The farmers daughter

The onset of puberty invariably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child’s inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective.
For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is changing much faster than they would like.
For the young farm girl in this book, the initiation into the world of sexuality is both a delight and a terror. Eager to explore the bounds of her femininity, she finds herself looking not only toward her boy friend, but also her younger brother, who himself is just now experiencing his sexual awakening.
And then her world is turned upside down by events which are beyond her power to control. She finds that there is as much hate in the world as there is love, and she learns to distinguish between those who hate — her depraved sister and aunt — and those who love — her father, her boy friend, and even a young clergyman.
THE FARMER’S DAUGHTER — the story of a young girl’s struggle to make her own, very personal transition into adulthood, a quiet struggle evolving behind the facade of her day-to-day existence, yet inexorably leading her onward into maturity. Her story is an intimate reminder of the pitfalls standing in the way of those growing up. It is a lesson for society.
The Publisher
For the third time in as many minutes she cursed her father for neither fixing the hot water heater nor the wheel on the small wagon. If she had to haul firewood up to the wash house, so the water could be heated for the chores, then the least her father could do was fix the wagon so she could haul it.
Perspiration ran in rivulets off her face, across her neck, and disappeared into the deep cleft between her tits. The tits themselves were barely contained by last summer’s halter. Pa had told her that things had changed this year. There just wouldn’t be enough money for new clothes. Consequently the silver-dollar-sized areolas around her nipples peeked out above the material if she moved to any position other than standing exactly straight up.
Kneeling beside the wagon, pushing with all her might to get the pesky wheel back on the flimsy axle, one side of the garment gave up and her right tit leapt free. Rather than lose the advantage she had gained on the wheel, she paid no attention to it.
“You need some help there, Alma Mae?”
She looked up. The blond-haired, handsome face stared directly down at her, the pixie grin belying the well over six-foot-two frame it topped. “What are you smilin’ at, Rafer Clooney?”
“Oh, nothin’. It’s just that I ain’t seen you much since last summer, what with you in school an’ me workin’ an’ all. I was just noticin’ how much you growed up.”
She followed his stare down to her naked, swaying tit. Her face turned crimson as she let the wagon fall and stood. She tugged at the halter and pushed at her tit until most of the fleshy globe was again secure inside the material.
She should have been wearing a bra, she thought, but they too had gotten too small for her and they hurt.
He stood, smiling like an idiot as he let his eyes take in what he saw as the suddenly matured perfection of her young body. Long brown legs seemed to go up forever until they met her tight, cut-off jeans. There they molded into wide, flaring hips and firm asscheeks. Her waist was so thin he could have gotten his huge hands all the way around it. The tits were a different story. One of his hands could never encompass the round fullness of just one of them.
He was right, she thought. That winter everything had happened to her body. She had blossomed, both mentally and physically. Her younger brother, Able, had discovered it, even before she had noticed it. She had the sneaking suspicion, from the looks he gave her, that Pa had discovered it too.
From the time she was eleven, living on a farm as she had all her life, she had known about sex as if she were an adult. But that winter, right after her thirteenth birthday, she had realized that physically she had come of age.
“You sure have.”
His voice jerked her back to the present. “I’ve what?”
“Growed up… and out,” he said, his smile becoming a leer.
He was looking directly at her crotch. She lightened her muscles and realized why. The cut-offs were also too small for her. They had crept up and the lips of her cunt had opened so the material had slipped inside her crack. Without looking she knew her cuntal mound was clearly outlined in the jeans.
“Yeah, I need some help,” she said, grasping the bottoms of the jeans and pulling them down.
He smiled. “All right. I’ll hold the wagon up and you push the wheel on.”
She knelt with the wheel in her hands as he did easily, with just the strength in his heavily muscled arms, what she had been forced to use a long pole in order to accomplish.
As she worked with the wheel she couldn’t help but notice and admire the corded rippling beneath the tawny skin on his arms. He worked his father’s fields, across the creek, from daylight till dark during the season. The sun and hard work had given him a broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped athlete’s body.
As she shoved the wheel over the axle and used a small nail for a cotter pin, she sensed his eyes, above her, staring down her front at the dark valley between her tits.
When she was finished they stood up at the same time. She found herself so close to him that the hardened nipples of her tits touched his chest. They both jumped awkwardly as the tension of passion passed between them. And, as their eyes met, they both wished they hadn’t.
But, for the moment, the slender thread between them was broken.
“Where you goin’ with that wood?”
“Wash house.”
He laughed. “Water heater broke down again, huh? I’ll tote it up there for ya.”
He didn’t wait for her to agree or disagree. He grabbed the tongue of the wagon and started puffing, heading for the rocky, pot-hole infested path that led up to the house.
She was almost glad that he had taken the initiative even though she was sure she would have to fight him off once they got up to the wash house.
She remembered the times they had played together the previous summer. She hadn’t fought him off then. But then she couldn’t have gotten pregnant even if he had been able to get his big cock inside her cunt.
Two or three times a week, that summer, Rafer would come over, after chores and supper, to play catch with her brother, Able, who was a year younger than Alma Mae.
One night Able had gone into town on his bicycle to buy tobacco for Pa. Rafer said he might just as well wait around until Able came back. He followed Alma Mae around for company while she curried her one prize possession, her mare, Lady Belle.
“You’re gettin’ to be pretty as all get out, Alma Mae,” he had said.
“Go on!” she replied, her face turning red under his stare. But, secretly, she had liked what he said. At only twelve, Alma Mae would truly have loved to take Rafer away from Sue Ann Halle. She hated Sue Ann, who was so uppity just because she had big tits already and hair around her cunt.
“No, I mean it,” he said, placing his hands on her hips. “How about you lettin’ me kiss you once an’ I’ll show ya?”
“No, we daren’t,” she said, feeling the warmth of his hands move up across her back. “Pa’s liable to come out.”
“You know he won’t. Hell, you couldn’t pull him away from that television set of his this time of night, no way.”
“Well… all right. Just one.”
He kissed her, his tongue slowly insinuating itself between her lips, and then her teeth, until it met hers.
At first she fought it but slowly things started happening to her mind and body, as his tongue bathed the whole inside of her mouth and sucked on her tongue. She returned the ardor of his kiss with hers and melted her body against his.
Just outside the stall an old car seat rested against the barn wall. Before she realized it he had guided her to it. She felt him falling backward. He still clutched her tightly and suddenly she found herself on his lap. One of his big hands shifted to a position under her knees and between her legs as he kissed her on the cheek and neck and rolled her across his body.
“I said just once, Rafer.” She knew there wasn’t much conviction in her voice, but she struggled halfway out of his arms anyway.
When he laughed and pulled her back down his hand was higher, between her thighs. She squeezed her legs tightly together, not letting his hand come clear up to her cunt.
“I suppose you do this with Sue Ann Halle,” she said.
“Sum, all the time,” he replied. “Hell, Alma Mae, me and Sue Ann do a lot more than this.”
