Trade in wife

Everyone has heard or read something about the sex clubs. Almost every city in the United States — and possibly abroad — has its intimate club where couples get together and trade mates. It is common to find something about such couples in almost any daily newspaper, or you can buy a good book on the subject at almost any news dealer.
Some of those clubs are informal, and just about anyone who wants can join simply by applying for membership. There are clubs who will accept single men and women; others accept only married couples. There are clubs where anything goes; clubs which cater only to the oralist; clubs designed for those who prefer anal intercourse, and the author came across one club that was unique. It was not a club, really, but a group of ten to twelve people. There were four females in this group and six to seven men. What makes this group unique is that no intercourse is practiced by any of the participants. Those belonging to this group get together once a week… and practice self-stimulation!
That is to say, each participant masturbates only himself or herself as the case may be — and there is no actual physical contact between them. This unusual group of men and women understand the need for voyeuristic stimulation, and the need for solitary masturbation. Therefore, they found each other through the various ads of the swinger’s magazines and underground papers and came together. Each, in their own way, are happy with what they do. And what they do in sit around in a room and masturbate before one another. Sometimes the women will use an object to insert into their vaginas, and other times they use only their hands and fingers. The men usually use their hands only. Any type of self-stimulation goes, no matter what it consists of. Strangely, one of the women was found to be a virgin.
But this book is not of that group of swingers. This book is based on another unique group; a group of people who seek out others of the same, like — entire families which consist of mother, father, son and daughter with whom to swap with!
Now, you say that would be strange, for a complete family — parents and all their children — to indulge in sexual antics with another family who have the same ideas. If that is your thoughts, then think of some unusual happening, no matter how far out it is. If you can think of a wild action among any two or more people, then what is so strange for complete families to engage in a sexual romp with other members of a like family?
Many thing are going on around us in this modern society — many things most of us are unaware of. Yet, it is happening now. It could be the sweet, congenial family next door to you. Have you heard the happy sounds coming from their home on a Saturday night with a party in progress? What makes you think the party is simply a Coke and cookie affair for innocent little Alice or that cute freckled junior?
The pretty matron who gossips with you over the fence early in the morning while hubby is at work can be one of the members of family swappers, as well as her husband and the two lovely, well-mannered children.
I have come across some of these families, and from my conversations with them, it is extremely possible the movement — if it can be called such — will spread further afield. It is well known that swingers are in search of more and better sexual thrills. Now that most of the sexual acts performed are becoming stale to them, it is quite understandable that they would eventually turn to their own — and other’s — children for more and more erotic stimulation.
Incest, in its true meaning, is not a pretty word. Neither is child sexual relations with an adult a pretty thing. Yet, there are many of us who have the desire to become sexually engaged with a young boy or girl. That seems to be the case of the people you are about to read. I have taken the liberty of telling their stories in as accurate a way as possible, but necessity has made me use a format which makes it easier reading — and for the reader to better understand the participants.
Again, as in my other words, I do not condemn nor condone the actions of these men and women, boys and girls, of whom you will read. They have placed their trust in me, and therefore I have retained their secrecy and identity. The names of the participants, and the locations, have been changed to protect them from not only the authorities, but the outrage of their neighbors.
Our first case consists of a family of four — parents and two children, a son and daughter. The father, Mace as we will call him, has been losing his hair for the past few years, and it is turning gray around the temples, giving him a somewhat distinguished appearance of a banker or professor. His one big ambition is to retire to a small ranch or farm where his family can run nakedly about the fields and copulate when and where they may be at the time. Mace is tall and muscular, and edging close to forty-five years of age.
Diane, his wife, is a matron of almost forty years of age. She has a tendency to gain weight fast, and it is a constant battle for her to remain on a diet. She has chestnut-colored hair framing a pretty face. Her breasts are quite ample, but her waist is somewhat thick. Although her hips are a little large for her five feet, five inch height, they are firm and round. Her thighs are thick and have a tendency to become flabby whenever she gains extra weight. She dresses modestly in knee length skirts and dresses. Diane is well aware that she is not a raving beauty, but her prettiness comes from the bubbling personality of her naturally friendly nature.
Ellen, the seventeen-year-old daughter is something quite different in appearance. She has the chestnut colored hair of her mother, but she wears it long and it seems to sparkle with tiny lights whenever the sunlight strikes her. She is considered something of a personality at her local high school, and last year she was elected queen of the football season. She is slender and lovely to look at, with long, smooth thighs that are downright obscene in their beauty. She wears the style of her schoolmates; pants and shirt. Her pretty face gives one the impression of total innocence, betraying her inner sensual nature. She, like her mother, is very erotic in thought and deed. There is not a sexual act she will not perform, nor will she stop any sort of deviation from being perpetrated on her lithe body.
Her brother, Alex, two years her junior, is a handsome lad with freckles on his face. Still in junior high school, he is already being sought as a member of the local high school’s baseball and football teams when he enters high school. He is somewhat shy and withdrawing around strangers, but from what his mother and father tell me, he becomes quite eager during the sexual romps.
This is their story.
Mace and Diane, growing somewhat tired of the same routine night after night, decided to join with other couples for sexual satisfaction. Like others before them, they purchased the swinger’s magazines and bought underground newspapers in search of someone who would be compatible with them. At this time, Ellen was a developing twelve-year-old, and Alex was not interested in sex — or girls for that matter.
After about a month, Mace and Diane contacted a couple who seemed to be what they were seeking. Correspondence flowed between the couples which included photos of the women in bikinis and the men in trunks. Each letter grew more explicit in what the other couple wanted, and Mace and Diane found themselves replying in kind. Soon, the other couple, who lived about fifty miles away, requested photos of Diane in the nude, with her vagina exposed. The woman also wanted a picture of Mace, his penis fully erected to give her an idea of its size. This letter from them was accompanied by two pictures of the man and woman posing obscenely for the camera.
The man, quite handsome according to Diane, was standing with his side to the camera, and his penis was in full erection. She decided then and there that it would be very nice indeed to have that weapon rammed into her body. The wife of this man was posed in the bathtub. She had suds covering part of her body, and she had lifted one slim thigh to rest on the edge of the tub. Her pelvis was arched forward and she was pulling the lips of her vagina apart, smiling wickedly into the camera.
Not having a Polaroid camera, Mace purchased one and he and Diane took photos of each other. He slumped on the couch with his erect penis cleaving the air, one hand cupping his full and hairy testicles. The shot of Diane was of her sitting on the carpet, both legs up with her knees pressed against her ample breasts. She was pulling the lips of her vagina apart with one hand, and inserting a finger into the hair-fringed orifice with the other. Both of them smiled invitingly for the eternal image captured on film.
A week later, a meeting was arranged and Mace and Diane drove the fifty miles to meet with their new friends. Excitement at this first step into trading mates for a sexual thrill became too much for them, and Mace had to stop the car once during the trip. Their copulation was very quick, each unable to hold in the orgasms due to the anticipation.
They arrived half an hour late, but were greeted by Ted and Judy happily.
“Thought you backed out,” Ted said, mixing drinks. “It happens sometimes, you know.”
