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t was a beautiful day in the UK, Alfie got a text from Zoe that said, Could you come over at like 5? Really need some company.So, Alfie got to Zoes house at 5 o clock sharp.Alfie! she said as she opened the door.Hey, wheres Joe?Oh, hes not home, Im practically alone today.. she said in a pouty voice.Oh, thats why youre lonelyCorrect you are. So I was thinking, maybe we could do a youtube video?Sure, sureThey did the shockball challenge again and after that Zoe was extremely tired and dozed off..Alfie, on the other hand, was hyper. He wasnt tired at all. Then he wanted to check and edit the video for Zoe so he could surprise her and then she would be less tired. So he got her laptop and clicked on the video files. She saw one that was entitled XXALFIE.Whats this? Alfie thought to himself. He knew he shouldnt be snooping around but he couldnt resist but take a peek and clicked the video.It was already edited as Alfie could see. He put on his earphones and attached it to the laptop.It was Zoe who was in the video, and she was taking a video of herself.Hi, Alfie. She said seductively. She was wearing a really TIGHT shirt and jeans. It was like she seemed to know that Alfie was there. He looked back at Zoe, who was still sleeping peacefully on the sofa.She was now infront of the camera and started licking her lips. She took off her shirt and revealed a black lingere bra. Alfies member flew straight up at the sight of this. She started massaging her breasts and started moaning. Then she took off her very tight jeans and started swivling her ass like she was dancing. There, she revealed her matching black panties and started rubbing her lips. You like that? Mmmm yeah she moaned.She got on the bed and started taking of her bra and started moaning like crazy while she kept on massaging her breasts with her pouty face.Then, she took off her panties. She got up, exposing her full body, naked, and beautiful. She got a vibrator from inside her closet and licked her lips. Yesss alfie you wanna make me cum? Yeah I know you do mmmmmmmmmmmmm she turned on the vibrator and started to rub it all over her vagina. She started moaning aH AH AH YES ALFIEEEEE she kept moaning his name again and again while she was reaching the climax. OH ALFIE! FUCK ME HARDER OH OHHHH and she released a load of cum all over the vibrator.She lay on the bed, breasts perked while licking all the cum off the vibrator. She licked it showing her tounge and swallowing every bit of it.I didnt know she wanted to have sex as much as I want to with her. Wow… Alfie thought as he started stroking his cock.Next, Zoe brought out a dildo and it was EXTREMELY HUGE. Not huge as in 5 fingers but HUGE like two whole hands dildo. She propped it on the bed and started pushing herself down and up. Slowly at first but then she started picking pace. Alfie was too. He was quite enjoying himself as pre-cum started to form.Zoe, being the girl started moaning and groaning and screaming Alfies name. It was so loud and she was so horny that she needed him. All of him. She kept going up and down and up and down and up and down. She changed her position and put it inside her ass. She started moaning and shouting HARDER UH HARDER. LOVE ME MMM HARDER YES YES YES She started going faster and faster, you could see the cum flowing through her bum cheeks. She screamed I need you! UGH YES YES ALFIE FASTER.Alfie was on that verge of releasing his cum all over his boxers. He kept stroking and fapping and couldnt help it. He was thinking of Zoe and how much he wanted to fuck her so much.Zoe already hit the climax and released another load of cum to the dildo. She started slurping her own juices, pretending that this HUGE dildo was Alfies cock and gave it a blowjob. Alfies cock tingled at the thought of her masturbating about him and he started to cum and it splattered everywhere. Even on Zoes laptop. It was everywhere. But it didnt really matter to him.Because he was gonna fuck her raw as soon as she wakes up.

Three moms

A mid-afternoon soap opera droned unnoticed in front of the living room couch in her small, pretty suburban home. Nancy Johnson, a petite, big-tit divorcee with a girlishly young face and short, brown hair, sat with her round little ass pushed to the edge of the couch and her knees hiked up high in the air. All she wore was a t-shirt and a light, flower-print mini-skirt. The skirt bunched around her slender waist, exposing her naked cunt.

My Aunties milk

Every summer growing up, we would travel across the state to see our relatives. Among all the grandparents and cousins and friends of the family was my mothers sister, who we called Auntie. Being ten years younger than my mother, Auntie was more in tune with the younger generation. It was always fun to stay at her house. Her husband was a gruff sort who was nice enough, but treated her poorly. They had tried to have kids for years without success. It was a big deal when their first finally arrived. That summer I was eighteen.