“Like what?” Her curiosity was heightened.
“Want me to show you?”
“Tell me.”
“We fuck.”
Alma knew what he meant, but she wasn’t sure she believed him. She had been to Sue Ann’s house a lot and she was sure that if Sue Ann had really been fucking already she would have bragged about it to her.
“I don’t believe you,” she said.
“It’s true, I swear.”
Suddenly Alma Mae did believe him and it made her mad. She knew she could do anything Sue Ann could do and probably do it a lot better. Ever since she had spent a whole night with Sue Ann and the girl had bragged about how big her tits had gotten and how wonderful it was to at last become a woman, Alma Mae had wanted to spite her somehow. Especially when the other girl had pranced around nude in front of her and dared her to take all of her clothes off. Alma Mae had been stung with embarrassment by her own barely developing nubs, her lack of a period, and the baldness of her tiny cunt.
“Show me some of it… what you do with her,” Alma Mae said, a tone of determination coming into her voice.
He slipped his hand higher between the softness of her young thighs until he could cup her asscheeks through the thin panties. This time she put her arms around his neck and kissed him. She couldn’t place exactly when his other hand had started fondling her tits but she did know that she felt soothed by what he was doing. She liked the warmth of his body against her.
Gradually, between kisses she became aware of his hard cock pressing on her hip. The size of it, even under the clothing, shocked her. Again she became frightened. She tried shifting her position but he wouldn’t let her move.
Then she was electrified. He had wormed his hand underneath her panties from the rear, and now he was steadily drawing them down her legs. She remembered the lack of hair on her cunt. Her neck burned red afraid that he would look at her cunt and compare its nakedness to Sue Ann’s lush wealth of fur. She looked down. Her cunt was clearly visible where her skirt had hiked clear up to her waist. She quickly folded both her hands over the mound.
“What are you gonna do, Rafer Clooney?”
“Just take these off so’s I can touch you easier. It’ll make you feel good, Alma Mae.”
It must have been an imp in her brain that made her say what she next said. “If you’re gonna look at me like that an’ get to touch me, I wanna see you too…”
Her eyes widened as he moved her around him to lie on the car seat and he jumped up in front of her. In no time he had loosened his belt and stepped out of his pants and shorts.
She saw his long cock raving, already hard, between his legs. It was much, much bigger than her brother Able’s, thicker and longer. And the sac beneath it that held his balls looked like it might burst with their swollen holdings.
“Now you see it, Alma Mae.”
“You like it, Alma Mae?”
“It’s big, Rafer, real big.”
“That’s good when it’s big, Alma Mae. You’ll see. Touch it! That’s it, curl your hand around it just like that. Now jack it!”
“Move your hand up and down on it. Like this.”
He placed his hand over hers on his cock and moved it back and forth. “Oh shit, Alma Mae. Shit, shit, shit, you don’t know how good that feels!”
His cock pulsed and throbbed in her hand. His hips moved it back and forth making the bulbous head disappear and then reappear, its glans rippling as she squeezed the shaft harder and harder with teach stroke.
He winced as he felt the pressure of her fist around his cock. She was a little skinny, he thought, but he sensed in her, the rampant, all-consuming desire for sex. She would be a good piece, he told himself, and she would get better.
She had become so absorbed in the manipulation of his cock that she had completely forgotten to cover her cunt. Its mound under her flat belly pooched white, its lips pinkly inviting beneath the hair that curled toward the crack. He looked from her cunt’s puckered, tight opening to the blood-gorged head of his cock and wondered absently if he could get it inside her.
He fell forward, pinning her to the car seat with his weight. With one hip he prodded a leg aside. With an arm under the knee of her other leg he eased his body completely between her thighs until the head of his cock was touching, nestling the exposed outer lips of her pink cunt.
She felt the pressure of his cockhead against her cuntlips and stiffened. Instinctively she contracted her ass and cuntal muscles. He ran the head of his cock up and down her delicious slit. It was sopping with the juices of her cunt. He was sure she was good and ready for his cock.
He moved downward until he was sure his cock was resting at the perfect place for entrance. He moved his hands around her until he could cup her fleshy asscheeks and lift her ass and cunt toward his cock.
He could feel his cockhead pushing against her tiny hole, seeking entrance. He moved his hands lower on her ass. She shivered involuntarily as his fingers tightened, two of them delicately tickling her spread asshole. The moisture between her glued cuntlips had built to a lake of cuntal juices. Her whole being wanted his cock but her body remained stiff and tense. The soft lips of her cunt refused to open.
He lunged, pulling at her ass in the same motion, but her body wouldn’t respond. Again and again he drove his cock forward, bunching his asscheeks and digging his toes into the dirt floor for added leverage.
But nothing did any good. No matter how hard his cock, or how much pressure he could produce for it, her sweet cunt refused him entrance.
She could feel the sticky juices trickling from the lips of her cunt and running down into the crack of her ass. Her mind screamed at her pussy to open and take his cock, but it elicited no response.
He paused, panting, and sagged to his knees between her legs. Just below him he could see the delicious mound of her cunt, its juices glistening from the light of dusk coming through the door.
He raised the thin blouse until the light danced tantalizingly over her small, rose-tipped tits. Again Alma Mae was embarrassed. Her tits weren’t half the size of Sue Ann’s. On top of that she hadn’t been able to satisfy Rafer by taking his prick into her cunt. She pulled her blouse down just as he was about to dip his mouth to her nipples.
“What’s the matter?” he asked.
“Nothin’,” she said, and wriggled her body to a standing position.
“Hey,” Rafer said, standing beside her and slowly pumping his hard cock, “you’re not mad are you?”
“No,” she said, pulling her panties back on. “I ain’t mad. I’m…” She fell suddenly silent and looked directly into his eyes. “I’m sorry.”
“Shit,” he said, a winning smile creasing his handsome face. “It’s all right. Here… watch!”
She watched and became fascinated as his hand began pumping and punishing his cock. The huge red head was like a phantom that was there and then gone again, inside his fist.
And then he came, in great globular streams that shot in tempo with his hand from his pulsing cockhead. Again and again his cock jerked spasmodically, sending yet another spurt of white, milky cum onto the ground beneath him.
Then his breathing lightened and his smile returned as he squeezed the last remnants of cum from his prick.
“Damn,” Alma Mae said, fascinated by the exhibition.
He squeezed the last few drops of jism into his palm and held it toward her. “Taste it!”
“Why not?”
He dipped the tip of his tongue into his palm and brought it back into his mouth. “Won’t hurt ya.”
They didn’t do anything after that, together, for almost two weeks, even though Rafer still came over regularly to play ball with Able. Then her parents had to attend a farm bureau meeting in to one afternoon and the car broke down on the way back. They called and Able went in on his bicycle to help. Soon after that they called again, saying that it would be late before the car could be fixed so they decided that they would stay in town and go to a movie.
