Arab BBW meets South Sudanese

As Salam Alaikum, dear readers. How are you today? My name is Fatima Mehdi, and Im a young Arab woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Im in the police foundations program at Algonquin College, and hope to work in law enforcement someday. You dont see a lot of Middle-Eastern women in that field, especially Hijab-wearing ones, but I am a determined sort and refuse to let these obstacles obstruct my path to success. That being said, I have a story to share with you.

Fucking Fatties

After the newly converted-to-sex daughter Peggy left for home, it was back to just me and horny ole Helen romping in her boudoir every day or so. Peggy stayed around long enough to have my baby-making sperm fill up her still fertile, egg producing womb. She wanted to have another child, and Grandma Helen wanted another grandchild. Helens other child, a son a few years older than Peggy, was as gay as Hollywood hairdresser and was not about to populate the earth anytime soon. So, I was the sperm donor designate, as well as the hunky guy to sex-up Peggy as her mother Helen taught her a bit more of how to attract other cocks to meet her needy pussys desires. We spent a lot of time together in bed for two weeks under Helens watchful whorehouse madam-like supervision. When Peggy had to get back home to work, and figure out her new life with impending child, Helen and I just went back to our senior love nest life on the beach. I was beginning to think I might just like to quit work up North and stay here, but I wasnt sure how to make the finances work. Helen was generous, but not real wealthy.

Molly can control time, not the desire for her own sister

For what we receive, we swear to you, Brighde. We swear together, as mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, wives and widows, to protect the lands and the people of Ireland against her foes. Where shelter is sought, we will offer it. Where aid is sought, we will deliver it. Where vengeance is sought, we will wreak it. For as long as our chests take breath, we swear. We swear together.

The Stowaway

Rose didnt know how long shed been in the crate. Her back ached; the cool metal of her container offering no comfort. Why should it? Its not like it was made to ship people like this. The air was stuffy, and the air purification strips stuck to her neck were slightly whirring with the strain. It was all worth it though. Worth it to be off of that terrible rimworld. It was the kind of place you didnt stay unless you couldnt afford to leave. Rose had always dreamed of leaving. Of seeing the stars and discovering new things, and she couldnt do any of that from that damned rock. Thats why she took the risk when a supply cruiser had landed in her town. Why she slipped in the crate when no one was looking, strapping the purification strips she had stolen to her neck and praying they worked.


Alright, so… hi there, Im Jocelyn. Im from Colorado and in my mid-40s, divorced and my kids are both in college, so Im pretty much by myself. On the other hand, I run a quite successful real estate business which keeps me busy enough. What little free time I have I like to spend with my friends from church. So, in other words, I might have a rather normal American life.

Thank you, Son

It was August. We spent the morning packing the car. Our son, Mike was leaving for college. It was morning but already it was 90 degrees outside. Mike and husband, and I were getting pretty sweaty loading up the car. The trunk was already full and the back seat wouldnt fit much more. Mike went back in the house to get the last of his things.

Whore Mom

I came from the City College extremely exhausted. After all, there are four two-hour classes and three of them are in the specialty, and one is in oral sex. For an hour and a half on the last lesson, my lips and tongue were so tired that I could hardly feel them. But Tanya, my partner, was completely satisfied and twitched in convulsions of ecstasy for two minutes after I finished caressing her for the last, third time. But the young teacher was still greedy A and put only B+. I was very upset, but there was a lot of comfort waiting for me at home.

Home for work

Jacob came home at 5:25pm, as he did almost every day. It was Friday, so Ava knew to be ready. She heard him pull into the drive and she got into place. Jacob lingered in the car to finish the song that was playing. He liked to make himself hard to help him lock into character. He was in his late twenties and in the best shape of his life. He had always been athletic, but the recent addition of swimming to his workout regimen caused his body to really stand out. He had thick brown hair and piercing blue eyes. As the song finished and he became hard, Jacob took the keys out and opened his door.

The barnyard orgy story

Reverend James Walker had been the minister in the rural community of Woods Fork for the past six years, and both he and his wife, Abby, were highly thought of by the congregation. Standing on the church steps talking to some of his church members, one Sunday after the services were over, he was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the conversation.


Hes a police helicopter pilot. His partner and best friend is a lesbian. What happens when the two of them get invited for a date with Destiny?

Kink at the Adult Bookstore

It was a hot summer night at about 11:30pm, and I was horny and decided to go buy me a new dildo or two. I got dressed in a micro mini skirt (black), a see-thru top, fishnet hose, and my 6 inch heels. I am 5 ft. 9 in. tall, long legs, auburn hair, 36 b tits, and a smooth shaved pussy. when I first arrived at the adult book store there were only a couple of white guys there shopping. I walked arround looking at dildos and flashing my pussy every chance I got. In walked 2 older men and instantly they approached me and invited me to go into the viewing booths. we each entered a stall and began to watch movies, and I noticed a cock about 8 in. long poke through a hole in my stall. I was wet and hot from watching the movie, so I decided to put the cock in my mouth. I licked it all over and sucked it as I jacked it off. After about five minutes, my mouth was full of hot juicy cum. I swallowed every drop and made sure I licked the cock clean. As I turned around the other older guy had his hard 9 in. cock in another hole, ready for me to please him. My pussy wanted some cock real bad but I wanted to wait to make me even hotter. So I sucked it for a moment, then I put it between my tits and moved them up and down on it. Then I sucked it again to lube it up for more titty fucking. Suddenly cum shot all over my face and tits.I licked myself and the cock clean and left that booth.

Cum Craving Grannies part 1.

There is a lady I frequently see at Church. She is older than I, late 50s I guessed. Sandy brown hair to her shoulders. She dresses stylishly, suggesting that she came from money and still possesses it. She is pretty enough for her age, and her figure, though well rounded, remains very feminine. She often sits at the back of the church behind all the other church goers, alone with the exception of a young man that others say is her grandson.

Abbie gets stuck

Abbie is a 22 year old girl who has recently been dumped by her now ex boyfriend Josh! She still loved him but he was with someone else now. She left some old cloths of hers at his house that she really wanted them back and didn’t want to talk to him for them because it would be another long conversation on her trying to get him back! She found out that him and his family are going on vacation for a week leaving the house completely empty!

My busty granny

The house was in its usual chaos. My kid brothers and sisters were always scrambling to get ready, to get dropped off somewhere or my mother was scrambling to go pick them up. Dance, sports, band, so-and-sos house. Today mom was bopping from kitchen to living room and up the stairs shouting orders, questions and reminders. I was on the couch, weekend bag next to me, watching U-M getting abused on the football field. My dad was at work, doing an extra weekend shift to keep us afloat.

Tiffanys Students

Markus was sitting in the middle of the desks, tapping his pen on the desk, thinking about what him and his friends will do after school. He looks for the least path of resistance to get a good grade, no matter the method or how much legal trouble. Anyway, his friends have planned on going “cooning” after school, a term they use to describe a bunch of shit that they do, ranging from acting like drunken idiots to throwing eggs at passing cars. It is nothing compared to what some of the other students at this school do after, like gang shit. This “cooning” is special because, not only will it be the last “cooning” before they graduate, but his friend Mia was going. Mia does go all the time, as she is good friends with Markus’s whole group, but she spends most of the time hanging out with Markus. It is really obvious that they have liked each other for essentially their whole lives, they only lived down the street from each other, and now with a job and car Markus has finally decided to ask her out.

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