Sisters plan

I woke up with my head pounding, my own fault I might add, drinking was not something I was very good at and by the feeling that even the dim light of the room I was in was giving me, Id do my usual vow of never drinking again after about 10 aspirin and 2 gallons of water. I opened my eyes a little more and the confusion set in, I was not on the couch I was sleeping on for the week, I was in my sisters bed! I looked over and she was fast asleep with her back to me, I looked to see where my pants and shirt were and found them on the floor along with my boxers. I went to try and sit up and the room started spinning so I flopped back down on the bed again.

Cheerleaders Penalty

Cadence was a cheerleader and quite a popular one. She was a pretty and vivacious young woman. Blonde hair with unusually green eyes made for a striking. Being a cheerleader it was just natural for her to keep fit – try and do a flip when youre overweight. She was nearly nineteen and this would be her last semester as a cheerleader. After that it was out into the big wide world.

Shannon gets Bestiality

Shannon stood on the front porch balancing one of the two shopping bags she was carrying and juggled her keys out to open the front door to the front door of her modest ranch home. With a bit of confustion she thubmed the keys trying to find the house key. After several times through the ring she realized the key to the door was not there and she stood there awkwardly puzzled for a bit before remembering she had taken the house, and mail key, off that morning and left it on her kitchen counter along with the mail she had retrieved from the locked community mailbox just down the street.

Fucking a stranger

Larry Garrett thought that a romantic week in Paris for him and his girl friend Terry might help to renew some of the love they once shared but it wasn’t working out that way. She started to complain before they even stepped onto the plane in Chicago and after embarrassing him several times it had eventually come to a head. He stormed out of the hotel room and decided that he would explore Paris alone.

Sex adventures with Judy

Judy Penncroft lay on her back, savoring the soft, silent morning. The weight of Mark, her husband, pressed the double bed mattress down beside her, rolling her slightly towards him. She thought of that pressure and warmth being missing, of the bed being empty, and winced at the gut-twisting stab of pain this thought brought.

Great Thai Massage

Mid afternoon and I was walking the streets of a popular Thailand tourist city, checking out the massage girls grouped out the front of the parlours. As an older man I was looking for the pleasure of a ‘special’ massage from an attractive younger girl. Most however, were oldish ie 30 plus or more, on the plumpish side with biggish fake boobs and not very appealing.

Group sex story

He faced me again, “You sing about anal sex but have you ever taken one in the ass? You gurgle and choke the words when you tell the audience about how to suck cock but have you ever swallowed? My guess is no because your message isn’t getting through, you don’t have the actual experience, you aren’t singing about life. You need to get as wild and debauched as your songs otherwise this group will never take off.”

Three moms

A mid-afternoon soap opera droned unnoticed in front of the living room couch in her small, pretty suburban home. Nancy Johnson, a petite, big-tit divorcee with a girlishly young face and short, brown hair, sat with her round little ass pushed to the edge of the couch and her knees hiked up high in the air. All she wore was a t-shirt and a light, flower-print mini-skirt. The skirt bunched around her slender waist, exposing her naked cunt.

Cheryl and the prof, milf sex story

While after the changes wrought by nine eleven, I had grown to hate some airports, I loved to fly, and that was one of the best perks of the somewhat unconventional way I supported myself. I had always had trouble holding down a conventional job, probably a combination of stubbornness and being a smart ass. Whatever the reason, over the years I had found I could create a decent lifestyle for myself without actually holding down a job. Perhaps it was a personality disorder, but I would gladly work seventy or eighty hours per week for myself just to keep from having to work forty hours per week for someone else. So one January morning as I sat in the boarding lounge of United Airlines at LaGuardia, I reflected back on the path that had brought me to this point.

Mother’s Nature xxx

My 17-year-old son Jacob and I hadn’t been getting along that well. I tried to explain to him that it was tough enough being a single mother without having a child who had dedicated his every waking moment to making her life a misery. The summer months were especially challenging because he did nothing but fart around the house (figuratively and literally), eat everything in sight and play video games. We were going through a particularly brutal stretch in our increasingly grumpy relationship when I decided that we both needed a change of scenery.

Paris Hilton is in for a surprise

Paris walked in one hip at a time, cell phone tight to one ear. She gave the room the once over, sweeping her gaze past him and deposited her tiny white hand bag in the chair by the door. She continued talking, smacking her gum as she did so, walking around the room and looking at the paintings that hung from each wall. He watched her move, his face showing that he was equally unimpressed, in spite of the fact that he was admiring the softly rounded curves of her figure beneath her unusual attire. Paris wore all white, starting with knee high, high heeled leather boots that led the way up her French netting stockings that led all the way to her thighs. From there she wore a pair of tight cotton shorts that clung to her with the fondness of spandex.

The Black BbWonder

“Dang, B, I ain’t fittin’ ta be meetin’ no females off no party line!” shouted Erin over the stereo that spilled out the sounds of the rapper Jay-Z. Erin was visiting her cousin Berri in Philadelphia from Atlanta. They where complete opposites, Berri being a prissy, feminine girl, and Erin a rough, saggy jeans wearing, tomboy their whole lives. It wasn’t until they found out through their parents that they shared an attraction to women that they became good friends and decided to spend the summer together.

Wife discovers dog

Ruth and I usually watch TV for an hour or so in the evening. We were sitting on our couch in front of the TV while Blue, our two-year-old Bull Terrier, lounged on the sofa with us. Bored by the TV, he went to the door and looked back at me. I went to the sliding glass door, pulled it open, and let him out. A few minutes later, he was back at the door wanting in. I got up again and opened the door for him. Blue was almost pure white with a big black patch around his left eye. He seemed restless and chased one of his toys for a minute while I went back to sit next to Ruth.

New year erotic story

She found herself wanting to take things from her. It was a strange obsession, as if taking small things from her life would somehow add up and leave her without any possessions and make her husband not want her anymore. 

A wife and her husband find their ideal partner

It was 11 am of a sunny and glorious morning at a popular international Resort in Cancun, Mexico. My lovely wife Angela and I were enjoying the 2nd day of our 1 week vacation, and, recommended by a friend of us who suggested the place, we were not disappointed at first sight. A beautiful sandy beach and crystal water enchanted the place where, mostly Europeans, were already in full-beach mode, plus hotel facilities and its food choices were amazing.

Power to the Pussy?

She had been working for the Deveraux family for more than a year now. She wasn’t enthusiastic about her position as their part-time nanny, but it was her way through college and she refused to be a stripper like some of the other girls in her classes, she couldn’t dance one bit; so she did a great job, not because she wanted to, but because she had to.

My Aunts Big Surprise

My name is Samantha, everyone calls me Sam. I’m 18 years old, 5’6” with an athletic figure, short dirty blonde hair, 34D breasts and an ass to die for. I love to be outside, either playing soccer or going for long bike rides on the beach. Living not even five minutes from the beach certainly has its perks. Every spring I go to my aunt Mary’s house in Texas for a week to get away from my parents and spend time with my favorite aunt. When I am there, we do everything together from going for runs to movies and even other more exciting adventures. I never really know what is going to happen till I get there, and we begin our week-long party. My aunt works for an insurance firm in Arlington and always loves when I visit which gives her a chance to take a week off away from all her many clients. I have been looking forward to this visit for months ever since Mary said that when I came this year, that she had a big surprise for me which just made me even more excited.

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