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Today, what with the continuing rise of the divorce rate, many people seem more surprised when a marriage holds together than when it breaks up. Yet despite many dire predictions about the gradual death of matrimony, the trend seems to be toward changing the internal structure and workings of that institution, rather than abandoning it.

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My wife Daytona & I met at a mutual friends singles New Years Eve party. I really didnt wanna go, but my friend (the host) wanted me to come. I arrived about 10pm. The host had valet parking, a Rose for all of the ladies & even a door man. He was skinny kinda nurdy looking with tape holding he eye glasses together.

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First off this was just a fantasy until now. I guess I should begin with a little history first. I was 18 years old 63 about 205 lbs with a thick 7 inch cock.I have chosen a Military career and consider myself to be a lifer. I came from a poor background and have worked hard from the age of twelve. When I turned 19 I married the most beautiful woman in the world. She was a petite little thing of about 52 blonde hair and deep green mesmerizing eyes. She had a perky set of grapefruit sized tits and a hard little bubble butt. I know all the stories start out like that.

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Everyone has heard or read something about the sex clubs. Almost every city in the United States — and possibly abroad — has its intimate club where couples get together and trade mates. It is common to find something about such couples in almost any daily newspaper, or you can buy a good book on the subject at almost any news dealer.

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She slapped for that and went inside. I was afraid she might tell to my parents/uncle I ran behind her and showed the bikini photo of her she is in anger asked me how you got this idiot? You only sent it to me if you try to tell anyone about it I ll disclose this one to everyone ok by saying this I spanked her ass softly I can see her face turn real red which is gorgeous. Get ready for adventure dear its you and me, i cant wait to make Ur love holes dripping wet by saying this

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My wife Ann and I had been friends with Tom and Lynn for about ten years now. I had known Tom from a previous job back several years ago and the two of us had been close friends ever since. Ann just loves Toms wife Lynn, and the two of them stay in touch on a routine basis. Ann and Lynn are in their mid-fifties and they do a number of things together outside the home. When Ann heard that Lynn and her husband Tom had planned a cruise to the Caribbean it left Ann a bit jealous that she couldnt go.

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The men could hear the roaring engine long time before they could actually see the car. The road meandered through an isolated mountain area and the nearest neighbors were many miles away. Finally they watched the Range Rover take the last turn and drive up towards the hunting lodge. The dogs began to bark but were quickly silenced by their owners. It was Friday late afternoon and the heat was intense.

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Myra, her mysterious urge to fuck becoming almost uncontrollable, needed a time to be alone. She needed these quiet moments for thinking and hanging on and making her spinning universe settle into something she could recognize. This wild point of land seemed not only to defy the shape of reality, but to twist feelings and behavior among whatever humans dared invade it.

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Let’s face it; life can be pretty brutal and if you’re not a member of the one percent, you are on a one-way bobsled ride to the bottom of the economic hill. If I’d have known how expensive milk was going to get, I would’ve breast-fed myself! We working folks are being forced to eat a big dirt sandwich and every year, there’s more dirt and less bread. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and I love my kids but getting by on a single salary these days is as common as real boobs on a reality show.

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This is Peasant Alexander again with another one incident of my sex adventures. First of all, let me thank you for your valuable comments for my previous stories. This time I wish to share another sex experience which happened at my office with my boss Jay. As I told you, I had many sex experiences with different persons. This is one of the most memorable sex incident in my life. Jay was my boss at my office and I was appointed as his personal secretary. He was very handsome, aged 36, had a very healthy physique. He was married and had no children. His wife was working as a teacher in a public school. At the office, all of the staff had to wear uniforms.

