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I went out in the morning, after the big adventure, which is in the previous blog. I put on a tea, say, as long as the water is boiling, I call Petigec, how do I feel how it feels. He told me that he would come over in the evening, and we would get some xbox, and he would have something to look for if he liked me. I had to go to my ward, but I was busy leaving the outdoors. I did not have a door, but I could not hold it anymore, I had to sit :))))) Im sitting big there, I do it this time, I look at it, the taxi drivers wife comes from the end of the garden and there is no door :))) I tell you up but it still looks like this :))) I took up my pants and ran in, still good that it was not busy, it had to be finished :))) Still good that I was not scared and came. I went out and said he came because the taxi driver had left some sticks in the car, but he did not say that he was a taxi driver but Lajos. I told you to ask my dad. Petigeci also came in, at ten oclock in the morning I say this to you in the evening 馃檪 :)) He took out a bottle of metaxa cognac and a peach, saying Simonka was frozen yesterday, I need some warmth, so I came early. Ill tell you, then Ill be filing, but I have to go to Uncle J贸ska, I agreed with him to move my bike, do it. We went to the workshop, and Pici was his wife. I tell J贸ska, I brought the bike, and I need to do the brakes. Look, hes saying this is a good brake. But I say its like I need to smoke the wheel when I pull it. He says hell stop in the fire :)))) He was painting a biciglite, his wife sat beside him, he would paint and blot his hair :)))) He started yelling :))) J贸ska b谩 :))) She was pure blue with her head :))) She wore his wife, J贸ska b谩, picked up a pump, says: Get out of there because I split your head :))) She was just fleeing :))) We looked at each other, which one could stand without laughing :)))) She says I was off to three times a day kids at the age of 52 at the age of 52! Tell me, I would do it all day if I had such a wife. He told me to leave the binoculars because there are a lot of work I can do after tomorrow. I can tell, I can not go now. She says she is here, she wants to go anywhere, because if I go home Ill bet she can not sit for a week :)))) We took it, went and took the female biker. We went home, now we can filter. We used the metaxa, then we made xbox, and my father and I had the Hefti together, worked together somewhere. We pressed the xbox, the hefti got into it, I say tennis, the loser always misses a circle :)) He was fired Hafti was cowardly annoyed because he always told him the result. Once she tells her Petigeci, she was already out of the game :))) She wanted to take the jostick from her, she did not give it to her. He took it, he fell in love with the heftin, he let go :)))) He took it off, then headed with his arm, the hefti flew out, the hefti back on the armchair and lying on the ground, the blood spilled from his nose :)))) He came up, Petigeci told him: 10,000 you come to Simonk because of the xbox arm :))) We went to the house and said we would go in the pub, there is another one that is open, we go through the screening, but we could hardly roll, my tears came from laughing :))) We came in, we caught five mugs at once, we only had the money. Were here to say, says Petigeci is going to urge. I tell you a lot you go to urge, she tells me to go ciggy, because its cold outside :))) Im waiting for a quarter hour to come out, say we go Simonka. But I still say there are three jars. It does not matter, she says lets go hurry. I thought it was wrong :))) Going out, I take off the lock from the bike, the pubman ran out, yelled you broke the wrought, the toilet was broken !!!!!!! He ran to me, he went in, said Petigeci, help me, come on, but he was watching from the corner what happened, so I ran, I yelled so you die :))) She took her in the tavern. J贸ska b谩 bicikiet. I say Petigeci, this will be a big problem. We went back to both of us, and he told us that he had broken the ward, because he wanted to open the window, stood up to the shield, fell under it, and got so nervous that he kicked it all over and pulled down the basin, the tank, everything 馃檪 ))) I went to sleep and I promised I would not go anywhere with him :))

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I guess I鈥檝e always been a bit of a bitch but what choice did I have? I was a real looker, right out of the womb. Cute baby, cute kid, a really interesting adolescent and a world class knock-out babe by the time I got out of high school. Sigh. It鈥檚 tough to get a real grasp on reality when everything you鈥檝e ever wanted is just handed to you by guys (and plenty of girls) trying to get into your tight-fitting jeans.

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Okay, I admit it. I鈥檓 a fuck up. But, just because I鈥檝e dedicated most of my eighteen years to sloth and indolence and empty pursuits, that doesn鈥檛 mean I don鈥檛 have ambition. I really want to go to Harvard. Alas, to get there, I needed to ace 鈥 and I mean knock it right out of the fucking park 鈥 my AP Chemistry exam. My only problem was鈥 hadn鈥檛 lifted a Chem Book all year. Let鈥檚 just say that my myriad social obligations and farting around on my I-Phone just didn鈥檛 leave sufficient time for the rigors of academia. I found myself in a real bind, if I didn鈥檛 want to spend the rest of my life handing out Frappuccinos and Goddamn lattes at some jerk-off coffee emporium. And I didn鈥檛. Trust me on that one.

