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Andrew Wittier was thirty, single and struggling to make it as a writer. His commissions so far had been writing technical material but he was anxious to make it into the world of fiction. That’s how he meant Zara Crofts.

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As I woke up, I knew there was something unusual. The room I was in was my own room, and so was my bed, but I was not alone. In my arms was my younger sister, still sleeping. She was completely naked, and so was I. I felt a dull ache in my balls, and the hair in my crotch was all matted together. Slowly it came back to me what had happened last night, how Marlene and I had fucked like animals for hours until we both were completely drained. As I felt my tired cock swell again between my sister’s legs, I thought about how things ever could have culminated in last night’s bout of passionate lovemaking. It was a long story, starting years ago, when we were just little kids.

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I specificly requested iced tea, didnt I, Nick, Cleo Carson asked her husband!?! I think you did, Nick replied with a small smile of his face, anyway thats the way it sounded to me!!! Cleo Carson stared coldly at the frightened young woman who they had just hired as their maid and cook, and in a small voice she stammered, I-Im sorry, Mrs. Carson, I thought I heard you ask for coffee, if you want me too I can go get the tea!!! My dinners already been ruined by your incompetence, she snapped while turning her attention back to her husband, what do you think I should do with her, Im at my wits end!?! Laural Grant stood silently next to the table while her boss upbraided her, and much to her horror, Nick Carson suggested that she should be spanked!!! You wouldnt dare, Laural exclaimed while shrinking away from the table, Ill call the police if you lay a hand on me, I will, Ill really call them!!! Oh my, Im shaking in my boots, Cleo Cason said with a laugh, maybe we should run and hide, this girls gonna get us in all sorts of trouble!!! Yeah, Nick Carson added, be careful, hon, this ones a real tiger!!! Laural glanced at the front door which was more than thirty feet away, but while she still thinking about it, Cleo Carson was up out of her chair and on top of her in a flash, and driving the surprised woman to the floor in a heap!!! Dont even think about being a rabbit, Cleo whispered harshly into her ear, now Im gonna let you up and your gonna take off all of your clothes, got it!?! I-I wont do it, Laural said while struggling to free herself, you cant make me!!! You sound like a five year old, Cleo replied evenly, I wont do this, you cant make me do that, what the fuck are you gonna do, bitch, all Ive gotta do is tell Nick over there to rip every shred of clothing from your body and hell do it in a heart beat, so quit wasting my fucking time and strip!!!

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Joanna was a beautiful African-American woman in her mid-forties with two beautiful children: a 19-year-old son Markus and a 21-year-old daughter Alison. She was recently divorced from her husband Bill whom she had been married to since she was eighteen who left her without an explanation why. She was left alone… and extremely horny. She honestly felt like the only two people in the world who cared at all about her were her two beloved children who stuck by her through her messy divorce from their father Bill. And she intended to repay them in a big way for their love and devotion!

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Hi, my name is Timothy Drake and I WAS a nobody. Id done just ok in school. I had failed 12th grade, which made me a year older than everyone else in that grade. I sucked at sports. Im scrawny by definition at 510 and only 155 lbs. I have dirty brown hair with bland brown eyes. I looked like your typical non-existent teenager. Put me in a crowd, and Id practically be invisible.

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I hate whenever people start these stories by saying Im just a normal person. Well, you clearly arent, or you wouldnt have such a fantastic story to tell, now would you? Im not a normal guy, and Im proud of it. I am not, however, above clichés, so I will get that out of the way right now.

Mother and Son

Kirsten was a forty-four-year-old housewife who spent all of her time at her home, tending to the various chores. She was a part of a small happy family of three. There was she, her husband and her teenage son. Outwards, the family might seem happy and Kirsten a dutiful wife, but the truth was that the marriage had lost all flavor for her. When she had married her high school sweetheart, they had not touched each other at all by that point. Needless to say, it was a very disappointing first night that awaited her. But that was understandable, they were both young and inexperienced. The real problem started afterward. She tried her best to understand her husband’s desires and how to please him but he returned no such favor. Within a year, she had grown frustrated with the boring sex life. If it wasn’t for her son that was born, she might have left the man that she once loved.

