Wife fucked with repair man

“Shit, shit, shit. Don’t go. I’m coming,” Dawn screamed. She put on her glasses and grabbed the white cotton t-shirt that she had left at the end of her bed. She then took off down the stairs towards the front door.
The pounding on the door had stopped thirty seconds earlier. Dawn was amazed at how fast she bounded down the stairs. She threw the door open and immediately began waving, barely responding to the bright morning light. “Stop. Stop. Please don’t leave,” she pleaded with the air conditioner repairman putting stuff into his truck.
“Time is money lady,” the man said. For a split-second, Dawn noted the tall, hefty build and tan complexion of the man. He was obviously working-class unlike her husband. He even looked a bit like him, but a gruff stubble ended any similarities. Dawn snapped back to reality.
“I know. I overslept. Please don’t leave. It’s so hot and my family can barely stand it,” she continued her pleading.
The man sighed. He held onto the door of the truck and looked at the woman considering how charitable he felt. Her appearance didn’t hurt matters. She was about 5’4″, probably 130 pounds and had a great set of, he guessed, 34C breasts whose nipples poked out from below the t-shirt. Her brown, shoulder-length hair was strewn about, telling him that she had just come out of bed. The image was appealing to him. “Alright, alright. You caught me on a good day. I got other calls to get to you know,” he seemingly chastised her.
“I know. I know. I really, really appreciate you doing this and I’m so sorry,” Dawn said as she turned convinced that he would follow her. He did after grabbing his tools. As she walked up the stairs to her front door, she stopped and leaned over slightly to pick up a toy that her daughter had left there. It was then that she quickly reminded herself what she was wearing.
It was too late. The man had already seen what she was trying to hide. The t-shirt she wore crept up just enough to allow him to glimpse the bright pink lacy boy short panties she had slept in. She extended one leg up to facilitate leaning over and he glanced at the thin material that covered her pussy. The sight gave him a slight rise to say the least.
Dawn tried to act like nothing had happened and walked through the door and allowed him to follow her inside. She closed the door behind him. “I’m going to just run upstairs real quick to change…,” she began.
Through clenched teeth the man said, “Lady, c’mon…”
“Okay. Okay. I’ll just take you into the basement to show you the air conditioning unit,” she said, not wanting to piss him off and have him leave.
She felt more than a little self-conscious as she led him down the tight stairwell into the basement below the rest of the house. He seemed as if he was right on her heels and she could even sense the faint appealing smell of his antiperspirant and maybe a slight hint of cologne. His cologne was different from her husband’s but she liked it. She reached the bottom of the stairs and turned to the immediate right into the laundry room that housed the air conditioning unit. The man, instead, turned to his left.
“Holy shit lady! This is absolutely gorgeous!” he exclaimed as he stood and admired the finished basement. Dawn and her husband had just completed the renovation. The crowning jewel of the room was the full bar that sat in the corner. It had the dark wood and the brass look her husband was looking for in his home bar. The pub look was complimented by a pool table that was to the bar’s immediate right. The appliance man was apparently in love with it all.
“I’m completely impressed,” the man said as he walked to the bar and ran his hand along its top. “Is this cherry wood?” Dawn, a bit perturbed, didn’t answer. The man, undaunted continued. “And this pool table is primo. What’s your husband do? Print money for a living?”
Dawn answered a little tersely, “He’s a salesman.” She paused for a second and then continued with, “and he’s going to be pissed if the air conditioner’s not fixed.”
“Alright, take it easy,” the man responded but took a seat at the bar. “Hey, I love this bar. Is there any chance that I could get a drink?”
Dawn was more than a little angry now. She put her hands on her hips and cocked her stance and sharply responded, “What happened to the hurry you were in?” She was unaware that the small window at the top of the laundry room provided the appliance man a perfect silhouette of her gorgeous body from under the light t-shirt. He remembered the bright pink lacy boy shorts from earlier and made the decision right there that he didn’t mind if this took all day. “Won’t your boss be pissed?”
“Lady, I am the boss,” he smugly responded. “Look, all I’m asking for is a quick drink.”
Dawn took a huge sigh and thought “Why not?” before walking past the couch to behind the bar and asking him what he wanted.
“The scotch from the top shelf would be nice,” he requested.
“You going to take it off my bill? That’s an eighty dollar bottle of scotch,” she huffily asked.
“Yeah, I just took ten dollars from your bill,” he said through a smile. He liked this woman’s spunk.
Dawn huffed, turned and tried to reach the top shelf. Unbeknownst to her, the man got an unfettered view of her ass cheeks peeking from below the sexy boy shorts. “I can’t reach it. Gonna need a step stool.”
Before she could turn, she felt a hand holding her in place on her left hip. She was startled as he gently pressed his body against her back and ass and reached over her to grab the bottle over her outreached hand. A slight flutter occurred in her stomach as he gently gripped her hip and the musky smell of the man filled her nose. He took the bottle and walked to the entrance leading behind the bar, effectively blocking her in.
Dawn was trapped and felt a little scared at her predicament. She stood there nervously, not knowing what to do with her hands, so she folded them and held them in front of her, covering her pelvis. The hulking man grabbed a short glass and poured a small shot after putting some cubes of ice in it from the small fridge they kept behind the bar. He took a quick swig and downed it all. “You got a really nice place,” he said. “Your husband must work hard. He on the road a lot?” he asked.
“Uh, yeah. I mean, no. He’s at the office now. Probably coming home any minute,” she stammered.
“Take it easy lady. I just want a drink,” he tried to reassure her. “You are so damned tense. You probably need this next one more than me. You want a drink?”
“No. I’m fine,” she stuttered.
He handed her a drink anyway. “Drink it.”