Alma’s older sister, Rosebud, was away for the whole summer in Memphis with their Aunt Gussie, so Alma suddenly found herself, for the first time in weeks, all alone in the big old house. The first thing to hit her mind was, “call Rafer.” Just about the time she picked up the telephone she heard the throaty roar of his motorcycle in front of the house.
She met him at the door. “How’d you know I was home alone?” she asked when he openly kissed her and fondled her tits and ass in the front hallway.
“We got a party line… remember?” he said, laughing loudly.
It was better in the bed than it had been in the barn but the result was still the same. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t will her cunt to open up enough for him to gain entrance.
Again he wasn’t angry or frustrated. She was, and she was sure now, that her lack of ability and her youth would drive him back to Sue Ann.
He surprised her. This time he urged Alma Mae to do for him what he had done for himself at the conclusion of their last try.
This time Alma held his cock in her hand caressingly, fondling it, skinning it back, letting its throbbing hugeness fascinate her. She leaned her face closer and closer to the cockhead until it was very near her lips.
He couldn’t resist it.
He took her head in his hands and guided her lips to his throbbing cockhead. She seemed to sense what he wanted and, with courage, flicked her tongue out to lick at the tiny eye in the bulbous head of his cock. He moved his hips forward to encourage her.
“Suck it, Alma. Let the head of it go into your mouth and lick and lick and suck on it!”
She opened her mouth wide, felt the cockhead enter, and then her lips were skimming along the glistening staff. She liked it, the hard and the soft of it all at once in her mouth. She let him know it by taking more and more of his cock inside her. It filled her mouth until it searched out the rear of her throat.
He took her free hand and placed it under his balls. She hefted them, testing their weight and the texture of the hairy skin.
He groaned and moved his hips in tempo with her bobbing head. From the loud sucking sounds coming from her mouth he knew she had built a passion for his cock. Alma Mae was a virgin and he might not be able to fuck her tight cunt, but she was more than satisfying him with the joy of her throat, her tongue, and her cocksucking, saliva coated mouth.
Suddenly she felt the cockhead swell. It filled her throat as the barrel throbbed and pulsed in her hand. His balls too, seemed to take on a life of their own as great globs of hot cum spurted into her throat. Her head was nearly knocked back by the tremendous surge of his hot jism.
Letting his dripping prick slip from her mouth she looked up at him, smiling as she swallowed his huge load in one massive gulp.
At least twice a week throughout the rest of the summer they found the time and the way to slip away together. He would go down on her, slipping his hot tongue between the lava-like folds of her cunt. She had her first, spine-tingling come that way, with her thighs pressed tightly around his head and his tongue greedily lapping at her clitoris.
But still, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get his cock inside her cunt. Always, when they were finished with sex, they would lie in each other’s arms and she would urge him to tell her, that she was the only one for him.
He did just that right up until the time Alma Mae found him, during the Labor Day turkey shoot, with his cock buried deeply in Sue Ann Halle’s big cunt.
She had followed them away from the picnic grounds and watched while Rafer took her clothes off, spread her legs, and poured his meat to her in the deep weeds that covered the ground by the riverbank.
First she hit him over the head with an old, dead oak limb. Then she told him that the next time she saw him on her daddy’s place she would personally put two full loads of buckshot in his ass from her daddy’s gun.
Later, Able, being the younger-brother spy that he was, confided in her that Rafer had been doing it all along. The older boy had been fucking Sue Ann on all the nights he hadn’t been at their house.
It had become common knowledge around town that wild young Rafer Clooney had gotten himself the ideal situation; one girl who gave great head and another who had a willing and a snapping cunt.
So, for Alma Mae, the glorious summer of her romance and her introduction to sex with Rafer came to a jarring end.
Alma’s mother became ill and died in October. So she and Rosebud had to take care of the house for their pa and Able. Alma continued going to school even after Rosebud stormed out of the house one morning over a fight she had had with their father. She had packed and moved up to Memphis for good.
Rafer’s grunting efforts became louder as he pulled the wagon up over the last hill toward the house. Alma Mae felt some of the old desire for him creep into her thoughts as she watched the muscles dance under the bronzed skin of his broad back. She could feel her nipples tingle as they rubbed against the material of the halter. She was sure her cunt was secreting juices that would soon soak the crotch of her jeans.
As they passed the wheelless body of the old, wrecked Oldsmobile behind the barn she saw him glance at the car and then at her. There was a broad grin on his face. She knew only too well what it meant. The back seat of that old car had been their special hiding place many times. She turned her head back to the wagon as if she hadn’t noticed.
He pulled the wagon in front of the wash house door and started stacking the wood.
“Goin’ to the Fourth picnic Sunday?” he asked as they worked.
“Don’t know,” she replied. “It’s only Tuesday.”
“Don’t have to get mad,” he said.
“Sorry,” she said, thinking. She decided last summer was a long time ago. She might just as well talk civil to him. “I suppose we will. Rosebud’s comin’ down from Memphis with Aunt Gussie and the family’s comin’ over from Groter County. Yeah, we’ll all go.”
“It’ll be a hell of a weekend,” he said, moving toward her.
“I s’pose.”
“Why don’t we make it like last year’s Fourth weekend?”
“Or last year’s Day weekend?”
“You still got that on your mind, Alma Mae?”
“Why shouldn’t I,” she said, moving away from him.
“I’d like to say I’m sorry and maybe try to get back together again,” he said, still advancing on her.
“It ain’t the same.”
“Why not?” he said, lowering his hand to the swelling bulge in the front of his jeans.
“‘Cause it ain’t,” she said, still backing away from him. “We’re older now, or at least I am.”
“You sure are,” he said, smiling and grabbing her wrist.
She wrenched free and lurched away from him. Her ass struck the fender of the old Oldsmobile. She rolled to the side, trying to escape him.
He was on her in an instant, his lips groping for hers, his crotch grinding against her pelvic bone, his chest mashed against her massive tits.
“Rafer Clooney, you let me go!”
“Why Alma Mae? I want you… I truly do.”
“You let me go… I don’t wanna get in no trouble, you hear me?”
“Trouble?” he said, his grin widening. “What kinda trouble?”
“You know what kinda trouble.”
“How’m I gonna get you in trouble, Alma Mae… when I can’t even get my pecker inside you?”
“Well,” she said, her face again turning the color of a beet. “We’re older now.”
“Does that mean that now I can get inside you?”
Again she tried to get away from him. In the process her left tit found its way to freedom from the halter.
He saw his chance and cupped it with one of his hands. “Jesus!” he exclaimed when he felt it overflow his hand. “Jeeeessus, Alma Mae…”
His hand was hot on her tit. Almost too hot. She felt the old fires start to smolder in her body and mind. But now they were even stronger because now she was no longer a little girl. She was a woman.
When he again bent his head and lovingly kissed her she heard her own voice moaning in response to his tongue. She tried but she couldn’t stop the mound of her cunt from responding to the grinding force of his hardened, pulsating cock.
