Spenkig Jenny

The sound of conversation, laughing, and music filled the
room at Jenny’s house. As happens during every party,
there was soon a lull in the conversation. Jenny called
to him. When he was by her side, she told him, in front
of the 4 other women in the room, “I want you to strip.
He looked at her questioningly, and she clarified. “Take
off your clothes – right here, and right now.”
The atmosphere became quiet except for the music in the
background. Somewhat nervously, and knowing that he had
better do as Jenny commanded, he started to undress in
the middle of the living room, in front of all her
guests. First he took off his shoes, then socks,
followed by his shirt, and then, rather shyly, trousers.
At Jenny’s insistence, he had shaved his body from the
waist down, including pubic hair, and was quite self-
conscious of his appearance in front of Jenny’s guests.
Dressed only in his briefs, he looked at Jenny.
“Everything!” she commanded. Looking at her smooth bare
legs and the short white skirt she was wearing, he slid
his briefs down and stepped out of them.
“Put your clothes over there,” she ordered, pointing to a
corner of the room. He bent down, picked up his clothes,
and placed them on the floor, then arranged them neatly.
“Come over here now,” Jenny commanded. When he was by
her side again, she said to her guests, “I’m going to
give him a good caning.”
There was a hum of interested hushed exclamations from
Jenny’s guests.
He had an idea that she was going to discipline him when
she told him to take off his clothes. This was to be his
first time with an audience – and not just one other
person, but four of Jenny’s friends. Jenny’s
pronouncement that she would use the cane sent a shudder
through him since he was familiar with her technique of
drawing the caning out to a very lengthy session. He saw
the wide-eyed look of excitement on the other women’s
faces, and looks of anticipation.
He knew that Jenny was feeling very sexual at this point,
although she showed none of it. She grasped his penis
with her firm fingers, saying, “He usually is quite hard
by this point, but since he has an audience…” Jenny
felt the member growing in her hand as she subtly but
firmly manipulated it. All the while he was becoming
more embarrassed. “He must keep himself shaved from the
waist down. I want him that way for his enemas too,” she
said to his obvious discomfort.
“It’s time to start now,” Jenny announced. “Go get that
chair and bring it over here in the middle of the room.”
She had him place the chair so that his bare bottom would
be facing his audience when he bent over the back of it
for his caning.
“Go get the cane!” Jenny ordered. He did as she ordered,
being gone about a minute and, bringing the thin whippy
rattan cane, handed it to her. More interested sounds
from the woman audience.
“You know what to do now,”, she told him. With a sigh of
resignation, he bent over the back of the chair and
waited. “You had better STAY in that position now,” she
urged as she lightly tapped the cane against his bared,
shaved buttocks.
Jenny stood to one side, tapped his buttocks a few more
times, drew the cane far back over her shoulder, and
placed a vigorous, whippy stroke across the center of his
He quickly drew in his breath and twisted slightly from
side to side, obviously trying to avoid any vocal
manifestation of his predicament. A few seconds later,
Jenny drew the cane far back again, and placed another
red-hot stripe immediately next to the first one. A
whispered groan escaped involuntarily. A third stripe,
immediately to the other side of the first one, evoked a
closed-mouthed “mmmmmgph!” from him, and some more
Addressing the other women, Jenny stated, “He knows to
stay in position or he will get more after we’re done. It
took a lot of practice and many sessions, but now he can
pretty much manage, especially since the consequences are
not pleasant… for him.” With that, she placed three
more expertly-placed stripes on his buttocks, to the tune
of urgent groans escaping his clenched teeth.
Jenny’s guests were in awe of the entire scene before
them. They knew that Jenny’s expert precision in
placement of the cane strokes was due to extensive
practice, much of it no doubt on the bared buttocks of
the male now receiving those strokes.
By the time Jenny had placed eight strokes on her
charge’s bottom, it ceased to matter to him that four
other women were watching, and he started to vocalize his
predicament. Of course, Jenny knew this and thoroughly
enjoyed the situation. He also had commenced to respond
to each vigorous stroke with undulations and agonized
writhing and kicking, all the while staying in the bent-
over position commanded by Jenny.
He pleaded urgently, knowing that she would take no heed
of his immediate pain. He begged her to stop, to stop
only for a moment, knowing that she would not stop until
she decided to stop. “Not so hard,” he pleaded, knowing
that she would use the whippy cane as hard as she wanted
to use it. He knew that his pleadings, and the phrases
which were urgently escaping him, were sweet music to
Jenny, and were getting her passionately aroused.
