Trade in wife

Everyone has heard or read something about the sex clubs. Almost every city in the United States — and possibly abroad — has its intimate club where couples get together and trade mates. It is common to find something about such couples in almost any daily newspaper, or you can buy a good book on the subject at almost any news dealer.

My Sisters Family

I whistled with cheerful excitement as I drove down the quiet, suburban road towards the home of my sister. Married with three kids, my sister Melanie had a nice, white-collar existence in a respectable home, though her and her husband were not quite as respectable as they seemed!

Piece of niece

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The ape girl

Blair Fortner leaned over her open suitcase and let her strawberry blonde mane cascade down over her shoulders and hang in her way. She was used to working through that veil of hair.

Ball in the family

Incest is a peculiar aspect of human sexuality, that it is so stigmatized and tabooed, there is very little data — especially well documented data — available on its occurrence and frequency. That it does exist is undeniable, but the facts surrounding it are shaded by mistrust and misinformation.

The barnyard orgy story

Reverend James Walker had been the minister in the rural community of Woods Fork for the past six years, and both he and his wife, Abby, were highly thought of by the congregation. Standing on the church steps talking to some of his church members, one Sunday after the services were over, he was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the conversation.

A Lost Generation

While it was in progress, it would be called World War III. After it was all said and done, it would be called Armageddon. Whatever it was referred to as, it would go down in history as the bloodiest, costliest, most destructive event in human history. Though not a single nuclear or fusion weapon and not a single chemical warhead would be used during the ten long years of the war, more than six hundred million people would be killed as a result of the fighting.

Two womens vaginas and anuses and the pleasure they offer

Friday evening, the first week of June and I was totally relaxed. I’d met a friend for dinner and a drink or two and had gotten home around nine. Now, I was sipping a bit of Maker’s Mark, rocks with just a splash of water while I enjoyed the quiet. It had been an eventful week, Joanie my eighteen year old daughter had graduated, graduated with a 3.96 GPA, not quite valedictorian but second in her class and I was so damned proud.

Swinger Ski vacation

That was fun! I hadnt skied in years. I was wet, sore, and starting to feel a slight chill from the falling temperature, but I was in high spirits. Our rented cabin was a bit of a trek through the crunching snow. It was actually more of a small Chalet, that my buddy Kent had traded time-share points to get for that weekend. This was something he and I had been planning for months, a surprise for the girls. The final piece fell into place when Kents parents agreed to take Kent and Janets kids for the three-day weekend. In the distance I could see the lights shining in the two story A-frame structure wed arrived at earlier this morning. The bulk of the day had been spent drinking, skiing, drinking, playing in the snow, and more drinking. My wife, Anne, and I are pretty close to Kent and Janet. Theres a lot more playful touching and affectionate kissing than I think there is between most couples. Today was no different, of course. During our trek across the snow, very suggestive innuendo and some pretty bold groping ensued, especially between Kent and my wife. There was a bit between Janet and me, too, though I usually behaved myself more than Kent did.

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