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It was ten-thirty on a beautiful April morning when Conchi Thorne, the woman in Apartment 6-B, looked at her nude self in the bathroom mirror. She was preparing herself for Keith Broys who would come to her at eleven.

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Carla moaned softly. The aluminum cigar tube slid up into her cunt, pressing apart the soft folds of slippery pink flesh. Smaller, colder, and harder than a mans cock, it still felt fantastic. It felt wonderful to have her cunt filled again, even with such a crude imitation of the real thing. Lying on her back with her legs spread widely, straining the tendons on the insides of her thighs, Carla slid the tube deep into her oozing hole. It pressed the end of her cunt, stretching her. Then, slowly, tantalizingly, she fucked the tube in and out, in and out.

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The fantasies flashed through his brain in little lightning shocks. Lips caressing the backs of upper thighs, licking softly, a white leg rising up an inch or two with each wet kiss… the aroma of untapped moisture from a steaming body, a hot fragrance. His testicles filled to bursting… plunging for the blessed snarl and gulp of the sticky mouth bath… spreading and splitting those thighs apart, burying his face against the drenched and turgid cavity… his tongue wet-sliding, dipping into the naked throb itself, toying there with the fire-hot vulva heart, licking and encircling the clit in a feathery rage… the candy taste and the swallowing of the creamed pussy.

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Scott has been in love with Tabitha, the single mother next door, almost since the first day he moved in. The problem is that Tabitha is in love with someone else a married man who has all the right excuses for why hes still with his wife. And then one snowy Christmas Eve…

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I loved playing X-Box, and was pretty good at it. I could play three sports with relative skill. I did so-so in school, and could have done much better if Id really tried. I had over thirty sexual fantasies per day. I dreamed about owning a car, but couldnt afford one. I worked to make a little spending money, but not enough to put on a résumé. And, I had a sister, though I suppose thats not something that you could call being average.

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This is another story that takes place in the timeline of a major world war. It does not pick up where Collateral Damage left off, but is rather another slice of life from the time period Ive envisioned and actually takes place earlier than Collateral Damage, during the most desperate portion of the war, when the enemy is driving into the United States, seemingly invulnerable. For those of you who wrote telling me you found Collateral Damage too dark of a story to be enjoyed, I would suggest you not read North of the River. It is even darker. For everyone else, please let me know, as always, what you thought of it. As with all of these stories Im posting, they are all self-contained stories capable of being enjoyed by themselves, and all potential first chapters in an ongoing series. I make no promises as of yet to continue them.

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Synopsis: Jim Hartman is a paramedic in Heritage County, California. A man who has not been laid in years. Follow his exploits as he tries to hook up with Robin, the loose registration clerk at a local hospital, to end this dryspell. The first in a series of tales written about this fictional county.

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It was Christmas Eve, 2015, and, in Heritage, California, it was about as cold as it ever got. The mercury was hovering in the mid-thirties and a cold, freezing rain, driven by an artic wind from a low-pressure system over Oregon, was falling all over the area. There were reports that snow was falling as low as one thousand feet in the nearby Sierra Nevada foothills, dusting the exclusive Heritage suburbs of Cypress Hills and Andiron. There were even cautious predictions that as the temperature continued to drop in the late evening and early morning hours that snow might fall in Heritage itself. If true, this would be an extremely rare occurrence. At an average elevation of forty feet, Heritage had only received measurable snowfall six times in recorded history. And never had it snowed on Christmas.

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He got up angry with himself and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. As he passed through the common room of the hotel suite he saw her profiled against the lights of the city, the curtains were pulled apart, she was looking down 12 stories to the streets below. He paused to look at her in the dim light that filtered through the window. It had to be his sister, she was too slender to be his mother. The room was dark but he could make out that she was wearing a knee length night gown, it clung to her intimately, the soft light from outside shown through the thin material revealing the swell of her breasts, the firm roundness of her butt. She was a more interesting view than the lights she was looking at.