“I like it when he wiggles and squirms like that,” Jenny
said to her wide-eyed guests. He knew that the more
intense the discipline now, the more intense his later
reward would be. This knowledge was no consolation to the
most intense desire for any kind of relief from the
spirited and energetic strokes with which Jenny was
staging her show.
After twenty such strokes, Jenny paused.
She allowed him to stand up now, but told him to stay
where he was, while she poured coffee for her guests and
visited with them for a while. Excusing herself for a
few moments, she went to the bedroom and slipped off her
panties. Then, picking up the thin, whippy cane, Jenny
coyly whispered in his ear, “I don’t have any panties on
now, and I’m so hot,” and got back to her task in front
of her enthusiastic and wide-eyed audience.
The sound of the cane making contact with his bare skin
filled the room. His intense writhing and kicking, and
the ever-increasing stridency of his pleading followed
each stroke like clockwork. Jenny was now placing
vigorous strokes diagonally across his buttocks, each
stroke on top of and transversing previous strokes from
the first part of the session. This considerably added
to the punishment effect. Jenny was becoming
increasingly aroused with each stroke she delivered. She
reflected on her ability over time to considerably extend
his limits of endurance. The whipping continued…
“Oh Jenny, Jenny, pleeeeease no more!”
“Owwwww! Aaaaahh! Stop! Stop just for a minute, please!!”
“Jennnnnyyyyy! Noooo! Oh, Jenny, no more!”
“Please, Jenny, stop! Please please please!!”
“Aaaaahhh! Stop! Stop! Please stop now, just for a
minute! Oh, Jenny, Ohhhh!”
“Owwww! No, Jenny, no, please!”
On and on it went, each cane stroke bringing forth an
entreaty to stop. On and on it went, with Jenny near
ecstacy from wielding the cane so skillfully and with
such an effect as she was seeing tonight The guests were
obviously very aroused, some of them squirming, others
watching raptly with their knees and legs pressed firmly
She stopped, but did not indicate that it was finished.
As she expected, he stayed where he was while her excited
guests made small talk and prepared to leave. A little
while later, when they had gone, Jenny again picked up
the cane and started whipping his bared, striated bottom
anew. While she did this, she placed her free hand under
her skirt and treated herself to several orgasms. More
inexorable strokes from the expert and beautiful dominant
Jenny, and more twisting, kicking, writhing and
supplication from her charge.
When she sensed that he was truly near the end of his
endurance, she stopped and told him to come to her. He
was grateful, of course, though still feeling intensely
the pain from all the strokes Jenny had excitedly
imparted to his being. Jenny sat down on the sofa. He
slowly stood up, went over to her and kneeled before her.
Jenny’s eyes were wide, her lips parted, and her
breathing full. She hiked up her skirt, spread her knees
and he gingerly approached her creamy sweetness with his
mouth. After he treated her to more orgasms, she invited
him in.
As was custom after such an intense session, after his
first release, she took him to the bedroom and expertly
brought him near orgasm several times, finally allowing
him release and restful slumber. Throughout the night
when they were awake, he found that whenever he would
touch Jenny, she was still in an aroused state from
administering the whipping. They both found intense
pleasure in the moments that would follow, then they
drifted off to sleep again until the next awakening.
The Story of Jenny – [Part 2 – How It Began]
Jenny and her boyfriend had spent a quiet evening at
Jenny’s. She was giving him a backrub, and they were
talking about various things. His reply to one of her
statements was “That’s the pussy way of doing it.”
Smiling, she playfully smacked him on the rear with her
hand and told him, “I’m going to smack you one every time
you say that word!”
“Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy!” was his response.
“Oooooohhh!” Jenny exclaimed with mock anger, and gave
him five good hand smacks on the rear end. They both
laughed, and he turned over and reached out for her. She
noticed that he was sporting a firm erection and said,
“You must like that, don’t you?”.
“Pussy, pussy, pussy!” he said, chuckling.
“Well, maybe I should take you over my knee and give you
a good spanking,” she responded with a mixture of
bemusement and authority as she sat on the edge of the
bed and playfully pulled him over her lap. Feeling more
and more turned on by what was happening, Jenny delivered
several hand slaps to her boyfriend’s bared backside.
They both laughed through the spanking. He repeated the
“pussy” word several more times while he was over her
lap, and she obliged by extending the spanking each time.
