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It all started a couple of years before I was even in high school. A group of guys who pretty much hung out all the time together started this game. They were constantly bragging about which girls they’d bagged the night before or some kinky thing they did. It got to where the stories were so elaborate, they decided to make a big poster-board chart of the various girls, what their kinks were, which would do what, who had done them and how. This way, if a guy was interested in doing one of the girls on the chart, he knew exactly how to get her and what she was into. It pretty much guaranteed success and saved a lot of time and effort.

The Ugly Girl Next Door

Im ugly. Homely, unattractive, not pretty at all. I am not complaining, it just helps to know that before you read on. Ive accepted it. Part of me wishes I was a beauty queen, but I know I would have been shaped into a completely different person if Id been born a knockout, or even moderately pretty. I like who I am.

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Iris Harrault stepped back and surveyed the summer porch. It was all ready — newly dusted, the plants all green and thriving, the small wicker table intimately laid for two. The whiskey sours were in the refrigerator and the cold supper prepared. She glanced at her watch, and then out the porch screen which looked out over the wooded drive. No sign of him yet. Ill just freshen myself up, she thought, and then he ought to be here.

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Colin and Stella had started raising a family when they were young. Theyd known each other since they were knee-high and knew they wanted to be with each other as soon as they were old enough to understand the concept of love. Their early marriage was not, however, entirely voluntary as theyd had to escape from their families to truly be together.

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After breaking up with my first real girlfriend, I had a problem. I had the taste for sex, but no outlet. Thus began what I call my period of shame. I used a power many have, but few realize or act upon. I used my power to manipulate people.

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Lisa Hamilton paced the outside aisle between the last row of desks and the windows. She could see the schoolyard and the small park beyond, its trees and shrubs just beginning to bud with spring, and because of the slant of the afternoon sun, she was also able to see her image reflected in the glass.

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Tina was my favorite daughter, always had been. She was the prettiest and the smartest of my three daughters. Our family was a decent, conservative, church going family, and I took my fatherly duties very seriously. I felt very proud that all my daughters had been virgins when they married. Tina was pregnant with her third child and seemed excited about her first boy. I was over the moon over the first grandson.

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I hadnt noticed the days getting shorter, but that didnt make it so. Proof was fixed to the refrigerator door with a lemon-shaped magnet. The senior class schedule signified a chain of events that would end my summer and begin the last year of high-school. I turned away from the flow of the party and examined the page in an awkward attempt to look busy. Nodding dramatically as if its words solved some lingering mystery, my charade only reinforced a sinking feeling of isolation. I had never come to these parties before, and cursed myself for caving after avoiding so many previous invitations.

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Blackjack clung like a beachside fishing village to the ash gray desert that sprawled as far as the eye could see toward the craggy-hewn peaks of the Kingston Range, a motley collection of sun-parched ridges in the southern end of the California Sierras. To the north lay the natural furnace of Death Valley; less than a hundred miles beyond the mountains, Las Vegas nestled like a multicolored jewel in the parched wilderness of the Mojave. It was almost mid-day, and today, like every other day of the year, most activity had ground tediously to a standstill so that men and machines could be replenished. A dozen or so of the men huddled under the tin roof of the open-ended maintenance shed, talking quietly so as not to exert themselves in the scorching heat, waiting for the signal to shuffle back over the powdery wastes and return to their jobs on the oil derricks. Blackjack had a long, if not glorious, history as a mining town. First as a base camp for fruitless gold hunts in the killer mountains, later as a home for borax miners, and now, though mostly in ruin except for a few unpainted cabins that were still inhabitable, as the temporary hometown for nearly twenty roughnecks and whatever families they possessed. Blackjack had been invaded seven months ago by Benny Terrell and his ragged crew of fortune hunters, in search of an elusive reservoir of crude oil that might or might not exist, in hopes of a fortune that might or might not fall into their hands. And all of them, including Jamie Olsen, working for wages that seemed as elusive as this tricky oil field they were searching for.

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In his pioneer work Psychopathia Sexualis, the German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing remarked on the subject of incest, The preservation of the moral purity of family life is a product of civilization; and feelings of intense displeasure arise in an ethically intact man at the thought of lustful feelings towards a member of the same family. Only great sensuality and defective ideas of laws and morals can lead to incest.