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The doorbell rang. He was here. Ill get it, Maxine called from downstairs. She entered the hallway in a pleated skirt, stockings, and a white button down shirt. No bra. Something of a treat for Daryl tonight, they had agreed. Steve watched from the top of the stairs. Maxine pulled the door back. Daryl was nearly camouflaged underneath the shadow of the porch, but when he stepped inside, the hallway lights illuminated his dark skin. He wore dark jeans and black t-shirt. Been waiting all week to see you, babe. Daryl smiled and put his arms around Maxine. They kissed each other. Something special going on tonight? he asked. You smell nicer than usual. Just a little something Steve and I agreed on to spice things up. She twirled her skirt playfully for him. Daryl closed the door behind him and walked down the hall, not even glancing up at Steve. Maxine swung around and looked upstairs. Her eyes grew big as she smiled and nodded towards the end of the hallway. That was his sign to get into the bedroom. Steve walked away while Maxine and Daryl played with each other downstairs. Maxine and Steve had become a cuckold couple about six months ago. They had agreed as part of a compromise to let Maxine and Daryl have their time alone before Steve was brought in. He was never allowed to know what they were up to, though he always had a good idea anyway. At first, it had been Steve who had insisted on trying out new things as a couple. Secretly, he yearned to watch Maxine have sex with other men after hearing about it online. It took a ton of convincing, and slight bit of manipulation – getting her to go out in skimpy clothes, pointing out her cleavage to other men. Finally she relented, and had been hooked ever since. About two months ago she requested a black bull. Daryl was their first and had been with them ever since. Steve entered their bedroom and proceeded to get undressed. It wasnt long before his clothes were completely off. He sat on the bed, his heart racing with every anxious second he was forced to wait for them. Not knowing made all the worse. What could they be doing? Was she sucking his dick already? Or worse? Sometimes he heard Maxine laughing or moaning through the vents. This time it wasnt long before Steve heard footsteps on the stairs – only a few minutes maybe. He sat at the edge of the bed, playing with his soft dick in his hands. Maxines feet skipped down the hallway with Daryl stomping close behind. Steves mind raced as he watched Maxine walk through the door, already completely naked. Her flowing, black hair fell in tumbles around her shoulders and down her back. Her pale, white skin was flawless and perfectly smooth, with nothing but smooth waxed skin between her legs. At that instant, Steve realized how beautiful his wife truly was, and why he had married her. He moved to get up and kiss her, but Daryl had already followed her in and had put her arm around her. He was stark naked too, his thick cock swinging beneath him like a red-tailed boa constrictor.1 Same thing tonight, right sweetie? she asked coyly. Steve nodded his approval. Maxine walked over to their dresser and leaned down to open the bottom drawer. As she bent over, Steve saw her raw, pink pussy poking out from between her legs. She was dripping wet. From the drawer she produced two nylon ropes, and then crawled over the bed on top of Steve. Steve leaned back on the center of the bed and spread his arms upward. Maxine laid down on top of him, and put her face up against his. Steve felt her body heat emanate over his torso. You all ready then swetheart? she asked with a smile. Tie me up, he replied. He was hypnotised by her beautiful, blue eyes. Ill do it just like you like. She started tying knots around her husbands wrists, and then got up and tied each end to their upper bed posts. Steve looked over at Daryl as she did it. Daryl was already getting hard as he stroked his dick in his hands. When Maxine was done, he moved over to the bed. Hold on. Lets make sure this mother fucker stays put this time. He grabbed the knots and pulled them tightly. The rope cut into Steves arms, depriving his hands of circulation. He gritted his teeth. Alright, fucker aint going nowhere now, Daryl said. Ive got your sweet ass all to myself now. Daryl grabbed two fistfuls of her ass. Maxine giggled and sat down between Steves arms. Show me that tight pussy that I fucking love. Maxine spread her legs and parted her lips with her fingers. Steve looked up, and saw the opening of her vagina spread wide open and ready to be fucked. Daryl climbed onto the bottom of the bed, and Steve felt the weight of his knees on each side of his thighs. Steve looked down. Daryl held up his big dick with his hands. He was as hard as a rock, pre-cum dripping out the tip of his penis. Hold on just a minute, said Daryl. I want to get your husbands blessing this time. Daryl crawled up the bed, placing his knees on either side of Steves chest. He leaned forward, pushing his dick into Steves face. Kiss it, faggot, Daryl commanded. Steve lifted his head up and kissed the tip of Daryls penis, tasting his salty pre-cum. Maxine laughed at him. He resisted every urge to take Daryls head inside of his mouth, to suck him off right then and there. But he knew better than to do anything without Maxines permission, especially if it might deny her the pleasure of Daryls thick, juicy cock. Daryl grinned and looked up at Maxine. Get the fuck over here. Lets give your husband a view he wont forget in a long, long time. Maxine got up and turned over on her arms and legs. She moved down the bed, placing her knees to the sides of Steves head and sliding her legs under his constricted arms. Daryl pushed his knees up into Steves armpits. Steve looked up and saw Daryls balls swinging heavily beneath his massive erection. Directly above him, Maxines crotch dripped down onto his face. Her aroma was intoxicating, and he struggled to confine his desire to get up and fuck her right then and there. But the knots around his hands were fool-proof, and he knew it was far too late now as Daryl grabbed a firm hold of Maxines waist. Daryl slid his dick inside of her, and Maxine let out a sharp gasp. Wait a second, Steve thought. Something isnt right here. Whats going on? Daryl slowly moved his dick in and out of Maxine. Steve had a