Jenny could tell that he was enjoying what was happening,
and she certainly was enjoying it. The spanking was
followed by an intense lovemaking session.
Reflecting on the situation later, Jenny was surprised
and perplexed at her own emotional reactions. She had
intensely enjoyed acting authoritatively and giving him
the spanking. She was also delighted that he appeared to
fancy her role as well. On the other hand, she was
somewhat disturbed that she got pleasure from giving the
spanking. She also was experiencing a combination of
excitement and confusion, knowing that she wanted to give
him more spankings.
Jenny decided to watch closely for signs of
encouragement. She also vowed to herself to learn more
about administering more intense forms of spanking, and
about the various instruments used in the scene. To this
end, she browsed bookstores for literature on the erotic
aspects of spanking, and selected material in line with
her goals. Jenny found that she did not go in for the
leather B&D scene, preferring instead the traditional
discipline setting.
During some horseplay with her boyfriend a while later,
she found herself reacting to one of his exclamations by
saying, “You need a good spanking for that!” In the
playful struggle that followed, Jenny got him face down
on the bed, and with one hand firmly pressing on his
lower back, she gave him several hard smacks on his
buttocks. Chuckling, he taunted her, “Can’t you do
better than that?”
Knowing she had been challenged, and delighted with the
progression of events, she excitedly told him, “I’m going
to remember that! The next time you come here I want you
to bring a paddle… A good, hardwood paddle. Then I’ll
try it out on you.”
A few days later, after Jenny reminded him that she meant
what she said about the paddle, he came over to her place
and showed her what he brought. It was a hardwood paddle
that he had fashioned from a cutting board, sanded
smooth, and applied several coats of semi-gloss clear
varnish. It was a masterpiece of perfection. “it took
an hour and a half to saw that wood into the shape I
wanted it,” he proudly said as he presented the wooden
implement to her. Jenny placed it on the coffee table
and they chatted for a while.
A little while later, Jenny brought up the subject that
they had thus far skirted around: spanking. Gingerly,
she conveyed in the conversation that followed that the
thought of spanking him arouses her greatly, and that she
was hoping that he would be willing to experiment. He
mentioned that he would not have put as much effort as he
had done into constructing the paddle if he were not
turned on by the prospect. He asked her when she was
going to “try out” the new paddle. With a coy look, she
simply said, “later.”
Around 9 PM, they were on their way to bed, and Jenny
stripped to her underwear. She turned to him and said,
“Bring me the paddle. It’s on the coffee table.” When
he had fetched the paddle and handed it to her, she said
brusquely, “Get completely undressed.”
While he was undressing, Jenny dragged a kitchen chair
into the large bedroom and placed it where she had
previously decided would be the best place for it.
“Okay, now. Come here and bend over the back of this
chair. I’m going to give you a good paddling.” Admiring
the paddle that was in her hand, she stated, “This is a
good paddle. I’ll bet I get lots of good use from it.”
When he was in the expected position, she applied a few
perfunctory swats, and then started in with considerable
energy. The paddle, when applied with strength, imparts
a most urgent feeling of pain to the person receiving it,
rendering it very difficult if not almost impossible to
stay in position, or at least to receive the strokes
without squirming. The strokes hurt much more than
expected. Because of this, he was visibly struggling to
stay in the mandated position. He squirmed, kicked his
feet, and otherwise struggled, performing a spontaneous
“dance under punishment” that Jenny found most
provocative, especially when combined with his vocal
reactions to her ministrations. Adding to her arousal
was the sound of the paddle as it made contact.
Jenny sensed when he was about to get out of position,
and in reaction she sometimes slowed the pace of the
strokes. Other times she gave him verbal encouragement
to stay in position, either in an authoritative tone, or
gently and with cooing overtones.
When Jenny was at a feverish stage of arousal, she
stopped the paddling, quickly got out of her under-things
and led him to the bed, where they passionately quenched
one another’s heightened desires.
Over the next few weeks, Jenny used the paddle several
times on her willing recipient, with the result that they
both experienced a heightened arousal with each other.
She varied the scenario from time to time, having him lay
across her lap, or telling him to lean across her desk.
Jenny, wanting to delve further into the scene, acquired
two leather straps, one with a wooden handle, and
another, called a Scottish tawse, which at the business
end was split into two “fingers”. When she was alone,
she practiced with the straps on a small pillow tied to
the back of a chair, until she developed confidence in
her aim and follow-through.