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My wife is shy but when that button between her legs gets pushed she turns into a total sex freak. I had been trying for a year to persuade her to get a guy so we could have a threesome and I could watch. Finally she said okay, well go out of town, Ill get some guy to fuck me and you can watch. The way she said it seemed a little bitter. So we went to a hotel in a large city where they were having some convention and it was full of men. She wore her short little black dress down to the bar with no panties. I sat in the lobby with a good view and it was exciting just watching all the guys hitting on her. She sent them all away and I wondered if she was being picky or had changed her mind. But finally a young good looking guy hung out about 10 minutes. They whispered and laughed a lot and I knew it was on. But there was a geeky guy with a gut hanging with him. I wondered if that would be a problem. They got up and headed for the elevators and I caught up with them. We all got on the elevator including this chubby guy. I gave her a look about him and she whispered David swears hes got a fat ten inch cock so hes in ! he doesnt have to be a model with a package like that..Shed gotten pretty drunk.and shed made our threesome a foursome. Not what we agreed to. As soon as the door to their room was closed she was on the bed pulling that dress off over her head. They peeled off their clothes and were all over her. David wasted no time on foreplay. He spread her legs and rammed is cock right into her. She was on her back and rolled her head over toward Chuck who Ill call Chub. Her eyes got wide when she saw his monstrous hard cock arcing up in an obscene curve. It was fat with bulging veins and looked more than 10 inches long. Id never seen one that big even in interracial porn.. He took one step toward her and she reached out and took it in her mouth. David was plowing her hard and she was able to work chubs cock like a pro at the same time. After a while she pulled it out of her mouth, gazed up at Chub and said I want your big cock inside me. He almost knocked David down to get behind her. He flipped her over doggy style and with one powerful thrust rammed that huge cock into her gaping cunt balls deep. She let out a scream that could have been heard all along the hallway. Id moved into position to feed her my cock and she said oh no, youre just going to watch me fuck. Thats what you wanted. Enjoy yourself then flashed me a devious grin. I got a bad feeling by the snide sarcastic way she said that. I knew now that she was going to try to extract revenge on me for talking her into this. That she would make sure they got into the most hard nasty sex imaginable and make me watch it. That it would go far beyond what wed planned, disturb me, and make me insane with jealousy. I watched her work on Davids cock while Chub pounded her from behind relentlessly. Then she pulled the cock from her mouth, looked over her shoulder at Chub and said I want your big cock in my ass. My heart now raced. Anal had definitely been ruled a no no when wed planned this and I was getting almost sick to my stomach at this. Chub bellowed yeah baby now your talking. He hocked, leaned over and spit onto her anus. The guy was just a crude fat redneck. He positioned his cock on her little pink anus and I moved up for a closer view. It looked impossible, painful, and obscene. The head of his cock pressing into her tight little asshole was as big as a billiard ball ! Next thing I knew he suddenly thrusted hard and buried that monster balls deep into her rectum. She screamed but then buried her face in the pillow to muffle her cries. I cringed. I was horrified and turned on at the same time. Chub was driving into her ass so hard she couldnt keep Davids cock in her mouth so he grabbed her behind her head holding her and began just fucking her in the mouth. After about five minutes of this hardcore abuse Chub exclaimed hey baby you ever done a D P ? Come on youll love it ! I was beyond shocked, I was both angry and frightened for her when she looked back over her shoulder at him with a devilish grin and growled in a low voice fuck yeah do it to me.thats what I want Now I knew she was aware shed gone too far. She was probably as scared as I was but determined to keep performing for me now. Still she couldnt have fully comprehended what she was in for next. As if theyd choreographed it,David flipped onto his back and she mounted him, riding eagerly up and down on his pole. From behind with one big hand on her back Chub shoved her down hard, prone, ass up, doggy style. He climbed onto the bed, mounted her and brutally rammed his cock into deep into her ass. I watched my little petite wife stuffed with two cocks and was frozen, transfixed. She was moaning deeply and continuously into that pillow, and I could tell that now it was from pain not pleasure. I was terrified and consumed by remorse for putting her up to this. The scene was disturbing, unnatural, and just disgusting. I wanted to turn away as if from a bad car wreck that you just cannot not look at. Yet