My Next Adventure – Working Late (A little exhibitionism leads to more)

Im an accounting manager and work in an office building. The building is three stories tall and sits right next to the freeway. My office is on the third floor on the freeway side. A couple times a month I work late, sometimes well into the night. I find I can concentrate and get more done when Im there alone without the distractions of my fellow workers and the phones ringing, especially toward the end of each quarter when all the reports are due. Ive been working late like this for several years and have always been completely alone in the building, or so I thought.

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I couldnt shake the thought out of my head. Ever since I met Haley I couldnt stop thinking about the possibilities. I mean, Id checked out girls before, I had kissed girls before, I had enjoyed watching girl-on-girl action in porn, but I had never considered actually acting on those feelings. Haley though, she brought something out in me. Each time I saw her, I could feel her reaction soaking through my underwear.

The Affair – Setup

I had been sending flowers and notes to my wife for about a month – each time mentioning that I would like to get to know her and that I was not interested in anything but having sex. I would leave a message on the phone for her when I knew she would get it and there was not a chance of anyone else getting it. One day I came in and went to the phone before she could get the message and said she had a message and proceeded to play it for her. She blushed and said it must be a wrong number. I just looked at her and smiled and acted if everything was fine. I went over to her and began kissing her and rubbing her back and unclasped her bra. After a few minutes we make our way into the living room and began undressing her and she began undressing me at the same time. When I had her undressed my fingers worked their way to her pussy, which was dripping wet. She had not been this excited in quite a while – at least not this wet. I began to eat her and she said she could not wait to have me inside her. I entered her slowly teasing her and taking my time as much as I could, even though I was as excited as she was. She was trying to increase the tempo and returning my thrust harder each time and when I knew she was ready to cum I would stop and say I needed to rest. I did this a few times until I could not hold back any longer and we both came together. We were laying there for a couple of minutes resting when she asked if I was ready to go again and began playing with my cock to get it hard again.

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Frank rang the doorbell at exactly 8 PM. He was not a man that was late or unprepared for nearly any situation and pushing that bell was the culmination of two months of planning and preparation. While he waited for an answer his mind allowed a few extraneous bits of doubt to surface. Was there anything that he had overlooked? He was sure of himself, how about her? He was about to confront a woman he had never seen before but felt he knew intimately.

Muslim Widow Aunts Wild Train Ride

I belong to a strict Muslim family and live in one of the larger cities in central India. My family is highly conservative yet we are quite rich. In the sense, that my father and his 7 brothers are able to live comfortably with their families in a huge, walled compound. It has three 3-storied buildings with large, comfortable apartments for each family. Normally, our family is very restrictive, but there are a few members of my family who have rebelled secretly and given in to the temptation of lust.