Jenny administered several strappings to her boyfriend
over the next few weeks, interspersing them with somewhat
severe paddlings. She especially liked the way she could
use subtle variations in technique with the strap to
achieve differing results, from an explosive cracking
sound to a quieter but more painful-sounding snapping
sound. She varied the intensity of the sessions,
administering some moderately severe strappings and some
which were quite severe and prolonged. It was during
these very severe strappings that Jenny found that she
could extend her boyfriend’s overall endurance from time
to time. He would often need strong encouragement to
stay in position during these endurance-extending
sessions. Jenny provided this encouragement in two
different ways.
One way was positive words of encouragement, telling him
that he is capable of enduring what she was giving him,
providing sensuous touching between sets of strokes, and
the like.
The other way was to warn him of rather severe
consequences if he did not stay in position, promising
extra strokes on top of whatever he was destined to
endure. It happened that he did get out of position on a
few occasions and Jenny, true to her word, always
delivered what she promised. It took just a few
instances of those consequences for him to develop the
self discipline required to never get out of position
when he is receiving punishment from Jenny.
Jenny found that the full sized paddle was too clumsy to
administer an over-the-lap spanking to her boyfriend, so
she read some spanking literature about the wooden
hairbrush. She located a source and obtained a flat,
wooden, hairbrush of just the right size – not the overly
small kind which are more commonly available and not
suitable for the intended purpose. When Jenny first used
the hairbrush on her boyfriend she immediately liked the
sense of intimacy and contact that came from having him
across her lap.
She could instantaneously feel the effect on him from
each stroke of the hairbrush, and she became aroused from
his squirming and wiggling as the spanking progressed.
Jenny gave several hairbrush spankings to her boyfriend
as the weeks progressed, some of them quite lengthy and
severe. Occasionally she would use the strap for a while
after a good hairbrush spanking. As always, they were
both very turned on by the time the spankings were
finished, even when he sincerely and genuinely begged her
to stop during the chastisement.
These experiences led Jenny to develop an insight into
the psychology of spanking in relation to the discipline
that she administered to him. Her most profound insight
was that she should accept herself, with all her
fetishes, kinks, and fantasies, and accept the same in
her boyfriend. That insight led to Jenny being at peace
with herself and no longer disturbed that she became
sexually aroused from administering spankings.
The sessions became more imaginative and sometimes more
severe. Jenny liked the idea of occasionally having
other women witness the discipline of her boyfriend, and
arranged some sessions including some of her carefully
chosen friends.
The Story of Jenny (Part 3 – Jenny Has Help)
Jenny was talking to her friends Bobbie and Vicki about
why and how she disciplines her boyfriend. After their
visit on a Friday night two weeks ago, in which they
watched him receive a very severe caning, they had each
individually approached Jenny and asked her if she would
tell them more about the scene, and if they would be able
to get some practice under her tutelage. Jenny, of
course, was happy to oblige.
Jenny told them how her disciplining him was a turn-on to
both of them and how it dramatically kept their lives,
romantic and otherwise, interesting. She invited them to
participate in a discipline session, and they readily
agreed. Jenny described the forthcoming scenario.
“Before the session, I’ll cut up a few sheets of paper
into little squares. Then for each little piece of paper
I’ll roll a pair of dice and write down the number on the
paper, fold it up and put it in a jar. When one of us is
spanking him, another of us will draw numbers out of the
jar and announce them. He’ll get that many strokes. How
about Saturday at eight? Sound good?”
There was enthusiastic agreement all around. It was
agreed that Bobbie and Vicki would show up a little
before eight. Jenny’s boyfriend would already be there
at that time, but would not know details about the
session until the other women arrive.
When Saturday evening came, Bobbie and Vicki arrived as
scheduled. Jenny provided some refreshments to her
guests. After a few minutes of small talk, Jenny took
the opportunity to direct the evening’s activities and
announced to her boyfriend, “I’ve asked Bobbie and Vicki
to help with tonight’s discipline session, and they’re
also going to help with giving you the hairbrush and
strap. I offered to give them some training.” He saw a
look of excitement and anticipation in the eyes of the
guests, no doubt due in part to their recollection of the
severe caning that he received from Jenny two weeks ago.