The stock boy

Almost finished, Zack, Judith asked, while the eighteen year old stock boy hefted a roll of roofing paper onto the shelf!?! Just about, he answered, Ive still have some paint to restock, but other than that Im pretty much through!!! Good, she replied, when youre all done, stop in my office for a minute, will you please!?! Sure thing, Miss J, he replied, Ill be there in ten minutes!!! Zack had been working after school at the hardware store for about two years now, and while it wasnt the greatest part time job in the world, it did provided him with a steady income! He placed the last gallon of paint neatly onto the shelf and said to himself, All done, while heading off to his bosss office at the rear of the store! He gave a rap on the door frame of the open door, stuck his head inside, and asked, You wanted to see me, maam!?! Yes, she replied, come in and have a seat!!! He sat down in a chair across from her desk and waited for her to come to the point! How long have you been working for me, Zack, she asked?!? About two years or so, he replied quickly, not sure at all what she was leading up to! And in that two years havent I given you more and more responsibility as well as several generous raises, she pressed on!?! Uh, sure, he answered slowly, and I really appreciate it!!! Is that so, she then said icily, then how come I found this filthy magazine hidden behind some cartons in the store room!?! His face instantly flushed red as he stammered, Well, you see, its like this, I was just looking at the pictures, I dont know, it just happened I guess!!! While shaking her head from side to side she added, Its bad enough that you have this pornography in my store, but theres more, a lot more, just look at this and explain it to me, please, as she reached behind her and turned on a VCR machine!!! The picture on the screen came into focus, and incredibly, it was a video tape of him masturbating while reading the same magazine his boss had found!!! That does appear to be you masturbating in the corner behind the plumbing supplies does it not, she said coldly!?! He was so stunned he couldnt even speak as he watched in horror as he blew his load on the video tape!!!

Wrong Room (Drunken mom makes a huge mistake)

The Schaffer family was all smiles on this particular Friday afternoon. They were leaving for their annual summer vacation. Their bags were packed, the SUV loaded, and all that remained was for them to load themselves up. Every year they took a weeklong road trip with no fixed destination. They just simply picked a direction and went. As they pulled out of the driveway Amanda Schaffer noticed out of the corner of her eye that her son Ryan was starring at her.

Junkyard Family

Keri giggled into her palm, unsuccessfully hiding her reaction to Lauren Hendersons dilemma. She wasnt alone of course. Brenda and Amy were giggling too. The three of them stood a little apart from their friend as she tried to find a way of turning down Lorne Cunninghams invitation to a movie without hurting his feelings too much.

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Hello, My name is Austin and I am a closeted gay man who is also a virgin. I always had the biggest crush on my roommate and also best friend Anthony. We met freshmen year in college and hit it off ever since. Anthony however is straight and just recently broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years. I always had the biggest crush on him but it wasnt at first sight. It just happen one day, I looked over at him and thought to myself damn your fine.

Night nurse comes calling

I had cause to stay in hospital for a few days; nothing serious but it did involve several long tests. When I arrived I was expecting to end up on a general ward but was surprised to find that there were no beds available on the ward and arrangements had been arranged to put me in the private section which meant a private room on the exclusive top floor of the hospital.

Repairing a Friendship

Growing up, Tim and I were inseparable. We met in school early on, and were best friends through college. As far as I was concerned we were family, but as we grew older, Tim began to change as he branched out, met new people, and started hating his home life due to his overbearing and fragmented family. I began to see him less and less, until he got into a major fight with his family and moved out to live with his girlfriend. Months passed, and we kept in contact. He got married, and moved around, we barely spoke, but when we did, things seemed okay.

My Affair With Hope

I didn鈥檛 join the community center to troll for pussy, after all, I was 64 and most of the women there were in their 80s and 90s. No, I joined for the art classes, as I always wanted to know how to paint. It was just good fortune that Hope Cur鈥. was in the class as well.