“Now, we could never do that,” Diane said, staring hungrily at his groin. “Not after those last pictures you sent.”
Ted chuckled as he handed her a frosted glass. “I gather this is your first time at swapping, right?”
“Yes,” Mace answered, allowing his eyes to move freely over the miniskirted body of Judy. “But that doesn’t mean we’re not ready.”
“Uuummmm…” Judy licked her lips suggestively. “I can see that. If you were any more ready, that thing would be popping out of your pants, darling.”
Diane laughed seductively, reaching over and patting the bulging organ of her husband. “I made sure he kept it nice and hard on the drive here.”
“Well,” Ted said, smiling and standing up, “at least you two aren’t bashful about it.”
“Why should we be?” Plane said, watching Ted as he began to remove his clothing. “That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?”
Ted removed his shirt, dropping it to the floor. Next came his pants and shorts, pooling at his feet. He stepped from the garments and Diane saw his organ, though flaccid now, was thick and huge. A thick bush of hair surrounded the base, and his testicles hung heavily between his muscular thighs. “Well, do I have to be the only exhibitionist around here?” he said, looking quizzically at the three. “Come on, Judy show Mace what a cute ass you have.”
Judy sat her drink down and rose to her feet. Quickly she stripped herself naked, and Mace saw that despite her age of thirty-five, she had a firm and youthful figure. It showed so much more than the pictures they had seen, and he became eager to plunge his throbbing member deeply into her vagina. Not wanting to appear hesitant, Mace and Diane removed their clothing. At first, Diane was embarrassed by her over-blown figure, but when Ted sat down beside her and began caressing her large breast, her embarrassment melted. Immediately she reached out a hand and grasped his upstanding organ. She started to move her hand up and down the now semi-erection, holding it tightly in her fingers, thrilling to the throbbing power of him as she brought his organ to full bloom.
She saw Judy bend and take hold of the pulsating penis of her husband, and she sighed loudly as Ted dipped his head and began to suck on her left nipple. The two women masturbated the men for a while, but Judy wanted to begin the activities in another way.
Surprised, Diane watched through her growing passion as the woman moved to kneel between her thighs. Judy ran her fingers up the inner smoothness lightly, creating a shivering sensation on Diane’s flesh. When the feminine fingers brushed against her lush pubic hair, Diane quivered with anticipation. She had never had another woman touch her before, and now she was eagerly awaiting what ever this pretty woman wanted to do with her. Spreading her thighs, she leaned back as Ted continued to suck and tongue her erect nipple, swiping his tongue back and forth over the sensitive tip.
Mace, also surprised, watched as Judy tenderly caressed the moist and pink ups of his wife’s vagina. The lewdness of seeing another woman fondle his wife caused his penis to jerk and throb with excitement. Bending forward to see better, he was amazed at the dexterity of Judy.
“Do you mind?” Judy said, looking up at him. “I would like very much to make love to her.”
“Mind? Me?” Mace said stupidly. “Hell, I don’t mind. It’s up to Diane.”
“Oh, yes… yes…” Diane moaned, squirming her buttocks lower on the cushion of the couch. “Please, do do it!” She was gripping the back of Ted’s head, holding his mouth tightly to her full breasts, gasping as the sensations of pleasure rippled over her body.
“There’s your answer,” Mace said. “Go ahead and finger-fuck her.”
Judy smiled wickedly, running her tongue over her full lips to moisten them. Pulling the pink lips of Diane’s vagina apart, she gently rubbed at the extended clitoris that glistened invitingly between the strands of chestnut-colored pubic hair. Diane’s body trembled from the contact, and she involuntarily lifted her pelvis up to meet this unusual caress. That is, unusual for her.
Mace watched intensely as Judy rubbed the pink, pulsating bit of erect flesh, then he saw a slim finger press at the moist orifice. With a quick sliding motion, the finger disappeared deeply into his wife’s vagina. Immediately, Diane jerked her hips to meet the invasion, a squeal of delight coming from her throat. “OOOHHH… OOOOHHH…” she whispered in a thick voice, gyrating her open crotch against the finger. “OOOOHHH… yes, yes, yes! Finger-fuck me… finger-fuck my slit…”
“I’ll do better than that, darling,” Judy whispered huskily. “I’m going to kiss this sweet cunt!”
With those words, she lowered her face to the hairy mound. Mace watched with his eyes almost bugging from their sockets as this woman darted her tongue out to flick it across the pink flesh of his wife’s clitoris. Nothing had been mentioned in all the letters about this, he realized, yet he was fascinated by seeing another woman perform orally on his wife. Judy parted the hair-lined lips of Diane’s vagina, dipping her tongue into the moisture that oozed from them. She reached up with one hand and gripped the straining organ of Mace, jerking her fist up and down in a slow, teasing way as she slobbered and licked into Diane’s willing hole.
Diane, almost out of her mind with the pleasures that flowed to her very nerve-endings, squealed and writhed about under the dual assault of this man and his wife. Her hand beat a swift tattoo on the thick member she held in her hand. Her eyes were closed as lust wrapped its hot fingers around her naked body, but gurgles of happiness bubbled from her tightly clenched lips. Her hips rotated and jerked in a frenzied motion to receive all the oral delights the woman could give her. But the strangeness of having another woman — instead of her husband — lick at her genitals was too much for her inflamed mind and body to accept. She suddenly erupted into a tremendous orgasm of body-shaking force. A small cry of animal-like sound escaped her throat as she dropped her free hand to press Judy’s face closer yet into her spasming crotch.
When it was over, Judy lifted her smeared face and sat back on her heels. She smiled up at the three, licking her lips. “Diane has a delicious pussy, darling,” she said to her husband. “You’ll have to eat it.”
Ted pulled his lips from the quivering breasts and said, “I have all intentions of having a taste of her twat, dear. Now, I think you better take care of Mace here. His cock looks ready to blow any second.”
“My pleasure!” Judy said, moving to kneel between the spread thighs of Mace. She held the base of his waving organ and began to kiss the swollen head. A bead of fluid had collected at the small slit, and with an eager tongue she lapped it up. Parting her lips wide, she sucked in the tip of his member, sliding her mouth down… down… down until her nose was pressed into his pubic bush. Small, happy gurgles came from her throat as she bounced her face up and down on his organ. Her cheeks sunk inward as she drew up, creating a hot, tight sheath for his penis, billowing outward as she dipped down. Her hands gripped his hairy testicles, caressing and squeezing them gently, pulling on the loaded globes now and then.
“Me, too!” Diane shouted, aroused from her exhausted state. She dropped to her knees and quickly gobbled up the immense length of Ted’s weapon. Wet, sucking sounds filled the living room as the women hungrily devoured each other’s husband’s organs. Diane reached across and began fondling her husband’s testicles as she slurped and sucked on Ted’s cudgel. Judy, now having her hands replaced by Diane, slipped her fingers between her husband’s thighs and cupped his testicles.
