Sensual Bondings

We sat watching a movie, layed together on the bed, he was spooned behind me with his arm layed across my waist. I feel him growing in the small of my back and he starts to fidget. I ask what he is thinking about, and he tells me not to say a word. I quietly let a little laugh escape and he rolls me to my back sharply. I look to his eyes, expectantly. He asks will I do as I am told? I grin and say I will.

Fun(d) Drive

This might be the hottest day of the summer, Janet thought. And here she was going door to door to collect money for the intramural volleyball team. You’d think the school could pay for a couple of dump trucks of sand for the new outside courts. She’d picked a neighborhood with a lot of trees hoping it wouldn’t be so bad in the shade but it still felt like it was over 100 degrees with all the humidity. Every time she pulled out her pledge form she was afraid she would ruin all the names she’d collected with the sweat dripping from her body. And just when she thought it couldn’t be any worse it started to rain. Where the hell did this come from, she wondered? That was the price you paid for being under the trees, she guessed. The rain would have been welcome except she knew it would ruin all her paperwork and waste her entire day. She thought about making a mad dash for her car but it was three blocks away and the rain was starting to come down. The next house had a big front porch so she tucked the envelope under her arm and ran for it.

Getting Mom naked

One day when I was 18, I was came back from 6th Form at school and turned into the driveway where mom’s car was normally parked and noticed that it was missing as mom would always beat me and dad back from school and work.

Fullfilled fantasy

This story started a while back when we were in our 30s. My name is Alfredo, people call me Fred. My parents immigrated from Mexico, so for a Latino to be 5’ 9” is quite is actually quite tall. I was 36 and my wife Aileen is taller than I am. Aile is a Caucasian woman with Irish roots and much taller than me, I have a very successful financial consulting business, that allow for Aile to stay home and sometimes helps me out. Aile is a very slender and sexy woman, the minute a man sees her, men’s dicks get hard, this is not an understatement, that’s one reason I married her. Aile was 33 at the time, she is 6’1”, shoulder length red hair and green eyes, great body, legs up to her ass, and perky tits, she doesn’t even look like the mother of our twin sons.

Anal stories, the little secret

The party was crowded and quite loud for a formal event, but she barely noticed. She was too focused on him. He seemed to float through the crowd effortlessly; making introductions, laughing at a joke, discussing plans for a business lunch, all the while he never took his attention off of her. She could feel it at his side or from across the room – the weight of his presence. His ownership of her. Not in the sense of a slave, but he was her mentor and guide and her body and soul were dedicated to him.

Ugly Girls Need Fucking Too

It all started a couple of years before I was even in high school. A group of guys who pretty much hung out all the time together started this game. They were constantly bragging about which girls they’d bagged the night before or some kinky thing they did. It got to where the stories were so elaborate, they decided to make a big poster-board chart of the various girls, what their kinks were, which would do what, who had done them and how. This way, if a guy was interested in doing one of the girls on the chart, he knew exactly how to get her and what she was into. It pretty much guaranteed success and saved a lot of time and effort.

Uncle Micky

I was bored out of my mind. I had no interest at all in the game on TV and the rest of the offerings were just plain shit! I searched the streaming services and found nothing I wanted to watch. Earlier I had jerked off to some hot lesbian porn and didnt feel the need to watch any more. I needed to do something! I read shit-loads of stuff and just didnt feel like reading anything at the moment.


Max Benson nearly ran from the front door of the main laboratory complex, to the parking lot. He would have run, and shouted too, except that successful research scientists at Walton Instruments did not behave in such an indecorous fashion. The news he had received, just before leaving for the day certainly confirmed that he was just that — a successful research scientist.

My first sex teacher

There is no denying that all men remember their first time fucking. It is something in the make of men that first time fucking, may it be good or bad; it is etched in our memory for always. In contrast the women usually do not remember their first fucking as much as they remember their first best fucking. In my personal experience, women are also very good in trying to teach and educate their fuckers, in an attempt to make most if not all episodes as memorable as possible. So if she gets a fucking, as satisfying in the morning as she got last night, nobody can blame her for not remembering being nailed and fucked on any one occasion until she had some special reason attached to it for memory.

Licking sperm off the toilet seat (blue waffle)

So tell me. How does this gay thing work? Rock asked as he leaned his beefy back against our sofa. I had just finished my shower, had a towel around my waist and was heading for my bedroom before Rock saw me. Damn its so hard not to stare at his pecs when he is not wearing a shirt! Rock and I are roommates. We have shared an apartment off campus for about three months now. Rock knew I was gay before we moved in together and he was fine with it. I dont give a fuck what you do when you gays are together. Fuck, suck each other off. It doesnt matter to me, but, dont judge how I treat women. Are we straight on that? he asked. I was fine with that. I knew I could look, but I couldnt touch when it came to Rock. So far his philosophy on getting along with a gay roommate was working great! I had my gay life and he had his straight life.

Sex with uncle ned

Sensitive nose snuffing and eyes and ears attuned to everything that made a sound or moved in her natural habitat, the great burly bear moved gracefully through her territory on silent padded feet. She was not hungry, her nearly insatiable appetite for once satisfied. Food was abundant; brambles drooped with sweet berries; lightning-blazed hollow trees dripped with honey, and the numerous streams boiled with darting trout. The furry mother-to-be was content.

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