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So I got my wife, Carry, an Ipad for her birthday, to keep up with the kids. Then come to find out, she had been getting all kinds of messages from all kind of guys wanting to enjoy the greatness of her perfect sweet cunt! Of course I should not complain, I’ve been the one receiving ALL the benefits of getting the enjoyment of fucking that sweet juicy cunt daily!

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Me, my friend and his sister were watching a movie in their living room. Their family is very rich and their house is enormous. They had a real home theater there and three sofas. My friend’s sofa was in the middle, her sister’s on left wall and mine on the right wall. We all had a shower earlier that night, separately, though. My friend had bathrobe, I had T-shirt and loosen pants and she had only a nightgown.

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I was at her mercy. My limbs had been bound to the bed posts. The restraints werent painfully tight, but it was enough to hold me down. Miss Garcia straddled me, her thick thighs brushing mine. She curled down and whispered gently Relax, you are about to enter the bazaar of dreams. Prior to this bizarre situation, she was somewhat baffled.

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From the backstage wings of the Lucky Nuggett lounge-stage Victor Redgrave studied Sherry Trent (that was her stage name) as she held the boozed and gambling-weary Las Vegas audience spellbound. Even at sixteen, his daughter Sherry had stage presence that some veteran singers might envy. Guitar in hand, her fringed, white western attire so tight-fitting it had the male members of the audience open-mouthed, Sherry held the entire audience in a near-hypnotic trance. Charisma, some critics called it. Victor knew it was sex-appeal. Whatever it was, Sherry had it — in spades — that and an incredible vocal talent that had raised her Nevada price to four-thousand dollars a week.

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Myra, her mysterious urge to fuck becoming almost uncontrollable, needed a time to be alone. She needed these quiet moments for thinking and hanging on and making her spinning universe settle into something she could recognize. This wild point of land seemed not only to defy the shape of reality, but to twist feelings and behavior among whatever humans dared invade it.

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Abby swirled the amber liquid in her glass. It was a fine scotch, full of aroma and spice. A nice finish, not much kick on the back end – overall very smooth. She always felt sexy drinking it. It made her very aware of the way the silky, navy blue fabric felt on her skin. She also liked how little of it there was and how Darin looked at the smooth contours of her naked back.

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Senior year, prom is right around the corner and here I was, the new guy, my dad was relocated…Well, because of me, I try hard not to make it difficult for him,you know my mom left when I was six and it always been him and me. We had to move because I got in this huge fight against two black kids and since none of them was the principal’s nephew, well you can guess.

A Night in the Cabin

The day was passing slowly for Sarah and Mike. The last few hours of driving to their destination in the scorching heat made the idea of a relaxing cottage in the middle of a shady forest sound much more inviting than it had been a few days before. Of course- neither of them knew what to expect from their trip away to the summer camp. It was simply convenience that both of them were going, but a few changes to the weekly plan ended up making the two of them hire external accommodation in two separate locations. For Mike, this was a dream come true. Getting to spend time alone with one of the most attractive girls he knew was something he had been greatly looking forward to. He was 18, she was 21. They had both known each other for over 10 years but for none of that time did Sarah know that Mike thought of her much more than a friend.

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The first revelation…Oedipus Complex The first happened in early November. I was in my freshman college psychology class when all my unhealthy obsessions, well at least the biggest one, suddenly made sense. My professor discussed Sigmund Freuds Oedipus complex which he believed was a universal psychological phenomenon that all boys fantasize about having sex with their mothers. There was utter silence and I wondered instantly if it was because they were all thinking the same thing I was. Thank God. Although I had a steady and very hot girlfriend, who liked giving head and fucked me regularly, every time I masturbated it was not to my girlfriend Kim, but rather to my mother Annabelle that I thought about. My professor continued to discuss how the Oedipus complex was a theory that deep inside every boy is the desire to sexually possess their mother. These inappropriate thoughts are held deep inside the boys subconscious and never released, therefore never being dealt with emotionally. In extreme cases, the son wants to murder their father and replace him as the man of the house. I was floored. I had fantasized about having sex with my mother since puberty and always felt guilty afterwards. I mean when I was horny my fantasies always included my mother being my sexual submissive and obeying my every order, the …

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My twenty-fifth birthday was a blast and led to my entrance into the lifestyle. My girlfriend at the time was curious about being with another woman and another woman and me. So when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her to watch her have her pussy eaten by a bodacious babe while I fucked her. Her eyes lit up and she got to shopping for gift.

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Im Kirsten. A 27 year old redhead who is trying to get back into exploring the boundaries of her sexuality since taking a new job in a town 600 miles away. Im 53, 125 pounds, and I have a nice figure. Well toned, thanks to a lot of working out, and fairly nice up top: 32C. Attractive, maybe even cute without being cutesy. More athletic than Victorias Secret I guess.

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Let me tell you a little bit about my friend Elly. I’ll start the story at age seventeen. Elly really was, in every way, the average teenage girl. She had interests in fashion, music and writing. When the weekend would come however, she went from a fairly quiet student to a full on slut. Drugs and alcohol fuelled late nights out with her friends, often in public parks, where she would fuck anyone she liked the look of, boy or girl. Her friendship group consisted of about ten people who were also abusers of drugs and alcohol, and the group of teens had all fucked each other.

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