strangely I was totally turned on and I slowly stroked my hard cock as I watched.. They worked as a team brutally pounding her until I thought shed split in half. Her petite little body was tossed helplessly about sandwiched between these two big men thrusting into her so hard..This seemed to go on for an hour but Im sure it was only about 10 minutes. Suddenly Chub bellowed here it comes baby flipping her over on to her back like a rag doll and shoving her against the headboard sitting up. He climbed up onto the bed beside her, grabbed the hair on back of her head and shoved is cock into her mouth. He started groaning like a wounded elephant. I could see her gullet working furiously to swallow his load as he growled yeah baby swallow that paste ! but it was too much. He held her head forcefully holding his pumping cock deep in her mouth as she began to choke violently. Suddenly a flood of saliva and semen forced its way past her lips and his cock, gushing down her chin and dripping down her neck and body. She finally broke free but Chub still aimed his cock at her mouth spurting his last gobs of cum wildly onto her cheek and in her eyes. David was on the other side jerking his cock in her face trying to get it in her mouth but she was still choking up semen and she turned away. He moved his slimy wet cock down to hunch on her left breast and soon erupted, spewing big gobs of cum all over her beautiful perky tits. Then they both shoved their dripping cocks in her face. Davids had a nasty string of semen dangling that dropped onto her chin. Both cocks were slick with their mingled cum and her juices. Cum still dribbled from from both. With both their cocks shoved together just above her mouth ( see pic ) Chub bellowed Lick em clean baby, lick em clean ! After the way hed just brutally choked her with his pumping cock I was shocked that she readily complied to his obscene command.. She stuck her tongue out and deftly licked the length of those cocks dry then lapped up the last drops of semen dribbling from the heads. Standing by the edge of the bed I gazed down at my wifes beautiful body drenched in these scumbags semen. She lay perfectly still, expressionless, with her eyes closed. There was something both painfully tragic and beautiful about her lying there like that. I saw David and Chub gazing down at her too and they callously exchanged a high five. I was ashamed and conflicted by my still raging hard on drawing me to her prone helpless body. I fell onto her and rammed my cock in. I found sloppy seconds was no joke. Her ravaged pussy was like fucking a bowl of oatmeal. But a vague rage welled up inside me and I fucked her angrily as hard as I could as if I wanted to hurt her. But I was coming fast. I quickly straddled her torso and pumped gobs of cum all over her face and her tits adding to the disgusting mess already running and dripping all over her body. Still she remained motionless with her eyes closed. Then Chub approached the bed proudly stroking another big hard on and bellowing. come on b
aby Im ready for seconds. You were so fucking awesome. Youre the hottest fucking slut I ever fucked. We gotta have another round. Ill send you into outer space this time baby! I lost it then and got up in his face are you fucking retarded you fat motherfucker?! Cant you see shes had enough, shes wasted. Were out of here! You better hope I dont see you in the parking garage or a stair well later. I will fucking take you down, kick your teeth out and fix your face so bad youll never get laid again. I grabbed a towel and threw it onto the bed. come on baby lets get out of here she sat up slowly, ignored the towel and pulled her dress on over all that semen, She walked slowly out, head down, hair a tangled mess, and barefoot leaving her pumps for them to remember her by. As we walked out the remorse of having brought this onto her pressed down on me, ashamed I didnt do something to stop them when it started to get out of hand. But Id never let her know this. Never.There was an ironic satisfaction knowing her plan to hurt me as a forced witness to her debauchery backfired. Clearly, for her, the erotic thrill of taking on two strange men at once slowly became a nightmare of brutal abuse, pain ,degradation, and shame as these nice guys slowly grew brutally sadistic and things escalated to extreme hardcore acts of depravity. Now Ill sometimes bring it up. Tell her how awesome and hot she was that night. How she drove those guys wild and drained every bit of cum out of them. Ill suggest we try again, next time with four or five guys. For now she just turns away in silent shame.

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My wife Shere and I had just recently moved from the city to a rural area, out in the country you might say. We had grown tired of the noise, smog, and fast pace that come with living in the center of things. Our new home was quite a long way from any neighbors, set back against reforested mountains with a grassy plain in front. The days were hot, the evenings cool, and the sunsets gorgeous.

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