Cum swallowing teacher

History Class, 6th hour middle school. Mrs. Mickie Siek was our teacher and she was so sexy. She would ask me for gum everyday, then sit at her desk and twirl it on her finger. I didnt think she would ever go for sex with a 16 year old high school student until I watched her drop a pensil on purpose bend over in front of me, her thong showing then when she stood up looked back at me.

Night of Pissing

Yesterday the weather was absolutely beautiful. In the midwest the weather changes daily and we have learned when it is a great day you have to take advantage of it. So I ditched out of work about an hour early so that me and the wife could play a round of golf. We played a quick 9 holes and decided to stop in the bar for a few drinks and then head home to grill out and build a fire.

Doris dark and dirty secrets

Little did Doris know when she took the secretarial job offer from Romily Manor, the nature of the duties she was to perform. She hadnt counted on being a paid playmate for Mildred Wyntons twenty-five-year-old retarded son. Her horror deepened even further at the realization that she had to share her voluptuous body with the degenerate doctor and Mrs. Wyntons lascivious chauffeur. Mrs. Wynton was the mistress of the manor in name, but it was Doris lush young body that held the title!

Big sister (erotic stories)

It was Saturday morning and Chloe was sat on the bus into town, in her purse she had the Ł5 that she had saved from her birthday money; rather than visiting the record shop like most girls her age would be doing, she was headed for somewhere quite different. The bus pulled into the bus station and everyone got off, Chloe walked up the high street to the fancy lingerie shop and looked in the window, She wanted to get something special for tonight, she didnt want to be undressed by Mark only for him to find her everyday ill fitting bra. Chloe walked along the door and pushed it open, a little bell rang and a woman about the age of Chloes Mum came out from behind the counter to greet her, There were glass fronted draws full of lacey bras and pants, there were a few mannequins showing off various underwear combinations. Can I help you madam? the woman said to Chloe, Im … Im looking for a new bra, something, you know … a little bit nicer than something from Marks and Sparks, the woman nodded, new boyfriend?, Chloe blushed, something like that she replied.

Public date

A little more on that first public date. John had a similar set-up with one of his previous couples and he sees it as a logical step forward as do we. The idea of him taking my wife out as ‘show off’ material had been driving me crazy all week. That and seeing them more as a ‘couple’ which is what I’m after. Kathy was slightly more coy about being taken out at first. Probably more nervy about the risk of being seen by people we know but John was going to take her to Nottingham though so I didn’t think there was any chance of that. Also I knew she’d get off on the thrill of being out as his ‘date’. I wanted her really dressed up to impress and proudly wearing her wedding ring clearly displayed on her finger. The evening was given extra significance. Now the getting-to-know-you phase was over, John wanted to start taking Kathy bare. It was something he eventually expected in his first emails to us and a huge turn on for me. He’d also been keen to spend the whole night with her since they started seeing each other so having arranged his sister to baby-sit all was arranged.

Brothers Birthday Party

My brother was having his birthday party at his cabin and all my brothers and sisters came with their spouses, but without any children at my sister’s request. I have four brothers and three sisters. The eight men were all out back throwing horseshoes and drinking beer and all the women were inside the cabin gabbing about everything. My sister is not always one to stay around if there are any stores within 15 miles, so at her suggestion all the women took off to go shopping – except my wife.

Kathy crosses boundaries while on vacation

The sun, its warmth, the sound of ocean waves, the sand and the breeze all let me know I was nowhere near home. As I laid out in the heat and let my skin feel alive once again, I kept my eyes closed and thought about how much I needed this vacation. It was overdue and I mentally made a note not to let it happen again. I had let myself get so deep into work and career that I had come close to burning out.

Femdom and oral

1869 was an exciting time for Violet to be a 10 years old. Things were changing at a radical pace. Living in her small village was nice and secure, but everyone knew that outside was a whole new world, that was exciting and fun. Every day, there were new inventions to bring England in the future.

Life Changing Slave Master

Sitting at my desk thinking I have achieved all my goals in life at age fifty. I am in great shape for a 50 year old male, 6 feet, 190 pounds, blue eyes, dark brown hair. I work out every day with a set exercise schedule. I have multiple businesses as well as more money than I can ever spend. I am single never finding a woman that I felt I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

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