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Brian Wark was in a little bit of bother, he knew he had a way out and his only option was to take it, so he was. He had been trying his luck with his best mates mother, he had been under the impression that she liked his surreptitious spots of innuendo, flirty touches, kisses on the cheek. His lewd eye contacts, letting her know that he was up for a bit of fun if she was.

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Carla moaned softly. The aluminum cigar tube slid up into her cunt, pressing apart the soft folds of slippery pink flesh. Smaller, colder, and harder than a mans cock, it still felt fantastic. It felt wonderful to have her cunt filled again, even with such a crude imitation of the real thing. Lying on her back with her legs spread widely, straining the tendons on the insides of her thighs, Carla slid the tube deep into her oozing hole. It pressed the end of her cunt, stretching her. Then, slowly, tantalizingly, she fucked the tube in and out, in and out.

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I hate whenever people start these stories by saying Im just a normal person. Well, you clearly arent, or you wouldnt have such a fantastic story to tell, now would you? Im not a normal guy, and Im proud of it. I am not, however, above clichés, so I will get that out of the way right now.

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The fantasies flashed through his brain in little lightning shocks. Lips caressing the backs of upper thighs, licking softly, a white leg rising up an inch or two with each wet kiss… the aroma of untapped moisture from a steaming body, a hot fragrance. His testicles filled to bursting… plunging for the blessed snarl and gulp of the sticky mouth bath… spreading and splitting those thighs apart, burying his face against the drenched and turgid cavity… his tongue wet-sliding, dipping into the naked throb itself, toying there with the fire-hot vulva heart, licking and encircling the clit in a feathery rage… the candy taste and the swallowing of the creamed pussy.

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My moms name is Sally. I had gone off to college and returned home afterwards and planned on being there for a short time thinking I would get a good paying job and move out. Sally is my mom, around fifty years of age. Very normal woman, not ugly or hot not skinny or fat. Sally very rarely cusses and goes to church every Sunday. My dad is normal too. I had never been sexually attracted to Sally. We get along well and we can talk to each other about anything. Also my parents have never been worried about being naked around each other so I have seen my parents naked alot and they have seen me also.

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This is another story that takes place in the timeline of a major world war. It does not pick up where Collateral Damage left off, but is rather another slice of life from the time period Ive envisioned and actually takes place earlier than Collateral Damage, during the most desperate portion of the war, when the enemy is driving into the United States, seemingly invulnerable. For those of you who wrote telling me you found Collateral Damage too dark of a story to be enjoyed, I would suggest you not read North of the River. It is even darker. For everyone else, please let me know, as always, what you thought of it. As with all of these stories Im posting, they are all self-contained stories capable of being enjoyed by themselves, and all potential first chapters in an ongoing series. I make no promises as of yet to continue them.

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It was Saturday morning and Chloe was sat on the bus into town, in her purse she had the Ł5 that she had saved from her birthday money; rather than visiting the record shop like most girls her age would be doing, she was headed for somewhere quite different. The bus pulled into the bus station and everyone got off, Chloe walked up the high street to the fancy lingerie shop and looked in the window, She wanted to get something special for tonight, she didnt want to be undressed by Mark only for him to find her everyday ill fitting bra. Chloe walked along the door and pushed it open, a little bell rang and a woman about the age of Chloes Mum came out from behind the counter to greet her, There were glass fronted draws full of lacey bras and pants, there were a few mannequins showing off various underwear combinations. Can I help you madam? the woman said to Chloe, Im … Im looking for a new bra, something, you know … a little bit nicer than something from Marks and Sparks, the woman nodded, new boyfriend?, Chloe blushed, something like that she replied.

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The party was crowded and quite loud for a formal event, but she barely noticed. She was too focused on him. He seemed to float through the crowd effortlessly; making introductions, laughing at a joke, discussing plans for a business lunch, all the while he never took his attention off of her. She could feel it at his side or from across the room – the weight of his presence. His ownership of her. Not in the sense of a slave, but he was her mentor and guide and her body and soul were dedicated to him.

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Ive known MOM and dad to for that matter since high school! We grew up in the same town, the same neighborhood, and ran with the same crowds, per say. And in those years Mom certainly was herself a damn fine beautiful woman! But as years has its way of taking its toll on not only mind, it certainly rearranges the body as well; I guess of course after a woman has raised three beautiful daughters certainly she should have lots and lots of wear and tear on her mind and body! Oh I remember the numerous times Id get called to come over and run some horny boy off to keep the virtues of her daughters in tact!!

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One thing I have learned while is that the best stories come from the most unexpected sources. As you know, I just celebrated my birthday. I went to the movies and saw The Purge 2016: Election Year. Shortly thereafter, I took a Lyft to my favorite Chinese restaurant, Ocean Buffet. The driver was a young and quite pretty girl name Sonia. She pulled up in this BMW 530 that while a beautiful vehicle, it was very cramped in the front seat. I swear I thought a 5 series would have more space. I know at 6 foot 3 and 360 pounds Im a big man but my knees were in the dashboard. Im glad Sonia was eye candy as she took my mind off how cramped I felt in that front seat.

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