Mace and Ted brushed at the silken strands of the women as they greedily feasted on palpitating organs of hard, hot flesh. Deep sighs of contentment mixed with the moist sounds coming from the two females, and Ted and Mace leaned back and enjoyed the hungry attentions. Although Mace was aroused to a high pitch of lust, he fought to maintain his staying power. He, like his wife, had never before enjoyed sexual relations with anyone other than each other. Now, being naked and sucked by a woman he had known less than half an hour while his wife did the same to the woman’s husband, he was hard put to keep from blowing the back of Judy’s throat out.
“God,” Ted moaned, arching his pelvis up and down in rhythm with the clasping lips of Diane, “She’s a good cock-sucker… a real pro!”
“Yeah…” Mace groaned, shoving his penis hard into the throat of Judy. “God, I’m… going… to blow…”
“Fill her cock-sucking mouth, man!” Ted shouted. “Just like… I’m going to do… Diane!”
Both men ejaculated simultaneously, flooding the inner cavity of his respective female. Judy and Diane swallowed quickly, preparing themselves for the next squirt of thick semen. Time and again the men spurted copious ejaculations into the devouring mouths of the women, their hips bucking in frenzied attempt to shove their organs deeper yet. With the last dribble of sperm, Judy and Diane sat back on their heels, grinning lewdly at the men. A bit of white fluid hung on the corner of Diane’s mouth, and she flicked it away with a delicate, catlike lap of her pointed tongue.
After a few drinks and resting a while, Ted led Diane to a bedroom where they proceeded to enjoy each other in all manner of ways. Judy and Mace utilized the living room, and before midnight, he had penetrated her body with his stiff penis many times, using every orifice she eagerly presented to him.
“God, darling,” Diane murmured on the way home, “Ted fucked me up my asshole so much, I’ll be ruined for life!”
Mace patted her thigh lovingly, “Well, at least we’re on our way to a great time, don’t you think?”
Diane and Mace branched out, seeking other couples with whom to trade partners in sex. At times they made overnight trips out of the state, always returning home completely drained of desire for days on end. This swapping of metes continued for six years, and then they met Sally and Brien Powell.
The Powells purchased the house next door to the Smiths at the end of the school year, moving in one hot summer day. A few years younger than Diane and Mace, their two children were twelve and fourteen, the youngest being a lovely girl with sad, huge eyes.
Two weeks after becoming settled, Mace and Diane invited their new neighbors in for coffee. It being a particularly humid day, Sally appeared wearing a pair of revealing shorts and a middy blouse. Immediately Mace was aroused by the beautiful, slender woman. Diane, knowing her husband quite well, was amused at the way he attempted to monopolize her during the evening. She didn’t mind because she found the husky Brien quite friendly. After their many experiences of swapping, nothing surprised the Smiths. And when Diane found herself alone in the kitchen, making fresh drinks, with Brien, she did not play coy. Seductively, she giggled at his slightly lewd jokes. Neither was she surprised nor outraged when she felt his palm “accidentally” brush across her buttocks.
“You naughty boy,” she said throatily, turning to face him. She found Brien leaning close to her, his face inches from hers. Without hesitation, Diane lifted her lips to meet his, and she probed deeply into his mouth with her tongue. Brien ran his hands around her waist, dropping them lower until he cupped her ample buttocks. Pulling her tight against his body, Diane felt his growing penis press into her stomach. She giggled into his mouth, rolling her pelvis against him. “Ummm,” she sighed, pulling her tongue from his mouth. “You have a mighty big prick down there, boy!”
“Just the thing to prong you with,” he replied, leering down into her eyes. “That would be fun,” Diane said, moving away from him. She reached down — making certain he would not misunderstand her meaning and clasped at his bulging organ. “We might get together sometime… but right now we’d better get these drinks out there before my husband and your wife start something.”
“Hell,” Brien snorted. “That’s their business. I’d rather stay right here and get a piece of your ass.”
“I’d love to get fucked with that thing, darling,” she smiled at him, moving toward the door. “But right now we better leave well enough alone.”
“Then you’re willing?” he asked.
“Why not? You seem to have a big cock, old boy and if there’s one thing I like, it’s a big prick!”
Diane and Brien went through the swinging door to the living room. Mace jerked from the arms of Sally guiltily, and the four stared at each other for a long moment. Suddenly all four burst out laughing. “Well, I’ll be go to hell!” Mace said.
“Me too,” Brien agreed, sipping at his drink.
“Don’t tell me you were copping a feel of Sally, darling?” Diane said, still giggling. “Shame on you and here I was fighting off this sex fiend in the kitchen!”
Understanding dawned quickly among them, and they had a big laugh at what each were trying to do.
“So you’re swappers too!” Brien said in surprise. “Christ, Sally and I have been involved for years — before we were married.”
They traded stories about the things and people they had met and done, finding one couple they each knew. Now, since there was no longer a reason for secrecy, they paired off. And since each couple had children, it was decided Sally would stay with Mace until morning and Diane would go to Brien’s bedroom.
This trading among the Smiths and Powells continued for four weeks, and they were indulging four and five times a week. It was during a time when Mace was with Sally when he was shocked to find the Powells included their two young children in family sex.
He had finished momentarily with Sally and since there was no bathroom in the Powells’ bedroom, he peered out the door to make sure it was clear. Since it was almost midnight, he was certain the children were asleep. While Sally watched him in an amused expression, he darted across the hall to the open bathroom. It was when he stepped out into the hallway on his return that he came face to face with the twelve year old girl.
Mace was completely naked, and his penis swung to and fro. Frozen in his tracks, he could only stare down at the nubile young girl. She looked at him with wide, sad eyes. She did not appear startled at all. Suddenly she darted her small hand out and flicked his penis, giggling childishly as she raced past him to the bathroom. Shocked almost senseless, he entered the bedroom to find Sally waiting in a sprawled position. She looked at his expression and started to giggle. “What happened to you?”
“I’ve got to get out of here,” he said, searching for his clothing scattered about on the floor. “Your daughter just saw me coming from the bathroom. Not only did she see me, but she actually made a grab for my cock!”
“Nadine?” Sally said, trying to control her laughter. “You mean Nadine grabbed for your cock?”
“That’s right,” Mace said, bending to look for his pants beneath the bed. “We’ve been caught.”
“Oh, come on, darling,” Sally said, reaching for him. “Don’t mind her… She won’t say a word, believe me.”
“But…” Mace stammered.
“Damn it!” Sally said urgently. “Can’t you see I want to get fucked! Forget about Nadine, can’t you?”
“Well… if you say so,” he said reluctantly.
Getting back into the bed, Mace crawled between Sally’s thighs, but she had changed her mind about what she wanted. “Darling,” she whispered, squirming her hips around. “Eat my twat for a while, please…”
Mace required no further plea, and he dipped his face down to the hair-lined vagina. Gripping the cheeks of her buttocks, he lifted the succulent genitals to his lips. Sally thrashed nakedly about on the bed, squealing her delight as his tongue probed and flickered about her moist vagina. He bit tenderly into the erect bud of her clitoris, sending sparks of sensation into the writhing body of the lovely woman. She exploded into orgasm as his tongue burrowed deeply into her quivering vaginal lips, arching her body tight against his face. Slowly, she relaxed into sighing happiness.