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I went home tiredly from the bakeries at seven oclock in the morning, saying Im going to sleep, Im just knocking, knocking a little lighter, not bothering the simon. I look back in the garden, there Petigeci and the Kacagó go with a battery in her hand to the cottage. I went closer, but it seemed to be far from 1 atmosphere :)))))) I go there and tell you what are you doing here? He says your father has paid two thousand dollars to make order in the garden, something worth valuing is coming out of this jewel here. You go Simonka, theres a penny, I bought it from the laughing money :)))) But i tell you whats the aksi? He tells us to make a slice between the two trees and go over to the Uncle Pista, take the apple tree from the root 🙂 they put up a bicigligum, but they could not lift the axes so far :)))))) They poured beer bottles almost to the fence :))))) She says it will be good, I got it, I crossed three bottles, I say what to do with that? :))))) I went in check, they tossed all the rubbish. Im going out, Uncle Pista comes and racing with the rake in his hand :))))) The old railman came closer, he stormed and kicked :)))) He tells why you can not live normally, you are a grown man, Licike at home lying on a patient, Im retired, why should I keep it? Uncle Pista had been so nervous. My dad ran back to what this shouting, Uncle Pista told him, he was kidnapped by the kids garden, he says, and then you gather it, you work all day :))))) Then he went. Petigeci told me laughing: Shout that your fucking mother is ironing :))) Hü hü hü hü :)))) Hü hü hü is too ugly, I do not yell :)))) He started shouting, iron sucking :))) ) Uncle Pista back and tells me I know who your son is, Im telling your dad, he is silent :))))) He tells me I was taking girls in the wheat table when I was so old and I was not annoyed by the neighbor :)))) Mondige Petigeci , leave it, well filter it. But she did not let her, she told me, tell him to lick Nikit :))) He started to stretch his tongue :)))) Petigeci says he louder he can not hear :))) KAci started shouting, hu lu lu lu lu lu, I was lying off the laughter :))))) Kaci was afraid, he could not stop it until the railway went :)))) So lol, hu lu lu lu :)))))) hü hü hü: DDDD We laughed, we could not make it.

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With the rise of the nuclear family, the advent of jobholding for both the mother and father in the home, and the permissive rearing of children, have come profound changes in moral traditions and the social roles of young people. In the not-too-distant past, the presence of grandparents and even of great-grandparents in single families provided a focus of behavioral example that all in a larger family could share in such an unquestioning fashion that ideas about role fulfillment and sexual conduct remained restrictive and changed slowly.

Claire, and the scout

At first the young girl pretended the noise she heard was nothing but the wind rushing through the tall pines outside the cabin. At the age of fourteen, she considered herself too old to be frightened by a few stray sounds in the dark. But she couldnt keep herself from ducking her head under the cover and burrowing her turned-up nose under the pillow. She pressed her adolescent breasts into the smooth sheet and hugged one arm across her trim midriff for comfort. The light scuffling sound came again, closer this time, and she drew the lengths of her slim thighs up under the covers until her rounded knees were tight against the hardened tips of her small brown nipples. She lay in a ball in the middle of the unfamiliar bed and felt her heart trip faster and faster. She had to admit now that the noise wasnt coming from outside the cabin at all.

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Fields Pedigrees wasnt what Stella Burnside expected. The forty year old divorcee had picked the dog breeders name out of the phone book, and she expected to find a pet shop, or at least a kennel, at the address listed in the yellow pages. Instead, she found a sparkling white, old-fashioned wood-frame house, nestled calmly in the center of a residential block, looking no different from any of the other houses. The voluptuous black-haired woman checked the envelope on which she had jotted down the address, and she reviewed the directions that the young man had given her over the phone. Then she squinted carefully at the address over the green wood door to the white house. It all checked out — this pleasantly homey looking house must be Fields Pedigrees, even though there wasnt so much as a sign outside.

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A work bearing the title of The Five Bloods of Ireland would need no justification for its title other than that the contents of the work deal with the five principal septs or families of Ireland, i.e., the ONeils, the OConnors, the OBriens, the OLachlans, and the MMurroughs; a title of The Five Nations would likewise be as easily justified if the work dealt with the five confederated Indian tribes (the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas), or, as was the case with Rudyard Kiplings volume of poems, if the five nations were the five component parts of the British Empire.

The neighbors pet

A descriptive paragraph she had typed onto final draft the day before from her husbands current masterpiece raced sensually through Beth Ann Durkes young mind as she watched her handsome neighbor leave his expensive home across Tasman Drive and walk with a smooth, athletic grace toward his three-car garage. Mmmm, he did! He literally radiated virility! What had Jay entitled the book? HER LUSTY NEIGHBOR? Yes, that was it… and very fitting, or so it would seem. She remembered the exact passage:

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