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Sheila was a fat girl, a Big Beautiful woman; with an emphasis on both the big and the beautiful. But she wasnt scared of using the f word, in fact it annoyed her when other overweight women described themselves as Big or used some other pseudonym.

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I would like to begin this story by telling you a little about my wife and I. I believe people hear or read stories similar to this and think that we are some type of outlier or different sort. In reality we are normal people and no one would expect that we have such fantastic sexual experiences. We are just like any other husband and wife living in suburbia. We have three kids, a dog, and even attend church on most Sundays. I work in Ophthalmology and my wife is a science teacher. I think you get the picture. For the most part we live “normal” lives.

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Doing something you know is just dead wrong but did because, at the time, in that mood, it felt so right. A story about ignoring the existence of consequences entirely and embrace the moment completely.

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Who are these women? Could either of them be me? I look at this scene through the eyes of a girl waking up from a slumber party. I look with innocent eyes. Eyes that say, this could be me. This has been me. Giggling girls. Sleep away camp. An overnight high school excursion. College roommates. Sorority sisters. Road trips. First apartment. Cheap vacations. Six to a room. Many times.

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I am fortunate to live in a neighborhood where most everyone gets along. And some of us better than others. A few weeks ago I finally met my neighbor next door. At first I thought she was married, but I soon found out she was divorced with a child. Her son is a cool kid about 8 yrs old and spends every other weekend with his father.

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Havelock Ellis, who was a pioneer in the field of scientific study of sexual behavior, explains that if we are to obtain a deeper insight into the psychology of general human behavior, we must first possess a broader understanding of how sex works in human affairs. Sigmund Freud suggests that all human being harbor unconscious tendencies to depart from conventional sexual relations.

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A couple of days after my mind blowing experience with the hot lady from Wal-Mart, my wrist was getting sore from jerking off. I hadnt been able to hook up with my regular sex partners and the friends at Xhamster had been posting some hot vids so I was running out of tissue to wipe up the cum I was shooting. Everything from exciting rim job movies with gorgeous BBWs to deep penetrating strap-ons were being uploaded. I wasnt complaining, but I needed some real live action. The dry spell had to end and i figured that the best way to end it was to check out the local roller-derby league action. Those rough and tumble ladies were the kind that needed to blow off steam after a close game, and I was feeling a bit ready for some on my knees action. Being in charge is great, but sometimes I need to switch things up. So thats how I found myself in the stands right next to the action as thick women in shorts, legs pumping and voices screaming circled round and round. I watched their big, muscular asses, go round and round and breathed in their exotic sweat. I caught the eye of one tall redhead with big tits. I knew that if she unleashed those twin balloons from beneath her jersey that Id better watch out or Id have bruises on my face. I made a mental note to include hand signals in my safety regimen because if I were smothered by those breasts I would not be able to voice it. She caught my eye and we connected. As she rounded a turn I read the name on the back of her shirt — …

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So tell me. How does this gay thing work? Rock asked as he leaned his beefy back against our sofa. I had just finished my shower, had a towel around my waist and was heading for my bedroom before Rock saw me. Damn its so hard not to stare at his pecs when he is not wearing a shirt! Rock and I are roommates. We have shared an apartment off campus for about three months now. Rock knew I was gay before we moved in together and he was fine with it. I dont give a fuck what you do when you gays are together. Fuck, suck each other off. It doesnt matter to me, but, dont judge how I treat women. Are we straight on that? he asked. I was fine with that. I knew I could look, but I couldnt touch when it came to Rock. So far his philosophy on getting along with a gay roommate was working great! I had my gay life and he had his straight life.

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The blond strangers eyes glinted like steel in the dark night. Valerie shuddered with fear as he slammed the doors of the empty truck behind him and walked over towards her.