Mace crawled up beside her, laying his head on her firm breasts, resting from his feast.
“Mace?” Sally said after a while. Her voice was soft, somewhat hesitant.
“About Nadine… isn’t she pretty?”
“Yeah, she’s a damned cute kid.”
“Have you ever… ever fucked a little girl?”
Mace raised his head, looking down at the woman. She stared up at him with questioning eyes.
“Now what kind of question is that?” Wondering what she was getting at, he said, “What makes you think I’ve done that?”
“Nothing… not a thing,” Sally rubbed at the base of his neck tenderly. “But haven’t you ever, well wanted to?”
“No, I can’t say that I have,” Mace said, puzzled. “What possible appeal can a small child have — sexually speaking?”
“You’d be surprised.”
“Well, anyway, I’ve never had the desire to fuck a kid, never!”
“But… you said Nadine was pretty.”
“Sure, she’s a cute kid… and that’s all. That doesn’t mean I’d like to stick my cock up her little snatch.”
“You’ve never even thought of doing it… not once you’ve never looked at a pretty little girl and wanted to fuck her, regardless of her age?”
“Look… jots of little girls are cute, but that doesn’t mean a man wants to mess around with them.”
“Would you fuck a little girl… if she was willing? I mean… suppose she already knew about sex… everything about sex… and she wanted to get fucked? Just suppose a little girl — nice and sweet smelling with a hot little snatch wanted to suck your cock. What then?”
“Christ, Sally!” Mace said, lighting a cigarette. “What’s this about kids all of a sudden?”
“Well… I was just thinking, that’s all.”
“Like hell! Come on, Sally, are you one of those who likes to hear about some kid getting fucked? Do you get your jollies that way?”
“No!” she said, eyes wide. “I’m not a freak.” She sat up on one elbow, watching him blow smoke from his nostrils. “Listen,” she made up her mind quickly. “I want to tell you something, but promise me it won’t go any further than Diane.”
“Good Lord, Sally,” Mace said in exasperation.
“After all the things we’ve done? You, me, Diane and Brien? Christ, girl, I don’t go around bragging about what we do.”
“I know that, but what I’m going to tell you could get us — Brien and me — into a pile of trouble if anyone ever found out.”
“If you can’t trust Diane and me by this time,” Mace said, snuffing out the butt, “then you better not say anything.”
“We trust you, darling,” she said reaching out and fondling his penis. “So I’ll tell… rather, I’ll let Nadine tell you.”
“Nadine?” he asked, becoming more puzzled by the second. “What’s your daughter got to do with this?”
“Nadine!” Sally called suddenly.
“Hey! Hold on!” Mace said, reaching for the sheet to cover himself. “What the hell…”
His words were choked back as he saw the young girl standing in the doorway. He struggled to pull the sheet over his nakedness, but Sally gripped his penis tightly, keeping the sheet from covering him. “Nadine,” she said, “come in here for a moment, please.”
Mace watched in horrified amazement as the young girl walked into the room to stop beside the bed. His eyes went from the girl’s face to the naked breasts of her mother. He was at a loss as to what to do or say. He choked in embarrassment, attempting to cover his genitals with his wide hands. Sally shoved his hands away, keeping her finger wrapped about his deflated penis.
“What do you want, Mother?” the small child said.
“Tell Mr. Smith,” Sally said, taking hold of her daughter’s hand and pulling the slim girl forward, “how much you like fucking.”
“Oh, I do!” Nadine said happily, clapping her hands in front of her almost flat chest. “I love fucking, Mr. Smith.”
While Mace sat in petrified terror, Sally instructed her daughter to remove her thin nightgown. “Show Mr. Smith what a lovely pussy you have, dear. I’m sure he’ll be delighted with you.”
Nadine eagerly stripped the gown from her slender body, tossing it to the floor and standing proudly in her nakedness. Mace stared at the pretty girl, seeing the very beginnings of her breasts, the almost hairless pink lips of her little girl vagina.
“Turn around, darling,” Sally said. “Show Mr. Smith your pretty ass.”
Nadine did as her mother instructed, presenting a pair of almost non-existent buttocks to his terrified eyes. “That’s fine, dear.” Sally said, moving her fist up and down on his penis, trying to work it into a state of hardness. But Mace was shocked almost out of his wits by what was happening, and he doubted very much if Sally could bring on an erection right then.
“Now, Mace,” Sally said, smiling up into his popped-eyed fate. “Tell me you wouldn’t enjoy fucking such a sweet thing. Why, think of how tight her little cunt would be!”
“Oh, yes sir!” Nadine said eagerly. “I’ve got a real tight pussy, sir. And I’d love to have you fuck me. Please, sir… please…”
“You see, Mace,” Sally said triumphantly, feeling the stirrings of his organ despite the revulsion he felt. “You would enjoy fucking her sweet snatch, wouldn’t you? Come on, admit it… don’t be shy.”
Mace swallowed hard, confusion reeling his brain. “You mean… you mean this little thing has actually, actually…”
“Oh, yes,” Nadine danced up and down with excitement. “I’ve been fucked lots of times. Haven’t I, Mother? I like getting fucked, sir.”
“Now you know, Mace,” Sally said. “That’s why I wanted to trust you before I told you. I had to tell you because once you try it — fuck a little girl — you’ll find it quite enjoyable.”
“Then who…” Mace stuttered, feeling his penis start to throb.
“You mean, who fucks her? Why, Brien… and her brother, Joel, who else?”
“But that’s… that’s incest!”
“So what? God, you and all those others! Hypocrites, everyone of you! Goddamn it, can’t you see it doesn’t mean a fucking thing but pleasure? Because she’s a member of the family doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy sex too!”
“Sure, but she’s so young… and by her father, at that!”
“Don’t forget Joel!” Nadine said, excitement bubbling in her voice. “I like Joel to fuck me.”
“Christ!” Mace snorted. “How in the hell did I ever get into this, anyway?”
“You got into it by enjoying sex, darling,” Sally whispered. “You like pussy so much, that’s how.”
“So what am I supposed to do? Fuck this little girl?”
“She would love it, I promise… and believe it or not, Nadine is a very good piece of ass!”
Mace, more confused than surprised now, looked from Sally to Nadine. Although he could not find anything about the twelve year old girl that appealed to him sexually, he found to his astonishment, interest growing inside his mind. It would be unusual strange, to say the least and very much different than making it with a grown woman. Nadine appeared quite eager to join with him in the insane game, and her mother was urging him to take the little girl.
While the ideas whirled about in his mind, Nadine reached out and replaced her mother’s hand on his penis. She twisted and pulled at his organ, her young eyes no longer sad, but bright and sparkling now. With her other hand, she lifted his heavy testicles, cupping them in her warm hand. Sally smiled at her daughter, then scooted over on the bed, patting it with her hand. “Come on, dear,” she said. “Get in bed with us.”
