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Daddy, can I talk to you?” It was my daughter, Janet who had just turned 16 and is the apple of my eye. She is a beauty, but I could be biased. She stands about 5’4” weighs an athletic 112 lbs., has gorgeous light brown hair and brown eyes to match. Her skin is a deep tan from the early summer sun and her time spent outdoors swimming and gardening on our small acreage.

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My wife and I have been married for 16 years. Liz is 44, 5 foot 9 inches, 156 pounds; I am 51, 5 foot 11 inches, 175 ponds. We have a home on 8 acres with woods surrounding the property. In the back yard is our hot tub encircled with a deck. We have been into BDSM for a number of years and have a collection of sex accessories.

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My name is Ross, a PhD Student in Physics and just moved to USA from a small island in southern Asia. I knew my life would change forever, and it would be a new chapter in my life, but I hadnt even dreamt of the way that the change came.

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I am a graduate student at a large southwestern university. As required by my department, I teach two sections of introductory psychology every semester. These classes attract, as you may suspect, some of the most beautiful wenches on campus. Last semester in particular featured a number of lust inducers that would rival any of those depicted in your fine magazine. Long an avid reader of the Forum column, I must admit I never really believed any of those letters until a recent experience with these education-hungry (among other things) babes changed my mind.

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It was driving Julie Morgan crazy! She couldnt seem to have an orgasm without first imagining herself being viciously raped by an unknown attacker. She had read all the books on female arousal, and even though they all repeated the mantra that just because you fantasize about something, doesnt mean that you really want to go through with the said fantasy! This was all well and good in theory, but for Julie it was becoming almost an obsession! When she first started having sex at eighteen, her orgasms were directed to her boyfriend, but as the years passed by, more and more she had to have this picture in her mind of he being forced to perform the most intimate acts on a total stranger. In most of her fantasies her assailant was black or Hispanic with a huge erection. She couldnt figure out its significance, but she was worried enough to contemplate seeing a shrink about her problem!

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It all started at the first day of wrestling practice, we started out the day with a 1 mile warm-up run then we come into the wrestling room and there they were the cheerleaders they were very hot with there little half skirts. So they ended up leaving going into the gym to practise there chears while we stuck in this hell. First we worked the moves, then we ran, the we lifted so then it was all over. We were all entering the boys locker room then i heard a cmon lets go i was dumbfounded well it just so happens that the cheerleades had just gotten done with there practise also we snuck into one of the wresters vans and the cheerleaders came also we (all 9 wrestlers and 15 Cheerleaders) went to a old run-off building then it happend all of the girls removed their clothes then were running into the building i was then peaking to errection i was very thrilled i could guess what we were doing now the wrestlers came into the building following the cheerleaders we removed our gym shorts and shirts the girls were getting anxius now one them ( didnt even know her) yanked me down to the dusty floor and it began. First i sucked one tit then the other she was giving me a hand job i had never felt so good. After my errection i decided to repay the favor and began to fuck her she climaxed all over my arm and i loved it then right as we were getting really into it.The captian of the team yelled SWITCH, and quickly another girl came now i had two it must have been the best ever the new girl quickly gave me a blow job while the same girl i had before got her pussy in my face and i began to eat it i had the best time i quiickly errect in the new girls mouth and the same girl did errect in my face to the aroma never felt so good. So finally we got our clothes back on and left the building i was at home and returned when my dad asked me how the first day went i was shocked so i just said great. I went to my room and turned on the T.V. and then the phone rang i aswered it and guess who it was tonya the girl who climaxed in my face. We quickly began talking then she thanked me for the afternoon and said cant wait for tommorow. So at school the next day i could hardly wait to talk to tonya she was in my thrid peroid class as soon as she walked into class in a skanky shirt followed by her skirt i was in heaven let me tell you she walked right passed me like nothing ever happend oh well i thought to myself i could hardly wait for practise to start so after school i took the activity bus over to the wrestling room and after it got over it happend all 9 wrestlers and 15 cheerleaders got in the van and went over to the Run down building there was tonya i quickly danced over to her and asked her she said no I was like ?!?!?!?!?!? she then told me about a month later that well she was having a baby.N0000 onlly time we ever didnt use protection was the first day.


Jenna was a petite probably 18-year-old girl in summer camp . She enjoyed activities such as swimming, archery, minibikes, and horseback riding. Everything was going great, except she always got hungry late at night. Dinner was at 6, but she had trouble sleeping, and come midnight, she was desperate for a snack. Being around 18, her hormones were kicking in, and was interested in all things sexual.