close-up view as Daryls gigantic cock penetrated his wife. Despite Daryls size, Maxines vagina swallowed every inch of his massive erection, and Steve watched as Daryls cock disappeared with ease inside of her. She let out a deep moan of pleasure. Wait! shouted Steve. You forgot the condom! No matter what, Daryl had always agreed to use a condom before. It was a ground rule they had laid out at the beginning of their relationship. Well you see, Stevie, your wife and I reached a little agreement downstairs. She said tonight was the first night we were finally going to go bareback. Aint that right, Maxie? Mmm-hmmmm, Maxine hummed pleasantly. Her mind sounded a thousand miles away. With that, Daryl sped up his fucking, pushing deeper and deeper into Maxine as she humped back at him moanig like the Whore of Babylon. From Steves position underneath her pussy he could see every intimate detail of their lovemaking. Maxines cunt tightened around the big cock with each movement, but still Daryl pushed deeper inside of her. Whenever he pulled out, for a brief second Steve could see Daryls dick covered with Maxines juices. Max, youre not on birth control, Steve tried to remind her over the sound of Daryls nutsack slapping against her. Steve and Maxine had been trying to get pregnant for the past three months, to no avail. She was off of her birth control. They had agreed to keep Daryl around only so long as he used protection. Its… okay… Im… not… ovulating… right… now… she yelled between gasps and moans. Steve remained skeptical. Seriously, just play it safe this one time. You can go bareback all you want after youre pregnant, okay? Daryl stopped. Let me shut this mother fucker up for you right now, okay Maxie? Steve felt Daryls weight shift on either side of him. Daryl spread he
knees out, lowering his crotch over Steves face. He forced his balls into Steves mouth. Steve struggled to push him off, but the ropes held him in place. MMRRPRPPRPPTHTRHRBBB!! Steve yelled out. Mmmmmm, oh yeah, Stevie baby, that feels better than youll ever know, replied Daryl. Now, Daryl’s dick and Maxines crotch were right in front of Steves face. Steve tasted Daryls sweaty nutsack and inhaled the intoxicating aroma of Maxines dripping pussy. Daryl pushed Maxines waist forward a little and rubbed her clit on Steves nose. She absolutely squealed in ecstasy. He couldnt possibly keep going like th– But before Steve knew, Daryl had started again. The sound of Daryls legs slapping against Maxines ass thundered in his ears. He heard and saw nothing but Daryls dick pulverizing Maxines vagina. He had no choice but to watch in torturous agony as Daryl moved ever-closer to exploding deep inside of his wifes fertile womb. Then, something happened that Steve hadnt expected: He was getting hard. No, no! I am not getting turned on by this! But the more he tried to stop thinking about this, the more turned on he became. The thought of Daryl spurting deeply inside of his wife as he watched helplessly from inches away was turning him on like nothing before. That and the fact that he was not only about to be a witness to his wifes first bareback, but be in the very middle of it. That he would be at the very center of Max and Darlys first earth-shattering moment experiencing a bareback orgasm. When Steves dick finally stood at full attention, he forgot everything around him. All he wanted at that moment was to grab his cock and start masturbating, furiously. But he was still bound and gagged wi Daryl’s nutsack, and he let his mind ooze away into nothing. Daryls shoving his humongous balls into Steves mouth had forced him to distend his jaw. Now he gave into the pleasure, relaxing his lips around Daryls bloated testicles. Oh, holy shit. Now thats what Im talking about, Steve Darly yelled. I havent even jerked off in a couple of days. All this ball sucking you’re doing is gonna make me cum buckets full in yor wife’s pussy in just a few more seconds of that shit. And a few seconds was all he needed. Maxines moans crescendoed into a high-pitched orgasm. Her hips locked in place, pushing back against Daryls dick getting it just as far in as it could go. Steve knew that Daryl came at that instant – his mouth could feel the muscles in Dary’s groin pumping every ounce of his fresh seed deep inside of Maxine. Steve stared up blankly, complicit in his own shame of helping Daryl empty every last drop of his virile semen into Maxines cervix. When they were finished, Daryl got up and pulled out of Maxine. As his dick flopped down onto Steves face, a huge pool of his cum poured out of Maxines pussy directly into Steves now-vacant mouth. Steve coughed as he choked on Daryls thick, salty cum. Daryl got off the bed. As he did, Steves arousal overcame him as he savored the taste of Daryls semen. He ejaculated without warning, shooting a silvery stream of cum up his body and onto his face. Some of it got into his own mouth as well. Holy shit! laughed Daryl. Looks like this guy enjoyed it a lot more than he wants to admit. Steve kept his eyes closed, ashamed of how he must look. Not only am I swallowing Daryls cum, Im swallowing my own fertility as anothers mans sperm has their way inside of my wifes body. He looked up and saw Maxine lying in bed above him. Cum gushed out of her like there was no end to it. Steve desperately wanted to fuck his wife. Let me eat you out sweetie, Steve begged. Hold on, Daryl interjected. Lets give some of my little swimmers time to get inside. He laid down beside Maxine and shoved his fingers inside of her, pushing his cum deeper his. Maxine sighed and then kissed him. When he was finally done, Darly got up and picked up his clothes. Ill let you two have some quality time alone. Darly untied Steves knots and then left the room. Steve rushed up to his wife, pushed open her legs, and then started eating her out. Maxine pushed the back of her husbands head deep into her crotch. Daryls cum poured out in buckets into Steves mouth. He swallowed what he wasnt able to spit out. When Maxine had finally moaned her approval, Steve got up, wiped his mouth, and then curled up beside her. Well, he sighed, I think I got most of it at least. Maxine smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Sweetie, dont even worry about it. Daryl came inside of me so deeply, most of it was in by the time we even got done. Dont even waste your time.