Nadine did not hesitate. Scrambling onto the bed, she quickly lay down beside her mother, spreading her slim legs wide. Mace stared down at the pink lips of her vagina, for the first time noticing she was almost bare of hair on the small, swelling mound. Her tiny clitoris peeked at him from between the folds, and he observed the barely perceptible pulsations of it. Slowly, still unsure of this thing he was caught in, Mace reached his hand forward. Gently he ran a fingertip up and down the moist lips of her orifice. Nadine squealed in delight and lifted her buttocks from the bed, squirming them in small, jerking circles of seductiveness.
“It’s such a sweet pussy,” Sally said, watching Mace trace his finger about the warm opening of her daughter. “A real honey pot!” Strangely, Mace found he was becoming aroused by the young girl who sprawled so obscenely before him. His fingers moved faster, more erotically, over the warm vaginal lips. With his other hand, he parted the succulent petals and inserted his forefinger into her. Immediately, Nadine moaned in pleasure and arched her hips high to meet the plunging digit. For a few moments, he continued to assault her little girl genitals with his finger, now and then rubbing at her clitoris with his thumb. “Don’t torment her, Mace,” Sally said, tweaking the small nubs of her daughter’s slightly blooming breasts. “Can’t you see the darling wants to get fucked?”
“Yes…” Nadine cried out, her small tongue licking over her dry lips, her hips gyrating with urgency.
“Please, sir… fuck me… with your nice big cock!”
With his mind reeling now with obscene desire, Mace lowered his body between the wide spread legs of the little girl. His throbbing penis jutted from the thick bush of pubic hair like a cleaver. Nadine eagerly sought for it with warm hands, grasping it tightly in her fingers, pulling on it until she was able to rub the swollen head up and down her little slit. “Put it in, Mr. Smith! Put your prick in my pussy! Hurry please, hurry!”
Gently, not wanting to hurt the small child, Mace shoved his pelvis forward. Looking down the length of his naked body, he was amazed to see the huge head of his organ slip with ease between the stretching lips. Nadine lifted her boyish hips to meet the invasion, moaning softly. Her hands gripped his naked hips, pulling him down as she raised her slim legs and wrapped them about his buttocks. Now Mace was fully into her, and his mind blazed with the delicious tightness of her. Experimenting with how far he could go, he pulled his organ out, leaving just the tip inside the clasping lips of her vagina. But Nadine would have none of this… she arched her hips upward, sucking the long, thick length of his cudgel deep into her quivering stomach. “Do it! Fuck me now, Mr. Smith! Don’t tease don’t play with me…”
Mace found she was so small, her nose was pressing against his lower chest, and the hot breath coming from her open mouth fanned the hair of his chest. He was afraid to lower his full weight onto the girl, but she wrapped her arms tightly about his shoulders and pulled him down. Before he could begin to move, Nadine started pumping her hips up and down, sliding her vagina tightly back and forth on his inflamed member.
No longer concerned with her age, Mace swiftly went into action. His naked buttocks lunged down hard, driving deeply into the girl. She groaned from the fierce penetration, but her little girl hips jerked upwards, giving as much as she received.
Sally lifted her lips to Mace, who sucked in her darting tongue with his mouth, tasting the sweetness of her as he plunged his member in and out of her daughter’s tight sheath. He felt Sally’s hand move down his muscular back, then grip tightly at his buttocks as they kissed. She shoved down on his trembling bottom each time he entered the tight slit of Nadine, her fingers digging against his puckered anus. The total abandonment which Nadine threw her naked body into the copulation; the caressing hand on his buttocks; the sweet tasting tongue buried deep in his mouth, was becoming too much for Mace. The experience of having sexual relations with a girl so young — and her mother not only watching, but actually encouraging, caused his body to explode with unexpected force. His penis jerked and began to spurt the thick, white fluid from his testicles. With each squirt, Nadine would squeal her delight, and Mace could feel the tiny muscles of her vagina clench and unclench around his throbbing penis. He dropped in total exhaustion across the naked body of Nadine, not caring whether his weight was too heavy for her or not. His penis slowly deflated inside her still clasping vagina, he whispered, “God Almighty, Sally! It was great! Wonderful! And so little… My God, she’s the tightest ever!”
“I told you, didn’t I?” Sally answered happily. “I told you a little girl would be a good fuck!”
“Was I, Mr. Smith?” Nadine said from underneath him, squirming her little body. “Was I a good fuck, sir?”
Mace pulled his dripping and limp penis from her, hearing a moist sucking noise as the head pulled free. He sat back, his legs crossed before him. He looked down at the still sprawled girl, seeing the evidence of his lust run in small rivulets from the pink lips of her vagina. “I have to admit you are, Nadine. You are a very good piece of ass, sweetheart. And what’s all this air business… and Mr. Smith?”
“Oh, Nadine and Joel are very polite children, Mace,” Sally replied. “Just because we’re… different, doesn’t mean they should forget their manners.”
The next day, after he returned from his shift at police headquarters, Mace told Diane about Nadine. At first Diane was furious at him for being involved with a girl so young, but after Mace explained the circumstances, she became interested. Surprised at herself, she began to wonder out loud: “You know, darling if Nadine is involved as you say, and Brien is actually screwing her, why… just think? Joel, that sweet boy you say he fucks her also?”
“That’s right,” Mace said, “according to Sally, anyway.”
“Umm,” Diane frowned in deep thought. “Mace…”
“I wonder if… well, do you think I could… would you be mad at me if I tried to have Joel fuck me?”
“Why should I get mad? Hell, dear… it would be fun, I believe you’d like it… getting fucked by a young kid. For that matter, why don’t you put the make on Alex.”
“Mace!” Diane said in alarm. “Not my own son! Surely…”
“Aw, come off it, Diane,” Mace said, but his voice was gentle. “Brien’s been stuffing his daughter’s twat for the past six months, and Sally told me she’s allowed Joel to fuck her a few times. Besides, I’ve been thinking today…”
“All right, Mace,” Diane said, her eyes twinkling. “Out with it. You’ve been thinking what?”
“Well… you know, Ellen is an awfully pretty girl,” Mace said, watching for the shock in her eyes. Seeing none, he went on, “She wears these damned mini-skirts all the time, and she’s awfully careless about the way she sits or bends over.”
“Why, Mace,” Diane teased. “You want to fuck your daughter, don’t you?”
“And why not? Goddamn it, Diane… she’s sexy as hell! That little butt of hers is so tantalizing, I have a hard time keeping my hands off her.”
Diane and Mace decided to bring their own children into their lewd games of sex. Since she had been dating from the time she turned fifteen seven months ago, they found the opportunity to put their plans in action the following Friday night. Their daughter had a date, and that was the night Diane and Mace pulled the lovely young girl into the incestuous relationship.
Ellen was expected back from her date by twelve o’clock, and Mace and Diane were ready. Both of them were absolutely naked, sitting on the couch and waiting. At a quarter to twelve, Mace lay on the floor and Diane straddled his face. She leaned over and sucked his penis into her mouth, lowering the wide expanse of her white buttocks to his face. He gripped the smooth cheeks in his hands and while his wife sucked furiously at his extended penis, he buried his mouth into her open vagina and was licking furiously when Ellen entered the living room.
