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So at a time in my life drugs were around a lot and I ended up in rehab, so did Emily. And we made rehab fun. I didnt want to be there. Forced to go to 30 days inpatient rehab because I got caught with an 8 ball of coke.

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Havelock Ellis, who was a pioneer in the field of scientific study of sexual behavior, explains that if we are to obtain a deeper insight into the psychology of general human behavior, we must first possess a broader understanding of how sex works in human affairs. Sigmund Freud suggests that all human being harbor unconscious tendencies to depart from conventional sexual relations.

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First off this was just a fantasy until now. I guess I should begin with a little history first. I was 18 years old 63 about 205 lbs with a thick 7 inch cock.I have chosen a Military career and consider myself to be a lifer. I came from a poor background and have worked hard from the age of twelve. When I turned 19 I married the most beautiful woman in the world. She was a petite little thing of about 52 blonde hair and deep green mesmerizing eyes. She had a perky set of grapefruit sized tits and a hard little bubble butt. I know all the stories start out like that.

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In just about an hour he would be here I was so excited, finally I was gonna get this guy alone. Just me and him for a few hours alone without the worry of interruptions. Im a very submissive white gay bottom, Im 54 weight about 115 lbs. With a small frame Im real feminine and totally passable as a female, Im a crossdresser with this insatiable craving for black men with really big cocks 10 inches or bigger and are very thick are my favorite, I took a long time getting myself ready for him I wanted everything to be just right, I looked really sexy my hair and makeup were perfect, I was dressed in a light blue see through baby doll with dark blue backless lace panties with matching thigh high nylons I wore my hair up in two pigtails like a school girl my whole body was hair free shaved clean, I have this small tattoo on my left ass cheek of a heart in red with a black spade symbol inside the heart and with the word bitch written under it in cursive. I was running around my apartment making sure everything was perfect glancing at the clock, thinking hes gonna be here anytime soon, so I went into the bathroom and quickly removed the butt plug a had in my ass most of the day I wanted to be prepared for his big cock using my anal syringe I injected a large amount of wild cherry scented lubricant coating the walls of my ass pussy hole really good, I clean my cock hole up and washed my hands as I stated to apply a lil more perfume I heard a knock on my door I froze up standing there looking at myself in the mirror like I was paralyzed I made myself relax for a few seconds turning around i walked to the front door as I reached for the knob I said ok, I can do this and opened the door.

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Her manhunt had eventually found a compatible guy for Juicy. Muscular, tall, nice smile thirty seven and a smooth body. They have been chatting on the text and he is polite, his grammar is good, she’s keen almost fallen for him and she looks forward to his daily contact. I’ve seen him and he looks good, after all I will be sharing my soulmate, the love of my life with him. I have to like him too.

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Nicholas burst out laughing as his wife, Samantha, waved frantically at him from the dance floor where she was currently bumping and grinding with her best girlfriends. Seeing her actions, Marie and Anita also turned around and waved at their husbands, who had walked in with them.

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It is the evening after Thanksgiving, and as all around the town of Fairbush people were shopping, making merry and just enjoying the official start of Christmas season and in her warm home Amalia, the Good Witch was preparing her Christmas shopping list.

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It was ten-thirty on a beautiful April morning when Conchi Thorne, the woman in Apartment 6-B, looked at her nude self in the bathroom mirror. She was preparing herself for Keith Broys who would come to her at eleven.

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I anxiously tapped my foot in the foyer of our large suburban home in Lemont Furnace, Pennsylvania. It was Friday night and my best friend Gina was supposed to be picking me up at 8 p.m. It was already five minutes after, so obviously she must be having problems with her new babysitter again. God, it was times like these when I was happy I didn’t have children. She always seemed to be putting out fires of one sort or another. Thankfully, my husband David only brings up the idea of having kids sporadically and a nice, slow, blow job is a quick way for me to ‘change the subject’ when he does. I’m only 33, so I know I can stall him on the whole kids thing for a while longer.


Someone knocked on glass door of the Spade & Archer office. From under his dark brown fedora, Sam Spade pried open one eye then placed the half bottle of Old Sweat Sock in his desk drawer while he shoved the cock he had been stroking back in his pants. Rising, he straightened his trench coat, drawing the belt tight around his waist and tied it in a knot. Come in, he growled in his best Humphrey Bogart imitation.