All her muscles seemed to turn to putty as he easily pushed her back through the opened door of the car. Before she knew it she felt the coolness of the seat against the bare skin of her ass. He had pulled her jeans off in one smooth, fluid motion.
Next she felt his hands at the strings of her halter. Again she tried to stop him but her movements were arrested when she felt the long, rigid warmth of his bare cock move across her belly. He had somehow managed to slip his pants down. His hard cock against her own bare skin made her momentarily forget what his hands were doing.
“Oh shit, Alma Mae!” he exclaimed when her halter fell away and the twin bulges of her rising, pink tipped tits met his eyes. “Damn, you have growed up. Them’s the biggest and the prettiest titties I ever seen in my whole life.”
“You gotta stop, Rafer!” she hissed. But she knew it would be hard for her to make him stop. His hot hands on her tits, kneading the bulges and pinching the nipples, sent shock waves of heated desire directly to her cunt.
She could almost hear his heart hammering in time with hers as he rose and looked down at her naked body beneath him. She closed her eyes, knowing what he was seeing and knowing that it would inflame him even more. She knew how she looked with the huge dark-ringed nipples on her tits, the flat heaving stomach with its dark, curling vee of black pubic hair. The curvaceous, wide hips and thighs now held close together.
She squeezed her knees harder together and locked her ankles as she felt him lower his hard cock and push against the top of her cunt. His cock slid between her legs. She could feel the ridge of the crown nestling between her asscheeks and the hard barrel nudging the soft lips around her clitoris.
It felt so good that she couldn’t help but moan aloud and squeeze her thighs together around his cockshaft. He started an up-and-down motion that was bound to drive her crazy. She wanted his cock but still she kept her legs locked tightly together.
“C’mon, Alma Mae,” he said, his voice barely audible as he panted out the words. “I want you… I want to get it inside you in the worst way.”
“We can’t,” she said as he continued to fuck the soft flesh between her thighs. She bent her knees just a little and braced her feet. She practically lifted him in the air with her womanly thighs as she helped him fuck the warmth of her cuntal slit and the crack of her ass without actually getting his cock inside her.
“Oh God!” he shouted. “That feels Goddam good, Alma!”
“Let me suck you, Rafer.”
“Not now, Alma. I want to get inside your pussy.”
“Let me suck your cock off. Please,” she said.
“I’ll swallow you an’ all, just like we used to do.”
“No!” he said, driving his cock into the dampness between her legs, each time trying to arch the shaft so it would go up, into her cunt, on the downstroke.
He was driving her crazy. The pressure of his cock on her clitoris was soaking the seat beneath them, and the crack between her asscheeks where the juices ran down in streams.
Suddenly she was coming. She could feel the pressure building like the water behind a dam on the inside of her hot cunt. She wanted his cock inside her and there was nothing she could do about it.
“Fuck me, Rafer! Stick your cock up me and FUCK THE HELL OUT OF ME!”
Her legs scissored open and her hips came upward to meet him. She could see his nostrils flare and his eyes grow wide. He smelled the strong musk rising in waves from her cunt, she knew. Because she too could smell it as it mingled with the strong odor of his glistening cock.
Hurriedly, his arms swept back, catching her behind the knees. He rocked her forward, her ass rising to meet his down-coming cock. He felt the soft curling hair of her cunt first. Then the warmth of her cuntlips, wetting his cockhead first and then caressing his shaft. And then he was inside her clear to his balls. Her damp heat flooded his body. It drove his blood to pound with desire as his hips went down, burying his cock deep in her throbbing cunt.
Up and down went his hips as his cock filled and retreated from her tight pussy. She could feel his huge cockhead at the very entrance to her cunt. It hesitated and then plunged in again. Her pubic hair blended with his forming a soft mat between them. With each stroke came more cock and more power into her cunt as she felt, again and again, his balls bounce delightfully against the puckered hole of her ass.
“Ain’t this as good as suckin’? Ain’t it better?” he panted.
“It’s as good. But I think I’m gonna like tastin’ your cock again, and its cum just as much as I do gettin’ it in my cunt,” she sighed.
“Oh drive those hips, Alma,” he sighed, loving the way she was grinding her pubic bone into his.
“Fuck me, Rafer! Pound my cunt with your cock!”
“I’ll give it to you, honey doll!” he said.
His grasping hands left her knees. They slid down inside her thighs. They became anchored on her spreading asscheeks, his fingers playing, grasping.
She twisted under him, squealing and lunging, her cunt at last having its day. Her clitoris was heated by his cock until she was sure that it would explode. She felt her hot cunt juice saturate his prick as his cock made sucking sounds going in and out of her pussy.
He reached behind her and carefully slid one of his fingers into her asshole as he felt her come. It added no end of joy to the thrill already running through her cunt. When her hips came down again his whole finger entered her asshole. Her hips rose. Her asshole contracted around his finger. Her hips came back down and she was grabbing cock and finger from both ends at the same time.
“Oh, Rafer, honey, Rafer, that feels good as shit in my ass!”
His fingers held her ass tightly, pulling her to him. He felt his balls tingle. It was a sure sign that he was about to come. He lunged against her with all his might. She took the full size and heat of his cock and, with her clutching cunt, begged him for more.
A whining, loving sound escaped her lips as she felt the first wave of his hot cum shoot against the far reaches of her cunt.
He felt the fullness of his ejaculation, from the head of his cock to the base of his spine, and it was good. Again and again his cockhead spurted, sending streams of his white, hot jism splashing into her hungry, wet cunt.
Her ass made short, jerking motions, milking from his balls every ounce of his cum. Her young cunt was strong, not yet stretched, so that it seemed to be wrapped like a tight glove around the fat shaft of his cock.
She smiled up at him.
“Alma Mae,” he said, returning her smile, “if I never get another fuck in my whole damn life, that one was worth them all.”
“It’s been a long time,” she said.
“Too long,” he replied.
He took her hand and moved it down beneath them as she felt his cock sliding out of her cunt. She obligingly wrapped her hand around the shaft and felt it pulse.
“You’re still hard,” she said.
“And ready,” he replied. “You said you wanted to suck it?”
“Inside,” she murmured. “I want more room. It’ll be better on the bed.”
They didn’t bother dressing. Naked as the day they were born they jumped from the old car and ran for the house. Inside they went directly into the bedroom and, without ceremony, dumped their clothes on the floor.
Alma Mae didn’t wait for any talk or foreplay. It had been too long since she had felt Rafer’s big hunk of beautiful cock in her mouth. And now that she was again started with him she wasn’t going to let him forget that she was not only beautiful, but the best all-around fuck that he was ever going to get.
She dropped to her knees in front of him and scooped up the head of his cock with her mouth. She toyed with his balls, bouncing them in her hands while she used her lips, her tongue and her cheeks to expertly suck his pounding cock. Then she slid her warm lips down along the shaft, taking more and more of his cock inside her mouth.