Jenny turned to him and ordered, “Let’s get started. Get
completely undressed! Now! Everything!” He knew better
than to try to delay, so he quietly complied. While he
undressed, Jenny brought out the jar full of numbers to
be drawn. After he was totally naked, Jenny pulled one
of the kitchen chairs into the middle of the living room
and sat down, pulling her short skirt up higher.
“It’s important when you’re giving over-the-knee
punishment, that your lap is completely level, like
this,” she told her friends as she spread her feet apart
while keeping her thighs close together. Turning to him,
he ordered, “Now get me the hairbrush.”
When he handed her the instrument of punishment, she
motioned for him to position himself over her lap. When
he was positioned to her satisfaction, she told her
friends, “Most of the time I alternate between each side
of the bare bottom, and I choose a slightly different
place each time, although I confine all the strokes to
the buttocks. If he interferes, I may give him several
HARD strokes in succession in the same place. I had to
do that a lot when I first started to spank him, but as
you saw from a couple of weeks ago, he has developed some
“Bobbie, why don’t you draw the numbers from the jar for
a while,” Jenny said to her friend. Bobbie withdrew one
of the folded papers from the jar, opened it, and
announced, “Eight.”
Jenny started the discipline session by bringing the
hairbrush high up for each stroke, and proceeded to pound
away eight times. Each stroke reverberated through the
room as Bobbie and Vicki watched with wide-eyed
“Next one, Bobbie!”
Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!
Jenny proceeded to administer the twelve hard strokes in
an inexorable cadence. He started to react with an
“Ohh!” or an “aaaahhh!” to some of the well placed
“Next, Bobbie? If the total comes to less than ten, add
the following number.”
Fifteen more strokes landed to the accompaniment of his
vocal reactions to the mounting pain. And so it went
until Bobbie had tallied several more numbers.
“Your turn, Bobbie, and Vicki will tally for a while. We
have a ways to go, so I want to give each of you a chance
at both the hairbrush and the strap.”
Bobbie took her place in the center of the living room,
positioned herself so that her lap was level, put her
knees together, and, pointing to her lap, said to him,
“Get in position now!”
Jenny handed the hairbrush to Bobbie and asked Vicki to
draw from the jar, and if the number is less than ten,
add the next number to it. Vicki drew two numbers and
announced, “fourteen.”
Bobbie slowly started to paddle his bared bottom with the
hairbrush. After a few strokes, Jenny interjected,
“Harder, Bobbie! Put some energy into it! Start over
from one.”
Bobbie needed no further encouragement, and took to her
task naturally, getting the same kinds of reaction from
him as Jenny was getting. She beamed with pride at the
end of the volley of swats, and waited for the next
tally. After she had administered over sixty swats,
Jenny had Vicki take her place.
Vicki was a fast learner, having observed both Jenny and
Bobbie, and when she heard the number eleven, started to
methodically and energetically impart the strokes to his
already reddened buttocks. Jenny commented, “That’s
good, Vicki!”
After Jenny drew several more numbers, Vicki administered
close to seventy five swats to a squirming male. Jenny
announced, “Okay, now it’s time for the strap!”
Jenny ordered him to fetch the leather strap. While he
was doing this, she repositioned the chair so that when
he is in position to receive the strap, his bared
buttocks would be facing toward the women. When he
returned and handed Jenny the strap, she bent him over
the back of the chair and told her friends, “He has to
stay bent over the chair until and unless I tell him he
can get up. If he gets up during the strapping, he gets
several extra strokes at the end of the session for each
time he gets out of position. He can yell, and kick, and
wiggle, but he must stay bent over. As you might guess,
he has had to get extra strokes many times during the
first couple of months. But his self-mastery and my
encouragement has pretty much taken care of that. I
still like to try to extend his limits of endurance from
time to time, and I know he has a very difficult time
staying in position then.”
“Stand almost to one side, like this. When you give the
strap, always follow through with the stroke. Don’t stop
the swing when it hits, keep on going. Vicki, would you
draw, please?”
“Okay, now, watch the follow-through…”
With that, Jenny gave him twelve ferocious strokes with
the strap. He gave an exclamation with each one.
“Next, Vicki?”
Jenny delivered the nineteen strokes vigorously and
rather quickly.
He had started to wiggle and occasionally plead with
A couple more more numbers were drawn by Vicki, to the
accompaniment of the sound of the well-used leather strap
striking naked skin, and his more urgent pleading.
“The hairbrush warmed up and tenderized his butt for the
strap,” stated Jenny. “I like to give him the hairbrush
or paddle first, if I’m going to use the strap later – it
makes it more interesting. Your turn Bobbie. And don’t
forget the follow-through.”