She nervously took the drink and sipped it, trying not to make eye contact with this stranger that was now holding a half-full glass and leering at her. “Yeah, now isn’t that nice? You’re not a scotch drinker, huh?”
“No, not really.” Dawn paused and then started nervously speaking again. “Sir, look. My husband’s going to be home really soon and my air conditioner is broken. It’s hot…,”
He cut her off. “As evidenced. You always walk around like that?” he asked her.
“Uh, n-no. I just woke up…,” she started to answer.
He again cut her off. “Well it’s a damned good look for you. Look, I’m going to fix your AC, but if you’re hot, you should make yourself more comfortable.”
Dawn now looked quite scared. She knew exactly where this man was headed. If his stare were bullets, she would have been dead. “Look Sir, my husband…,” she stammered.
“Miss, make yourself more comfortable,” he said through gritted teeth. “Now.”
Dawn looked at the gruff, hulking man that stood a foot taller than her. He easily outweighed her by a hundred pounds. She knew he was not giving her a choice. She looked around her. She really didn’t have one. She slowly gripped the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head and put it on the bar.
“Now, isn’t that more comfortable,” the man asked.
Dawn knew that he wouldn’t stop there. She could see her reflection in the mirror of the bar. Her husband had goofily had “Nathan’s” printed on it, naming it after himself. Just below the second “N”, she saw her breasts displayed for the stranger. She knew that she was going to get fucked by him. She wanted to take at least a little bit of control of the situation. “Now what?” she asked him.
“You can’t be completely comfortable. How about you lose those tight little panties you’re wearing,” he demanded in a volume barely above a whisper.
Dawn turned her back to him and put her thumbs in her waistband. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She didn’t know if it was a defense mechanism, but her pussy started to get wet. She knew this was truly going to be humiliating for her. Just as she was bending over to do as he demanded, Dawn felt the rough hands of the stranger on her hips and a quick jerk ripped her underwear to shreds, leaving only pieces in her hands.
“Sorry, that was taking a bit too long,” he creepily stated.
Dawn was shaking as she turned to stare at her intruder. She sheepishly held the remnants of her fancy underwear in front of her trimmed pussy. “Why don’t you really make yourself comfortable? Show me what you do when your husband isn’t home. I know you play with that pretty pussy,” he said.
Dawn shuddered at his use of the dirty word. The thought of his latest demand elicited even more juice to her pussy though. “Sit up here and show me,” he said as he lifted her by the hips and sat her on the cold bar top.
Dawn nervously spread her legs and showed the stranger her wet slit, now crowned with her engorged clit. She knew he could see her absolute terror as she took her right hand and slid her middle finger between her labia. Despite her apparent fear, Dawn enjoyed the striking of her clit and equally enjoyed her finger entering her pussy. She tried to ignore the intruder and just stared at herself in the mirror. The image that she viewed made her feel sexier than ever. She had never done anything as dirty as this.
Dawn began to vigorously stroke her pussy and was surprised at how wet she was and the sounds that were coming from it. She ignored the man as her breathing started to increase. Her temporary imagined solitude was disturbed by the man. “You are such a slut aren’t you?” he asked.
“No,” Dawn replied while continuing her ministrations.
“Yes you are, you slut. What would your husband think right now,” the man whispered, placing his lips against her ear as he spoke.
“No. I’m not a slut. I love my husband.” Dawn paused and gritted her teeth. “He just doesn’t satisfy me,” she said as a jolt of initial orgasm ran through her body. Her last comment seemed to make the man very angry. He yanked Dawn from her actions and flipped her. He held her head down on the bar while holding a wad of her hair. Dawn felt the cold varnished wood against the side of her face and it shocked her slightly. Next, the man parted her feet with his. Dawn gripped the bar top knowing what was coming. The man was going to take her.
The first thrust was painful as the man’s hips slammed against Dawn’s ass and his cock filled her pussy deeper than her husband had ever been. After that, Dawn felt nothing but pleasure despite the pain of her upper thighs running into the bar’s back counter. The man slammed her as hard as he could, ramming the head of his cock against her cervix. This stranger was so much bigger than her husband. The man’s strange aggressive pull of her hair, the sound of sweat and her juices slapping between them, and the realization that he was going to come into her pushed Dawn over the edge.
Her body’s shaking told him that she was coming. He’d completed his objective. He pulled out of her in an aggressive motion. He then pulled Dawn by the hair and pushed her to her knees below him. It was only a few tugs at his manhood before he squirted his seed onto her face.
She had never had this happen to her before. The dirtiness of his cock slapping against her upper cheek as his cum landed on her face extended her orgasm a few seconds longer. After he was done, she sat her naked body on the floor below him. She was just as spent as him.
“Damn Dawn. You could have won an Oscar today. I thought you were about to call the cops; seriously,” he said.
“Nathan, Nathan, Nathan. Just keeping up the role play. Damn it. I can’t believe we’ve never done that before.” It was then that she noticed the cock sleeve on floor beside her. She had wondered how her husband had made his all-too-familiar cock longer. “The stubble and the spray tan were a nice touch, but the extender was ingenious…and glorious!”
“I thought you’d like that.” He paused and then said, “That will certainly not be the last time we do this. Excellent idea Dawn. Do you have any more fantasies you want to fulfill?” he asked while catching his breath. The two of them started laughing together. He lifted her up and wrapped an arm around her while he wiped her face with a towel from the bar.
Dawn stared into her husband’s eyes. “I certainly do stranger.” She kissed him long and hard. “In fact, my husband won’t be home for a few hours…,” she joked.
“Alright. Got it. But can we at least turn on the air conditioner now?” he asked as he took her hand and led her towards their bedroom.

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