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Sensitive nose snuffing and eyes and ears attuned to everything that made a sound or moved in her natural habitat, the great burly bear moved gracefully through her territory on silent padded feet. She was not hungry, her nearly insatiable appetite for once satisfied. Food was abundant; brambles drooped with sweet berries; lightning-blazed hollow trees dripped with honey, and the numerous streams boiled with darting trout. The furry mother-to-be was content.

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Senior year, prom is right around the corner and here I was, the new guy, my dad was relocated…Well, because of me, I try hard not to make it difficult for him,you know my mom left when I was six and it always been him and me. We had to move because I got in this huge fight against two black kids and since none of them was the principal’s nephew, well you can guess.

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There are moments in life that define you, and this was one of them. I could feel the dogs slobber drip onto my back, its hot breath panting in my ear, its slippery cock jabbing wildly leaving wet trails across my ass. It was at that moment that I knew with every fibre of my being that I wanted to become a dog slut. As I felt the dogs movements become more frantic my mind flashed back to how I started this journey and it was hard to imagine it was less than a week ago.

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My mother and I had been living alone in our small house in the country side for as long as I can remember. We only had each other (although our recent addition was a little kitten called princess) and always got along perfectly with little to no fighting, we hugged alot and spoke about everything. She would always demand a kiss on her cheek before I left for school in the mornings and another before going to sleep. I was 15 at the time with average looks, my mother was in her late 50s. She had long blonde hair down to her shoulders and a curvy figure, a little bit chubby. Back then there was not much sexuality in the air among the other kids at my school, some of us would still giggle at words such as penis and vagina, others had a partner but would only ever go as far as kissing and holding hands. We didnt have playboy mags or the internet for porn. Summer holidays came and I decided to stay at home with my mother to just sit back and relax with some television and soda, most of my friends all went to camps or trips; I honestly couldnt wait to just stay at home and do nothing. I didnt have to worry about homework, I didnt have to worry about getting up early to get ready for school, I didnt have to worry about anything.

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We were sitting in the gymnasium stands watching the girl’s volleyball team practice. I don’t think there is a prettier natural attraction than watching eleven teen girls in body hugging shirts and painted on mid-thigh length shorts. Even their thirty something coach was hot. As my best friend and I admired the bouncing tits and flashing legs he said to me “Damn she looks good, her legs go from the floor all the way to her ass, and her ass is a long way from the floor. God, those legs would feel great wrapped around my waist.”

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It was driving Julie Morgan crazy! She couldnt seem to have an orgasm without first imagining herself being viciously raped by an unknown attacker. She had read all the books on female arousal, and even though they all repeated the mantra that just because you fantasize about something, doesnt mean that you really want to go through with the said fantasy! This was all well and good in theory, but for Julie it was becoming almost an obsession! When she first started having sex at eighteen, her orgasms were directed to her boyfriend, but as the years passed by, more and more she had to have this picture in her mind of he being forced to perform the most intimate acts on a total stranger. In most of her fantasies her assailant was black or Hispanic with a huge erection. She couldnt figure out its significance, but she was worried enough to contemplate seeing a shrink about her problem!

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I work for one of the countrys major auditing firms as an auditor. Companies traded on the stock exchange are required by law to permit annual audits of their books by a so-called independent entity to make sure no funny business is going on with financial transactions or inventories. Its a living and not a bad one, for now. Most young accountants with their eyes on future six-figure incomes make their starts doing what I do. I make fifty-five thousand a year but I work my ass off for it, sometimes putting in seventy-hour weeks, rarely putting in less than fifty. Its the rat race at its finest, I wont deny that, but this job does have a few perks to it, one of them being the fact that Im often required to fly to other cities to examine the books in a clients branch office.

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I had a girlfriend a few years back that was big on helping people. Obviously it was a good trait for a person to have and it often lead to having extra house mates from time to time. One particular girl stands out from the rest her name Phoenix. She was old enough when I met her and she came to stay with us 2 years later after fighting with her mum.

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This all happened in the summer where I turned 18. Every year, my parents went on vacation for a few weeks, usually abroad. In the years before, I went with them, but seeing as I felt too mature to go on vacation with my parents, I decided to stay home this year. I hadnt planned much to do yet, so in the beginning I just stayed home most of the times, occasionally meeting with my friends. One of those friends was Jake. We met in school, and, like me, he had also just graduated. We hung out a lot and got along very well, and I considered him to be one of my best friends, if not the best.

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Scott has been in love with Tabitha, the single mother next door, almost since the first day he moved in. The problem is that Tabitha is in love with someone else a married man who has all the right excuses for why hes still with his wife. And then one snowy Christmas Eve…

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I had just gotten home from school and was making a sandwich when mom called from work and asked me to go to Aunt Carols house and help her. She was doing something or other and needed some help and mom volunteered me. I hopped in my car and headed 2 miles to Carols small Cape Cod. Carol opened the door and ushered me into the kitchen. There on the floor was a rolling kitchen island type piece of furniture and Carol was flummoxed at trying to do all the gluing and clamping. She had all the right stuff for the job, except of course the mechanical knowledge or patience for the task.

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I loved playing X-Box, and was pretty good at it. I could play three sports with relative skill. I did so-so in school, and could have done much better if Id really tried. I had over thirty sexual fantasies per day. I dreamed about owning a car, but couldnt afford one. I worked to make a little spending money, but not enough to put on a résumé. And, I had a sister, though I suppose thats not something that you could call being average.

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There is no doubt that my mother was beautiful, she was 41, looked at least 8 or 10 years younger, with almost the same body she had when she was a high school cheer leader. My father had died in an auto accident when I was 6 and she had not remarried. Mom had a well paying job in the finance department of an international electronics company and with a substantial inheritance from her father we lived comfortably. It was the summer when I had graduated high school and turned 18 would be entering college in the fall; I had just turn 18. I had been born with a powerful sex drive. Everyone said I was handsome so I guess I was; I had also been the star of the high school hockey team so growing up I had no trouble attracting girl friends it. But I had begun to have an unnatural lust; it was to have sex with my mother. The fact that it was impossible didnt dim my desire and lately I was almost consumed by it, she was the star of every sexual fantasy.


Alright, so… hi there, Im Jocelyn. Im from Colorado and in my mid-40s, divorced and my kids are both in college, so Im pretty much by myself. On the other hand, I run a quite successful real estate business which keeps me busy enough. What little free time I have I like to spend with my friends from church. So, in other words, I might have a rather normal American life.

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Bestiality is in this story, young girl, unknown men, slave. I was stolen and lost my cherry to men I didnt know. I had been biking home from school and decided to make a pit stop for a book at the library. Wrong choice.

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