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Gina was bored with the party, bored with her friends,and frankly, with her life. Her job was a relative dead end and the men she dated were almost all classified in her own mind as losers or just nonentities. She had no difficulty attracting lovers; she was beautiful by anyones standards. But when they left her apartment after a night of post-dinner sex, she was always relieved to see them go since their pitiful attempts to please her sexually only left her aching for something more. So who will it be tonight, she wondered, casting about in the crowd for a likely bed partner. She was horny, without doubt. The scotch and the suggestive art on the walls of this New York loft apartment had made her warm, very warm. The paintings and sketches showed every conceivable sex act and were characterized by extreme male dominance over his female partner. One painting, hanging in a dark corner, showed a woman firmly secured to a framework while one man invited another to take her from behind. Looking at it, she felt her pussy grow wet. A voice behind Gina startled her. You like that one, dont you? he said. Yes, she admitted, somewhat reluctantly. It makesyou…. Horny? he asked. Gina nodded, a bit embarassed that he had noticed her fascination with the picture. Its because theyre taking what they want and shes receiving what she needs, he said in a vaguely foreign accent. She looked at him more closely. He was tall, muscular, with dark hair and eyes. Without warning, he pulled her to him and kissed her hard, grasping her ass and pressing her hips hard against him. She could feel the bulge of his cock against her stomach. She started to protest his failure to even ask first, but his tongue forced its way between her lips and she decided she didnt really care. You need a master, he smiled, pulling away after the long and probing kiss, someone who understands what you need. He pushed her gently but firmly against the wall and cupped her large breasts in his hands, kneading them, looking directly into her eyes as he did so. Gina felt almost faint with pleasure at what this stranger was doing so boldly. He lifted her skirt, yanked her panties down and thrust his fingers into her wet pussy. The thought that someone might actually notice what they were doing in the corner of the room made his invasion of her body even more arousing for Gina. She knew she wanted this man. You need to be taken, he continued, stroking her wet lips with one hand and squeezing a breast with the other.You need to be used and disciplined and trained to please your master with your body. Dont you? He slipped three fingers into Ginas now dripping pussy. She gasped with pleasure. She needed his cock in her. Yes, she managed to whisper, a bit afraid of his game, but too aroused to extricate herself from the spell he cast. I want you to fuck me now! Please! Well go to my apartment. I prefer my place, he said, smiling at her, you have a great deal to learn, my little slave. Gina didnt know what he meant, but she didnt really care about the nuances of role playing. She just knew that this powerful, handsome man, who took what he wanted insteadof asking, excited her more than any man shed ever met. She followed him to the rickety elevator in a daze. When the door closed, and they started the slow descent, he unceremoniously ripped open her blouse, popping the buttons and released the front hook securing her bra. Her heavy 38D breasts fell out and she began to insist that they wait. But his look warned her not to interrupt. He unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and ripped her panties easily. She stood there, as the elevator creaked along, wearing only her stockings and garter belt. He fondled her breasts almost roughly. I like these tits, he said. Theyre like cowtits to be milked. Just then the door opened and, to Ginas extreme embarassment, two couples stood there gaping at her naked body. But her new friend just laughed and winked at the men,She couldnt wait til we got home, wanted me to do her right here, the little nympho. Sorry you guys are taken…I could use some help with her! The men laughed nervously, still leering at Ginas exposed pussy, while their dates tugged at their arms. Gina was blushing as he led her from the elevator and out to the deserted street where a limousine waited. An even taller and more powerful looking black man in a chauffeurs uniform held the door for them, openly appraising Ginas body as he did so. Shes a nice one, Captain, great tits. Gina was more than a little offended that her dates employee boldly referred to her breasts in such a crude manner, but her friend seemed not to mind at all, reaching around her for one and weighing it in his palm. Youre right, Ben, theyll attract a great deal of interest. He pushed her toward the chauffeur, who grabbed her other breast and squeezed it hard. Gina tried to pull back from this unwelcome mauling, but her escort merely held her in place. Tell him to stop this!, Gina said, indignant now and starting to struggle against the hands which grasped her. Just because I wanted to go home with you doesnt mean I want to be handled by your driver! Youll be handled by anyone I choose, her date said matter-of- factly, because youre a horny slut, starved for the right kind of discipline. He turned her around facing him and forcing her thighs apart, rammed three fingers into her pussy. The chauffeur was behind her now and he quickly stepped behind her and grabbed a breast in each hand, squeezing and rubbing them roughly, an act which made Gina weak with pleasure, despite her anger. The man spoke again, his fingers stroking in and out of her. You dont care who it is who fucks your wet cunt, do you? Gina didnt answer, still unsure as to whether she was irritated or tunred on by all this, and he repeated the question as Ben pinched a nipple hard to elicit a response. Gina was forced to admit that she didnt really care at that point. She was hotter than shed ever been in her life and Ben seemed to know that her biggest weakness was having her breasts really handled and mauled, because he continued doing just that, mashing them against her chest and pressing the nipples with the tips of his fingers. No, I guess I dont care, she murmured. Dont care what? he asked. I dont care who fucks me, OK? Gina was impatient. She was even willing to screw the chauffeur if they would just get on with it. Besides, there were still people around andshe felt embarrassed standing there between the two men whilethey handled her like some kind of toy. Thats precisely what I thought, he said, but from now on you will address me only as Master and obey me without question. Do you understand? Gina was perfectly willing to play this little game if it got her closer to his bed and a hot cock in her pussy. Whatever Master wants, she said teasingly, reaching for the bulge in his pants. He knocked her hand away. You dont reach for a mans cock until he tells you to, he snapped. But dont worry, youll get what you need very soon. And he pushed her into the car, getting in beside her. Ben got into the drivers seat and they pulled away. She was ordered to kneel on the wide floorboard. Now my little cunt, Ill give you a taste of what you want. He told Gina to unzip his pants but when she reached for the zipper he pushed her hands away. Use your teeth cunt, work for it! So Gina did, struggling with the zipper until it was all the way down and then pulling his underwear aside until his enormous prick popped out. She was awed by its dimensions but immediately attempted to get the huge prick into her mouth. She finally settle for licking the shaft hungrily but this was not satisfactory to her master. You had better learn to service your masters manhood properly, cunt, he said and grasping Ginas hair he forced his prick between her lips and into her mouth, almost choking her, pulling out enough to let her breathe. Now, since you have failed to please me with your mouth, I will simply use it to relieve myself. And he began stroking in and out ofher mouth as if it were a vagina, banging the head of his massive prick into the bac
k of her throat, fucking her face without pause until he spurted his hot cum down her throat and all over her face and breasts. He told her to lick his cock clean and then rub his cum into her tits. Gina did, feeling her pussy juice running down her thighs, so great was her arousal. Now? she said, looking up at him. Now, what?, he asked. Gina was ready to beg. I need your prick in me, she said, adding the word Master to please him. Please fuck me, Master. You need any prick in you, dont you slut, he laughed, in the tone of one speaking to a child. But Im not in the mood to use you. He touched the intercom, Ben, stop the car somewhere quiet. The car soon came to a halt and the door opened. Ben, she needs fucking. Care to relieve yourself? Gina was shocked. She wanted her new friend, but he didnt want her and now he was cavalierly offering her to his driver. She started to protest once more. Her new master slapped her, not hard, just a light stinging, but she waseven more shocked. Listen, my little cunt, I will offer you to whomever I choose and you will spread your legs for any cock, especially right now when I can see your juice running down your legs. Youve already admitted that youll fuck anything to satisfy yourself, and even if you didnt, if Ben wants to use you, he is quite welcome. Gina could only stare at him until another slap made her realize that she was expected to respond. Yes,master, she half-whimpered. Then Ben was ordering her out ofthe car and without any preface, he pushed her face down over the trunk, spread her legs with the toe of his boot. Im gonna enjoy you, bitch, he taunted. Tell me how much you want my big rod in your hot little box, bitch! I want you, she stammered, quickly adding Master. You want me to what? he pressed her, spreading her legs even father apart while unzipping his pants. Tell me what you want, slut! I want you to fuck me, master, fuck my cunt. Gina was slightly hysterical with the need to achieve an orgasm and with the fear of these strange men. Fuck me please! And Ben did, plunging his equally large and erect penis deep into her slippery hole. And he began stroking, ramming her like a bull mounting a cow. Her nipples were hard against the cold metal of the car, her breasts mashed by the pressure of Bens assault on her pussy while her abused her verbally and madeher continue to beg for it. She didnt care. His cock filled her aching sex and finally she felt her own orgasm approachand she came screaming as his cum boiled into her. She felt herself being lifted and placed in the soft seat of the car, then a sharp prick in her arm and a hand squeezing one of her breasts. The words faded away, Theyll like thisone…, someone was saying.