Richard held on to his mind with difficulty. His senses were reeling. He felt dizzy. It was one of those numerous delightful nights which all young married people will remember later on in their life with nostalgia, one of those honeymoon-like nights when the bedroom atmosphere is charged sensuality and the husband wants to make love to his wife and not just have sex with her…

The bath house

God, I needed this, Ellie said to her husband Brad, theres just something about a whirlpool bath that just eases all the tension right out of you!!! Mmmmmm, yeah, he replied while the swirling hot water wafted over his body, we should come here more often, but it just seems like were always so damn busy!!! Ellie was just about to answer him, when they were interrupted by a naked young man of about nineteen who asked, Would either of you care for a drink!?! Uhhhhh, I think Ill have a glass of wine, Ellie replied while staring at the young mans erection, how about you honey!?! Just bring me a club soda and a twist of lime, he replied while chuckling at his wifes obvious interest in the young mans attributes!!! Such big eyes you have, he said kiddingly!!! Well I never, she retorted, did you see the size of his cock, I dont know where they find these guys, but theyre all hung like a horse!!! And I thought you came here to relax, he said jokingly, but from the looks of things youre not in the relaxing mood!!! Later on, Brian asked, Are you still going to take a sauna, I think Im going to go to the weight room and do a few quick sets!!! Good idea, Ellie replied while stepping out of the spa, while youre doing that, I can get a massage!!! While they were walking through the workout room, Brian commented, I just love seeing all these naked people, and from the looks of things almost everyone else does too!!! Just about every man in the place had an erection, whether he was one of the staff or a member, it made no difference, most everyone had a hard penis, which of course all of the women just adored!!! Me too, Ellie replied, and some of these peckers are really large, I think all of the women must be just dripping!!! Well I know one thing, Brian replied, I really like showing mine off!!! Ellie reached over and playfully jerked her husbands cock a few times and said, With a dick as big as yours its no wonder, every woman who sees wants to suck you off!!! Youre just saying that to make me feel good, he said in good humor, because I have a feeling you want to blow one of the towel boys!!! Who, me, she said with mock indignation, what ever gave you the idea I would want to suck a young eight inch cock!?! Oh, I dont know, he replied, maybe it was the way you cupped your boobs when our waiter stuck his pecker in your face!!! Hmmmmm, she hummed, that might have had something to do with it!!! When they reached the weight room door, Ellie kissed her hubby on the cheek and left him to go to the sauna

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I have a fetish for a submissive wife, we鈥檒l call her 鈥淐arol鈥. I don鈥檛 really mean 鈥渢ie to the bed鈥 or 鈥渕ake me a sandwich鈥 submissive though. What I mean is she will basically be a sex toy when I want her to be. Let me explain.

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It all started one night when we were at university party where the booze was flowing freely and one of the spaghetti straps on my strappy V-neck tank got ripped off in a silly drinking game. For the rest of that night I struggled to keep my right breast covered (no bra that night because my boyfriend, Ethan asked me not to wear one). What I did notice was that Ethan paid a lot of attention to me, and he didn鈥檛 seem at all worried that my nipple kept getting exposed.

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He walked in, dressed to impress in a brand new gray suit, knowing thats what she liked the most. She immediately noticed him from across the crowded room, and they locked eyes. He looked her up and down and took in her gray, skin tight dress, matching while still outshining his suit. She saw him looking, and turned around to give him a better look and what she planned on offering him that night. The dress perfectly accentuated her already incredible ass, so tight that the fact she wasnt wearing any panties underneath it was apparent. His heart dropped to his stomach when he saw her ass, and he felt the blood in his body rush downward.

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My wife Lynn and I got married in the late seventies when we were both eighteen. And though my wife had been raised in a very conservative family being a preachers daughter. Once out on her own, she really let loose, and especially after Id taken some nude pictures of her one night and that was the first time shed really considered herself sexy. And she wanted others to see too. It was around that time when VCRs first came out, but there wasnt anywhere in our little town. So I was going to a larger city about 45-miles away to an adult bookstore to buy movies.

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The last person I was expecting to see was my husband. He was supposed to be on his way to New Mexico to attend a business seminar. But there he was, standing in the doorway of our bedroom with his mouth hanging open, All of the guys were watching the big screen TV on the wall opposite of the doorway so nobody saw him except for me. His eyes were locked on mine and I momentarily looked away from him to glance into the large mirrored sliding closet door and I saw just what I looked like to him. I almost looked like I do when I go to the beach. I was wearing a yellow micro bikini and my tanned skin looked like it was glistening from suntan oil. The only difference was that it wasn鈥檛 suntanning oil, it was perspiration and only some of it was mine. When I looked back at him his eyes had slightly shifted down. I knew what he was staring at. I had just seen it myself when I glanced in the mirror and, for me at least, it was possibly the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I don鈥檛 know if he thought the same thing but he seemed unable to pull his eyes away from it. What he was staring at was how my bikini bottom was pulled to the side exposing my freshly waxed cunt which was glazed with the cum of multiple men. There were large glops of white spunk all over it and between the globs was the thick but clear fluid that precum consists of. The shiny mess extended halfway down my thighs and there were long ropes of cum dripping from my just fucked cunt that made a small puddle between my feet.

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