He remembered the beautiful times the previous summer when she had sucked him off, but it had never seemed like this. He was dumbfounded as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth.
“Lay down!” she said. “I want to really enjoy all of this!”
Dazed, he let himself fall back onto the bed. Her eyes took on a dreamy look as she closed them, sucking and pulling at his cock with her mouth. He reached below her chest where her gigantic tits swayed in globes of white flesh.
“Yes… yes,” she moaned around his cock as he gripped her tits tighter and twisted them in his strong hands. She moaned happily as her mouth gripped his inflamed cock tighter. She began a lapping motion with her tongue that drove him into throbs of ecstasy.
He began to quiver. The soft skin inside her mouth felt just like the skin of her inner cunt. She began prodding him with her fingernails as she sucked. He moaned as his passion built and became more heated.
She jerked her head back and forth on his cock, sucking fiercely, making soft growling noises. She seemed to sense from the throbbing of his cockhead that the hot agony was building up inside his balls.
Then he looked down and was amazed as more and more of his long, thick cock disappeared into her mouth. The bed rocked back and forth as he suddenly felt that he could do anything with her head. There seemed to be no back to her throat. His cock was slipping further and further into her.
And then his cock was gone; it had disappeared. He gasped as he realized that she had taken all of his cock down her throat. Her lips were pressed into the thick mat of pubic hair at its base. He couldn’t believe it but he was seeing it. The bottom of her throat was distended with the thickness of his cock. She had swallowed all of him.
He started fucking her head with great, powerful hinges of his hips. Still she took all of his prick with every thrust.
Again and again she took it all in her throat until finally he was coming, shooting his load of cum into her avid mouth.
She took him deeply into her throat while milking his cock of its juices with her tongue and lips. With her hands she squeezed his blasting balls, urging them to shoot their fiery liquid into her. She seemed to be in heaven as he watched her throat twitch, swallowing all his juices with avid hunger.
When she lifted her head up, he saw her lovely eyes were foggy as if her driving passion had addled her mind.
“Damn, Alma Mae! You never did anything like that before!”
She never answered him. Instead she was back at his cock again. She purred contentedly. Her mouth clung to his long, glistening shaft as again she jerked her head from side to side, taking the last drops of cum from the head of his cock. She devoured every last drop of his cum as if it would be the last she would ever receive.
“Oh God, Rafer honey, that was good,” she said, “that was so good.”
She crawled up and snuggled in close to his body. Her tits came to rest close to his face. He nestled his lips between them, loving their salty taste and their musky odor. What a woman, he thought, what a woman she had turned into. With her, no man would need another woman.
“Was it good?” she said. “Did I do a good job on your cock?”
“Where did you learn all that?” he asked.
“From you,” she said, squeezing one of her nipples into his mouth.
“Bullshit,” he laughed around the mouthful of tit. “I never had a suckin’ on my cock like that in my life.”
He couldn’t see her eyes, or he would have seen the strange look of smiling, all-knowing womanhood pass across their darkness. He couldn’t know where she had learned both to fuck and to suck like that, but she was more than willing, from that point on, to give him the results of what she had learned all by herself, after he had first known her.
Again he pressed the point but she refused to answer him. Instead she slid upward on the bed and pushed his head down between her legs. “Now it’s your turn,” she said, hunching upward with her hips, driving her cunt into his face.
Rafer looked up from the sweet moistness of her crotch to the wealth of her flawless tits. She took one of his hands and placed it on her cunt. As she moved her hips he felt his fingers insinuating themselves into her slit.
She moved slowly at first, pressing hard against his hand. Harder and harder, faster and faster went her clitoris against the heel of his hand as three of his fingers sunk inside her hungry cunt. She moaned delightedly as she felt the heel of his hand begin to crush harder against her clit.
Just as she felt her orgasm begin to overpower her, she reached for him. She pulled his head down between her thighs until he had glued his lips against the soaking lips of her cunt.
Her legs were spread wide, the soft, glistening lips of her cunt gleaming between them. He could smell the sweet wetness of her cunt and he wanted it. He wanted it more than he had ever wanted anything.
She rolled her cunt around his face, writhing like an animal in heat. His tongue felt good, so good on her hardened clit.
Rafer’s mouth went at her cunt inch by inch, kissing it, licking the slit, wallowing in the glory of her soft, sensuous loins. He worked at her cuntlips, enjoying the moaning he was cawing in her throat. Then he dipped his tongue inside her pulsating cunt hole.
“It’s so good… I love to have it eaten up like that!” she gasped. “Do it good, lover man! Eat me up good! I want to come this way!”
She slipped her soaking thighs around his face as he gripped her asscheeks and pulled her cunt into him. Deeper and deeper he ground his mouth and tongue between the lips of her slit. With the tips of his fingers he tickled her asshole, much as he tickled her clitoris with his tongue.
He curled his tongue, snakelike, in her cunt as he licked harder. In and out went his tongue, its end curled up like a spoon, taking her juices greedily into his mouth.
Then she was twisting and shuddering as he massaged her cunt with his lips and tongue. She pulled at the back of his head, forcing him to dip deeply with his tongue into the flowing swamp of her cunt.
When she came she ripped and clawed at his back with her nails. She screamed in ecstasy, urging him to suck ever harder on her yawning pussy.
At last the tremendous convulsions of her orgasm subsided and she drew his head up to rest between the pink-flushed mounds of her titties.
“Alma Mae,” he said, his voice barely a croak “if that’s the way you always been… I mean, if you was like that when we was together before, I woulda never even thought of pokin’ Sue Ann Halle. I mean, I never dreamed, in my whole life, of ever gettin’ it like this.”
“Let’s just forget about Sue Ann,” she said, “and let’s just start from now.”
“I mean it’s only right for a man to get around a little bit… but Sue Ann, well, that was just too much.”
“What do you mean?” Alma asked.
“Well, she tried to claim it was me what knocked her up.”
“I thought it was.”
“Well, it mighta been, but shit, Alma Mae, she was fuckin’ half the boys in the county. I mean, any of them ol’ boys coulda knocked her up. I didn’t see any reason why I shoulda had to marry her.”
All of this angered Alma Mae, but at the time she didn’t really know why. She wondered if she got pregnant, if Rafer would marry her. Then she wondered if she would want to marry him. No matter how much she had wanted his cock she suddenly realized that maybe that was the only thing about him that she really wanted.
“Did you love her?” Alma asked.
“Not like I think I love you,” he replied. “I mean, she’d never suck or cuddle up or nothin’. All she ever wanted was just for me to stick my cock in her cunt an go, go, go. That’s all.”
She mumbled an “oh”, and fell silent, dropping back into her own thoughts.
The silence lasted for quite some time before he spoke again. “Alma Mae?”
“Where’d you learn to suck an’ fuck like that since last summer?”
“You taught me.”
“Oh no I didn’t. We never did nothin’ like that together. You could never take all my cock in your mouth like that before. An’ when I stuck it in your cunt… well, you ain’t no virgin.”
