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It had been awhile since I cut loose, spring was here and I was tired of being cooped up in the house alone. I decided to have a get together and invite some friends from work over several weeks ago. Sabrina lived next door, her husband was gone a lot for business and I knew she liked to party a bit and might enjoy the company of others being around so I gave her a call and invited her over too. Besides, it never hurts to invite neighbors in case the party gets too loud.

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The passions and denim that most people only dream about fulfilling are usually kept hidden beneath a veneer of respectability and outwardly normal appearances. Mostly under unique circumstances — on a psychiatrists couch, in a place far from family and acquaintances, on an occasion where alcohol and the relaxed inhibitions of others lend an air of recklessness and experimentation — are those desires ever expressed or experienced.

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Tamera West slouched in an easy chair, watching an old Tarzan repeat on the television and eating an apple. Her thoughts werent on the screen, but on her date for that night, Eddie McDonald, a big, handsome boy, with craggy features like James Colburn — only younger, of course, Eddie was going to be a senior when school started again, (but sadly, he was going to be bussed to another district. Still, there was the rest of the summer to see him, and who could tell what would happen by September?) Shed only been out with him once, last Saturday night, on a blind date arranged by her best friend, Nancy Cannon, whose steady boyfriend Jason, had brought Eddie along. And wow!

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Shannon stood on the front porch balancing one of the two shopping bags she was carrying and juggled her keys out to open the front door to the front door of her modest ranch home. With a bit of confustion she thubmed the keys trying to find the house key. After several times through the ring she realized the key to the door was not there and she stood there awkwardly puzzled for a bit before remembering she had taken the house, and mail key, off that morning and left it on her kitchen counter along with the mail she had retrieved from the locked community mailbox just down the street.

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The knowing, wise, old eyes of the school nurse regarded the lovely, auburn-tressed girl who sat across the desk from her. The complaint was a common one; the girl was suffering some faintness with her menstrual period. Ordinarily, Ernestine would have sent the afflicted girl home with instructions for bed rest for the remainder of the day, but she was stopped in mid-reach for the special form excuse she would have to fill out. The girl had just said that she didnt want to go home, asking instead, that she be allowed to stay in the Health Office until the close of school.

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Description: A young versatile university PhD professor is tired of being the object of derision as the pocket protector guy. When offered an opportunity to join a unique company, he takes a chance and enjoys the transition.

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Fire is often said to be the one single discovery which led man to rise above the beasts and enabled him to distinguish himself as a ruler of the earth. But to a man standing on the sidewalk in his pajamas and watching a holocaust of orange flame destroying his home and with it everything that he spent his life accumulating, fire is a damnation — an evil invented by the devil for his persecution.

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Steve stood, his muscular posture erect in the white, terry-cloth robe that draped over his solid frame. He strode in large steps from his dressing ensemble over to a tier of electronic controls. The controls were inset in a panel at the head of a ottoman settee upon which he reclined. He picked up a remote control from an end table and pressed an audio feed and said, Hi you guys, hows everything going in there?

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A growing-up period. A time when each member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.


Hes a police helicopter pilot. His partner and best friend is a lesbian. What happens when the two of them get invited for a date with Destiny?

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Tom has heard the tales of perpetual frustration at the hands of the virginal Miss Darling – a kindergarten teacher at the school where he teaches. Her heavenly gates, along with everything else, are off limits to all until marriage. Nevertheless, he puts forth his best effort in prying those gates open. Will he succeed where so many others have failed? Or will he be just another poor slob sacrificed on the alter of terminal disappointment? A good Christian sex story.

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The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. So wrote American poet and essayist Henry David Thoreau in the Nineteenth Century. This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today, considering the pressures and frequent monotony of modem society.

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Blair Fortner leaned over her open suitcase and let her strawberry blonde mane cascade down over her shoulders and hang in her way. She was used to working through that veil of hair.

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