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The Sundollars Coffee chain liked to put up signs touting how the Wall Street Journal and several other business-oriented publications considered them one of the worlds best employers to work for. Mark Grogan was not exactly sure what factors these publications used in order to make this determination but he was pretty sure they had never asked the peons who actually worked the counters. Granted, Sundollars was a few steps above the fast food sweatshops he did time in back in high school – the pace was a little slower and the pay was a little better – but they did not offer him medical or dental benefits, they did not match funds for the 401k, and the only real opportunity for advancement was to assistant manager, which meant he would be salaried and forced to come in far beyond his normal working hours with no additional hourly pay. He had been there for almost two years now and could not quite bring himself to accept that promotion though they repeated the offer at least once every quarter. Working at Sundollars was a McJob, just like any other. It was a means to get him through college and, as far as that went, it fit the bill rather nicely. He came in four mornings a week at 6:00 AM and worked until 10:30, which left him just enough time to get to the California State University at Heritage Campus where he was carrying eighteen units a semester towards a Criminal Justice degree.

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Tamera West slouched in an easy chair, watching an old Tarzan repeat on the television and eating an apple. Her thoughts werent on the screen, but on her date for that night, Eddie McDonald, a big, handsome boy, with craggy features like James Colburn — only younger, of course, Eddie was going to be a senior when school started again, (but sadly, he was going to be bussed to another district. Still, there was the rest of the summer to see him, and who could tell what would happen by September?) Shed only been out with him once, last Saturday night, on a blind date arranged by her best friend, Nancy Cannon, whose steady boyfriend Jason, had brought Eddie along. And wow!

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The house was in its usual chaos. My kid brothers and sisters were always scrambling to get ready, to get dropped off somewhere or my mother was scrambling to go pick them up. Dance, sports, band, so-and-sos house. Today mom was bopping from kitchen to living room and up the stairs shouting orders, questions and reminders. I was on the couch, weekend bag next to me, watching U-M getting abused on the football field. My dad was at work, doing an extra weekend shift to keep us afloat.

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When I first met her she had been divorced for several years and was different from any women I had ever met. She was a throwback to an earlier time. A very gentile southern woman with beauty, charm and warmth not common in women today. She was never vulgar always dressed appropriate and was a calm, kind and loving woman. I wondered when we first met if this was part of her act.

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