Bobbie took the strap from Jenny, paused a moment, and
then asked, “Jenny, do you have a little bell? A little
brass one, like the kind that you’d use during the
Jenny, looking puzzled, slowly answered, “Well, yes, do
you want to have it now?” Bobbie nodded and Jenny went
to look for the bell. A few moments later Jenny returned
and handed the bell to Bobbie, along with a length of
“Stand up, now, and turn around,” Bobbie commanded the
male who was positioned for the strap. When he did so,
she further instructed him, “Spread you legs apart, and
put your hands behind you… wider!” When he did as
instructed, Bobbie proceeded to tie the bell to his
testicles so that the bell hung down a few inches below
his testicles. With the effect of Bobbie’s expert
fingers handling him, along with the heat on his backside
from the hairbrush spanking and the recent strapping, he
quickly developed an erection. Bobbie and the other
women smiled knowingly.
“Into position again,” she commanded.
“Now I’m really gonna ring his bell,” exclaimed Bobbie,
much to the delight of the other women present. She
picked up the strap, said, “I’m going to enjoy this”, and
took her position to one side of the soon-to-be recipient
of her attentions. “The count, Vicki…”
When Vicki announced the count for the first number,
Bobbie went right to work, giving vigorous, forceful,
well-placed strokes of the strap on his bared buttocks.
Each time she delivered a stroke, the bell which was tied
to his testicles, would clang.
After several strokes, he started to give an exclamation,
no doubt realizing that Vicki would take her turn after
Bobbie was through with him. “Next?”
The process went on for count after count, stroke after
stroke, without Jenny calling a halt to Bobbie’s
administering of the strap. While he didn’t know how
long Bobbie would wield the strap, he was certain that it
would be however long Jenny wanted her to, and would not
end one stroke sooner.
To him, Bobbie’s attentions seemed to go on forever; to
Bobbie, the session was a magnificent turn-on as she felt
the tingling dampness of her vaginal area being
lubricated from the excitement of her participation in
his discipline. He was writhing now with each stroke,
causing the bell to clang almost constantly.
After considerable time with Bobbie wielding the strap,
Jenny told her to stop. Bobbie stopped, her eyes wide
with excitement.
Vicki, anticipating her turn wielding the strap, got up
and handed the jar to Jenny. Jenny announced, “Vicki,
I’m going to tally up several numbers in advance, and
then you can have at it for the entire number of strokes.
Jenny then added up the tally for item after item drawn
from the jar, and announced to Vicki, “Fifty six. Don’t
forget to follow through.”
Vicki, with the strap in her hand, looked at the reddened
buttocks of the male, and announced to him, “Don’t think
for a minute that I’ll be easy on you because the others
got to you first. I’m going to treat this as a fresh new
strapping for you, and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it.”
Vicki started in on the already strap-ravaged bared
buttocks of her male charge, delivering vigorous swats
with a perfect follow-through. His reactions to her
ministrations showed that her efforts were having the
intended effect.
“Ow! Ow! Oh that hurts!”
“Ohhh! Not so hard!”
“Oh please no more! Stop just for a minute!”
“Please, Vicki, PLEASE!!!”
On and on it went. Jenny looked on with approval as
Vicki altered the cadence of the punishment instrument
which she wielded with such perfection, so that he would
not be able to exactly anticipate the timing. Jenny
recognized that he was struggling to stay in position,
stood in front of him and gently held his shoulders while
Vicki continued. “You just stay in position there.
Vicki’s going to give you the whole allotment of strokes,
and if you get out of position, I’m going to let HER give
you the extra strokes, and SHE will decide how many extra
to give you.”
Vicki paused for a moment, then said, “Twenty more
strokes to go,” and delivered them as fast as she could
while he yelled, kicked, and writhed with each one. When
Vicki had finished, Jenny allowed him to stand up and
move around, but announced that the session wasn’t
finished yet, and that she had something more to show the
women about strapping.
After a short break, Jenny told him to get into position
again. After he complied, Jenny asked Bobbie to pick the
numbers and announce them one at a time. When Bobbie
picked the first number and said the count was six, Jenny
took the strap and stood directly behind the male.
“Here’s what you can do when you want to really make an
impression with the strap”, Jenny instructed, and gave
six rapid strokes, going in both directions with a
forehand and backhand motion.
