. Sit next to me and we can talk for a bit then I might be able to guide you back. Since I would know who you are. Looking at the rock she shook her head and said, I cant sit on that! Its filthy, covered in dirt, it would ruin my clothes.. He looked at her a moment trying not to laugh, Well I guess you could sit on my lap, he joked and entirely expected her to just to walk off. But she moved closer to him and sat on his knee a bit tentatively but after he put his arm on her back she leaned into him. She felt his warm body on her skin and his firm arms around her. After talking a bit, she found that they had some things in common, they liked to play sports, and liked the same kind of music, and TV. She looked at him and smiled seeing his face and she slowly started to feel a bit warm in her shorts. His hand was resting on her thigh and he was slowly stroking it, making her feel a bit wet. She closed her eyes and leaned onto his chest. After a bit his hand started to move down to her womanhood, she spread her legs a bit to let him continue. The jean material of her shorts started to get soaked and through her thin shirt her nipples shown through. Cairo moved his other hand up to one of her nipples and he started to rub a bit. Turia moaned, but he started a little harder and she winced a bit, Cario slowed, Whats wrong?, he asked, Sorry its my first time, and Ive never touched myself so Im a little sensitive, she replied. Cario moved gently, he soon stopped, “Stand up and take off your shorts”, Turia stood up and slowly pulled her shorts off, she had to hike them down and her butt jiggled as she pulled them over her bottom, as she lowered her shorts she bent over so Cario could get a good look. She wasn’t wearing any panties so her vagina was in full view as she turned around. Cario got up and walked over to her, she still had her shirt and shoes on and he pulled her close to him. She looked up at him with a pure sexual desire for him that she had never felt before. In a moment of this desire she reached for his manhood that was already hard in his pants and started to grope him a bit. He stopped her and unzipped his pants to show his full length. She grasped it, but her small hands barely got all the away around the circumference of the shaft. Readying herself for what was to come she put her hands on a tree and bent over, “I want you in me”, she pleaded. Cario ceremoniously lined himself up and grabbed her hip with one hand and his member with the other. Slowly he started to enter, Turia sharply inhaled as she felt the massive object move into her filling her fully. It was warm and hard and started to pull and stretch her open. The rush of pure euphoria came in wave after wave for both of them as they slowly picked up speed with each thrust. Loud moans escaped Turia’s mouth and she closed her eyes tight in pain and pleasure combined. Cario felt her wet insides envelope his tip and slowly his shaft, and he pushed almost ?’s of the way in and then pulled back and forth. He felt her firm soft body in his hands as he thrust his penis itching to blow every thrust. He kept pushing into her tight vagina dripping with her juices. Turia began to feel her body become rigid and she seized Cario’s penis inside her, he couldn’t hold it and blew his load of hot ropes of semen into her. Cum leaked out of her with his dick still in her as they both stood with locked knees in pure euphoria; he slowly pushed in and out of her with her
pussy still tightly gripping him.

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Ethan could see her as he turned to do another lap in the pool. Each time he came up for air, his eyes automatically sought her. Ms. Smith, or as he knew her, Paige. She was sitting in a chair by the edge of the pool looking down at the papers in her lap. Dressed in a tight skirt and button-down blouse, she really didnt fit into her surroundings.

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Four days on the road and I am going stir-crazy stuck in dismal Cleveland, Ohio on a Thursday evening in late February. It has been overcast every day this week, and it is getting colder by the minute with a 30 mile/hour wind blowing off Lake Erie. Snow is predicted tomorrow. Thankfully, I live in Southern Florida where it is sunny and warm most days, Kate thought as she gazed at a seminar attendee who was putting on his winter coat.

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My hand quietly rapped on the wooden door as I entered her bedroom. I could see her little body curled into the giant teddy bear her dad got her for christmas. Her chest, covered in the thin cotton

Lightning in a Bottle

This is a time travel, coming of age story involving a middle-aged man who suddenly gets sent back in time, to find himself a teenager again. There are many excellent examples out there of stories like this. Id like to mention three in particular which inspired me to take a crack at exploring this particular genre on my own: Doing It All Over by Al Steiner, Once More With Feeling by The Night Hawk, and Rewind by Don Lockwood. If you havent had a chance to read them, and you enjoy this theme, they are well worth checking out.

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It was Saturday, alone. There was nothing going on but the sickening sight of Big Brother torturing 8 house mates over a glass of water or so it seemed. This intellectual exercise was going way over my head and I was in desperate need of something a little more down to earth. But what is more down to earth than a pizza and a porno flick? Ah, yes! But what… but what do I want on the pizza? Pineapple? Mushroom? Sweetcorn? HA! HA! Ill get all three – Pineapple! Mushroom! & Sweetcorn! Better yet, Ill get everything – the works!

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This woman, Christina, who lived a few doors down from me in our apartments, didn’t have a car and she would ask me for rides all the time. I didn’t really mind it because she was really hot and each time I did take her somewhere I would wear short loose fitting shorts that would let my cock stick out of the short leg band. She would always look but would never say anything. Knowing that she was looking always gave me a hardon and instead of just hanging out of my shorts my cock would be sticking straight up out of them.

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She was laying on her back on the bed. Hands and feet tied to the wrought iron bed posts so that she was spread eagle and exposed. Naked except for a blindfold he had left her there for some 15 minutes, her anticipation growing to a fevered pitch as she waited and imagined.

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