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I toil in a joyless, soul destroying cubicle that makes United Airlines economy seating seem spacious. To make matters worse, I’m employed by one of those ghoulish, impersonal banking firms that ruins people’s lives for sport and profit. Pleasures are few and far between in this 85 storey tombstone to ethics and humanity. I move vast sums of other people’s money around and at the end of the day, those people have even more money and I have even less. Needless to say, esprit is about as rare in this dark pit of avarice and despair as an un-smoked “fat one” at Snoop Dog’s house. In an effort to keep my debatable sanity and not hurl myself in front of the commuter train each morn, I spent every lunch hour ensconced in the park, convening with nature and praying for my boss to suffer a debilitating stroke. Nothing fatal you understand, just something that would have him lying in a hospital bed and being fed through a hole in his neck by burly-armed nurses.

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Fall semester was finished and spring break was a month or two off. During spring break, Jeff knew the good looking sexy female population would jump from very few to an abundance. The past summer and 2015 Christmas season had been quite good for Jeff’s end of the sex trafficking business with Morris. By himself a total of 16 packages had been delivered to Morris. At 20,000 a capture he was well on his way to his goal of getting a 1 million dollar purse together before he reached 25. But now it was his time for some relaxation and fun. And for Jeff fun meant booze, drugs, and sex. Jeff attributed his lack of success at getting a female to have him as a sexual partner willingly to their stupidity. But he was determined that he would get what he wanted any way necessary. He wasn’t what you would call handsome but he wasn’t ugly either. The biggest turn off for females was his fidgety nervous behavior. Whether it was because he was used to taking whatever shortcuts he needed to get what he wanted or if he was fearful of rejection, whenever he talked to anyone he would wring his hands before dropping them to his sides over and over and avoid looking others directly in the eye. It was worse with young sexy females than with any others.

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Nurse Carrie is a 32 year old nurse that works at a local hospital in Punta Gorda called Bayfront. She stands about 5 ft 5 weighs about 130 pounds and has nice D size tits with her left tit having a tattoo extend to it. She has a gorgeous body and loves to expose it. She frequently wears loose fitting scrubs and bends over her patients or when she helps the doctor in the ER exposing ample busom. Here are some of her stories.

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There is a small forest at the end of our garden, and there we go out with the buddies to bake, to bake and bake. Theres a cow farm where Pig and Eve live, and their kids are out there. The hammer is 16 years old and its a hammer because the head of his head is that the hilt could be put into the concrete. Little gypsy girl anyway, her brother always comes out to us, shes out there when shes out there. We always talk about plugging and jamming, and so on. Once upon a time, his brother had been joking and murmuring the hammer. So tell me to suck me, but how do I take it? Well, it will be difficult to find the father if it is a safe box. I asked her brother how to get her, she said wed be pissed off when I got the pita, she would talk to her to sleep outside, but the pig would not know. We went out early in the morning to the tent and filtered the drink and we sat or until midnight. We said we were going to the tent, but the dudes brother wanted to come and say I was sleeping there, this is a two-person XDXD We went in with the hammer, but he was fired by falling !! XD At dawn it was so cold that she started hugging and not freezing, I say the time is half sleeping. I pushed into my panties, so I was so hairy that I could hardly find the hole! But Ill tell you if weve got it so far, Ill rush it. He woke up right away, but he did not really contradict himself, but he just said he was freaking into a bitch, doing something. Well, I went out, took the blanket off his brother, did not do anything, and I did. Then, under two blankets, it was good, I flaunted and put my tails in my hand. He was sweating it well, but I wanted to do it in his mouth. I told her to suck her a little bit, then Ill fuck her in exchange. But he did not want to suck, so there was no jerk. I pulled my pants down, so I got tired of her hair and hair, but if were here, shes not back. I closed my eyes and just plugged him in to get over it. I put it on my stomach, then packed it and sent both of them back to geci. I only spent three months in the bereavement battalion, ending with the tent camp with a Hammer.

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Friday evening, the first week of June and I was totally relaxed. I’d met a friend for dinner and a drink or two and had gotten home around nine. Now, I was sipping a bit of Maker’s Mark, rocks with just a splash of water while I enjoyed the quiet. It had been an eventful week, Joanie my eighteen year old daughter had graduated, graduated with a 3.96 GPA, not quite valedictorian but second in her class and I was so damned proud.