“Oww! Ahh! Oooh! Owwowww! Ohhh! Aaaahhh!”, he
cried out as Jenny delivered the blows to his already
splotched bared buttocks.
“He really has a hard time staying in position when I’m
doing this,” Jenny said with a giggle.
Bobbie, lubricating heavily from the scene, drew several
more numbers from the jar and announced them. Each time,
Jenny administered the strokes while standing directly
behind her boyfriend, rapidly alternating forehand and
backhand strokes while he struggled to receive them.
At this point Jenny told her boyfriend that the spanking
session was over, and that he could put his briefs on and
join in the conversation. He donned his briefs and
indicated that he preferred to stand rather than sit.
A little while later, the guests left.
“God I’m hot,” Jenny said to her boyfriend. “Let’s go to
the bedroom”
The Story of Jenny [part 4 – Jenny Gives Enemas] femdom
He loved the way Jenny said the word “enema”. The word
came out slowly, with the final syllable drawn out. Enn-
eh-muuuuh. Jenny didn’t always pronounce `enema’ that
way. She would draw out the final syllable when she
wanted to emphasize the word, and when she was feeling
“It’s enema time now”, Jenny said to him with a teasingly
coy look. “You get undressed now and I’ll get your water
ready. We have all day, and I’m going to give you
several enemas. Take them well and I won’t whip you too
much between each ennnehhmmuuuuuh.”
Jenny always used a generous supply of soap in the water
for the first enema of a series. This first enema was
the most difficult for him because of the soap, which
tends to increase the cramping and the urge to evacuate.
At Jenny’s insistence, he was to keep his body clean-
shaven from the waist down, including pubic hair. Jenny
said she liked him that way for his enemas. It also
established her control over him.
He heard the water running as he undressed. Jenny had
set up the large towels on the bathroom floor.
“Okay, we’re ready now. Come and get your ennemuuuuh!”
Jenny called out a few minutes later.
He trembled inside as he knelt on the floor with his
bottom up and his forehead touching the floor. Jenny was
wearing a disposable glove on one hand, and lubricated
the middle finger of her gloved hand. A short gasp from
him as she inserted her lubricated finger and probed his
rectum with it, sliding it in and out a few times and
stimulating his prostate before withdrawing and tossing
the glove.
He heard Jenny let a little of the hot soapy water run
out from the enema hose into the sink. Then he felt the
nozzle as Jenny pressed the tip against his rectal
opening. A little shove, and it slid in.
Holding the full two-quart bag, Jenny released the valve
and the soapy enema solution started to flow into him.
After a moment he started to groan and squirm. “Ooh,
Jenny, oh!”, he exclaimed. She adjusted the level of the
bag from time to time to effect a slower or faster flow
depending on his reactions. When his protestations
reached a certain level, she would pinch off the flow for
a few moments and give him some time for the soapy
solution to go further inside.
He knew that she enjoyed seeing him squirm and struggle –
she tells him so every time she gives him enemas. He
thought of the inevitable whippings between each enema of
the series, and how Jenny loves to administer them. He
wondered if he was going to get the strap, the paddle, or
the cane today. He never knows until it is time for him
to get it. He also thought of the intense night of
pleasure that they would both enjoy after his ordeal with
the repeated enemas and whippings.
His attention became abruptly focused on the enema by a
feeling of fullness in his insides, and he delighted
Jenny with some intense squirming and pleading for
relief. She stopped the flow for a moment, telling him
that he needs to take the whole thing and that he’ll have
to hold it for at least five minutes before letting it
Jenny started the flow again, and he felt the remaining
soapy solution penetrating his innards as the bag gurgled
and drained. She slowly withdrew the nozzle, and stood
directly in front of him as he stayed in position for the
full five minutes, sometimes groaning, sometimes pounding
on the floor with his hands in an effort to retain the
warm soapy enema. After what felt like an eternity,
Jenny let him up and left the room for about fifteen
minutes as he discharged all the enema.
When he was sure there was no more liquid to come out, he
opened the bathroom door and saw Jenny standing with a
strap in her hand and a coy smile. She led him to the
bedroom, and pointed to the bed, where she had placed two
pillows and a large towel over them for him to lay face
down for his strapping. After he was situated, Jenny
went to one side and started in, giving hard, regularly
paced strokes with the strap. After giving ten strokes,
she walked around to the other side and administered the
next ten from there, until the count had reached forty.
