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While I was growing up, I made friends pretty easily. One of my best friend’s growing up was Omar. He and I were the same age and always got along. He had a pretty big family, typical of a Latin American family, with three older sisters and an older brother but his parents were divorced and his mom kept all five kids while his bastard of a dad left to go marry his new wife. All in all, things weren’t horrible. As the kids came of age, they all pitched in to pay the bills.

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As I went to get us a nightcap I saw the barman glance across to Eileen and smile. I followed his gaze to see that Eileen had apparently carelessly allowed her skirt to ride up over her stocking tops and as she uncrossed her legs was giving him and I a good stretch of creamy thigh and a flash of her newly shaven pussy. She smiled when she saw us glancing across and slowly crossed her legs to leave her short tight black skirt still a good few inches short of her lace top hold-ups.

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene had barely settled into her new Congressional office. She was testing out her comfy chair, shoes off with her bare feet digging into the plush carpet when there was a knock on her door.

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Dawn was a very pretty young woman. She didnt mind staying with her uncle Donnie from time to time…it was his girlfriend Tammy she couldnt stand. She was always saying and doing nasty things in front of Dawn, and trying to draw her into her perverted little world. Dawn figured she was bi-sexual, but some of the things she did were outright filthy. She would always watch hard porn in the living room while Dawn was there, and usually she sat naked and masturbating shamelessly in front of her. Often times she would walk around wearing only an open blouse and heels, sometimes just a t-shirt, or nothing at all.

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Synopsis: Jim Hartman is a paramedic in Heritage County, California. A man who has not been laid in years. Follow his exploits as he tries to hook up with Robin, the loose registration clerk at a local hospital, to end this dryspell. The first in a series of tales written about this fictional county.

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Blair Fortner leaned over her open suitcase and let her strawberry blonde mane cascade down over her shoulders and hang in her way. She was used to working through that veil of hair.

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Judy Penncroft lay on her back, savoring the soft, silent morning. The weight of Mark, her husband, pressed the double bed mattress down beside her, rolling her slightly towards him. She thought of that pressure and warmth being missing, of the bed being empty, and winced at the gut-twisting stab of pain this thought brought.

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Ive always had shoulder-length hair. For my face, round, and figure, zaftig, it has always been the most flattering. I was born with medium-dark mousy brown, naturally wavy hair. It did have blond and red highlights, depending on the light. My skin is ruddy, so turning blond was out of the question, so I colored my hair a reddish brown for many years. When I retired, I stopped coloring and let my hair go to its natural dark/silver strands. I hated trying to keep up with the roots. I was never one for fads and fashions, be it clothes or hair. I wore what looked good on me. None of my boyfriends or my ex-husband ever complained about my hair. Until now.

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After High School I needed a job, I could not decide in what field I wanted to work, I tried the military but didnt like the feeling I got when I talked to the recruiters. So I went to work for circle K as assistant manager

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It was a hot summer night at about 11:30pm, and I was horny and decided to go buy me a new dildo or two. I got dressed in a micro mini skirt (black), a see-thru top, fishnet hose, and my 6 inch heels. I am 5 ft. 9 in. tall, long legs, auburn hair, 36 b tits, and a smooth shaved pussy. when I first arrived at the adult book store there were only a couple of white guys there shopping. I walked arround looking at dildos and flashing my pussy every chance I got. In walked 2 older men and instantly they approached me and invited me to go into the viewing booths. we each entered a stall and began to watch movies, and I noticed a cock about 8 in. long poke through a hole in my stall. I was wet and hot from watching the movie, so I decided to put the cock in my mouth. I licked it all over and sucked it as I jacked it off. After about five minutes, my mouth was full of hot juicy cum. I swallowed every drop and made sure I licked the cock clean. As I turned around the other older guy had his hard 9 in. cock in another hole, ready for me to please him. My pussy wanted some cock real bad but I wanted to wait to make me even hotter. So I sucked it for a moment, then I put it between my tits and moved them up and down on it. Then I sucked it again to lube it up for more titty fucking. Suddenly cum shot all over my face and tits.I licked myself and the cock clean and left that booth.

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It was around eight in the evening when I came home to find my friend Maria there. She is working for a company where she has to travel sometimes and it could be days and occasionally a week or two until she comes home. To spend these days alone is not always easy but seeing us again after a few days certainly leads to nice welcome moments and sometimes they tend to be more intense for bot of us. At this particular day shed been away for over a week and it also had not been completely sure which day she was back so I was happy and a bit surprised when it was still before the weekend when I was coming home after work to find her there. She stood in the kitchen making something to eat after her travel. Her bags not yet unpacked standing in the floor I could smell the coffee she already had to get her strength back from sitting in an airplane with the bad meals and distasteful things like tomato juice for some hours.

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Work was not easy to come by in our small town. Dad lost his engineering job when his firm closed down and, although he was not a natural salesman, he was lucky to get a job selling office furniture. This meant that he was away from home Monday through to Thursday, but at least he was with us for weekends.

Hey, brother

Nancy Goodman softened in her boyfriends embrace and held her mouth up for a kiss, shivering as she felt his right hand slip from her waist toward her bulging blouse. Henry Walton was rather good looking and smooth, she liked to date him, he was the right age for her, twenty-one to her seventeen, but somehow the sparks did not really fly when they were together.

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The very first time I saw my wife get fucked was not planned and is still not clear to me if I enjoyed it. It happened because I owed money to some really nasty guys, money my wife didnt know I had borrowed until the boys came calling looking for it.

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