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This story fell in the summer with me, there is a gypsy girl in the street Ive been watching for a long time, but not because shes so beautiful, but because she has a big cud and tells her its easy to fuck her. They told me that once he had gone through the thrill of 6 people in a row for a couple of wives. I wondered when there was no one at home, then he was passing through something! But why am I cursing? I figured Id say come over the cellar, Ill give you a thousand and a couple of liters of wine for sure. I wait until its out on the street, so Ive been drinking half a liter of encouragement. I went there, told her what I wanted, she came across did not have to say twice! Even when it was clean, my dick got up from her tubs, and her head was so ugly that coal was coming from the mine. Like your pets, thats just a big deal! I told her she did not have to worry and ask for a drink. Of course I did ask him to do it properly, I knew she was drinking all the time. I started doing well and liked it, and Ive been watching for a long time. He asked: Do you want to fuck what? I told her that yes but that secret would not tell anyone. He told me to bitch him if I gave him my necklace, my bracelet, but I did not bend into his mouth, literally he said that. I took my chain, it was silver, I say so much this big bud. I begin to grab her breasts, get into her pants, and finger the lizard. I sat down in the chair, took off his shirt, and I took the pipes, licked it all. I took my dick and started barking her breasts. I asked leszopjalak? I pushed her mouth and her breasts in turn, in the chair, as long as I did not let goose on her chest. I wiped it with a cloth. You say that you did not bother, Ill tell him next time. Youve been through it every week very cheap, but the best bitch!

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the months passed the days, everyone has a job. We not filtered through a very long time ago, and nothing has happened since I moved back home to Peter Geci, the laughing ferret out the öregannyához moved. Got a new girlfriend, a week ago I came up with it but nothing has happened just once, leaving megujjazni himself when he hath made her fathers wine. Once I wake up in the morning, I called the peti spunk, 4 missed calls, I say fuck you to call this what you want? He says he moved back Környe, found some small houses, 20 ezerért he could. I was delighted, I went out to the kitchen, Ill drink a wine :))))) Says Peter Geci, Esteban hold házavatót. I say the evening will be soon, our project into something now. He said where he lives, now say there are such Putra, but close to, 15 minutes biciglivel. I went, it was a house where the old woman had paid him a month would not move there. It smelled like my fathers cellar, the wine was not clean mold was all a dirty :))))) But the point is that Peter is back again Geci. He says it was urgent to move out because I could not stand, last time rányitott the Aran damage accident, and two of them fucked right :)))))) I told Pete Cum than we used to be :)))) He told me that evening we do a party, because it comes through the old woman who owns the house, even give him money. Pont was the son of a bitch old woman was walking with the dog inside, interrupted by talking to the dog, the only way the air whistled between his teeth, I almost threw up. His head was as if it would have made chewing :)))))) He says that if two of them live here, asking for money from me, I tell her, I do not live here. So he went and was so smelly like flat :))) He shouted to kuytának, enzo come ensszo, ensszo SSSSSSS. I say damn your mother :)))) I went home, I called my girlfriend, we bought booze, says my sister, where they went, I say to Pete Cum moved back, I say I go a long time I have seen. That he means that it has recently received a fuck :))))) we got there, my girlfriend of almost turned back when he saw the flat.))) Im telling you is filtered, you can fuck moments. Geci say to Peter, this was a better chalet in the garden, you could have been with yourself, you would be there is still a Kacin. It was on the toilet, there was no water in it, it had a bucket to pour off if hugyoztunk. In the evening ran out of water, I can not say Im going to go out Pete Cum se, peed into a Coke bottle. Drinking, piáztunk, divided into the third William, I drank. I say, have a drink, he came back to Peter Geci. He pulled off the excess, the sister and choked, or was it strong, but picked up the bottle, whatever it was piss and pulled accidentally :))))), then took a sip of Pisa, he widened his eyes, I head I can not describe !! :)))))) I was frightened, spat it all out, my girls face, she sat in her face. The cry was so nervous it began, said the kriszta in vain, that he did not direct, you son of a bitch here húgyoztok :))))) It was burning him, burned the head :)))))) My girlfriend is away he went home, had not even met him. Then piázgattunk morning, we had fun. 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