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All this happened a long time ago when we were young, dumb and thought we were indestructible. It started like many another Saturday night. Donna and I were kicked back on the couch drinking wine and watching tv when Gary stopped by. His wife, Ann, did not approve of drug use and he was ready for a few lines before his evening out and about. I didn’t mind Gary stopping by because he always brought coke and Crown Royal and between the coke and the alcohol, Donna would be in the mood to fuck. I would have a good time tonight. Donna loved coke and handed Gary the mirror and razor blade.

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I licked her pussy and slowly slipped the dildo in. When I turned on the vibrator she came instantly. I stroked her dildo slowly and sucked on her clit as she played with her nipples. She came so hard that I thought she had a heart attack. She screamed and moaned and begged me to stop.

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Jon was on his way home from the early spring senior year classes at his high school, summer was coming soon and graduation would be in just a few weeks. School was no longer a headache, and the workload had lessened substantially. It was with this spring ease of mind that Jon pulled out of the school parking lot and headed home. He was excited to finally leave the strict pressure that school placed on him and that his mother, Jennifer was always watchful and concerned over. His mother rarely let Jon take breaks from his studies, she rarely let him spend time with friends, and so he hardly had any. Jennifer did not allow her son to watch TV, and after he was done doing homework on his computer she would inspect his search history for anything inappropriate and then would turn the computer off, it would not be allowed to be turned on again until it was time for his studies again.

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ou know how as a young boy growing up you usually learned about sex through the internet, porn, etc…. I was not so fortunate growing up. My only way of releasing was with my hand and to my own thoughts. My parents were strictly religious and polygamists at that so as you could imagine I had an interesting childhood. My father was about 57 at this time when I was 18. I was the oldest boy with two older sisters, and I had 4 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers.

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I dont know why but sex with your sister is really hot. I think because its so wrong is why its so hot. My sister Tamera, she enjoys sex. One day I was home and I think she thought she was alone, cause her door was wide open, she had double penetration anal videos pulled up and she was fingering her pussy.

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It was a bizarre, schizophrenic existence, being a sorority slave. During the day I would attend classes just like the other girls, and be required to use my mind and brains, to think clearly and question things. Then I would go back to the sorority house, where I would immediately strip and don the chains of slavery, where I must close off all thinking lest I question or hesitate or give offense.

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I went out in the morning, after the big adventure, which is in the previous blog. I put on a tea, say, as long as the water is boiling, I call Petigec, how do I feel how it feels. He told me that he would come over in the evening, and we would get some xbox, and he would have something to look for if he liked me. I had to go to my ward, but I was busy leaving the outdoors. I did not have a door, but I could not hold it anymore, I had to sit :))))) Im sitting big there, I do it this time, I look at it, the taxi drivers wife comes from the end of the garden and there is no door :))) I tell you up but it still looks like this :))) I took up my pants and ran in, still good that it was not busy, it had to be finished :))) Still good that I was not scared and came. I went out and said he came because the taxi driver had left some sticks in the car, but he did not say that he was a taxi driver but Lajos. I told you to ask my dad. Petigeci also came in, at ten oclock in the morning I say this to you in the evening 🙂 :)) He took out a bottle of metaxa cognac and a peach, saying Simonka was frozen yesterday, I need some warmth, so I came early. Ill tell you, then Ill be filing, but I have to go to Uncle Jóska, I agreed with him to move my bike, do it. We went to the workshop, and Pici was his wife. I tell Jóska, I brought the bike, and I need to do the brakes. Look, hes saying this is a good brake. But I say its like I need to smoke the wheel when I pull it. He says hell stop in the fire :)))) He was painting a biciglite, his wife sat beside him, he would paint and blot his hair :)))) He started yelling :))) Jóska bá :))) She was pure blue with her head :))) She wore his wife, Jóska bá, picked up a pump, says: Get out of there because I split your head :))) She was just fleeing :))) We looked at each other, which one could stand without laughing :)))) She says I was off to three times a day kids at the age of 52 at the age of 52! Tell me, I would do it all day if I had such a wife. He told me to leave the binoculars because there are a lot of work I can do after tomorrow. I can tell, I can not go now. She says she is here, she wants to go anywhere, because if I go home Ill bet she can not sit for a week :)))) We took it, went and took the female biker. We went home, now we can filter. We used the metaxa, then we made xbox, and my father and I had the Hefti together, worked together somewhere. We pressed the xbox, the hefti got into it, I say tennis, the loser always misses a circle :)) He was fired Hafti was cowardly annoyed because he always told him the result. Once she tells her Petigeci, she was already out of the game :))) She wanted to take the jostick from her, she did not give it to her. He took it, he fell in love with the heftin, he let go :)))) He took it off, then headed with his arm, the hefti flew out, the hefti back on the armchair and lying on the ground, the blood spilled from his nose :)))) He came up, Petigeci told him: 10,000 you come to Simonk because of the xbox arm :))) We went to the house and said we would go in the pub, there is another one that is open, we go through the screening, but we could hardly roll, my tears came from laughing :))) We came in, we caught five mugs at once, we only had the money. Were here to say, says Petigeci is going to urge. I tell you a lot you go to urge, she tells me to go ciggy, because its cold outside :))) Im waiting for a quarter hour to come out, say we go Simonka. But I still say there are three jars. It does not matter, she says lets go hurry. I thought it was wrong :))) Going out, I take off the lock from the bike, the pubman ran out, yelled you broke the wrought, the toilet was broken !!!!!!! He ran to me, he went in, said Petigeci, help me, come on, but he was watching from the corner what happened, so I ran, I yelled so you die :))) She took her in the tavern. Jóska bá bicikiet. I say Petigeci, this will be a big problem. We went back to both of us, and he told us that he had broken the ward, because he wanted to open the window, stood up to the shield, fell under it, and got so nervous that he kicked it all over and pulled down the basin, the tank, everything 🙂 ))) I went to sleep and I promised I would not go anywhere with him :))