Jenny prepared his next enema while he stayed on the bed
following his first between-enema whipping. This time
she prepared the two quart bag, but without soap, using a
little salt in the solution to maintain osmotic balance.
She also prepared the same solution in an extra pitcher,
so that she could add some to the enema bag before it
would drain completely. This way he would take more than
the two quarts.
She told him to lay on his back for this one, and when he
was in position, she lubricated the nozzle and had him
raise his hips while she inserted the tip inside him.
Jenny started the flow, and adjusted the height of the
bag she was holding to regulate the flow. In the
position he was in, he could see Jenny and her facial
expressions as she straddled him.
At first, the enema solution flowed easily into his
partially-cleaned-out insides. This enema was intended
to go higher and deeper. When the bag had drained about
one quart into him, it got to be more difficult. Jenny
lowered the bag a little to ease the flow, and she also
poured prepared solution from the pitcher into the bag
until it was full again.
One thing that he could count on is that each enema
during a series was a little different, as Jenny
contrived ways to make it interesting for herself and for
him. Telling him to breathe fully, Jenny kept raising
and lowering the bag until the last of the solution
drained into him. She withdrew the nozzle and stood
directly over his face so that he could see the
beginnings of dampness on her panties. He also liked to
grab hold of and feel her bare legs when she was
positioned this way, to keep his mind off the enema that
he had to hold for at least five more minutes. Jenny
quickly pulled her panties off and stood over him. As he
was focusing on her glistening womanhood, she started to
massage her labia and clitoris, eventually treating
herself to an orgasm.
When the once-more interminable five minutes ended, Jenny
left the bathroom while he released all the enema from
within him. About fifteen minutes later, he walked out
of the bathroom and saw Jenny with the strap in her hand,
pointing toward the bedroom. With a sigh, he positioned
himself over the pillow which presented his bared bottom
for Jenny to strap. This time she gave a fast-paced
strapping, delivering fifteen hard strokes before
prancing to the other side of the bed and delivering the
next set. When she had given him forty five strokes, she
went to prepare his next enema.
She prepared a clear warm-water solution and called him
to come into the bathroom, ordering him to lay on his
back. Jenny spent ten minutes filling him up with a
little over three quarts, encouraging and admonishing him
during the whole process. She also manipulated his
genitals during some of the more difficult times, as well
as during the retention period after all the solution was
inside. When she left him alone to discharge the enema
solution, she set up a chair in the next room for him to
bend over for his next whipping. He was not looking
forward to this, since each of the whippings that Jenny
administers during an enema series is more intense than
the previous one, due to her mounting excitement. He was
also aware that there was at least one more enema to be
endured, with its accompanying whipping afterward.
A wide-eyed enthusiastic Jenny treated his bare bottom to
over fifty well-placed, vigorous strokes of the strap as
he was required to stay in position bent over the back of
the chair. She went to prepare his fourth enema of the
When she summoned him into the bathroom for his next
enema, he noticed that she had placed a stand in the room
so that she would not have to hold the enema bag while he
was receiving the solution. She lubricated the nozzle
and inserted it into his backside, then started touching,
teasing, and caressing him all over until he got a raging
erection. Now, with the bag relatively high up for a
fast flow, she released the clamp and started the flow.
As the enema gurgled into him, his erection diminished.
When his erection was about half gone, she stopped the
flow and started the teasing and touching until the
erection came back. Then she started the flow again.
She did this over and over, pausing once to refill the
bag when it was almost empty, until he had almost four
quarts in him. She kept up the sensual stimulation
through the retention period, then left him alone for
about twenty minutes.
He came out of the bathroom seeing Jenny with the strap
in her hand, beckoning him sexily to come hither. He
followed her into the living room where she pointed to
the padded ottoman, and he placed himself face down over
it. Jenny was extremely excited now, and mercilessly
strapped him at steady pace without pausing. While he
yelled, squirmed, and urgently pleaded during her
delivery of over sixty vicious strokes, Jenny brought
herself to multiple climaxes.
“Into the shower now, get all cleaned up!” Jenny said to
She rested while she heard the water running. As soon as
it quit she went into the bathroom, got the towel, and in
a pampering mood, dried him. With a flourish she dropped
the towel on the floor and led him by the hand into the
bedroom. She quickly shed all her clothes, and then took
his now flaccid penis completely in her mouth. Jenny
looked up into his eyes innocently, and felt his member
harden as she teased it with her tongue.

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