“Did you want me to be? Wasn’t it more fun this way?”
“I don’t know,” he mumbled. “It’s just that… well, I done a lot of fuckin’ myself and I ain’t never seen no woman…”
“No, I ain’t no virgin,” she said, interrupting and silencing him by pressing his face closer between her full tits.
She wondered if she should tell him. She wanted to laugh about it but she knew it wasn’t right. What would Rafer say if he knew that she had learned all she had learned from her baby brother, and he, in turn, had learned it from her older sister.
It had all started innocently enough a week or so after Rosebud had blown up and left. Up until then Able had slept on the sofa in the living room. When the bed became available neither Alma nor her father saw any reason not to let him use it.
It had turned cold and the old stoker furnace could barely keep the house warm under normal conditions, let alone near zero temperatures. So even though extra quilts were added to the beds, it remained close to freezing in the house during the coldest of winter nights.
Alma Mae could hear Able rolling around in his bed. Once in a while he would groan and, often, she could hear the bed shaking. “What’s the matter with you?” she whispered across the room. “Why don’t you be quiet and go to sleep?”
“I’m cold.”
“Well, get another quilt!”
“There ain’t no more. Can I come in bed with you?”
“I guess so,” she said grudgingly, without giving it much thought. “But don’t roll around all night. I got to get up early in the morning.”
She heard his bare feet hit the floor and then the padding steps as he scampered across the boards to her bed. She turned on her side away from him and concentrated on sleep.
Some time later, she wasn’t sure how long, she became conscious of his nearness. She was half-asleep and paying little or no attention to his hand on her hip and his knee now and then touching and moving up and down the back of her thigh.
She had been dreaming of Rafer and, in her sleep, her brother’s touch had served to excite her.
Inch by inch the hand moved up to her waist. When she didn’t move or object Able got bolder. He moved his body in behind her until their bodies were together like two spoons in a drawer. The hand continued its upward movement until the fingertips were just touching the fleshy part of her tits.
She was just about to move his hand away, assuming that he was doing it in his sleep, when she felt a pressure against her asscheeks.
He was getting a hard-on, she thought, amazed. She had never imagined her brother with an erection. Somehow it excited her, but it also embarrassed her. She didn’t know what to do. She felt she should stop him but she really didn’t want to.
By this time his hand had gone on up to stealthily cup her tit. She could feel the nipple harden and rise to meet his palm through the material of her pajama tops. Behind her, his cock was rock-hard and pressing against the crack of her ass.
Carefully, not wanting to wake her and spoil it all, he massaged first one tit and then the other. She stayed as still as she could and continued to feign sleep, thinking that he would go ahead and maybe fuck her if he thought she was asleep. She couldn’t tell just how big his prick was but from the touch of it against her ass she was sure it was smaller than Rafer’s and, therefore, capable of getting inside her tight cunt. She also rationalized that if Able thought for sure that she was asleep through the whole thing, she wouldn’t be embarrassed to face him the next morning.
He removed his hand from her tit and lowered it to her ass. Gently he pulled the shortie pajama bottoms aside until he could caress her bare asscheeks. Running his fingers lightly up and down the crack of her ass, he used the palm and heel of his hand to bunch and squeeze the flesh of her asscheeks.
Then his hand was gone and she wanted to cry out for him not to stop. Her body was on fire. She wanted to roll over, dip her head beneath the covers and take his hard cock deep into her mouth.
But he came back. This time with his cock. Again he slid the panties aside and she knew he had taken his cock out of his shorts. She felt the quivering head slide up the crack of her ass. He gently pulled her cheeks apart and placed the shaft of his cock between them.
He must have put saliva on it, she thought. It slithered easily up and down between her asscheeks. Still he was very careful. He went slow and she could barely hear the tiny groans of passion escaping from his throat as he worked the shaft of his prick between her warm asscheeks.
She continued to feign sleep even so far as to utter a low snore now and then as she felt his cock start to pulse against her ass.
Why didn’t he try to stick it in her cunt? she wondered.
Then he suddenly rolled away from her. She felt the bed shaking very slightly as he finished himself off with his hand.
Silently she cursed herself, wishing she had been brave enough to lift her leg and help him guide his prick to her cunt. She was still afraid but she was also burning up with need and passion. When she was sure Able was sound asleep beside her she crept from the bed and went into the bathroom.
Sitting on the stool she lowered her panties and spread her legs wide. Then she parted the soft, soaking lips of her cunt with one hand while she pounded and kneaded her clitoris with the other. She came quickly and well, but still she didn’t stop until a second orgasm racked her mind and body.
The next day she and Able both went to school and spent the day as if nothing had happened. During the evening meal she could feel her panties getting wet just thinking what might happen that night in bed.
Just as she had hoped Able again begged to enter her bed. This time she didn’t answer him at all. Instead she snored lightly as if she had already gone to sleep.
She felt him slide into the bed and move across to her side. Gently he touched her shoulder. “Are you asleep, Alma Mae?”
Still she didn’t answer him. She reasoned that if he were sure she was asleep he would waste no time in getting hard and ready. She was ready. Instead of pajamas Alma had worn a nightgown to bed. As she had gotten under the covers she had made sure that it was hiked up until it was just resting on her hips. When she felt him beside her she moved and groaned a little as if in sleep. The nightgown slithered on up to her waist leaving her ass bare for his touch.
He slipped his hand around her body and felt for her tit. She almost laughed when she heard the surprised gasp come from his throat. She hadn’t buttoned the front of the nightgown at all. It hung open so that his hand went right inside it and cupped her bare tit. The nipple was like a tiny steel ball as it throbbed in his palm.
His other hand moved downward until the fingers were cautiously probing between her legs. Again he gasped when the sticky juices from her cunt bathed his palm. He moved closer to her until she could feel the head of his cock exploring the moistness between her legs. His whole body seemed to shake with joy behind her as his throbbing cockhead dipped between the wet cheeks of her ass.
Again she wanted to trap his cock and lift her leg for his entrance, but she was afraid of what might happen. She thought he might become frightened and go soft.
He tensed his hips and pushed forward, and she sensed that he was about to fuck her. He threw all caution to the winds and started to lunge with his hips.
No, she wanted to scream, that’s my asshole! I want it in my aunt!
Without either one of them realizing it she had moved her ass farther back and opened her asshole at his cockhead’s insistence. Before she knew it pain struck her brain. His knob had parted the tiny outer ring of her asshole.
Slowly, carefully, he forced his knob into her ass, thrilling to the sweet warmth that met his cock.
She started to stop him, but the further his cock went inside her hot hole the better it felt. Her heart started to sing as his cock went deeper. Her whole being, her body and soul, were concentrated on the pulsing, steel-like rod of flesh that was filling her shit chute.
His joy was as great as hers. He lost all sense of time and space. All he could feel was his cock, thick and long and hard, sliding deeper and deeper into his sister’s warm, tight asshole.