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Blair Fortner leaned over her open suitcase and let her strawberry blonde mane cascade down over her shoulders and hang in her way. She was used to working through that veil of hair.

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Virna Reynolds was lonely and depressed! Her best friend Alicia was vacationing in Europe, and coupled with the fact that her husband of forty years had been gone for less that six months, and you had a woman who wasnt used to being alone for such a long period of time!!! After wandering around her apartment for about a week, she dialed the number Alicia had given to her before she left! After two rings, a sultry feminine voice on the other end of the line answered, Sensations Unlimited, how may I help you, this is Miranda speaking!?! A pang of fear shot through her, but since she had already made the call she replied, This is Mrs. Reynolds, Im a friend of Alicia Donner, she recommended your establishment, and I was just wondering if you had any openings for today!?! Mmmmmm, Mrs. Reynolds, Miranda said in a silky voice, how is Mrs. Donner, we havent seen her in few weeks?!? Uh, shes in Europe, Virna replied, she should be home in a couple of weeks, though!!! Well, Miranda went on, we have an opening at two this afternoon if thats agreeable with you, should I put you down for it?!? It was now or never, Yes, two will be just fine, she replied, see you then, and thank you!!!

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I hadnt noticed the days getting shorter, but that didnt make it so. Proof was fixed to the refrigerator door with a lemon-shaped magnet. The senior class schedule signified a chain of events that would end my summer and begin the last year of high-school. I turned away from the flow of the party and examined the page in an awkward attempt to look busy. Nodding dramatically as if its words solved some lingering mystery, my charade only reinforced a sinking feeling of isolation. I had never come to these parties before, and cursed myself for caving after avoiding so many previous invitations.

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It started as a normal day we woke up and had morning sex. My girlfriend got a notification on her phone that magic mike was at our local theatre. I didnt want to go but she did so we went. We got there and sat in the back. It was almost exclusively guy girl couples. About 15 min into the movie I look over and in our row and lady is jacking off the guy shes with. I start to look at everyone and almost everyone either has there dick out or every girl has there tits out. These to couples a few rows ahead of us swapped wifes and started fucking right in the theatre. My girlfriend was looking around kind of getting excited. I asked her if people offered would she participate? She asked if Id care and I said no cause if you do Im going to. Before you know it a couple came over to us, with out words she started blowing me. My girl got a little nervous but grabbed his dick and started sucking him. The lady sucking my cock took her pants off and sat on my cock. Then stood up and moved to some other people. I asked a random guy infront of us if he would double team my girlfriend with me, he said yeah and I sat in a chair and my girl sat her ass hole on my cock, and he found a way to get in her pussy. Everyone was having sex, while we were double teaming here, at least 10 guys came up to us and ask my girl to suck there dick. I let the guy fuckkng and and another guy double team her while I went over to this sexy older lady and fucked her pussy. We left pretty happy and my girlfriends holes were sore

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Hello, My name is Austin and I am a closeted gay man who is also a virgin. I always had the biggest crush on my roommate and also best friend Anthony. We met freshmen year in college and hit it off ever since. Anthony however is straight and just recently broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years. I always had the biggest crush on him but it wasnt at first sight. It just happen one day, I looked over at him and thought to myself damn your fine.

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With each revolution of the turntable conveyer belt in the Newport News airports baggage claims area Lisa became increasingly convinced that the bag wasnt there. She pulled the one that had been there closer to her for assurance.


I should start by giving you a little background. My name is Tracy. Trace to my friends. My last name doesnt matter and besides, I couldnt take all the phone calls. Believe it or not, the story you are about to read is true. You could find me in the phone book, and to be perfectly honest, I probably wouldnt mind if a few of you did call, but I couldnt handle you all.

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The bar finally calmed as night slowly became dawn. The evening had been rowdy because the men had not received liberty in two weeks because of the holiday that had overtaken the city. Each legionary was to be given one days liberty over this weekend and Dismas and Gestas had a firm plan that involved a lot of wine and hopefully a prostitute if they could find the money.

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