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It wasn’t, however, so cold as the two occupants in the bedroom snuggled with each other on the queen-size fourposter. Monica Hershel French kissed her beautiful girlfriend Nina Mercedez, the voluptuous Latina, who lay nude and vulnerable on her back like a delicacy to be devoured. Nina let the skinny Predator lick her neck and impulsively hugged the voracious lesbian, clutching her tight and sighed in anticipation to the dalliance she’d relish. The Predator had a talent of pleasuring girls and devouring their curvaceous bodies, through her mouth and hands.

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It was a hot Sunday when I first saw Mary, the type of Sunday made for sitting around with a cold drink watching television or reading a book. Although the temperature would often rise well above the ninety-six degrees that dominated my home city of Sacramento today, something about it being the weekend made people especially lazy. Had it been a Monday, or any other weekday for that matter, people would have attempted to ignore the heat just to make their workday that much more bearable.

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It was Saturday morning and Chloe was sat on the bus into town, in her purse she had the Ł5 that she had saved from her birthday money; rather than visiting the record shop like most girls her age would be doing, she was headed for somewhere quite different. The bus pulled into the bus station and everyone got off, Chloe walked up the high street to the fancy lingerie shop and looked in the window, She wanted to get something special for tonight, she didnt want to be undressed by Mark only for him to find her everyday ill fitting bra. Chloe walked along the door and pushed it open, a little bell rang and a woman about the age of Chloes Mum came out from behind the counter to greet her, There were glass fronted draws full of lacey bras and pants, there were a few mannequins showing off various underwear combinations. Can I help you madam? the woman said to Chloe, Im … Im looking for a new bra, something, you know … a little bit nicer than something from Marks and Sparks, the woman nodded, new boyfriend?, Chloe blushed, something like that she replied.

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Anna and Becky were out walking on their third day of their two week break to sunny Tenerife when it became suddenly less sunny. Rain clouds closed in quickly and before long it was a torrential downpour, soaking the girls quickly. It was a good half hour back to the hotel so they decided to stop at a bar to shelter from the storm. The bar was empty as they walked in, just 2 young barmen behind the bar. Both obviously thrilled at how soaked the girls were, their skirts and tops clinging to their bodies. It was only at this point that Anna realised her white t-shirt had gone totally transparent, clearly displaying her 36D charms bulging in her white bra. Becky giggled at her predicament and thanked God she had worn blue that day.

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It was a hot summer night at about 11:30pm, and I was horny and decided to go buy me a new dildo or two. I got dressed in a micro mini skirt (black), a see-thru top, fishnet hose, and my 6 inch heels. I am 5 ft. 9 in. tall, long legs, auburn hair, 36 b tits, and a smooth shaved pussy. when I first arrived at the adult book store there were only a couple of white guys there shopping. I walked arround looking at dildos and flashing my pussy every chance I got. In walked 2 older men and instantly they approached me and invited me to go into the viewing booths. we each entered a stall and began to watch movies, and I noticed a cock about 8 in. long poke through a hole in my stall. I was wet and hot from watching the movie, so I decided to put the cock in my mouth. I licked it all over and sucked it as I jacked it off. After about five minutes, my mouth was full of hot juicy cum. I swallowed every drop and made sure I licked the cock clean. As I turned around the other older guy had his hard 9 in. cock in another hole, ready for me to please him. My pussy wanted some cock real bad but I wanted to wait to make me even hotter. So I sucked it for a moment, then I put it between my tits and moved them up and down on it. Then I sucked it again to lube it up for more titty fucking. Suddenly cum shot all over my face and tits.I licked myself and the cock clean and left that booth.

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Me, my friend and his sister were watching a movie in their living room. Their family is very rich and their house is enormous. They had a real home theater there and three sofas. My friend’s sofa was in the middle, her sister’s on left wall and mine on the right wall. We all had a shower earlier that night, separately, though. My friend had bathrobe, I had T-shirt and loosen pants and she had only a nightgown.

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