Occasionally she twitched her asscheeks but most of the time she settled for just opening and closing her tight hole around his cockshaft. At last, when she was sure she had all of his cock in her, she snaked her hand down to her cunt and began pressing her clitoris toward climax.
Able could feel his cock deep in her ass as his balls bounced lightly against the soft, mushy lips of her cunt. He placed his hand on her hips to steady himself. Her asscheeks were smooth and flowing under his touch. They were braced far back to better absorb the full length of his thrusting cock.
The boy felt his passion rise. He trembled between her warm thighs. He wasn’t sure but he thought he could feel her backing against his cock, taking and begging for more and more of his young prick.
Alma’s fingers worked on her cunt while her brother’s cock impaled her asshole. She felt herself starting to come. Her asshole contracted as the lips of her cunt spewed forth her sticky juices. She wanted to scream out, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” But she bit her lips and held back all sound as she felt the supreme joy of her come, spurred on by his, flood her whole body.
Cum spurted from his cockhead in great gobs into his sister’s ass as Able buried his cock in her to the balls. His testicles quivered as they emptied their load of hot jism.
Without moving or speaking they both passed into a deep sleep. In her dreams Alma Mae was fucking her brother. When she awoke the next morning she vowed to herself that that was exactly what she was going to do when they went to bed again that night.
And so that night, when she was sure her father was asleep, she whispered across the room, “Able?”
“What are you doing?”
“Yes you are. You’re jacking off,” she said, and waited for a reply. When there was none she called again. “Able?”
“I wasn’t asleep last night when you fucked me in the ass.”
“I know it.”
“Wanna do it again?”
He was by her side in a flash. When he slid into the bed she wasn’t surprised to discover that he was naked, also.
She reached for his cock. When she found it she closed her hand around it and reveled in its hardness. “I wanna see it,” she said.
“Don’t turn the light on,” he hissed. “Pa’ll come in!”
She thought for a second and then jumped out of bed and rummaged in one of her drawers. When she returned it was with a flashlight. She shined it on his erect cock beneath the covers. She reached out and skinned it back with her hand. The light gleamed on the red, throbbing cockhead when it emerged from the tight layer of skin. She continued skinning his cock back and forth as she talked.
“I pretended I was asleep last night ’cause I thought you would be scared if you knew I was awake.”
“Shit,” he said. “I’ve fucked up the shit chute before.”
“Who?” Alma asked, amazement blanketing her face.
“Rosebud,” he replied.
Alma jerked her hand away as though his cock were suddenly a burning poker. “You’re lyin'”
“I’m not lyin, Alma Mae. For a long time now Rosebud’s been comin’ out to the livin’ room when everybody else’s been asleep.”
“What did you do with her.”
“Bout everything, I guess,” he replied. “For a long time she just wanted me to suck and eat on her cunt and she’d suck my cock. Then when my cock got bigger and real jism started comin’ out of it, she started lettin’ me fuck her in the pussy an’ in the ass.”
Alma Mae was amazed. She had no idea that so much had been going on in the house right under her very nose. “How’d you know you could do that with me last night?”
“I didn’t,” he said. “But I figured since you wasn’t suckin’ Rafer’s big cock no more then maybe you’d start suckin’ mine.”
Again she was shocked. “How’d you know about Rafer?”
“I used to watch you out in the back seat of the Olds when he’d eat you and you’d suck him.”
“Why, you little shit,” she said, and laughed. Again she shined the light on his cock. It wasn’t as big and thick as Rafer’s but it looked awfully good. Alma could almost feel it going into her cunt as she fisted it and watched the head swell above her hand.
“Suck on it, Alma Mae. I love to have a girl suck on it.”
“I will if you’ll promise to put it in my pussy.” He smiled. “I’m gonna put it in all parts of you, Alma Mae.” He reached up and placed his hand on the back of her head. Carefully he guided her lips over the throbbing, red tip of his cock.
She responded to her brother’s cock in her mouth like a bitch in heat. He urged her to suck harder by kneading her whole body with his hands, squeezing her tits and tugging at the nipples. She was amazed at how expert he was and realized then that her older sister must also be an expert. She hadn’t ever seen Rosebud date many boys. Absently Alma wondered where Rosebud had gotten her training.
She heard Able groan with pleasure as he thrust upward, inserting more and more of his boy cock between her sucking lips. She also groaned, but it was with joy and surprise; Able’s rigid prick was just enough smaller than Rafer’s that she could take it all the way into her throat. She felt the ridge of his cockhead on the roof of her mouth, and then down her throat it went. She felt him stiffen and quiver as she swallowed all of his cock.
“Oh Alma,” he said, “you suck even better than Rosebud. Oh suck, suck, suck my cock, Alma Mae!”
She sucked harder, taking it all again and again into her throat. At the same time, she played with his balls. They felt almost heavy, nearly filling her small hand. She raised the other hand now to hold his cock. As she stimulated him to further excitement with her lips and her hand she felt her cunt moistening. Her head dipped forward and back as she sucked, her lips tightening and loosening with each bobbing stroke.
Able was starting to breathe harder. His legs became stiff and his muscles were tightening. The cock in her mouth became thicker, enlarging until it seemed that it would strangle her. He thrust upward with his hips, filling her throat with his hard cock.
“Oh shit fire, Alma, I’m gonna come! I can feel it… I’m gonna come!”
“No, no,” she said, letting his cock slip from her mouth. “I want you to come in my pussy… put it in my cunt.”
She rolled over on the bed beside him and scissored her legs high into the air. She grabbed the flashlight and shined the beam on her naked cunt. They could both see the beautiful glued-together lips glistening with her cunt juices.
“There,” Alma said. “Now you can see exactly what you’re doing.”
Able moved his body between her yielding thighs. In his hand, his young cock was throbbing, wanting. He moved forward until the red tip was mixing in the gooey juices of her cunt. It slid easily through the outer folds and then stopped. He pushed again, a little harder this time. His cock bent from the pressure.
“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Fuck it! Fuck my cunt with your cock!”
He steadied himself and lunged with the full force of his hips. At the same time Alma pushed against his cock, her mind willing the folds of her cunt to stretch and yield to his assault.
He was in. The pain was momentary but intense. She felt his cockshaft, hard and demanding, sliding up her channel. The pain became less and less as he started his strokes and the hard ridge on the top of his prick moved across her clit.
“Yes… yes, Able, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Fuck me! Give me that cock!”
Her cunt was around his cock like a vise. She felt herself being raised into the air and suddenly she was atop him. She didn’t even know how he had accomplished it but she knew it felt wonderful. She sank lower and lower until she rested on the hilt of his prick. She felt her warm asscheeks rest against his balls, and sighed with ecstasy when she realized that, in this position, she could get even more of his cock up her cunt.
“Ummm, so nice,” she moaned, “that is so nice.” She wiggled her hips and started to ride him hard, going up and down, sighing with closed eyes, her head thrown back, her lips between clenched teeth.
