Our BDSM Story

My husband and I have a very active sex life, but it wasnt always that way. We needed to learn each others desires and needs. I was sexual abused during my childhood and that left a deep scar on me. My mother told me that sex wasnt something a female enjoys. You just need to put up with it, and it was not lady-like to be breathing hard.

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There are moments in life that define you, and this was one of them. I could feel the dogs slobber drip onto my back, its hot breath panting in my ear, its slippery cock jabbing wildly leaving wet trails across my ass. It was at that moment that I knew with every fibre of my being that I wanted to become a dog slut. As I felt the dogs movements become more frantic my mind flashed back to how I started this journey and it was hard to imagine it was less than a week ago.

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It was a dark and stormy night when there was a small fire in the apartment above mine. Unfortunately by the time it was put out my place sustained significant water damage which made it temporarily unlivable until repaired. The landlord hemmed and hawed about paying for relocating me because until the insurance check came in he said he couldn’t afford it. He informed me he was going to use all of his available funds to quickly repair the damage but he had nothing left for relocation until he received the settlement.

Forced bdsm story

Fire is often said to be the one single discovery which led man to rise above the beasts and enabled him to distinguish himself as a ruler of the earth. But to a man standing on the sidewalk in his pajamas and watching a holocaust of orange flame destroying his home and with it everything that he spent his life accumulating, fire is a damnation — an evil invented by the devil for his persecution.

THE DOG BALLERS by Don Russell

Myra, her mysterious urge to fuck becoming almost uncontrollable, needed a time to be alone. She needed these quiet moments for thinking and hanging on and making her spinning universe settle into something she could recognize. This wild point of land seemed not only to defy the shape of reality, but to twist feelings and behavior among whatever humans dared invade it.

A good Christian sex story.

Tom has heard the tales of perpetual frustration at the hands of the virginal Miss Darling – a kindergarten teacher at the school where he teaches. Her heavenly gates, along with everything else, are off limits to all until marriage. Nevertheless, he puts forth his best effort in prying those gates open. Will he succeed where so many others have failed? Or will he be just another poor slob sacrificed on the alter of terminal disappointment? A good Christian sex story.

Going Dogging (Mature lady takes on two)

As I went to get us a nightcap I saw the barman glance across to Eileen and smile. I followed his gaze to see that Eileen had apparently carelessly allowed her skirt to ride up over her stocking tops and as she uncrossed her legs was giving him and I a good stretch of creamy thigh and a flash of her newly shaven pussy. She smiled when she saw us glancing across and slowly crossed her legs to leave her short tight black skirt still a good few inches short of her lace top hold-ups.

Cheryl and the prof, milf sex story

While after the changes wrought by nine eleven, I had grown to hate some airports, I loved to fly, and that was one of the best perks of the somewhat unconventional way I supported myself. I had always had trouble holding down a conventional job, probably a combination of stubbornness and being a smart ass. Whatever the reason, over the years I had found I could create a decent lifestyle for myself without actually holding down a job. Perhaps it was a personality disorder, but I would gladly work seventy or eighty hours per week for myself just to keep from having to work forty hours per week for someone else. So one January morning as I sat in the boarding lounge of United Airlines at LaGuardia, I reflected back on the path that had brought me to this point.

End of the Dryspell, sex tale

Synopsis: Jim Hartman is a paramedic in Heritage County, California. A man who has not been laid in years. Follow his exploits as he tries to hook up with Robin, the loose registration clerk at a local hospital, to end this dryspell. The first in a series of tales written about this fictional county.

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Honi (pronounced like honey) rocked on her wide spread knees, her shoulders pressed against the base of a reinforced icy cold transparent glass revolving dais. The pose flattened her normally perky breasts against the glass. Subtle, muted light shone up through the transparent surface, emphasizing her soft pale, perspiring skin. Her dusty blond hair, that normally reached half way down her back, cascaded out semi-matted and damp, as it spread out over her shoulders, back and onto the glass she crouched on.

Blackmailed teens story

Sandy Robinson stretched her lush young body voluptuously and yawned with pleasure. As her muscles tensed, the short filmy nightgown she wore hiked up until the bottom edge just barely covered her softly-rounded buttocks and upper thighs, accentuating rather than concealing her lovely long legs and swelling breasts. Her flesh was tanned a deep golden color by the hot rays of the California sun.

Sex education class

Joan Frazer hurried down the worn linoleum hallway of old Montock High School, books and her class record under one arm, a small can of film gripped tightly in her other hand. Her long, satiny brunette hair cascaded over her shoulders as she walked quickly, her form-hugging dress stretching tautly over her body and accentuating the fluid lines of her movements.

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