Shocked, she stood frozen as her eyes widened at the scene of her parents performing oral love on the living room carpet. Diane and Mace pretended not to hear her enter, and they continued sucking each other, making wet sounds that seemed to resound through out the room.
“Mother! Father!” Ellen said in shocked horror. “What are you…”
As if startled, Diane quickly pulled herself from her husband, sitting back on the floor as she stared in mock terror at her daughter. Mace lazily sat up, his face smeared with the juices of his wife’s vagina.
Ellen stared down at the hard flesh that jutted up from between her father’s thick thighs, the shaft still moist with the saliva from her mother’s mouth. The shock on her face slowly evaporated, and a sensual smile came to her full lips. “And I thought you two were old-fashioned.” Ellen said, moving further into the room. “I never dreamed you two — of all people would do something like that.”
“And I suppose you’re a virginal prude, young lady,” Diane said, not bothering to cover her exposed vagina. “Don’t tell me you haven’t had something shoved up between your thighs… or sucked a boy, for that matter.”
“How did you…” Ellen sat down in a chair across from her parents. “I mean… I…”
“That’s what I thought, Ellen,” Diane continued. “You’ve been screwed before, haven’t you?”
“Well, I…” the fifteen-year-old girl hesitated, not fully understanding what was going on.
“You don’t have to lie, you know,” Mace said, looking at his daughter lovingly. “Your mother and I have had our suspicions for a while.”
“Ellen, you’ve been showing your ass around here quite a lot lately,” Diane said. “You’ve been teasing your poor father by the way you sit… the way you walk… and he’s getting horny as hell because of it.”
“She’s right, honey,” Mace said. “Why, the way you’re sitting now… I can see right up between your legs. I can see your panties from where I’m sitting. You’re fifteen years old, honey, and a girl that age doesn’t expose herself like that unless she’s been getting fucked now and then — and wants more!”
“Father!” Ellen exclaimed, flushing at his words. “I didn’t know… I mean I…”
“You’re an awfully pretty girl, Ellen,” Diane said, squirming her naked buttocks on the carpet. She lifted one hand and began to caress her own breasts suggestively. “And I have a hunch you’ve been showing yourself off to your father for a reason. Tell the truth now, dear… haven’t you been trying to seduce him?”
“I… no, Mother,” Ellen said, still blushing, but her eyes moved from the waving penis of her father to the open and hairy slit of her mother. “Well maybe…”
“There isn’t any maybe about it,” Mace said. “Out with it, honey. Admit you’ve had sexual ideas about me.”
“You… you won’t get mail… at me?” Ellen questioned, her voice dropping lower, ashamed of herself. “You won’t… beat me?”
Diane laughed, pulling the nipple of her right breasts. “Beat you? Darling, your father would much rather fuck you!”
Ellen looked from one to the other, astonished at the outspokenness of them. She had never heard her parents use such words before; but she also had never seen them naked, either. “Well…” she said hesitantly. “I guess… I have, Father.”
“Have what?” he teased. “Tell us about it.” With those words, he wrapped his fingers around his penis and slowly massaged the full length, trying to let his daughter know about his desire by action. “Tell us how you feel, honey.”
“I… I would… like it, Father,” Ellen said, her embarrassment no longer apparent. Her dark eyes gleamed in the light now, and her breasts began to move up and down as her breathing became faster. “Yes, I’ve wanted to… to have you do it to me for a long time. Every since I was a little girl, even.”
“Would you like for me to fuck you now, honey?” Mace said, seeing the excitement grow in his young daughter’s eyes. “Would you like for me to shove my prick into your cunt tonight?”
Ellen murmured her answer softly, and her parents watched as she writhed her buttocks on the chair as her passion bubbled up from within her slender body. “Ooooo…” she cooed, her eyes shining brightly. “Yes, yes! Oh, God, yes, Father!”
“Then,” Diane said softly, working her hand down her belly to rub gently at her exposed clitoris. “Why don’t you take off your clothes, darling. Your father has nice hard prick… and I’m sure you’ll like it better than any of those silly kids you’ve been fucking around with.”
Eagerly, Ellen stood up and began stripping her clothing from her body with nervous fingers. Mace’s penis throbbed in hungry anticipation as each article fell from her. In seconds, Ellen was standing in her proud beauty before them, her face contorted in lust. Mace stared at his naked daughter, seeing the firm, upstanding breasts with erect, pink nipples at the center of her creamy mounds. Her stomach was flat, and below that a perfectly beautiful triangle of lush, silken pubic hair. Her long, smooth thighs were tanned, as was the rest of her body. Two small strips at breasts and pelvis gleamed whitely where the sun’s rays could not penetrate the tiny bikini she wore.
Ellen stood and basked in their appreciation of her lithe beauty, then she became aggressive. Her thighs flashed as she moved toward her father. She knelt before him, her hand out to stroke his penis. She cooed over it as her hands caressed the smooth shaft and her fingers tickling his hairy testicles. Mace leaned back, his shoulders against the cushions of the couch, his penis standing strongly up from his groin. Ellen stroked and fondled her father’s genitals, animal-like sounds bubbling from her throat. Her eyes were glazed over with a film of lust. Then, to his amazement, his daughter leaned forward and planted a moist kiss on the tip of his oozing organ.
“Oooohhh, God!” Ellen moaned, looking up at her father’s face with passionate eyes. “Father… Father, I…”
“I know, honey,” he said in a soft voice, smiling at her. “I know what you want. It’s all right, Ellen. You can do it if you want.”
“Oh, yes, yes!” Ellen murmured. “I do… I do! I want so much to… taste it… to suck it for you! I want to suck your… your… cock! I want you to come in my mouth, Father! I want to drink your semen!”
“All right, darling,” Diane said softly, watching her daughter fondle the enormous member. “Suck it for him. I can wait… for awhile, at least.”
A low moan came from deep in Ellen’s throat, and she could hold back no longer. She lay flat out on the floor, holding her shoulders up with her elbows. Her father’s penis was directly below her pretty face, throbbing and oozing with anxious desire. Ellen ran her long, pink tongue out and lapped delicately at the undersurface, her eyes wide open, her mind reeling with this life-long desire. Now, after wanting this so much, she was realizing her greatest ambition — to suck her father’s penis to ejaculation!
From one side to the other of the thick shaft, Ellen flicked her moist tongue, licking and cooing her passion against the hard flesh. With one hand she held the base of it, running her tongue between the strands of his wiry pubic hair. She pressed the weapon down onto his stomach, licking at the huge vein on the undersurface, working her way down until she felt his testicles on the tip of her tongue. Quickly, she sucked one of the orbs into her mouth, chewing gently on the wrinkled flesh. Mace caressed the side of his daughter’s head as she paid homage to his penis, encouraging her. But Ellen required no encouragement; she was too hungry for this hairy, hardened feast below her face. She slid her warm tongue up the throbbing length of his member, twirling it about the swollen and smooth head. She licked up the bead of semen that oozed from within, swallowing the slimy fluid with relish. Her wet lips parted and she slipped them over the smooth, bulbous head of her father’s organ. Clasping them tightly around the thickness of him, she tickled her tongue about the sensitive slit, trying to probe into it. After a few moments of this, she shoved her face down farther on his weapon, gulping as much of the monstrous organ an — possible deeply into her throat. Slowly, she began to suck on him, her cheeks sinking inward to create a tight, moist, slick sheath for him. Up and down she went sucking and licking, moist sounds coming from her stretched lips. She moaned her delight constantly, her eyes glancing up to see his face now and then. Her eyes sparkled with happiness, seemingly smiling at her father as she mouthed his penis gleefully.