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Diana Hughes had a big problem. And her problems name was Matthew. Most normal eighteen-year-old boys were chasing girls and preparing to go to college. Oh no, not her son. He proudly announced during breakfast that he was perfectly happy working for the rest of his life at the local pizza place waiting for the right girl to stroll through the doors into his arms. Doing anything else just got in the way of his true love – video games and relaxing.

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I dragged my tired ass out onto the large sunning area of the hotel by the pool. Third day of vacation, and I was up practically all night, but not by my choice. I finally left my room at about seven, and went and had breakfast, before heading over and doing some touristy shit, before returning to have lunch, then finally coming out and deciding I needed a nap in the shade by the pool.

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She decided, today was the day when she would go hunting. She took her time in getting ready as tonight, had to be just right in order for her to secure her prey. She showered, making sure, she was clean, inside as well as out and that her legs, underarms and her pussy were shaved very closely. She stepped out of the shower cubicle and patted her slender body dry. From her cabinet she took her lotion and applied it all over herself, making sure every part of her was covered and it was rubbed in well. In her bedroom, she already had her clothes picked out for the hunt. She dried and styled her long hair and put on her make up, finishing with getting dressed. She had decided to wear a black lace thong with suspender clips attached to fishnet stockings. Over this, she pulled on black latex pencil skirt, that almost reached the top of her knees. She had never worn one before, but straight way, she liked the feel, the sexual thoughts that raced through her mind just from wearing this skirt. Should she wear her bra? No, as she was wearing a black thong, she could not wear a black bra as it would be seen through her white lace blouse which she knew clung to her perfect breasts. She glanced at herself in her full length mirror and smiled. She reached for her purse, then went downstairs and out the door. Her hunting ground tonight is a mall in the next town over from hers.

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If this is not the worst story Ive ever written, its not from lack of effort on my part. I wrote it as an exercise in bad similes, metaphors, and other big grammatical words most people dont learn in High School English, just in case the ASSM Bulwer-Lytton Festival came to fruition. It didnt, but I decided to inflict it upon you anyway. If you arent familiar with Edward Bulwer-Lytton and his (in)famous novel Paul Clifford, or at least with Snoopys attempt to be an author in Peanuts, then the first paragraph (and everything after it) will have little meaning for you. People looking for a stroker will be joining you at the exit.

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Mary Pekin sat in the back row of the high school class room almost unable to look any of the other women in the face. This was so embarrassing! She had lost complete control over her sex drive because of her over developed clitoris! She had been to six doctors and each and every one of them gave her the same diagnosis: Hyper Clitoral Dysfunction. Good grief, she had never even heard of it until her own organ ballooned up until it actually looked like a little penis! There were at least twelve other women present, and Mary wondered if they were stuck in the same leaky boat as she was. Her last doctor had recommended she attend this special class to help her cope with her problem. This was the first of seven scheduled meetings and Mary was nervous to say the least! Several of the other women were talking in subdues voices when a firm voice resounded, If we could all take our seats, we can get started!

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