He began to move, timing his movements to thrust upward against her, clutching at her tits, squeezing them. Her brother was manhandling her tits like a man and she was loving it. The harder he gripped her nipples the louder she moaned and the harder she fucked.
Able held her tighter, thrusting more fiercely as he felt his cum start to boil in his balls. Her blood and the juices from her cunt had soaked both their groins. He could hear his cock slurping around inside her.
She began to quiver and moan as her body became wild with passion, and she humped up and down uncontrollably. “Oh baby, here I go, here I come now, hold onto my ass, baby!”
He thrust his cock full bore into her cunt, held it and felt himself spurt his cum into the softness of her waiting hole.
“Oh, that’s it! Oh fuck, shit, it feels so good coming in me! Let me have it all, honey, all your good cum!”
That night was only the beginning. Able taught her everything that Rosebud had taught him about fucking and sucking. And, together, they had experimented until they had tried just about everything that could be done in the way of sex.
In the course of that winter they both developed. Her tits and hips grew and her ass filled out womanly. Able also grew until his cock was nearly as big as Rafer’s. And under Alma’s guidance he learned to use it like a man.
“Alma. What the hell are you doin’ layin’ around in the middle of the day. Get yourself up outta that bed and get some supper on the table.”
She rose up like a shot in the bed to see her father staring at her from the open door. In a flash she realized that she must have dozed off and Rafer must have slipped away while she slept.
“Yes, Daddy,” she said, meeting his level gaze until he turned and left the room.
Then, to her horror, she realized that she was still stark naked. And what was worse Rafer’s cum was oozing out of her cunt. She wondered if he had noticed. He hadn’t seemed to mind seeing her naked. She couldn’t remember for sure if her father had seen her naked since she had developed in the hips and tits and spawned a wealth of hair around her cunt.
She wondered if he was at all surprised when his daughters grew up and he could see that they weren’t little girls any more. She also wondered if he had ever seen Rosebud naked after she had grown up.
That night she lay in her bed and thought about Rafer, and his cock. She massaged the crevice of her cunt and thought how much things had suddenly changed for her. Even though she was only thirteen, she had, through her brother and Rafer, fully discovered her body. She loved the feelings that erupted in her cunt and belly during sex. It had been, and would always be good with Able. It had been even better with Rafer when, at last, he had been allowed to put his whole cock up her cunt. Fucking Rafer again had been fascinating because his was a new cock in her body. The excitement of variety exploded in her cunt under her masturbating fingers. She wished Rafer were there at that very moment so she could fuck both he and Able at the same time.
She had three fingers bunched up the channel of her cunt. Her palm and the rolling swells of her asscheeks were soaked from her juices. Her body was writhing with passionate need.
“Yeah,” he answered from the other bed.
“I’ll tell you a secret.”
“I met Rafer today. We fucked and sucked all afternoon.”
“Really?” the boy said, and bounced across the room to join her in bed. “Tell me all about it! How it felt and everything?”
Alma Mae described in detail the whole afternoon. As she talked Able slipped his hand down between her legs. He replaced her fingers with his own in her cunt while she fisted and pulled on his cock until it was rigid and hard in her grasp.
“Jesus, that’s neat!” he said when she had finished. “I want to watch the next time you do it. You think he’d care?”
“I’ll ask him,” Alma said. “Turn around. I’m hotter than hell. I want to suck you.”
Able wriggled his body around until he could feel the head of his cock pass smoothly between her lips. With her hand she held the shaft so the skin would slide back and expose the wet, throbbing head of his cock as it entered her throat.
“Oh how I love to suck cock,” she mumbled as she felt his prick roll and wallow around in her mouth and over her tongue.
She rolled her own hips toward his face and felt his head squeeze between her thighs. His tongue laved her cuntlips above and to each side of her clitoris exactly as she had taught him to do. Then his hard tongue was in her hole, his cheeks sucking the juices from its smooth walls. She raised her leg, letting him get to all of her.
Caught in the driving spell of sex that she loved so much, Alma went to work with a fierce determination on Able’s rigid cock. She kissed his staff gently and then let her lips and tongue explore its length. She nibbled at his balls and took them in her mouth, warming them with her breath. She rubbed his cockshaft on her tits, against her eyes, and then played on it with her fingers. Finally, his cock fully erect, she began to suck greedily at him, pulling his cock to its utmost length across her tongue and then taking it deeply into her clutching, grasping throat.
Below, between her quivering legs, Able found her clitoris as sensitive as a trigger and his hungry lips and tongue moved over her expertly. In moments, she shuddered, shaken by the joy of a massive, powerful orgasm.
With one hand at the back of his head she pressed his face close as if trying to swallow his entire being into her flaming, soaking cunt.
When she felt her come subside, she whirled her body around and let it come to rest beneath him. She spread her legs and placed her hands commandingly on his narrow hips.
“Now stick it way up my cunt and you come! I want to feel your jism washing the inside of my hot cunt!”
She felt his rock-like prick questing for her sopping slit and reached for it. She rolled it gently in her hand, loving its smooth, throbbing muscle. She eased his cock against the insides of her thighs, getting it fully wet with the juices from her cunt. Then she stationed it against the entrance to her pussy and pulled on his hips with all her might.
“Here it comes,” he breathed.
“Give it to me… fuck me,” she hissed.
He buried his cock to his balls with the first stroke inside her. Her hips moved provocatively. He bent his head, letting his lips find her huge tits, tits that he himself had helped to grow to maturity. They had been tiny when he had first started sucking on them. Now they were huge, much more than he could possibly ever get inside his mouth. He loved them. He chewed and squeezed on the hard nipples and tasted the tangy saltiness of her skin as he pounded his cock into her straining cunt.
She bucked her cunt up to him, loving the incestuous fucking she was getting. She felt him suck on first one tit and then the other until she quivered and trembled anew. The great wave crested inside her loins and seemed to drown her whole body with orgasm.
He cried out himself as he felt his cock spurt its pent-up load of boy cum inside her cunt. Again and again it spurted until he was sure there could be nothing left in his balls. Then he fell across her body, loving the feeling of her two pillow-like tits mashed against his chest.
Alma Mae didn’t mind his weight. In fact she liked it. Many times he would go to sleep like that and she would use his semihard cock, where it still rested in her cunt, to achieve more orgasms. She found that she could put his legs outside hers and slightly cross her own, forcing his cock against her clitoris. Then she would massage the tiny bud with his cock and bring herself off again and again. Sometimes his cock, even though he was still completely asleep, would again get rock-hard and she would fuck herself into at least another orgasm without her brother ever waking up.
This time that didn’t happen. He rolled off her and lay by her side. “Did Pa tell you about Aunt Gussie and Rosebud?”
“No,” she said, wishing he would have left his cock in her cunt. “He was mad ’cause he found me sleepin’ instead of workin’ when he got home.”
“They’re comin’ in tomorrow afternoon.”
“But tomorrow’s Thursday. I thought t

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