Mace and his wife watched as their daughter sucked greedily at his penis, seeing her slim back ripple with muscles. Her compact and smooth buttocks clenched from time to time as her own passion grew higher and higher. Her slender thighs parted and closed, her hips working up and down in gentle motion, pressing her pubic mound into the soft carpet. Intense sensations of sensual pleasure flowed throughout her young body as she happily sucked on her father’s organ. As long as she could remember, this is what she had wanted to do. Now, at last, she was realizing her erotic, incestuous dream.
Diane, her mind inflamed from watching her daughter perform orally upon her husband, suddenly spread out on her stomach, her face above the smooth quivering buttocks of her Ellen. With amazement — delighted amazement — Mace watched as his wife pressed her lips to her daughter’s rounded, quivering bottom. Diane kissed the young girl on the right cheek, then moved to the left. Her tongue fluttered out to leave wet traces of saliva as she licked about the luscious buttocks, her hands caressing the fullness of them. Ellen arched her bottom up into her mother’s face, eager for the obscene love.
While still sucking on her father’s penis, Ellen lifted her lower body from the carpet, pulling her knees below her stomach. Now, with her buttocks in the air, waving enticingly, Diane moved herself around behind the willing girl. She looked at the hair-fringed lips of her daughter’s vagina, then rolled onto her back. She shoved her face between the smooth inner thighs of the girl and, gripping the rounded, compact cheeks, pulled the dripping orifice to her mouth. She began to kiss and lick at Ellen’s vagina, nibbling delicately on the inflamed clitoris. Her hot tongue wormed its way between the sweet lips and delved deeply into the slippery opening. Ellen began to grind her buttocks down into her mother’s face, groaning and sucking with frenzy at the throbbing, jerking organ of her father.
Her happiness overflowed. She gurgled as Mace lifted his hips, shoving his penis deep into her eager throat, feeling her mother’s twirling tongue work in and out of her pulsating vagina. She squealed in delicious delight as the spasms of multiple orgasms erupted in her body. She squirmed and writhed her vagina against the insanely sucking mouth of Diane, gyrating her bottom in lewd abandonment. Then she found her bliss complete; her father’s penis began spurting into her mouth. Gulping and swallowing wildly, Ellen strived to accept every drop of the thick, frothy sperm as it shot forth. She tasted the slimy liquid before it rolled down her throat, and she continued to climax with tremendous convulsions into the open mouth of Diane.
Totally exhausted, but happier than any other time in her life, Ellen relaxed in the glow that warmed her body. Every muscle — every fiber — seemed to be rubber. A small drop of her father’s semen was drying at the corner of her lips, and she sighed up at them. She was on her back, sprawled as her firm breasts heaved up and down.
“Oh…” She said in a thick voice, “I love you both.”
It was not revealed how the three went about sexually initiating Alex, the not yet fourteen-year-old son of this strange family. But initiate him they did. Once he was a member of the three in sexual games, he became quite eager to participate. Now, Ellen hardly ever dated, but stayed home and enjoyed her erotic activities with members of her family. When she did date, her sexual relations remained as always. Sometimes she would allow her date sexual freedom, and other times she would not. Although she thoroughly enjoyed any and all forms of sex, her preference was to either fellate her father or brother, or copulate with them.
The family no longer remained separated while indulging in sex, but would copulate orally or genitally before each other. Alex developed a preference for penetrating his sister or mother anally, and each was always willing to oblige him.
It was at a small gathering of the Smiths and Powells one summer night that they decided to make a huge orgy among themselves. Brien and his wife, Sally, were having drinks with Diane and Mace. Brien brought up the subject of wishing he could copulate with Ellen.
“You know, Mace,” he said, “how good it is to fuck a tender young pussy. Nadine is quite good, as you well know. I’ve wondered about sticking the meat to that beautiful daughter of yours. She isn’t a virgin, is she?”
Mace laughed. “No, Ellen isn’t a virgin. And to tell the truth, since I enjoyed fucking that cute girl of yours, I’ve gone all the way. I’ve fucked Ellen quite a few times, myself.”
“Is that a fact?” Brien said, studying Mace and Diane. “Say, you don’t suppose we could get the kids with us, do you?”
“That’s up to them,” Diane said. “I believe your two would jump at the chance, but I’m not so sure about ours.”
“Let’s get them all together,” Brien said. “We can sort of feel them out, you might say.”
The four adults became excited at the prospect, and Sally called her two children on the phone. Ellen and Alex were in their bedrooms. They came out and sat politely, wondering what was up. Then Joel and Nadine entered the Smith’s house. For a moment, nothing was said, then Brien suddenly spoke. “Nadine, you would like to get fucked by Mace again, wouldn’t you?”
Alex and Ellen gasped at the statement, staring in wide-eyed shock at the man. Then, slowly, they looked from their mother to their father. Seeing the expression on their faces, understanding dawned on their young faces. Ellen was the first to react. She giggled softly, staring at Brien. “How wonderful!” she exclaimed, then let her eyes drop to his lap, her tongue licking her full lips suggestively.
Nadine, having a considerable amount of experience in such things, smiled shyly and walked directly toward Mace. With total lack of inhibitions, she dropped to her knees before him, her eager fingers fumbling at his pants. She found the zipper and tugged it downward. Once Mace’s fly was open, she darted a small hand inside and pulled forth his growing penis. The small girl sighed and cooed over the hardening instrument for a few moments, then lowered her face and began to lick and kiss it as the head became swollen — the shaft hard. The four adults and three youngsters watched, all approving of this oral action on the part of this child.
The fuse was ignited, and the group became animated. Nadine’s mother moved to her young daughter and began to remove her clothing as the young girl wrapped her lips about the throbbing penis of Mace. In moments, the slim child was naked. Alex, his own penis throbbing, knelt behind the girl and began to caress and fondle her small buttocks.
Ellen, her inner nature of erotic desires bursting through, reached for the young boy, Joel, her hands seeking his penis hidden inside his pants. The adults watched this sexual activity among their respective children, Mace the only one involved. They smiled their approval as Ellen leaned her head down and started sticking the growing organ of Joel, pulling the full length of the flesh deep into her throat.
Alex, not content with feeling around of the young girl’s buttocks, pulled her away from his father. Pressing her to the carpet, he struggled free of his clothing. Nadine, seeing what his intentions were, spread her thighs lewdly, grinding her small bottom into the nap of the rug. Now naked, Alex lowered himself between the little girl’s thighs. Nadine reached down and grasped his jerking weapon and guided it into her waiting slit. Moans of pleasure came from the two little ones as Alex drove deeply into her vagina. Nadine lifted her legs and wrapped her heels about his lunging buttocks, her arms holding him tightly down on her breasts.