My Wife Rides A Cock And It’s Not Mine

The story starts where I always wanted to see my wife riding another dick. So I planned a nice dinner one night at a local restaurant and then I was going to tell my wife about my fantasy. We get to the restaurant and they were having a special on drinks so this was my chance in getting my wife tipsy. We ordered the first round of drinks and she is loving those drinks. During the dinner we start talking and I start to draw out a picture in her mind of what I want in my fantasy. I can see in her face that she can’t understand why I would want this, but she doesn’t say no. We finish our talk and I can see she is really drunk.

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I just lost my job, 2 month ago. My friends were little help in finding me another one. It had been close to 4 years since I had to fill out a resume and go on interviews. First I was living week to week. Now Im living day to day. Eating noodles and bumming day old pizza from my friends. I even had to use the bathroom at a local gas station, because my water got shut off in my small apartment. I was dreading having to see my landlord at the end of the week. I had never been 3 months behind on the rent. I did how ever still have a computer. I decided to take my lap top down to a local coffee shop, near my apartment. To look for a job

Changing Sides at the Glory hole

It was late one night when Lana was driving home from work. She was cruising down the motorway, having drank 3 cups of coffee just to stay awake, when suddenly her bladder felt like it was going to burst. She had to stop off at the next service station she saw. She was driving for another 10 minutes before she came across a service station, and by then she was absolutely bursting.

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Fire is often said to be the one single discovery which led man to rise above the beasts and enabled him to distinguish himself as a ruler of the earth. But to a man standing on the sidewalk in his pajamas and watching a holocaust of orange flame destroying his home and with it everything that he spent his life accumulating, fire is a damnation — an evil invented by the devil for his persecution.

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I am a woman in my fifties, and I am recently divorced. It was too long of a time coming, and I think I wasted too many years not knowing what good sex was. The sex in my marriage slowed down a lot in our forties, and when my husband suggested that we try swapping with another couple last year, I wasnt interested at all. I figured the sex wasnt worth all of the effort that we would be putting into it. I turned him down time after time, and after he badgered me enough, I finally told him to go find whatever woman he wanted and just fuck her, and I would be fine without it. I probably shouldnt have said that, but I did, and he did go out and do just that. I think that he had done it in the past, and although he is no catch, he still managed to get sex. Maybe it was a hooker? This time I was aware that he was doing it though, so it was no longer suspicion that he was cheating, it was jealousy that he was with another woman, even though I guess I allowed him to do it.

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As I walked to the counter to return some library books I was brought up short, the girl…well, woman waiting to service me took my breath away; and I have no idea why. I like my ladies tall, slender and dark complexioned with black hair. This lady was probably five feet nothing tops, red headed with a complexion like clotted cream. A spray of freckles over her pert little pug nose, emerald green eyes and full heavy breasts and she was round, I mean everything seemed to be round. Her glasses were round, her breasts were grapefruit sized orbs, her bottom cheeks perfect moons; she was nothing like my idea of the ideal woman yet I was smitten.

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Andrew Wittier was thirty, single and struggling to make it as a writer. His commissions so far had been writing technical material but he was anxious to make it into the world of fiction. That’s how he meant Zara Crofts.

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