Erotic Stories – Club Night Out

The club was packed with people dancing and drinking and generally having a good time. Against her better judgment she had persuaded her husband to take her to this club. Her friends had spoken of the club and its reputation as a seedy pick up joint and she really hadnt known what to expect. In fact it was quite pleasant, most of the clientele were attractive and dancing energetically and because of this she suspected that something other than alcohol was being consumed. That really didnt concern her because although she had only had a couple of drinks she still felt dizzy

Fun in the Sky

(Thank god, looks like Im going to get a quiet flight this time) Dean Mercer said to himself as he sighed with relief having just flown to LA from New York a couple of days prior to attend a business conference. Now he was boarding a flight to Sydney, Australia to attend another conference, his third in a week. Dean didn’t mind the travel, it gave him much needed time away from his wife, the couple was experiencing marital problems regarding his lack of motivation to settle down and start a family. Dean was 42, still in decent shape for a man his age even if he was sporting a bit of dad bod without actually being a dad, he had slightly graying, short, dark hair and towered over most people with his 6’5 height and large frame. His wife Katy was in her early 30’s, they had gotten married 5 years prior and worked as a cooperate lawyer until she decided she wanted a change and thats when the problems in their marriage really started. She wanted the couple to move from the hustle and bustle of the city to start a family closer to her childhood home in Maryland, something Dean wasn’t very keen on doing, he was still a bachelor at heart and enjoyed his carefree lifestyle, traveling around the world and of course meeting new woman which he kept a close secret from his wife.

Latina Cougar, Miss Garcia

I was at her mercy. My limbs had been bound to the bed posts. The restraints werent painfully tight, but it was enough to hold me down. Miss Garcia straddled me, her thick thighs brushing mine. She curled down and whispered gently Relax, you are about to enter the bazaar of dreams. Prior to this bizarre situation, she was somewhat baffled.

Fuck trip on the bus

The bus wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had a whole row to myself. I always thought a bus was louder but there was just a soothing rumble coming from the engine. The seats were large and comfortable. I was very happy about the whole experience seeing that I had a 31-hour ride ahead of me. I was going home for Thanksgiving. The Army had taken me so far away from my family and I was trying to keep some normalcy in my life by making it back for the holidays.

Adori the cum slut

I dont really know when me and Adori got to know each other. I think it was on some social media platform. We started to follow each other, started to interact and then started to send private message. After a while we exchanged numbers and talked a couple of times and started to send text messages to each others.

My mother introduces me to sex

My mother and I had been living alone in our small house in the country side for as long as I can remember. We only had each other (although our recent addition was a little kitten called princess) and always got along perfectly with little to no fighting, we hugged alot and spoke about everything. She would always demand a kiss on her cheek before I left for school in the mornings and another before going to sleep. I was 15 at the time with average looks, my mother was in her late 50s. She had long blonde hair down to her shoulders and a curvy figure, a little bit chubby. Back then there was not much sexuality in the air among the other kids at my school, some of us would still giggle at words such as penis and vagina, others had a partner but would only ever go as far as kissing and holding hands. We didnt have playboy mags or the internet for porn. Summer holidays came and I decided to stay at home with my mother to just sit back and relax with some television and soda, most of my friends all went to camps or trips; I honestly couldnt wait to just stay at home and do nothing. I didnt have to worry about homework, I didnt have to worry about getting up early to get ready for school, I didnt have to worry about anything.

Sex workout

Trying to lose weight, I decided to join a gym. Which one to join was going to be a tough one. Took recommendations from friends. Checked online and read the reviews. Finally decided, Pete’s Gym got the best reviews. And it was not as expensive as the others. Met Jerry the manager and he gave me a tour and showed me around. I was impressed by the place. Also the classes that were offered. I decided to join that day.

Free sex experiment

Yes, Miss Johnson, this cage of guinea pigs seems to be doing much better than the others. Ahem, that is, group B is doing better than group A! Betty Johnson peered into the cage to see what it was that Dr. Randolph was looking at. To her surprise the pretty young assistant saw that the four guinea pigs who had been recipients of Dr. Adam Randolphs special combination of glandular extractions were furiously fornicating in the most incredible combinations.

Vaginal and oral sex at bussines trip

I work for one of the countrys major auditing firms as an auditor. Companies traded on the stock exchange are required by law to permit annual audits of their books by a so-called independent entity to make sure no funny business is going on with financial transactions or inventories. Its a living and not a bad one, for now. Most young accountants with their eyes on future six-figure incomes make their starts doing what I do. I make fifty-five thousand a year but I work my ass off for it, sometimes putting in seventy-hour weeks, rarely putting in less than fifty. Its the rat race at its finest, I wont deny that, but this job does have a few perks to it, one of them being the fact that Im often required to fly to other cities to examine the books in a clients branch office.

Huge Breasts

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our very first edition of « Worlds biggest muscle studs, the show that brings together the very best specimens of human virility from the four corners of the planet to compete for our 1 million dollar prize money!

And we laid down the Peters mother

We drove into the housing estate with Peti and we had to jump to them, I do not know why. Her mother was at home, she was fired, she lay on the bed and read nude sex stories naked. It was just a lie, not real. We were surprised that Peti did not even dare to say it was burning to him. Who went to the kitchen, and I went to bed, Peti was not ashamed because he was fired.Im asking her about Aranka what she likes to do? Im bored, she said.Peths father only came in the evening, she wanted sex, she said I told her about joking to help her, but she caught my dick through the panties, I say, thats right.I got my dick, he started slamming the Peti came in, his head was red.And the Aranka, come here I do it to you.You got the stupid and came to his stepmothers hand in the hand.I started to suck her, she did it very well !! Then I dug it, the Petit who sucked her head that her ears were gocy and her hair was all !! But here it is not over yet, I put it on my back, and then alternately we nursed it again! I went to the Aranka shower, and after that I went because I had to urinate. He told me to urinate five, so I even shook him, his head and mouth, he just took the spit, but I did not tell this to Petics, nor did I visit a few more without Peti.

Pig slut

Hi, piggy here. Uncle informed me he was going to pierce my cunt today. He was to use items he had laying around the farm. Sounded good! He attached a small board to a wooden chair on the front of the seat. Next, he hammered eight nails thru my cunt lips. Pulling the fat nails out he placed large heavy rings into the holes. They looked great. Uncle attached heavy five-pound weights to each ring, He wanted it to heal with the weights in to begin stretching things. I was sore but very happy. I asked for more branding and nipple damage. Uncle had a stiff cock working me over. He had time to abuse me more. He lit his pipe and cooked my nipples worse. Then he emptied hot ashes on my clit. Big time hurt but he only did it twice with more promised.

Bdsm Princess

My name is Ross, a PhD Student in Physics and just moved to USA from a small island in southern Asia. I knew my life would change forever, and it would be a new chapter in my life, but I hadnt even dreamt of the way that the change came.

Thirsty vampire xxx

A woman walks into the forest during the night. She loves the feeling of the night time, it brings her a sort of arousal. This night she finds herself in the company of some-thing much more than what she anticipated. Her arousal it met with a horny monstrous terror.

A Walk in Arizona, western sex story

The dust was thick in the still, hot air. The sun blazed across his shoulders and the back of his neck as he swayed with the motion of his scraggly horse. Sweat barely trickled down his face, no longer stinging his eyes or burning his parched lips. His bloodshot eyes swept the desolate brush stretching out across the desert valley, broken here and there by rocky outcrops, and occasional saguaro, or a mirage that promised water but offered only a hot death.

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