Ellen was swiftly undressing herself, just as Joel was doing. When the two were naked, Ellen had the younger child lay down, and she straddled his body. Joel looked up between her thighs, seeing the silky bush of her pubic hair framing the pink and glistening lips of her lovely vagina. “That’s a real cute cunt you have, Ellen,” he said. “Real eating pussy!”
Ellen giggled down at him, her hands spreading the lips of her vagina as she slowly lowered her body downward. With one hand, she held his jerking cudgel motionless as she sat directly down on it. She sighed as the boy’s penis slipped smoothly into her. “You can eat my cunt later, Joel,” she said with a thick voice, “but right now I want to get fucked!”
The Smiths and Powells watched their children copulate, the smooth rippling muscles of the young people as they strained tightly together. Ellen’s teenaged buttocks could be seen quivering in her effort to bounce up and down on the small boy’s upright organ, and her lips hung slack as she threw her pretty head back in wanton delight. His weapon was observed by the four adults as she worked up and down it, and they watched it slide in and out of her tightly clasping, vaginal lips. The scene of four teen-aged children copulating eagerly was highly stimulating to the two men and two women. Both fathers had tremendous erections, and the mothers genitals were pulsating with growing desire.
Although the parents of the copulating children were squirming about in sexual heat, they did nothing to relieve themselves at the moment. Their interest — their pleasure — was only in watching their children fornicate in happy abandonment. Being young and strong, the children maintained the high peak of sensation for a long, long time. The younger ones, Alex and Nadine, were the first to groan out their impending orgasm.
“I’m coming!” Nadine whined in a high voice. “I feel like I… I’m going to come!”
“Me too,” Alex shouted, his hips pumping in rapid rhythm to her small pelvis. “Faster, Nadine… fuck back faster!”
The little girl tried, but she was experiencing a series of small, explosive orgasms that wracked her small body in convulsive mewls of intense delight. She became uncoordinated, and her body was flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water. She was gasping loudly, her nostrils flaring open. Her sad eyes, no longer sad now, were wide and staring in unseen disbelief at what was happening to her. It was not that she was unaccustomed to having orgasms in this manner, but she still held wonderment in her mind that it could be so pleasurable.
“It feels…” Nadine mumbled throatily, “it feels OOOOHHH… fuck me, Alex! Me too! I’m coming too! Fuck me, fuck me! OOOHHH…”
“God!” murmured Diane. “I don’t know if I can stand it! It’s so… so… beautiful! Fuck her, Alex! Fuck the piss out of her little twat!” she screamed at her son. Unable to restrain herself, she lifted her buttocks and bunched her dress about her waist. Her fingers dived beneath the elastic waistband of her panties and she began to masturbate her clitoris furiously. Brien, the nearest male to her, pulled his organ free and immediately Diane gripped it in her fist, beating up and down the hardened piece of flesh in frenzy.
Mace, seeing his daughter bang her naked buttocks up and down wildly on the erect penis of the younger boy, grew so heated he was unable to keep from moving to her, on hands and knees. He shoved his face forward and began to kiss and lick at her bouncing, trembling cheeks as she rode the boy below. Feeling her father’s warm, moist lips and tongue on her bare flesh, Ellen reached behind her bottom and pressed the back of his head.
“Do it, Daddy!” she moaned in passion. “Kiss my ass! Kiss it… kiss it… I’m about to… come God… Oh, God… yes… Kiss my ass, Daddy!”
The moisture flowing from her clasping vagina rolled in rivulets down the boy’s penis as she jerked up and down it, matting the hair on his testicles. Joel was pulling and smashing her swinging breasts in alternate pressure, and Ellen could no longer hold back her building climax. An animal like howl ripped from her lips, and she rammed her open crotch down hard onto his writhing pelvis. Her vagina convulsed into spasms of muscular distortion as the orgasm struck. Her naked body shook, and she bit hard into her bottom lip at the exquisite sensations she was receiving. She convulsed again as the young boy below shot a thick, sticky load of sperm high into her palpitating orifice, and each time she felt the frothy liquid splash against her cervix, she exploded again. Now unable to move up and down, she settled tightly against his squirting organ, accepting all he had to offer.
Mace gripped his daughter’s quivering hips and pressed his face deeply into the tightly clenching crevice of her bottom. He probed his tongue as far as possible, striving to reach the tiny pucker of her anus. Unable to do so, he satisfied himself with gentle lickings of the smooth skin, feeling her young body hotly climaxing.
During all this obscene spectacle, Sally had undressed and was sitting in her chair with heels on the cushion, knees wide. She had two fingers buried deeply into her own vagina, the other hand torturing her throbbing, swelling breasts. Her eyes burned with lust as she looked from one wicked scene to the other. She observed her daughter explode into orgasm while being copulated by the son of her neighbors; the tremendous outpouring of youthful passion as her own son lifted his buttocks high into the open crotch of the teen-aged girl; the masturbating hand of her friend on her husband’s throbbing penis. She saw Diane’s hand working with insane frenzy beneath the crotch of her panties, and she knew that if someone — anyone — did not relieve the growing lust inside her body, she would be unsatisfied by a simple, childish masturbation.
The children, now satiated for the moment, disconnected themselves from their partners and sighed in happy contentment. Joel was the first to notice the intense way his mother was caressing her open vagina. He moved to her and without hesitation, shoved his face into her parted thighs.
“Yes, darling,” Sally murmured happily, caressing the back of his head as she felt his tongue work back and forth over the tip of her sensitive, throbbing clitoris. “Eat me, darling! Suck Mother’s pussy… make her come… tongue-fuck Mother’s cunt, darling…”
Joel wrapped his hands about his mother’s twisting hips, clasping her buttocks as he gurgled into her hairy slit. His tongue worked up and down, tasting each quivering lip, then diving deeply into the warm, moist hole. Moist, sucking sounds came from mother and son, and Sally arched her hips forward, spreading her thighs wide, giving better access to her pulsating and dripping vagina to the wetly licking mouth of Joel.
Alex, seeing Joel perform this lewd act upon his mother, decided he would do the same. He looked up at his mother’s parted thighs, seeing the crotch-band of her panties moving swiftly as she fingered herself. He saw the wild and quick movements of her other hand on the massive organ of Brien, and he knew she was burning — boiling — with the need for sexual gratification. On hands and knees, he moved to her. Diane saw her son come forth through lust-filmed eyes, and her slack lips smiled broadly. Pulling her hand from beneath her panties, she shoved her buttocks forward, watching as he pulled aside the white band of her panties. The hairy expanse of her dripping vagina now exposed to him, Alex pressed a loud kiss directly on the pulsating lips. Diane lifted her heavy thighs, placing them about his shoulders, her heels banging against his back. Alex began his feast, lapping as a dog at the furry entrance of the delicious channel. He found her clitoris and nibbled delicately with h

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