Milk Maid Lover 2

The next morning, we were preparing for discharge and I was saddened I haven’t had any more contact with the girl. Darla’s milk still hasn’t come in and we were worried as to if it ever would. The nurse gave Darla and I a pamphlet on different vitamins and techniques that would improve milk production.

Fun in the Sky

(Thank god, looks like Im going to get a quiet flight this time) Dean Mercer said to himself as he sighed with relief having just flown to LA from New York a couple of days prior to attend a business conference. Now he was boarding a flight to Sydney, Australia to attend another conference, his third in a week. Dean didn’t mind the travel, it gave him much needed time away from his wife, the couple was experiencing marital problems regarding his lack of motivation to settle down and start a family. Dean was 42, still in decent shape for a man his age even if he was sporting a bit of dad bod without actually being a dad, he had slightly graying, short, dark hair and towered over most people with his 6’5 height and large frame. His wife Katy was in her early 30’s, they had gotten married 5 years prior and worked as a cooperate lawyer until she decided she wanted a change and thats when the problems in their marriage really started. She wanted the couple to move from the hustle and bustle of the city to start a family closer to her childhood home in Maryland, something Dean wasn’t very keen on doing, he was still a bachelor at heart and enjoyed his carefree lifestyle, traveling around the world and of course meeting new woman which he kept a close secret from his wife.

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I am a woman in my fifties, and I am recently divorced. It was too long of a time coming, and I think I wasted too many years not knowing what good sex was. The sex in my marriage slowed down a lot in our forties, and when my husband suggested that we try swapping with another couple last year, I wasnt interested at all. I figured the sex wasnt worth all of the effort that we would be putting into it. I turned him down time after time, and after he badgered me enough, I finally told him to go find whatever woman he wanted and just fuck her, and I would be fine without it. I probably shouldnt have said that, but I did, and he did go out and do just that. I think that he had done it in the past, and although he is no catch, he still managed to get sex. Maybe it was a hooker? This time I was aware that he was doing it though, so it was no longer suspicion that he was cheating, it was jealousy that he was with another woman, even though I guess I allowed him to do it.

Sharing My Room With Sister

I woke up to a large rumble of thunder just in time to hear a gentle knocking on the door. I looked over at the clock. It was still the middle of the night, and there was a heavy storm outside. As I pulled myself awake, I saw my sister Abby come into my room carrying a sleeping bag. She was wearing an old pair of pajamas, a blue long-sleeved shirt with yellow dogs printed on it that buttoned up the middle and matching pants.

Uncle Joskas wife

I went out in the morning, after the big adventure, which is in the previous blog. I put on a tea, say, as long as the water is boiling, I call Petigec, how do I feel how it feels. He told me that he would come over in the evening, and we would get some xbox, and he would have something to look for if he liked me. I had to go to my ward, but I was busy leaving the outdoors. I did not have a door, but I could not hold it anymore, I had to sit :))))) Im sitting big there, I do it this time, I look at it, the taxi drivers wife comes from the end of the garden and there is no door :))) I tell you up but it still looks like this :))) I took up my pants and ran in, still good that it was not busy, it had to be finished :))) Still good that I was not scared and came. I went out and said he came because the taxi driver had left some sticks in the car, but he did not say that he was a taxi driver but Lajos. I told you to ask my dad. Petigeci also came in, at ten oclock in the morning I say this to you in the evening 🙂 :)) He took out a bottle of metaxa cognac and a peach, saying Simonka was frozen yesterday, I need some warmth, so I came early. Ill tell you, then Ill be filing, but I have to go to Uncle Jóska, I agreed with him to move my bike, do it. We went to the workshop, and Pici was his wife. I tell Jóska, I brought the bike, and I need to do the brakes. Look, hes saying this is a good brake. But I say its like I need to smoke the wheel when I pull it. He says hell stop in the fire :)))) He was painting a biciglite, his wife sat beside him, he would paint and blot his hair :)))) He started yelling :))) Jóska bá :))) She was pure blue with her head :))) She wore his wife, Jóska bá, picked up a pump, says: Get out of there because I split your head :))) She was just fleeing :))) We looked at each other, which one could stand without laughing :)))) She says I was off to three times a day kids at the age of 52 at the age of 52! Tell me, I would do it all day if I had such a wife. He told me to leave the binoculars because there are a lot of work I can do after tomorrow. I can tell, I can not go now. She says she is here, she wants to go anywhere, because if I go home Ill bet she can not sit for a week :)))) We took it, went and took the female biker. We went home, now we can filter. We used the metaxa, then we made xbox, and my father and I had the Hefti together, worked together somewhere. We pressed the xbox, the hefti got into it, I say tennis, the loser always misses a circle :)) He was fired Hafti was cowardly annoyed because he always told him the result. Once she tells her Petigeci, she was already out of the game :))) She wanted to take the jostick from her, she did not give it to her. He took it, he fell in love with the heftin, he let go :)))) He took it off, then headed with his arm, the hefti flew out, the hefti back on the armchair and lying on the ground, the blood spilled from his nose :)))) He came up, Petigeci told him: 10,000 you come to Simonk because of the xbox arm :))) We went to the house and said we would go in the pub, there is another one that is open, we go through the screening, but we could hardly roll, my tears came from laughing :))) We came in, we caught five mugs at once, we only had the money. Were here to say, says Petigeci is going to urge. I tell you a lot you go to urge, she tells me to go ciggy, because its cold outside :))) Im waiting for a quarter hour to come out, say we go Simonka. But I still say there are three jars. It does not matter, she says lets go hurry. I thought it was wrong :))) Going out, I take off the lock from the bike, the pubman ran out, yelled you broke the wrought, the toilet was broken !!!!!!! He ran to me, he went in, said Petigeci, help me, come on, but he was watching from the corner what happened, so I ran, I yelled so you die :))) She took her in the tavern. Jóska bá bicikiet. I say Petigeci, this will be a big problem. We went back to both of us, and he told us that he had broken the ward, because he wanted to open the window, stood up to the shield, fell under it, and got so nervous that he kicked it all over and pulled down the basin, the tank, everything 🙂 ))) I went to sleep and I promised I would not go anywhere with him :))

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I’ve never been that fond of doctors. Oh, I don’t mean the kind of psychotic fear that mighty men have of people in the medical profession. But the sad fact is, we women are burdened with various naughty parts that unfortunately require us from time to time to get naked in front of troll is a lab coat. What percentage of brave gentlemen do you suppose run screaming when a doctor tries to shove a finger up their poop shoot? Hell, imagine if they had to suffer through double orifice penetration with their feet in a pair of stirrups (obviously not physically possible in the male of the species but you get my drift)!

Femdom and oral

1869 was an exciting time for Violet to be a 10 years old. Things were changing at a radical pace. Living in her small village was nice and secure, but everyone knew that outside was a whole new world, that was exciting and fun. Every day, there were new inventions to bring England in the future.

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I was on business travel and drove to a favorite theater after an early dinner. This place only had 6 rows of seats, about ten in each row. The back wall was open and accessible of course. I settled in a middle row, middle seat and waited for the after dinner/late comments crowd. Two other horny old men came in separately, and sat away from me. Not much happened for the next hour. I had no place to go, and wife thought I was eating, so I had two more hours of playtime.

Her new daddy

On her wedding day Brenda stood looking at herself in the mirror. Too bad I cant wear white, she thought. At the moment she was wearing nothing at all. Later there would be a fashionable blue suit, but now she wanted to examine her body, to see what her fiance, Hal Davis, would see later on.

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